I woke up early the next morning. Well this morning was gonna be awkward as fuck. How the fuck do I speak to my mom now. I threw some clothes on and headed down stairs.

Mom was sat at the kitchen table with a large mug of coffee in front of her.

“Hi mom” I sheepishly said.

She looked up to me “morning honey, you’re up early.”

“Yeah couldn’t sleep well”

“Me neither” she rubbed her head “can never sleep long after a night out. Hangovers are no good for an old woman like me.” She cracked a smile.

Silence fell in the room and i felt it getting awkward until she broke the silence.

“Jac sweetie, did I see you last night?” She squinted her eyes, the sunlight obviously too bright for her eyes.

“Eh yeah kind of!” I replied “you were in my room”

“I was?!” Her voice and reply gave me that idea that she didn’t remember anything. “Why did I…”
She trailed off, her face twisted like she was running her mind.

“You don’t remember” I asked.

“I don’t remember getting home honey but as I think about last night, I know I saw you, or i’m sure I saw you.”

Great an other decision to make, truth or lie. “You were in my room mom”

“What was I saying?”

“Not a lot, just drunk chat and that you loved me.” I wasn’t going to tell her the whole truth. “I then helped you through to your bed.”

“ I didn’t make a fool of myself?” She feared the answer.

“No mom” I lied.

“Thank god” she sighed relief “thank you for helping me to bed then sweetie.” She smiled as she took a big drink of her coffee.

I made us breakfast and we exchanged small talk about last night and I told her about Logan. Kaylee decided to join us and we shared a nice family breakfast together. Not including what my mom had said and tried to do last night.

The rest of that day I spent away in my room trying to study. Which wasn’t easy. I had my mind on what happened with my mom last night. Riley was texting me and teasing me. Then there was the fact I had to actually try and take some of this information in that I was reading.

I only came out of my room when mom called me down for dinner. Mom clearly couldn’t be bothered cooking so she had ordered us in a takeaway, Chinese it was for tonight.

We ate our food much like breakfast this morning with small family talk. It was really nice. Kaylee was off out tonight and was staying Rileys house. Which left me and mom alone, great.

“I’m going for a shower honey, can you pick us out a movie?” She softly asked.
“Yeah sure mom” I replied. It might be nice to spend the night with her. As mom went upstairs to shower. I resisted the urge to go watch and tried to pick a movie. Eventually I decided on one and loaded it up. Not long after I heard my mom come downstairs. She went into the kitchen briefly and then came through holding a bottle of wine and two glasses. She was wearing one of my t shirts, which just covered her ass and she had some booty shorts on.

“Don’t mind do you?” She asked, biting her lip.

“No, no your fine mum.” I smiled.

“Thanks” she returned the smile “thought we could enjoy a bottle of wine together?”

“Um yeah sure” I was a bit hesitant but it might help us relax.

Mom sat at the other end of the sofa from me and poured us both a glass of wine. She handed me one and I pressed play on the movie.

About an hour passed and we were a couple of glasses down. “Mind if I snuggle in to you?” She timidly asked.

Who was I to say no “yeah ok mom” I replied opening my arm for her as she scooted over and rested against me. She pulled my arm down around her so it lay across the top of her chest. My hand lay there and I could feel her soft breathing.

An other ten minutes passed when my mom spoke “did we kiss last night?”

I was a little shocked by the question and put on the spot. I suppose I can’t lie anymore. “Yeah mom we did.”

She paused, “was it like a kiss kiss?”

I nodded “mhmm”

She was quiet again. “Did you like it?” I could feel her breathing get a little laboured.

“Sorry, what do you mean?”

She turned to look up at me “when we kissed did you feeling anything?”

I couldn’t lie anymore “I did yeah”

“But nothing more happened?”

“No, we just kissed” I confessed.

“Ok” she said, resting her head back on my chest. A few more minutes passed. “Would you kiss me again?”

I sat there in silence, I would yeah, “yes” I simply answered.

“So if I kiss you right now, you won’t freak out and you would kiss me back?” She turned to look at me again, her face closer to mine this time.

