With age comes new experiences and discoveries. I have tagged “First Time” once again and will do so for part 3 only because I am considering new experience to be first time experiences as well.

Since that summer afternoon in Paradise, Em and I have not only grown closer as friends, we have also come to learn a lot about each other and things we had suddenly found ourselves curious about. Our parents were none the wiser although Anna knew since we had shared our secret with her and only her since she was Emma’s twin sister and my friend too. Our oral and touch play continued very regularly since then and we had even let Anna be a part of it on occasion since she too was curious. Mostly it was just Em and I as we referred to it as “our special time” and it actually never involved anything other than oral and masturbation. We didn’t know that much at our age but preferred to just learn and experiment as we went at our own pace. It seemed to work nicely and neither of us was hurting anything or anybody. We just did what we thought felt very good to the both of us.
Many summers had come and gone since then as we were now 12 years old. Our bodies were maturing and we were no longer grade school children. We were now in junior high where many of the kids we went to grade school with were now taking on different personalities and struggling to find their own identities in a much bigger pond. Some we still considered friends while many went different directions. Not Em and I though. No matter what grade, age or school, we remained as close as two friends could remain. It also was not unusual for us to just walk around holding hands for no apparent reason other than we just enjoyed it.
It was a fall afternoon and Em and I were hanging out in my bedroom working on our homework together. Unlike Em, I had my own room so we were seated in bean bag chairs side by side.
Having spent so much time with her. I became somewhat of an expert in guaging her moods. I noticed pretty quickly that something was just not right with her. In this case she was very quiet and sullen like she was miles away deep in thought.

“You ok Em?”

“What? Oh, yeah. I guess. Why do you ask?”

“Because you have been staring at the same question for the past several minutes and you are very quiet like there is something on your mind.”

She smiled slightly before putting her hand on mine.

“Well, I have had something that’s been eating at me for a bit.”

I knew from experience that that was my que to set my books aside for a moment and listen to what she had to say.

“Alex. Do the boys in school talk? You know, about the girls?”

I was a little confused by what it was she was getting at.

“Yeah, of course? They are just like most boys. Full of more hormones than common sense for the most part. Why do you ask?”

She hesitated for a moment before going any further.

“Do you ever feel any pressure from them to be…a certain way?”

“Not really,” I admitted. “Why, are you feeling pressured?”

“Not really. I hear the girls talk a lot in the showers and bathrooms about what they have done and who they have done them with. They talk a lot about kissing too.”

“That’s just kids talking. Most of it is probably lies anyways. Does it bother you that they talk?”

“I wouldn’t say it bothers me. It just makes me…curious I guess.”

“How so?” I asked

“Well, I not only hear some of the girls talking about kissing, I even see some doing it in the halls…and I realize that I have never been kissed before. I guess I am just curious to know how it feels is all.”

In all the time that we have spent together and the things we have done, she was right. She hasn’t been kissed and neither have I. Not full on kissed anyways. We had kissed in other ways like a peck here and a peck there but never full on lip to lip kissing.

“Well…we have been at the books for a while. We can take a break if you want?”

Instantly she knew what it was I was suggesting and with a sudden smile, she perked up and set her books aside as I did and got out of her bean bag. At most, I figured she would just kneel in front of me but she sat astride my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. After all that we had done, I was surprised that a simple kiss would be that big of a deal for the two of us.
We sat for a moment, faces just mere inches apart gazing into each others eyes like we were both trying to find our nerve. Suddenly I made the first move and filled the gap between us until our lips were now touching. There was no movement at first as we simply savored the feeling of our lips touching each others. It wasn’t long before instinct kicked in and our lips parted and pressed tighter together. With mouths open, our tongues lightly brushed each others until we both mutually discovered that we really enjoyed the sensation. I couldn’t believe how soft and sweet Em’s lips were while I could only hope she was enjoying it as much as I was. Suddenly she grabbed the back of my head and pressed her lips even tighter which told me she was indeed enjoying it as much.
It really didn’t take long for us to get the hang of things and to figure out what felt good to us and what didn’t. With Em still sitting across my lap, my hands started caressing her sweater clad back when suddenly, it just made sense to me to find the bottom back hem and slip one hand underneath until I was able to massage her bare back while we remained kissing. Em started to moan a little into my mouth as she clearly was enjoying the close contact and once we got started we stayed kissing for what felt like an hour and probably was.
Em and I agreed. Some things you just can’t learn in books. You have to simply learn by doing and there isn’t a teacher or school that would have taught what we had been teaching ourselves. I don’t know about Em but I certainly looked forward to the homework.

