Aunt tricked me but i loved it part 4 ( double trouble

Part 4 (double trouble)

It took like 4 days but aunt eve got all her stuff moved in and our threeway relationship was starting. The transition only took so long because we were sneaking around so mom wouldn’t find us and be mad that we weren’t helping. Later that day once everything was squared away we ate dinner and discussed boundaries. I wasn’t to worried about them since they probably wouldn’t stick once we began having sex everyday.

After dinner we were sitting in the living room watching tv all snuggled together on the couch. I tried to put my arm around mom and grab her breast but she stopped me and whispered “not yet honey.”. I tried the same thing with eve and she willingly let my hand roam under the neckline of her shirt and when i didnt feel a bra i gave her a small smile and pinched her nipple. She let out a small whisper of a moan but it still caught moms attention. Not to be out done my mother grabed my hand and slid it down her shirt and surprisingly she didn’t have a bra on either. I pinched her slowly hardening nipple and got a louder moan then my aunt.

I had just planted the seed for a fun night and it was growing very fast. When eve heard jill moan her lips met my neck which caused me to turn so our lips met. Mother still wanting to not be outdone grabed my hair and turned my head to place a rough but passionate kiss on my lips. The problem was it was getting out of hand as mother was kissing me aunt eve already had her hand down my shorts massaging my balls before the kiss broke. I was hard within seconds. I knew if i didn’t take control of what was happening it would be over before it started.

Without Saying a word i removed eves hand ,stood and walked to the bedroom with a wiggle of my finger. I was sitting in the chair as i motioned for them to stand in front. ” Ok ladies we you are going to give me a strip tease/lapdance and the best one will get to have me first.” once i finished saying this they both began to seductively wiggle their hips and dancing while i put on some soft music.

Needless to say i was in heaven these two sexy milfs doing a strip tease lapdance for their 16 year old son and nephew was crazy. Swaying their hips as they pulled off their shirts. I was comparing both set of boobs as they sway and bounce in front of my face. Eves was bigger but had more sag and moms had darker nipples.

Both eve and jill turned around to show me the ass as they unbuttoned their pants and started to wiggle out slowly. They were doing a great job but i refrained from touching myself so i could leave it for them. Once they stepped out of their panties they stopped the tease and in unison asked who won.

I said “i can’t decide you both did a great job. I have another idea on how to settle this though.” as i finished saying it a big smile formed on my face and they looked at each other with a weird look and asked what it was. I told them “get on the bed in 69 and the one to make the other one cum first would get to be first.”

They protested a little bit but agreed. As they were getting on the bed i stripped down to my boxers and sat on the king size next to them to watch. Mother was hesitant until aunt eve dove straight in by licking the length of jills pussy while grabbing her ass to lift her up onto her mouth. Jill knew that she needed to catch up.

I couldn’t help it this time i had to rub myself this was just to hot to watch and not do anything.

Both eve and jill were moaning into each others pussy. Eve went to put her fingers inside jill but i stopped her and told her tounge only. Instead of useing her fingers she went straight to jills clit. By the increasing moans from jill i knew she was getting close. Eve was close as well and when jill softly bit down on eves clit she popped up grunted and started to convulse. She just came but she went back to jills pussy so she could cum to.

Jill and eve were catching their breathes and looked over at me rubbing my hard cock through my boxers. I stood up next to the bed and dropped my boxers so my hard dick stood in front of their faces. With eve and jill smiling at each other they both stuck their tounges out and licked from my base to the tip of my dick. I let out a low moan and told eve to suck it for a few seconds pushing mother to the side.

“Hey. I won i get him first.” we heard jill shout from behind eve. I told her to get on her hands and knees and as she did i whispered to eve to find out what was under her pillow. Since she was facing the foot she didn’t see eve. While she was searching i lined up with jills pussy lips and slowly put my dick inside my own mother and she was tighter then eve. I heard eve gasp behind me and when jill heard she tried to turn around but i pushed in all the way fast and she stayed facing straight with a loud animalistic moan.

I had just started to pump my hard cock in and out of her tight pussy when i turned to look at why eve had gasped. Under the pillow was a big didldo and a bottle of lube. I took my hands off of jills ass and took both. I was lubricating the dildo as i told eve to sit in front of mom and make her eat her pussy. Eve put her vagina right in jills face but she didn’t have to say anything cause mom just moaned and dove in licking wildly causing eve to moan.

I motioned with my hand for her to hold jills head to her pussy as i lubbed up her ass. I stopped fucking her just long enough to push the head of the dildo into her tight asshole she tried to lift up and look but eve was doing what i told her and forced her head down. Mother came once the head was in and when she was done with her second orgasm of the night i pushed the dildo the rest of the way in and turned it to low vibrate.