I didnt answer, I gave into my feelings and leaned forward closing my eyes. My mom did the same and our lips meet. It was soft and weak at first. We pulled apart and locked eyes, they were full with love and lust. I pulled her back into me and this time to kiss was more passionate and tender. We were breathing hard as we exchanged salvia and our tongues wrestled for dominance. My hand held her by the arch in her back and pulled her into me more. Her hands found my face as she caressed me whilst our lips were locked together.

My mom broke the kiss “I need this” she pleaded “I need the touch of a real man, I need to feel like a woman again.”

“I’m yours” I simply said.

We kissed again and my mom repositioned herself and straddled my lap. She instantly started rubbing her crotch against mine. My cock was growing hard quickly and she could feel it. She gave a low moan into our kiss as I pushed my bulge up into her.

“Mmm is that for me?” She groaned.

“It’s all yours” I said as I kissed her neck.

“That feels so good baby, take care of mommy” she held my head in her hand as she enjoyed the sensations as I kissed down her neck and along her collar bone. I worked my hands up under her top and started to pull it off her. She raised her arms as I pulled the top off and tossed it do the side.

“Oh wow” I gasped as my moms naked chest was staring me in the face. How did I not realise she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were rock hard and looked so inviting. I took one into my mouth and sucked it hard. My mom groaned as I played with her nipple in my mouth. Gently nibbling it win my teeth and tugging. With my free hand I brought it round to play with her other nipple. Pinching it with my hand as I flicked the other one with my tongue.

“Mmm yeah suck it hard baby” my mom cooed as I could feel a damp patch form on my crotch. I switched my attentions to the opposite nipple and started my assault on it. Again sucking it hard in and pinching it with my teeth.

My mom grabbed my head and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Our lips smacking against each other as our tongues frantically moved about. Both our breathing became laboured as we sucked the life from each other.

Breaking the kiss my mom slide off and fell to her knees between my legs. She ran her hands up the inside of my legs and dragged her nails down my thighs. It was sore but the pain added to the thrill. She reached her hands back up again and found my cock. Taking it in her hands and slowly stroking it.

“It feels so hard and big” she moaned looking to me.

“It’s hard for you” I lamely said as I enjoyed the feeling of her touch.

“Let’s get a better look” she said as she pulled her hands out and tugged at my waist band. I lifted my hips for her and she pulled my shorts and boxers off. Her mouth fell open slightly as she saw my full length for the first time. “Oh my god baby, you’ve grown into such a man” she grinned, as she took the cock firmly in her hand.

She leaned in and licked the underneath of my cock, licking all the way up to the tip before using her salvia to wet the tip. She then rubbed the head of my cock against her tongue before swallowing the head whole.

She worked the head with expert skill, if I thought Riley could suck cock I was wrong. I felt like my mom would suck my soul right out of me. She worked the shaft as she bobbed her head around my head, slurping as my cock began wetter with her spit.

Then she completely sank all the way down. With total ease she took my full length into her mouth.

“Holy fuck mom” I groaned loudly. She keep her mouth down until she needed to pull out to breath. “No ones been able to take my full length”

“I’ve had plenty practice” she winked as she sank back down taking me fully into her mouth again. I could easily explode right now it felt that good. She pulled out but continued to work my head in her mouth. My cock was now completely covered in her spit.

She pulled away and stroking my cock she looked up to me “wanna fuck mommys titties?”

“Yes please” I replied like some giddy like kid.

She had a naughty grin on her face and sat up on her knees bringing her tits to my throbbing cock. She slapped my cock against her big tits and teased her self by rubbing it against her hard nipples. She then positioned my cock between her beautiful tits and started to work my shaft.

I’ve never had a tit job but this felt fucking magical. She bounced her tits up and down my length squeezing them together to get extra friction.

“Fuck mom that feels so good!” I moaned out loud

“You like fucking mommys big tits?”

“Oh yes mommy, so good”

She bounced her tits faster and faster and I could feel I was gonna cum. I can normally hold out alright but my mom was a pro.