It was several weeks later and I was at school. Em and I shared a locker and as I was digging around for my science book for next period, Em snuck up behind me by leaning real close to my ear so only the two of us were privy to the conversation.

“Guess what?” She asked rather excitedly.

I turned around to see the biggest smile I had seen on her in a while.

“What? What are you in such a good mood for?”

“Come over to my house after school. I have something I want to show you.”

With that she gave me a quick peck on the cheek before rushing off to her next class.

Now I’m not an overly patient person so the curiosity of wondering what it was Em wanted to show me made the rest of the school day drag on longer than usual. If it had her that excited to show me, it had to be pretty good.

Finally the school bell rang and after one last trip to our locker, I waited a moment for Em so we could make our walk home together as we always did. Luckily it wasn’t that far. Just a quarter mile or so. I was glad to see she hadn’t lost any of her excitement for what it was she wanted to show me as it seemed like record time we made it back to her house quicker than normal. Normally we aren’t in a hurry as much as we just enjoy each others company but if she’s excited, I am excited for her.

Once inside her house, she put her books down on the table by the front door while I did the same. The house was pretty quiet as her two older sisters were not home from school yet. Her dad was still at work and I wasn’t sure where her mom was at but I wasn’t too concerned. I knew it would also be a matter of moments before Anna was right behind us since we all went to the same school. Em grabbed my hand and rushed me to her bedroom. I also took notice that she locked the door behind her.

Yep. This had to be good, I thought to myself.

“Ok,” she said. “Close your eyes and face against the door. And no peeking.”

I did as I was told and rested my forehead against the door with my back to Em. It seemed like forever that I waited for her to tell me she was ready even though I could hear her rustling about quietly behind me.

“Ok. You can turn around now.” I heard her sweet voice say.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at that point but I turned around eager to see what she was so excited to show me. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. There she was on her bed, lying on her back completely nude with her legs both bent at the knees and spread wide. Em’s pussy was on full display to my view and I was enjoying every bit of it.

“Notice something different?” she asked.

I walked over and climbed onto the bed between her legs to have a closer look. Once I was about a foot eye level with her beautiful pink folds, I was able to notice more clearly.

“Hey, you are starting to get hair.”

“I know! Isn’t it neat?” She said excitedly.

I couldn’t help raising my hand to gently stroke the soft fine hairs that she had coming in on her mons. They were light brown in color but they were definitely there.

With her legs draped over my shoulders, I had the most delicious view of her pussy and I noticed a drop of her juice start to leak down her butt cheek. I couldn’t let her bed get all wet so I did the only thing I could to help out. I drew closer and ran my tongue from the bottom of the juice trail stopping it in its tracks and licked up through the center of her opening until the tip of my tongue finished with a little dance on her clit. Suddenly I felt her hands gripping me on either side of my head and I heard a soft moan echoing from her lips.

I knew from early on in our oral experimenting that she loved it when I would insert my middle finger upside down into her tight opening until the tip was massaging the underside of her mound. I still wasn’t sure exactly what a g spot was although I had heard a fair bit about it. I was pretty sure I had just found it on my own because every time I would stroke a certain part, she would jump as if she just received an electrical shock. With my finger inserted and my tongue tracing small circles around her clit, it was usually no time at all before her squirting juices were quenching my thirst.

We had finished just in time before a knocking on her door took us immediately out of our private little world and into a bit of a panic.

“Hey! Open up. I need to get in there too ya know.”

We were relieved as it was only Anna. I was still fully clothed but Em was now sitting up in bed still putting her clothing on even though she was only half dressed still. She motioned for me to open the door to let Anna in and I did so cautiously opening the door just enough to peer outside and see if Anna was by herself. Luckily she was. I then opened the door the rest of the way so she could finally enter.

