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At Dad’s I hung out with Dad & my brother David at the grill. I saw Ashlynn arrive, but we both kept our distance. At dinner, Gina mentioned that she was happy that Ashlynn was getting additional call in work and some ‘bonuses.’ Ashlynn just shrugged, but she did give me that ‘lingering eye’ for a moment, and I understood. In fact it made me smirk.

I was helping David put some things in his car before he left. As we were carrying it out, he asked, “Hey Big-Bro, why no arm candy? Thought a successful lawyer like you would be ‘pulling it’ and have someone for Gina to meet, and Dad & I to drool over.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but being a lawyer isn’t all courtrooms, suits, and blondes you know.” I replied, and then added, “From what I hear, you’ve had something going with some chick on your street, or was it your neighbor?”

“Brandi?” David asked. Surprised you knew about that.” He grinned when he said “Not the kind of girl you bring over to meet the parents I still have some training to do.” (See my other story DAVID’S GAME)

“Well I have to say,” David said as he quickly changed the subject, “That step-sister of ours is one nice piece of ass. If I wasn’t sure Gina would kill us in our sleep, or not having the fun I’m into at the moment, I’d be giving that the old poker.”

I just grinned, shook my head, and let it go. It was a good eve, and yes, I did get to choose my steak. Ashlynn had disappeared to her room, while Dad, Gina, and David were in a card game of some type. I was checking out a movie a movie, when I got a text. “You look like you need to go for a drive.” Was all it said, so I made my excuses and left.

I pulled off the property, and drove not out of the cul de sac, but to the end, thankful I had driven my truck and not the Porsche. Leaving it in the scrub, I walked back, and to the separate door for Ashlynn’s room, and she was waiting.

As I entered, she held a finger to her lips making the “Shh..” sound, and pointed at the crib. Ashlynn had moved a pair of chairs to the opposite side of the room, close to one another, and I took one.

She looked at me, “Tell me the truth…why did you start this with me?”

“I found your phone unlocked. When I looked thru it, I saw an opportunity, and I took it. I’m not sorry for what I did, & I’m not sorry about the sex, if that’s what you were expecting to hear.”

“I wasn’t expecting any of that, and I do not know what to expect now, I was just trying to figure out the WHY.” She said

“You have to admit, not only am I the best paying so far, I’ve been the best overall.”

“By far,” She said, grinning.

“You’d also have to admit,” I added,” that if they paid you 25% more and you worked 160 hours over a month, you’d only just make what I have been paying you for six total hours over the same month.”

Ashlynn nodded, asking “But where’s it all going?”

“Who knows, and who cares? Were you expecting Richard Gere with those other guys?

“I guess not.” Ashlynn answered, then said, “Actually there is some freedom in this arrangement of ours, I think you’ll agree.”

“I do agree, let’s continue to have fun fucks like this.” As I said this, Ashlynn made the “Shhh…” sign again, and began unbuttoning her blouse.

“Well I know you didn’t schedule a time with me,” Ashlynn said, ”But perhaps I could ‘extend some credit’.”

Before dinner Ashlynn had changed into a nice blouse and a pencil skirt that stopped just above the knee, making Dad & Gina she had been at work, and now, she turned and looked over at her precious sleeping child. As she did so, I took the opportunity to unzip her skirt, lower and steady her as she stepped out of it.

Ashlynn was wearing some nice, new satin high-cut panties in a dark green color, along with a matching bra. “Wanted to show off a bit of what I bought with your ‘help.” She said quietly, and with a sexy little evil grin

Ashlynn helped me out of my pants, and I peeled off my shirt, enjoying the way she stroked my cock as I did so. Turning around, Ashlynn lowered herself so she was sitting on my lap and, leaning forward, she placed a hand on both of my legs just above the knee, and wiggled her ass back in to me.

I rubbed her ass and, as she lifted up, I tugged her panties down just a bit, then off to the side. It was like the little head had a mind of its own, and with just a tuck…now a tiny shift from Ashlyn…yeah right here…and with a firm yet gentle Pu-uu-uu-sh…and I felt her incredible pussy yield to me as she groaned, allowing it so slide inside her.

The baby made a whimper as she rolled over, and for a moment, we stopped and sat in absolute silence., like something in a WW2 submarine movie. Then we both breathed a sigh of relief and I smiled at her as the baby drifted right back off. I then proceeded to sit back and enjoyed the show, as Ashlynn leaned forward and began to ride my dick. The sight of me sliding in and out of her was just incredible.

Ashlynn had been riding me for quite a bit, and I loved it, pushing into her as she came back down. We even shifted our legs so that hers were outside mine and she was riding me reverse cowgirl. Ashlynn was even using her pussy to ‘squeeze’ my cock as she rode me, and it was fucking fantastic.

Now I would like to tell youth that this lasted for hours, but no. Having such an incredible young lady bouncing on my dick was having the obvious effect and besides, it was getting very hard to keep our mutual moans down.