“Mom i’m gonna cum” I whined.

“Not yet” she said and she grabbed the base of my cock with her hand and squeezed tightly.

“Ow ouch” it did hurt a little but the feeling of wanting to cum had subsided.

“I need this inside me first baby” she said licking her lips.

She stood up into front of me, with the sexiest look on her face. Her tits glistening in the light with all the salvia and cock juice all over them. My mom then turned round and bent over infront of me, pulling her booty shorts down.

I got a clear view of her soaking wet pussy. My tongue practically fell out of my mouth and I reached foward and pressed two fingers against her slit gaining a loud moan from her. I teased her with my fingers as I slide them up and down her slit. I couldn’t resist anymore and slide them straight inside her meeting no resistance.

“Uuhhh Jac, it’s been too long since I’ve felt another touch.” She groaned her knees going a little weak.

I started to slide my fingers in and out of her faster and faster. She held her hands against her thighs to try and keep up right but the pleasure was getting too much for her.

“I need you right now” she said with an aggressive tone as she grabbed my fingers that were soaked in her pussy juices and sucked them into her mouth. As she sucked her juices off my fingers she straddled me, positioning herself over my cock. My fingers popped for her mouth as she used her hand to guide my cock to her entrance. I felt the tip of my cock at her pussy as she readied herself.

My cock entering my mom was one of the greatest feelings. Her mouth opened letting out a silent scream as she sank all the way down to my base. Fuck it felt so snug and warm inside her. I was quite content to just sit there like this.

“It fills me right up baby, I feel so full and sooooo gooood” she moaned and she sorted her legs and wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

We briefly kissed, slow and tender as my mom started to lift her hips. Pulling about half way up before sinking back down. Fuck it felt good. Her pussy hugged every inch of me as she slowly picked up the pace.

Our kiss ended as she nuzzled into my neck and shoulder. Moaning louder as she began to fuck me harder. I reached down and grabbed a handful of each ass and helped her slam down onto me.

After several minutes at a slow and steady pace my mom sat up “ok baby, fuck me.” That was all I needed to hear and started to buck my hips upward and I pulled her down onto me.

We started fucking like crazy. My mom was slamming down on to me, taking my full cock with ease. Fuck, it was feeling great. The lounge was filled with the noises of me grunting, mom moaning and the sound of our bodies slapping against each other.

It was much longer till that feeling came back at the base of my cock. “Mom i’m gonna cum” I tried to warn her. It was cumming fast.

“Me too baby, really go for it” she gritted her teeth.

I took the telling as just as my orgasm was coming to a head I picked up the pace and fucked her as hard as I could before “aaahhhhhh” I fired upwards and I exploded deep into my mom.

“Oooo uuuhhhh yes yes yes yes” my mom kept bouncing on me before her own orgasm took over her and her body shuddered on top of me. She seemed to freeze for a second before letting out a deep sigh and collapsing on top of me. Her head nuzzled back into my neck as she moaned contently.

We lay there in silence for a few minutes until my limping dick fell out of her. “Oops” she said as she jumped off me and grabbed her booty shorts and held them between her legs. Remnants of our combined cum was all over my cock, thighs and her crotch. Was some sight.

“Let’s get cleaned up” she said as she held out her hand. I grabbed the rest of the clothes and we went upstairs. I went to break off to go into the main bathroom, but she held onto me “no no, come shower with me” she cooed as she pulled me towards her bedroom.

She led me through to her bathroom and took the clothes off me and tossed them to the side. We shared a brief passionate kiss before she started up the shower.

“Ok it’s ready” she said as she stepped into her fairly large walk in shower, I soon followed.

My mom stood under the water first and I just admired her body in full. Her brown hair fell down just passed her shoulders. Her tits looked ever better as the water cascaded down over them. She arched her back to push out her ass more and I couldn’t help but reach forward and caress her pompous behind.

“Mmmm your hands feel so good, I get a tingle every time you touch me” she moaned.

“I can’t help myself mom, you’re body is irresistible” I told her moving forward.