Curiosity was not lost on Anna as she looked around once inside and spotted Em sitting on the edge of her bed with just her shirt on while still in the process of sliding her panties back on. She then looked over to me being fully dressed.

“What’s going on here?”

“Nothing. Just showing Alex my pubic hair that is finally coming in.” said Em as casual as if it was a normal occurrence to just show people your pubic hair.
With that, Anna rolled her eyes.

“Figures. Is that why his face looks like a glazed donut hole?”

Both Em and I smiled at each other knowingly.

“Well. I couldn’t let such a tempting treat go to waste. Especially being that close to it.” I said with a wry smile.

A couple of months later Em and I were standing at our locker at school when Tonya came up to us bearing a couple of hand made envelopes. Tonya was one of the more popular girls. Pretty and friendly but definitely on the more promiscuous side. Em and I were hardly innocent but what we did, we did with just the two of us and we didn’t brag all over the school about what we did either.

“Hi guys. What’s up?” said Tonya with her infectious smile.

“Oh hey Tonya.” We said together. “Just getting ready for our next class.”

“I just wanted to let you know I was having a birthday party at my house this weekend and I was inviting the both of you.”

Em and I looked at each other, both a little surprised to get an invite to a popular girl’s party when neither of us ran with the popular crowd. We both smiled politely and agreed to go and make the best of it.

The weekend quickly came and surprisingly enough, both mine and Em’s parents agreed to let us go to the party. They had figured since it was a birthday party it should be fairly tame. Not only that, it would probably do us both a little good to get out and mingle with other kids our age outside of school.

Tonya didn’t live very far from us so we had ridden our bikes to the party together. Neither of us had been to her house before so we were a little excited about the new experience. Her house was a pretty old but well maintained two story house with basement built most likely in the 20s or 30s as most of the houses were in her neighborhood. Tonya greeted us at the door and we could tell by the noise coming from inside that many of the guests were already there.

“Hi guys. Come on in. I am so glad you could make it.” Said Tonya with a genuine smile while holding the door open.

The great thing about growing up when we did, we not only thought nothing of riding our bikes everywhere but we were also brought up with some semblance of manners and respect. Without thinking about it, I placed my hand on the small of Em’s back and allowed her to enter first.

Inside the party was going pretty good. Boston was blaring on the hi-fi and we recognized several kids from school who like Tonya was also part of the popular crowd…and then there was Em and I. At the time we didn’t think too much about the fact that we were a little out of place socially but we decided instead to have a little fun and see where the afternoon took us.

After being there for a while, having snacks and drinks and idle chat with people we otherwise never would have talked to during school, Tonya finally announced loudly to her guests that we were all going to go downstairs to the basement for some games. We all followed her single file to the cool dimly lit room with pillows laid out on the floor in a circle to greet us.

By this time the party had been under way for quite a while so there were about 12 of us in the basement now.

“Ok everyone. Pull up a pillow. I thought we would play a nice little game of seven minutes in heaven.” Announced Tonya.

Em and I had glanced at each other as we both took a pillow next to eachother on the floor. Neither of us had ever heard of this game before.

“What is seven minutes in heaven?” Em asked curiously.

Tonya looked to her other guests who were all knowingly smiling at each other. I had also taken notice that the remaining kids in the basement were popular kids that were more in Tonya’s social circle.

“The rules are simple.” Said Tonya. She presented a couple of containers from behind her. “One of these containers is filled with the names of the boys and the other is the girl’s names. We take turns drawing a name from the bucket of the opposite sex. Once a boy and a girl have been drawn, they will then go into the closet over there and do whatever they choose with each other for seven minutes. Since it is my birthday, I will go first.”

Em looked a little anxious at me as we both watched Tonya dig her hand into the boys container before finally drawing a name.

“The first name is…Steve.”

Steve was a tall dark haired boy from our grade. He played on the basketball team and was rather adored by a lot of the girls in school although I never heard Em speak the same adoration towards him.

Steve then took the other container and drew the first girls name. I had noticed a few of the girls were now a bit restless in anticipation of the name he was going to reach in and pull out. Of course he made a production of it as well.

“I have…Emma.”

A few female groans were heard in the room as Steve stood up and took Em’s hand helping her up as well. I could see the confusion and anxiety in her expression as she followed Steve to the closet. For the first time I had actually felt a little jealous as I watched them disappear into the darkness. Tonya officially started things by setting a timer.