She was bucking back against my thrust while she kept eating her sisters pussy moaning into it with every thrust. With my balls hitting her clit whenever i push all the way in and the vibrations through the thin wall seperating her ass and pussy was feeling great and i was about to cum and i managed to yell out ” fuck im gonna cum.”

mother came up from eves pussy longer enough to say ” Cum in my pussy baby. Fill your mommys pussy with you sperm.” With that i started to shoot my load i came four times before i stopped and mom started her own orgasm with the last spurt of my seamean “FUCK im CUMMING!” she yelled into eves pussy and to make sure she wasn’t alone she sucked hard on eves clit. She made eve cum again and with a loud moan she let us know.

Jill said she needed a moments rest so she laid to the side while i laid next to her and eve straddled my crotch. She slowly began to slide down my half soft half hard dick cause she wanted to be fucked at least once. She was bucking up and down wildly. While she was bouncing on my cock it became hard again and when she noticed she bent down and gave me a kiss. I responded by pinching her nipples and thrusting up hard . we kept that position humping like crazy. I came for the last time that night with my aunt moanung my name buried deep inside her pussy. I was about to finish cumming and knew she hadn’t yet so i softly grabbed and pinched her clit which sent her on a orgamsic high moaning loud.

She collapsed next to me on the other side panting heavily.  I look over and mom is asleep with the vibrater still on so i slide it out and turn it off with a small moan coming from her sleeping body. I kiss her forehead then turn and kiss aunt eves lips as we fall asleep together.

I wake up earlier then both of my lovers and decide to make them breakfast something i only do if im in a really good mood. When they wake they come down and see the food and dive in. “Making up for the energy used last night?” i ask with a big smile. They just smile and say in unison ” smartass.”. “I have school tomorrow so im setting today for rest so if you want me you have till 4 pm understand.”. They nod as they. Finish and walk over grab each hand and lead me to the bedroom.

They strip me down and push me on the bed. I start to say something but eve shhs me and without a word turns to jill and they start to make out while undressing each other. They stop when they notice my erection is completely hard. They finish stripping themselfs and get on the bed on each side of me and push their breast into my mouth. They though i couldn’t see them but i did . they played rock paper scissor to see who went first and eve won. Mother let out a a huff which caused me to chuckle on their boobs.

Eve smiles and gets on her hands and knees. Mother crawls under her and licks her clit while i get into position. I push all the way in and mothers tounge licks from eves clit to my balls eve and myself moaning together. When eve finished moaning she went to licking jills pussy both of their moans were muffled from being on each others pussy while my balls were slapping moms head with every thrust into eves.

I was getting close and i moaned out” i am about to cum.”  Both eve and jill moaned so i kept up the pace and started to shoot the first of my load into eves pussy and before i finished i pulled out while she was Cumming and shot the rest onto jills face. Wanting to taste every bir she digs into eve convulsing pussy to lap up my seamen that was spilling out.

While they were changing positions they stopped loung enough for eve to clean jills face and share a seamen filled french kiss. Aunt eve was on her back under mom and went to start licking at jills pussy when i stopped her and pushed my cock in her mouth so she could clean it and get it hard again. She didnt have mouch room to bob on my nob so i took control and was face fucking her with my balls pelting her nose.

Once i was clean and rock hard again i told her to hold her tounge out onto jills clit and when she was ready i rammed my dick into her pussy causing her to moan loudy and eves outstretched tounge to lick my balls. I began pumping in an out of jills pussy fast and hard causing her to moan into eves pussy which she was now devouring. Eve was sucking and licking my balls more then eating moms pussy. That  was a great feeling and knew if she kept that up while mother squeezed my cock with her tight pussy i wouldn’t last long.

“Shit im about to cum again mom.” i shouted as i fired the first of my load into her pussy before repeating what i did earlier. I pulled out as she was cumming and managed to she her squirting eves face with her juices which she sucked down with my sperm mixing in. I lay between them once they finished their orgasms. 

They both used me three more times before 4 pm and they were upset but understood. I was happy though i was starting my seinor year of high school since i skipped 2 grades.

I woke early got ready and headed for the last year. We had sex a couple times seeing as we all shared a bed and only slept in our original rooms for appearence when friends slept over. A week into the second month i met a beautiful girl named susan who i asked out and dated for a few weeks. I introduced her to mom and aunt eve and they liked her. I think they liked her so much cause she kinda looked like them.

We were on a date and as we kissed and i dropped her off at her house she told me the next date we were going to stay at my house and have some fun . 

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