“We’ll grab a sponge and be a good boy” she cocked an eyebrow at me.

I was all to eager to help. I grabbed the sponge and put some shower gel on it and started to soap up her body. I took my time and felt around every inch and every curve. My mom just moaned softly as my hand roamed around her body. I used both my hands to wash her gorgeous butt checks and made sure it was covered in bubbles. I gave a quick slap which made my mom jump and she turned round and closed in on my lips. We kissed slow and tender as my hand moved around to her front and washed her pussy. She moaned around my mouth, as I pressed against her pussy as I cleaned it.

“Mmmmm your turn baby” she broke the kiss, stepping back to wash all the soap off of her before taking the sponge from me.

Her touch was electrifying. As she worked her away around my body, I was slowly getting turned on again. My cock started to twitch and grow. It grew much harder when my mom started cleaning it with the sponge and her hand, her touch was sending shivers through me to my penis.

“Is someone ready for another round” she said eyeing my now hardened cock.

“Mom just the sight of you turns me on, never mind your soft amazing touch.”

“Mmmm it looks so delicious” she said. She turned the shower head towards me and made sure to get all the soap off me before she fell to her knees. “My son has such an impressive cock” she said as she slowly started to stroke up and down my cock. “So much better than your worthless fathers!” With that she took me in her mouth, it felt just as good as before. Her lips were tightly around my shaft as her tongue swirled around it. She cradled my balls with one hand as she slowly worked my shaft with the other.

This blow job felt a lot more sensual than before. She was going at a lot slower pace but it was still doing wonders. My cock was pulsating in her mouth as she continued to suck me off. Her mouth and hand working in unison and what a team they make I must say.

Her pace never quickened but she did slowly take more and more of me into her mouth. Fuck it felt good. “I could get used to this” I groaned.

“Mmmm me too” she said briefly pulling her mouth off my cock. She then held it in her hand and stuck out her tongue, sliding it up and down my throbbing member. She took me back in her mouth for several minutes before pulling out again, “wanna fuck momma again?”

“I want to fuck you forever” I said pulling her to her feet.

We briefly kissed again before she turned round and put her hands on the glass of the shower and stuck her ass out “fuck me from behind baby, make me yours”

“My pleasure” I said as I positioned myself behind her and lined my cock up with her pussy. I teased her a little with the head of my cock as I pressed it against her clit a few times before I slowly forced myself inside her.

“Uuuhhhh” she groaned as I filled her up.

I pressed myself up against her and started to slowly fuck her. Her ass felt so good slapping against me as I found my rhythm and fucked her. Holding onto her hips I pulled her into me as my cock kept filling her pussy.

I kept up my fast pace of fucking her as long as I could but the all too familiar feeling started to build.

“I’m getting close again mom” I told her

“I want you to cum in my mouth baby, I want to taste your seed” she told me trying to steady herself against the glass as I continued to fuck her. “Keep going baby”

I did my best to hold out as long as I could enjoying the sensation of her pussy try to clamp around my cock everytime I was pulling out. The inevitable started to happen though “mom i’m gonna cum” I shouted.

I took a step back and she turned whilst falling to her knees. I kept pumping my cock with my hand before she took me into her mouth. As soon her lips were around me I exploded.

“Fuuckkk mmmmmm” I groaned loudly as I fell back slightly as my cock pulsated and fired shot after shot of cum into her mouth. Holy fuck she took it all like a champ. Not a single drop was missed as she took the whole lot and swallowed it as she kept sucking me. Making sure she got every last drop of cum out of me. She continued to suck me until my cock went limp in her mouth and popped out.

“I could get used to that taste” she moaned as she licked her lips.

We finished cleaning ourselves off in the shower before grabbing some towels and drying off. Once I was dried off, I made my way for the door, “night mom”

“Stay with me?” Mom spoke shyly.

“Sorry?” I asked turning back to her.

“Stay with me please, it gets lonely” her voice full of innocence and begging me.

I thought about it for a moment, “what about Kaylee?”

“She won’t be back till the afternoon, please Jac” she sat on the edge of the bed.