That was probably the longest seven minutes of my life. The only thing I kept thinking about was what Steve and Em were doing in that dark room? What would he try? How far would she let him go?

“While we are waiting,” said Tonya. “Why don’t we get ready for our next contestants.”

With that, she handed the boys container to Sally. Sally reached her hand into the container.

“I have…Alex.”

I was shocked. I knew my name was probably in the container but up until now, I had been too preoccupied to think about my name actually being picked or who might be going in with me. Tonya then handed the girls container for me to draw a name. Reluctantly I stuck my hand in and pulled one out.


I was soon pulled back into reality when Tonya called out the two minute warning to Steve and Emma in the closet. As she did, she got up and snuck over to the closet door to eavesdrop on what might be happening. I had to admit, I was dying to know myself. Just then the timer went off and immediately Tonya flung the door opened. I couldn’t see much of anything at first from the dimly lit room but Steve emerged first followed by Em. He seemed to be playing it up by smiling big for his awaiting audience and fumbling with his zipper like they had just had a full on quickie. Em emerged after and wasn’t really smiling but seemed to be adjusting the bottom of her shirt just slightly while running over to her pillow. It was then I realized that Steve was most likely full of shit.

Tonya then ran back to me, grabbing my hand and leading me immediately into the closet. I don’t know about Tonya but I was both nervous and somewhat excited at the same time. As the door shut in front of us, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face but I could definitely feel Tonya very close. Both of us were quiet for a moment and I could hear Tonya moving about. Suddenly I felt her hand reaching for mine as if to locate it. When she did, she lifted it and brought it to her chest until I was cupping one of her breasts. She had removed her shirt!

Even though I knew anything goes, I was still taken by surprise. Never would I have thought that Tonya of all people would bare herself to me like she was doing right now. Part of me wanted to continue but the biggest part of me couldn’t bring myself to doing much more. Em and I had done plenty together so it wasn’t that I was a prude or didn’t know what to do. I surely knew a hell of a lot more than anybody else realized. Especially Tonya. I just felt like I would be cheating on Em even though she was just my best friend and not technically my girlfriend. We were by all intents and purposes boyfriend and girlfriend. Just without the verbal confirmation or acknowledgment between us. We had never talked about our status but had always just been very content with what we had. We had each other, what more did we need and who did we have to prove our relationship to anybody but ourselves.

As the storm of thoughts were raging in my mind, my hand still on her small still developing boob, Tonya leaned in closer to my ear and whispered.

“I’m here for the taking.”

With that, I removed my hand from her boob which obviously didn’t go unnoticed by Tonya. She was patient at first, perhaps thinking I was preparing to do something else. Enough time had lapsed and it was clear I wasn’t preparing to do anything. Tonya wasn’t a girl who was used to being rejected by anyone but rather a girl who was used to getting what she wanted, when she wanted it.

When it was clear I wasn’t going to do anything, she said quietly.

“Oh, a shy one?”

It was at that moment that I had felt her hand on the front of my pants trying to fumble her way around finding my zipper. It was a strange position to be in somewhat. I could let Em do that same thing no problem but…Tonya wasn’t Em. I could only imagine Em sitting right outside possibly having the same thoughts going through her mind as I did when I was out there and she was in here. I didn’t like the idea of putting her through that. Especially for some kids game. I was finally admitting to myself that I truly did love her more than just a friend. That’s when I turned away and halted Tonya’s advances.

“Really? You have the chance to do whatever you want with me and you are turning me down? Do you know how many boys would kill to be in your position right now?”

I noticed she was still speaking rather quiet even though she sounded mad. My only guess is that she didn’t want to get too loud and alert everyone outside that someone actually rejected her. Much like Steve when he was in the same dark closet with Em earlier. It was all about appearances. Giving the facade that something happened when it actually didn’t.

“Sorry Tonya. I appreciate it, I really do, but I guess it’s just not a good time for me right now.”

That’s when we heard someone outside.

“Two minute warning!”

“You say that like there will be another chance. Well you won’t have another chance like this ever again. It’s now or never.”

“Again. Sorry, but that’s just a risk I am willing to take.”