Finally, Ashlynn lifted off me, turned, and knelt between my open knees. No need to wipe off, Ashlynn Luker was only too happy to take me full into her mouth, tasting her thick white juices on my cock, as she pushed me first onto her cheek, where I could see my dick pushing her cheek out, then back to her throat.

Ashlynn was positioned over me so that her head was steady bobbing up and down. We knew we had to be quiet, but Hell I was getting there, and I placed my hand on the back Ashlynn’s head, and began to pump the head of my dick into the back of her throat.

Now it was my turn for my hips to start bucking. As they began to twitch, Ashlynn Luker pulled out to my head, gave my shaft a few pumps, then rubbed my balls, and that was that. As I unloaded, she lifted off and took three good, heavy shots of goo to her hair, face, and neck.

Motioning for me to remain still, Ashlynn got up and stepped to the bathroom. Coming back a moment later with a small towel she run some warm water over, she proceeded to use it, along with her tongue, to clean our combined juices of my dick and balls. She then wiped her face, and ‘helped’ me back into my shorts, even tucking my flaccid cock back in.


The work week was busy as always. I had lunch with David and met Brandi for the first time, and was impressed. He usually doesn’t do that well. Dad had long ago bought a set of apartments in Tallahassee, the state capital, and he let me have one while I was in process of buying them from him, so I of course had one of the nicer ones at the back.

I as planning to stay I town and work, and had barely pulled in to the apartments when I got a text from Ashlynn “Which apartment is yours?” Knowing she must be here I texted back “G8, unit by itself, at the rear, near the pond” I stood here waiting as she pulled up, and held the door for her.

“Well isn’t this a nice surprise.” I said.

“I told Dad I was considering his old Alma Mater, and mom has the baby” Ashlynn said, “gave me an excuse to be here.” She grabbed her purse and a small bag, and followed me in.

I got in and handed her an envelope. “Hate to be late paying what I owed.” I said with a smirk.

“Yeah, about that,” Ashlynn said, “Been doing some thinking. Are you REALLY OK with how this is going? I mean, are you OK to keep paying like this?”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, actually, I am. I mean, it’s not like a bottomless money pit-you know, I budget everything, but the numbers are working out.” I set out a pair of glasses and poured us a bit of a god red wine I happened to have.

“As too personally, yeah, this is perfect,” I continued. “I get to be with a gorgeous woman, yet I have space for work, and work right now is, in all honesty, a bear. But success is not easily obtained. Are you considering changing things?”

“Well sort of,” Ashlynn said. “The escort thing is not what I hoped it would be. Like I said, fat perverts, some men that are obviously married, on drugs, or whatever, but if you are willing to continue paying me like this, I was thinking I would just drop the whole website thing.”

I nodded. “Ashlynn, I am 100% OK with that, but I think you should leave the website up, mostly because we don’t want Clara getting wind. Just be really ***********ive when they call. Also, you never can tell, you might run into another “Whale” like me!”

She laughed “Well, I kinda doubt it. One of those last guys was seriously in need of a shower – EW! Besides, I’m off to school soon, so the website thing was coming to an end, or at least a major relocation either way.”

Gesturing towards the envelope I said, “That’s all the cash I have on me, so if you’re planning on staying the eve, which is fine, it’s look like I’ll have to apply for credit.”

Ashlynn flashed a grin and said, “OOohhhhh….overnight is not cheap, but I think your credit is going to be good with me,” then added, “I made a stop & picked up something special just for you. How about I go put that on while you get comfortable? Maybe we can catch a movie or something.”

“Or something” I said as she left with a little pink bag with the a logo on it.

I was relaxing on the couch when I heard “ahem” come from behind me, and I turned to see all 5ft. 3/160cm of Ashlynn Luker, gorgeous as ever, standing there in white lace & satin lingerie, consisting of hose, garters, open breast bra and panties that were only barely there. “I see that the additional income is being invested very well.”

If Ashlynn thought I was going to peel that off of her, she was SO wrong, far-far from it (well, OK, maybe those ridiculously small panties). I was enjoying the lace fringe of the bra tickling the underside of my chin as I suckled her nipple while my middle two fingers plunged away, going and out of her lovely cunt. She was groaning and twisting like always, and I was not giving her ANY respite.

Ashlynn was trying to communicate “Oh…Tha-Tha’s…it…OH!…Gah…Oh!….Gah…M-my Pu-Puss…” but not really getting complete words out, and that was how I wanted it. I could tell her hips were tucking, so I pulled those fingers out, and shoved them in my mouth, tasting her. Her look as though she had been let down was palpable, but it changed as I stood up and, grabbing her ankles, manhandling her as I PULLED her ass over to the very edge of the bed.

My dick slid inside her so easy, and Ashlynn brow furrowed & her voice groaned and her body gave that slight shudder as my full length went right in, balls deep. Grabbing her ankles, I pulled her legs wide open, until they were perfectly straight. It made her pussy feel even tighter, having a child had not changed her much. I stared deep into Ashlynn’s eyes, maintaining a look of total control (not easy FWIW), and holding her this way, began to pump all 8 inches of me in and out of her, her breasts bouncing to my rhythm.

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