I walked over to her and took her into a hug “ok i’ll stay”

“Thank you” she shyly replied as I pulled her into a soft tender loving kiss.

We kissed some more before climbing under the covers naked. She lay on her side and I edged up being her in the spoon position. I softly kissed her neck “night mom, love you!”

“Night my sweet boy, love you more.”

With the mix of the wine and sexual activities we both dozed off.


I awoke the next morning a little disorientated. I was trying to gather my thoughts when I felt an incredible feeling coming from my crotch. It was wet and moving. I forced my eyes open and looked down. My mom had taken it upon herself to treat my morning wood.

“Well this is the best good morning I’ve ever had” I stretched out and my eyes came into better focus.

“Morning baby, I saw your morning wood and thought I’d help myself” she cooed as she slowly jerked my cock in her hand.

“Be my guest” I said as I put my hands behind my head and relaxed to the feeling of my moms mouth around my cock.

Like in the shower last night she was going at a slow steady speed and it was feeling great. Her lips were tightly wrapped around my shaft as she slowly moved up and down, sucking as she pulled up. I reached one hand down and cleared her hair away from her face so I could get a better view of this amazing sight.

My mom looked up to me as she continued to bob her head up and down. I stared right back at her and I could see her eyes full of lust and love. God I loved this woman.

For a good ten minutes my mom slowly bobbed up and down, she was going at that slow a pace it was building towards a slow orgasm.

Not long after, my mom let go of me and crawled up onto me. She went straight for my lips as we shared a tender kiss. I felt her lift her hips and try to line her pussy up with my cock. After a little bit of loving she found it and sank right down onto it.

She broke the kiss and she gave out a low moan as my cock filled her pussy. She lay on top of me for several moments before sitting up and starting to grind against me. God I loved her tight pussy so much.

I grabbed her ass, as she picked up her efforts and started bouncing on my cock.

“I love how you fill me up” she groaned as she played with her bouncing tits. Tugging on her nipples.

“Uuhhh fuck baby” she moaned.

I lifted my legs up a little and started to match her rhythm and fuck her back.

“Yes baby, fuck mommy, fuck me hard” she screamed as her pussy tightened around my cock. She reached a hand down and with two fingers started to furiously rub her clit.

I kept up my efforts and pounded up into her, my balls slapping against her underside.

“I love fucking you mom, your pussy feels so good!” I groaned as my orgasm built up.

“‘My pussy loves you!” She moaned as she sped up rubbing her clit. “I’m gonna cum baby!”

“I’m close too” I told her

“Cum with me baby, fill me up with your hot cum, make your mark!” She cried

I concentrated on my efforts and slammed up into her, “here it cuummmssss uuhhhhh” I grunted as I forced myself upwards and my cum sprayed her insides.

This set my mom off too as she screamed in pleasure at her own orgasm.

We were locked in our own moment of time before she fell onto me panting heavily. I wrapped my arms around her as she tried to catch her breath.

We lay like that for I don’t know how long. My cum stained cock was now well and truly limp and I could feel the juices trickle from her pussy.

“That was amazing baby” she finally said. “You really know how to make me feel loved and like a woman”

I simply kissed her as I held her close.

She broke the kiss and looked me in the eye “I love you” she said.

“I love you more” I replied. The word love now holding a whole new and much stronger meaning.

We lay together for a little longer before my mom rolled off “let’s get cleaned up and get some breakfast.”

We got up and showered again together. No sex this time but plenty of touching, feeling and kissing. After the shower we headed down stairs and I watched her make breakfast before we enjoyed eating it together.

A few hours later I was studying for my exams at the table when Kaylee came home.

“Have a nice time?” My mom asked her.
“It was ok” she shrugged “it would have been so much better if they didn’t keep asking about you” she said this as she narrowed her eyes at me.

“What did I do?” I held my hands up in the air with a half smile on my face.

“Nothing I hope” she said “just kept asking if you have a girlfriend or that!”

“What did you tell them?”