She became silent at my words and I would assume that she was now in the process of putting her shirt back on from the rustling sounds. Suddenly the closet door flung open prematurely by Tonya herself. I had noticed when she had exited that her shirt was now on inside out. I emerged after her and promptly took my seat next to Em who was watching me as closely as I was watching her when she had emerged. To show signs of rejection, especially the birthday girl, would probably mean a quick end to the game, but again, it was all about keeping up appearances. The game continued for a few more couples and it was obvious that there was probably something more that happened with some of them than what happened with mine and Ems’ visits with Tonya and Steve.

The next two that were up were Em and I. Our enthusiasm for returning to the closet now greatly improved. We both stood at the same time and Em grabbed my hand unable to pull me into the closet quick enough. I knew we had a lot to probably talk about now but once inside and the door closed, Em quickly threw her arms around my neck while her lips found mine with precision accuracy. Even in pitch black darkness. I tried to whisper something but she was quick to cut me off.

“Shhhh. We’ll talk later. Right now we don’t have much time.”

She too went for my pants zipper but unlike Tonya, had no trouble finding and manipulating it until she had my pants undone and my penis out. The touch and movement of her hand quickly brought it to life as she vigorously stroked it while she continued to kiss me. Now things felt right.

I wanted this moment to last as long as possible and wanted no interruption while it happened via two minute warning or whatever else. Em became a little more aggressive with her stroking and the more aggressive she became the harder I humped along with her until quicker than usual I was reaching that point. My body started tingling and my legs turned to jelly as I began to climax…but things were different this time. Up until now I had always dry climaxed. I had the feeling of an orgasm although nothing would come out since I was still young and developing. I could feel something had ejaculated this time, something wet. I wasn’t sure if I had just peed on Em or what the hell happened. Em had also noticed it as her stroking became slower yet more lubricated. She didn’t stop though. Instead she stopped kissing me and whispered.

“Whoa. That was new. What just happened?”

“I’m not sure but I think I am finally producing semen.”

“Why did it have to be in the dark?” asked Em frustratingly.

She knew she couldn’t go back out with a messy hand. Luckily we were in a closet so she did the only thing she could think of doing. There were coats and other clothes hanging up so she had chosen a random piece of fabric and wiped her hand clean while finding a spare sleeve to clean me up.

While I put my just spent penis back inside my pants and zipped back up, Em leaned in and whispered into my ear once again.

“We need to leave as quickly as possible because I need to see this again in the daylight. Let’s go to Paradise.”

I quickly but silently agreed as I had kissed her once again.

Right then, the door flung open without a two minute warning. Em and I were still in lip lock with Tonya and Steve standing in front of us and a group of curious party goers standing behind them.

“I knew it!” said Tonya

“That explains a lot.” said Steve.

What else was there to do at that point? I did the only thing two people in our position could do. I took Em’s hand and walked her out of the closet.

“Well, it’s been a lovely party Tonya. Thank you so much for inviting us but we must be getting home.” I said while giving a quick hug to the stunned birthday girl.

Em and I hurried upstairs leaving the rest of the party goers in the basement wondering what happened. As we exited the front door, we found our bikes and road off to Paradise as quick as we were able to pedal there. Our laughing getting louder the further away from Tonya’s house we got.

As we got to my house, we didn’t even bother with kickstands. We dropped our bikes on the side yard and made a beeline out to the backyard and through the fence headed for Paradise.

The place still looked the same even though we hadn’t been there for months. Quiet, peaceful, homey but certainly a bit weathered from our absence.

Once in, we shut the door behind us and immediately started taking off our clothes until we were down to nothing. My dick was still hard from leaving Tonyas and I could see the small hardened nipples of my vision of loveliness in front of me so I knew we were both horny and excited as we plopped naked next to each other into the pillows we kept laying on the floor.

Our time became two conjoined bodies silently connected at our lips and hands with the only sound being our heavy breathing. As we kissed, the hardened nipples of her small developing breasts were gently poking into my left side. Her left leg draped over mine as she rubbed her moist pussy against my leg. Her left hand stroking my fully hard penis and the best part was, there was no seven minute time limit. Just the two of us and all the time we needed. My right hand was busy softly stroking her bare back and down her bare thigh that was draped over my leg. I had let my hand roam across her ass until my hand made its way between her legs and my middle finger was tracing it’s way up and down her wet slit. She responded by grinding harder against my leg and softly moaning into my mouth.