“Told them to ask you their bloody selves.” She seemed clearly irritated “anyway i’m going upstairs to finish my homework.” She stormed off upstairs.

I just chuckled to myself and went back to studying.

Later that night, the three of us had finished dinner and were sitting together in the lounge watching tv. My phone buzzed in my pocket and it was a text from Riley.

“Come over to my house”

“Why? Lol”

“My parents are out for the evening ;)”

I just looked at my phone and smiled. May as well get my dick wet again I thought to myself.

“2 mins”

“K hurry”

I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and stood up. “One of the guys from college is in town, i’n gonna meet him for a coffee.”

“Ok don’t be late” my mom said without breaking eye contact with the tv.

“Love you” I shouted as I headed out the door.

“Love you too” my mom and Kaylee replied, well I think Kaylee replied.

I jumped in the car and headed over to Riley’s. She greeted me at the door and sure enough she was the only one home.

She wore tight yoga pants and a tank top that showed off ample cleavage and clearly no bra, her hair up in a ponytail.

“Hi” she said flashing that sexy smile of hers.

“Hi gorgeous” I replied as I stepped into her house.

As I passed her at the door she grabbed me and pulled me into a passionate kiss as she slammed the door shut.

Her tongue forced its way straight into my mouth and snaked its way around mine.

I grabbed her back and pushed her up against the door as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. It was a heated sloppy kiss as we sucked the life from each other.

Eventually we broke the kiss and I let her down, she quickly took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. It was your typical teenage girls room. Flashes of pink and purple, boy band posters here and there, a few stuffed animals on a shelf.

Before I could speak she pulled me back into an other kiss and tugged at my t shirt. I let her hands do the work and she pulled it off. Breaking the kiss briefly before locking lips again.

My hands roamed down her body and grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her closer to me. Her nails were trailing down my back as our kiss intensified.

Eventually she pushed me away with a bit of force and I fell back onto the bed. Her hair was a little messed up now and she was breathing heavy.

“I need a breather” she panted. She took a few moments to gather her breath before she walked back over to me. As she got close I reached for her and pulled her down to the bed spinning her around so she fell onto her back. “Oh hello” she giggled.

I launched my attack on her, pulling off her top and going straight for her erect nipples. Her head fell back onto the bed as she let out low moans of pleasure. They were small cute nipples and I happily sucked them into my mouth. Her hand found my head and pulled me into her chest as I nibbled away. Biting her hard nipple, more and more as she moaned louder.

I switched between her nipples, giving each of them plenty attention. Kissing around her areoles as well. Feeling her soft natural breasts against my lips was an incredible feeling.

I squeezed her in my hands and just admired them, they weren’t as big as my moms but still felt just as good.

“You like my tits don’t you?” She asked, running her hand across mine.

“Mmmm I love sucking on them” as I sucked one of her nipples.

“Well I love sucking cock, especially yours so get it out” she demanded.

“My pleasure” I winked.

I gave her nipple one last rug before standing up and pulling down the jeans I had on. My bulge was very evident through my boxers and Riley eyed it up and licked her lips.

“Pull it out” she said before spinning herself around onto her tummy and leaning over the edge of the bed. Her head right in front of my crotch.

I slipped off my boxers and my cock sprung to attention. Riley got a devilish look on her face as she took the base of my cock in her hand. Sticking out her tongue she rubbed it against my head. Slapping it against it a few times before wrapping those big lips of hers around it. My cock twitched in her mouth as shocks of pleasure shot through me.

Riley expertly worked my cock in her mouth, like always taking the first few inches with total ease but not as good as my mom and taking the whole lot. As she continued to suck my cock, I took her pony tail in my hand and started to guide her mouth up and down me. I got a buzz from being able to control her movements. I moved her up and down my cock a little faster and she still sucked as hard as she could. Fuck it felt good, time for some fun though.

“Relax your throat Riley” I told her.

“Mmmm?” She had a confused look on her face which changed to complete shock as I rammed my cock down her throat. It went well past her usual point and she started to cough and gag on me. I held her for a few seconds before letting her go.

“You bastard” she gasped, “That’s not cool!”

“Admit it, you loved it”

“Noooo” she tried to hide a smile.
“You sure?” But before she could answer I rammed my cock back into her throat. She gagged again. “Relax!” I held her for a few seconds before pulling off.

“Ok …. I do love it” she gasped for air “but take it easy”

“Fine this time i’ll take it slower” I slowly slide my cock back inside her mouth but this time she managed to relax and I got almost my full length in. Holding for a few seconds I then pulled out. “Holy fuck” I said.

“Uuuggghhhhh” Riley gasped louder, salvia falling from her mouth. “That was deep” her eyes watering.

“Almost the whole lot” I said, releasing my grip of her hair.

“Uuhhh fuck” she panted.

I gave her a few moments to gather herself before edging my cock closer to her mouth again. She gave a half smile and slowly took my cock back into her mouth. She sucked me for a few more minutes at a much slower and more gentle pace.

“I think I deserve more now” she grinned up to me. She got up to her knees and pulled me into her by my cock. Our lips met in a heated kiss. I cupped her ass in my hand and pulled her legs forward so she fell onto her back. I reached for her pants and with a bit of effort got them off, too reveal no panties. I didn’t say anything, grabbing her hips I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and sunk my cock straight into her.

“Uuuhhhh fuck” she screamed.

I plunged all the way down till I was balls deep then started to fuck her with force. She’d had me before so I knew she could take it. It felt ten times better without the condom on. I could feel how tight her pussy actually was. How it stretched with every inch of my intrusion.

I held her by the hips as I slammed into her, using the bounce of the bed to pound into her harder. Her pussy was so wet I could already feel her juices drip down my balls.

Riley just to lay on her elbows to keep her up but I was fucking her with so much force that she couldn’t keep herself up so she just fell back onto the bed.

“You feel so good Jacob” she moaned “yes yes yes, fuck me, fuck me harder”

Not one to miss a challenge, I re positioned my self, grabbing her ass from underneath and really started to pound her now. My body slammed against her as I bottomed out every time. My cock tearing her pussy walls with each thrust.

I kept up my merciless pace for as long as I could. Riley had now reached her hand down and was playing with her clit at the same time. Strumming herself over the edge. With a few more thrusts she arched her back and her pussy clamped tightly around my cock as her orgasm hit.

“Ooooommmmmmm i’m cumming baby, i’m cumminnggg” she screamed as her body shuddered. I kept fucking her whilst she rode it out and I was getting close myself.

“I’m close myself” I grunted.

“Cum inside me Jacob, fill me up” she groaned as she rubbed her clit faster.

I pounded hard into her and tensed up as my orgasm rushed up through my cock and erupted deep inside her.

“Uuuuuuuhhhhh” I groaned loudly.

“Yes yes yes, I’m gonna cum again, fuccckkkk” her mouth fell silent as a second orgasm hit.

After a few minutes she relaxed back onto the bed “mmmmmmmmm” with a big deep sigh.

I took a step back and my cock slipped from her pussy. Not long after a combined mixture of our cum and her juices flowed out.

She put her hand down to catch some of it before raising her fingers to her mouth to taste it. “Uummmm” she moaned around her fingers as she sucked them dry.

I watched her for a few minutes until my cock was completely limp, however there was a small twitch as I watched her slowly play with herself gathering up all the cum juice.

“I better get going” I said.

“Oh my god just a pump and dump” she half seriously said.

“Just a booty call” I teased her, slapping her on the side of the leg.

“Uuhhh” she groaned “you ok seeing yourself out? I don’t think I can move just yet”

“I’m sure I can manage” I laughed as I stuck my boxers back on and then the rest of my clothes. “Till next time” I said to her as I was leaving.

“Uhuh yeah sure” she waved me off as she lay on her bed.

I laughed to myself as I headed out her house and got in my car. Not long after I had pulled away, a black SUV pulled into Riley’s drive.

“That must be her parents, fuck that was close” as I watched from my rear view mirror. “That would have been awkward” I said to myself as I drove off home.

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