Since I had come earlier, we were at it for several minutes before the feeling began and the urge to come once again had finally surfaced. I broke our kiss long enough to finally speak.

“It’s happening Em. Here it comes.”

She smiled at me and moved a little closer to my penis while she kept stoking. I had noticed that her grip tightened and her rhythm got a little faster while my body suddenly tensed. An extreme burning, tickling sensation started which felt unlike anything I had ever experienced but it felt really good at the same time. Looking down at Em, she was watching with intense interest as a small flow of thick white liquid shot out where I was used to only pee coming out before. I was equally entranced as this was my first time too actually seeing my semen. Suddenly I was proud as I had realized that not only was this a very personal first experience but I was also sharing it with my best friend. Most guys are probably alone when they experience their first real shot of semen likely through masturbation.

The blast had landed on the hand that Em was using to stroke me but that didn’t stop her from continuing until my semen stopped to just a small flow now slowly dribbling from the head of my penis.

That was pretty cool said Em looking back up to me with an even bigger smile now. I hear that the amount will get bigger with more age and experience.

Her fingers loosened their grip on my shaft and she was now tracing a finger through the puddle of cum on her hand as she was testing the texture and consistency of it.

It feels nice. Like lotion but sticky.

She raised her cum coated fingers to her nose and inhaled the scent as I watched intently.

It has a different smell. Something I haven’t ever smelled before. She said as she put the same fingers up to my nose to smell.

It was indeed a different smell but I couldn’t place it either.

Even after ejaculation, we layed in the pillows still embraced in each other arms, neither of us in a hurry to go or be anywhere. That’s why we called it Paradise. I couldn’t help but lean in and give Em a deep kiss.

“What a day we have had.” said Em breaking the silence.

“No kidding.” I agreed.

“So, what happened in the closet with you and Tonya?”

I was wondering which one of us was going to be the first to ask about the party. My curiosity was finally satisfied.

“Well. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went in. Once inside, Tonya removed her shirt and made it clear that I could do anything with her that I had wanted. Long story short. I didn’t really want to be with her. She tried to get at my penis but I had turned her down. That’s when our session came to an end. What happened with you and Steve?”

“We got inside the closet and immediately he was all over me but I was just as interested in him as you were Tonya. He made a few attempts to grab at my boobs but I fought him off. I thought he finally gave up because he didn’t do anything for a moment. Then I felt him grab my hand. And then…”

“What?” I asked now very curious.

“He had his…penis out and he put my hand directly onto it.”

If she didn’t have my attention before, she had it now.

“What did you do?”

“Well, he caught me off guard. Maybe Tonya likes that sort of thing but not me. I jerked my hand away. I suppose he could have given up but I am sure his pride wouldn’t let him. He could give himself a hand job if he really wanted one. He just finally told me about all the girls that would kill to be in my position.”

I just shook my head and laughed. “Unbelievable.”

“What’s unbelievable?”

“That was the same line Tonya gave me when I turned her down. Man, popular kids sure are stuck on themselves. You know. I actually found myself being jealous of Steve when you two entered the closet. I wasn’t sure what would happen or how far you would let him go. I was just wishing it was me that was going in the closet with you.”

“Really?” asked Em with sincere interest.

“Yeah. I could tell by the look on your face you weren’t in a fired up hurry to go into the closet. All I know is that it was the longest seven minutes of my life not knowing what was going on. I didn’t like that feeling. When I was in the closet with Tonya, all I could think about was you sitting outside and not knowing if you were feeling the same things I had felt when I was sitting outside waiting on you and Steve. That’s the moment I realized that…I had always thought it, I just never come out and said it. But…I love you Emma.”

There was a silence after that. Not an awkward silence, just a knowing one that it was finally said and that it was just another reminder that we were growing up and finally realizing our true feelings for one another.

I have seen a million smiles on Em but right then she gave me a smile I had never seen before as she took my face into her hands and kissed me most tenderly.

“I love you too Alex.”

From that day on, we were not only best friends, we were now a couple.

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