I awoke this morning naked with my cock buried in my daughters cum and blood filled cunt she was still fast asleep so I didn’t want to wake her I gently removed my cock from her tight little pussy making a popping sound as more air pushed more cum out of her.

I made my way to the bathroom doing my usual business, I held my cock out at the toilet getting ready to pee till I saw the bathroom door swing open by my daughter it looks like she was here to do the same business as me.

I went to greet Emma placing a firm kiss on her lips but she looked a little annoyed I thought I must of done something wrong she complained to me that there is no hot water in her bathroom and she needed to take a shower badly.

I stood in front of my daughter with my cock in my hand looking at her naked body up and down I told her I had an idea for you to have a hot shower and cross something of her list at the same time, my daughter leaned in closer to hear my idea.

I lead my daughter into the shower on got her to go on her knees and close her eyes, I positioned my cock above her and within a few seconds a gush of pee sprung from my cock all over her Emma’s face causing her to gasp in surprise feeling my warm pee splash all over her she moved her boobs into my stream lathering them up in my pee while trying to catch more of my stream on her tongue, she took her hand to her cum filled cunt as her body continually got soaked by my pee.

I watched as my daughter used one hand to massage my pee into her body while her other hand massaged her cunt I went in on top of her and plowed my cock inside her pinning her hands above her head slamming my cock hard watching the pee on her pussy mound splash everywhere with each thrust inside her filling her little twat with a fresh load of daddy’s cum.

After having another proper cold shower washing away the smell of piss and sex of eachother we went downstairs for breakfast naked like we usually do

“so I guess we can cross golden shower and drinking daddys pee of the list” I said to my daughter she stopped me there saying it was just the golden shower we did she explained to me she only got a little taste not an actual drink I questioned her asking isn’t her the same thing, my daughter smiled at me flustering her eyes before getting of her seat and grabbing a glass of the kitchen sink and placing it on the floor then squatting over the glass letting out a stream of her crisp golden pee filling the glass nearly full right in front of me.

Emma picked the glass of her pee up and brought it to her lips and drinking her pee like she drinks anything else gulping down her golden juices without pausing I never thought id see anything this sexually filthy in my life it was making my cock scream in my pants just the same way it did when I saw her drink a glass full of my cum.

Emma took her last gulp after licking the dripped pee of her lips followed by a cute little burp

“that’s drinking pee” my daughter said with a little bit of sass I just sat there stunned by what I just saw I kept stroking my cock up and down staring into her beautiful glasses covered eyes I went to approach her as did she with her fingers buried inside her till we heard the doorbell rang stopping our pursuit we both looked at eachother with such sexual frustration.

I soon forgot that it was the day that Emma’s friends were ment to come over today to “study” or in other words do teenager stuff so we straight away got dressed and tried to make it through the very long time they were here.

I sat in the study while Emma and her friends were in the lounge room chatting among themselves I decided to send a text to Emma’s phone

“meet me in the study x”

Emma popped her head into my study asking me what I needed I just stood up with my pants around my ankles with my cock exposed pointing right at her Emma looked around and closed the doors behind her she moved above me pulling her panties aside and mounting my cock jumping up and down hearing her sharp breaths as she takes my big cock inside her.

We suddenly hear a knock at the door and Emma jumps of and hides in my desk, it was Emma’s friend Anna, she walked in asking if she could have a drink I would’ve assumed they helped themselves in the fridge witch is what I told her she then asked me again more stern pointing to my liquor cabinet this girl was definitely around the same age or even younger than my daughter theres no way I can give her alcohol even though she dressed like a young adult prostitute wearing a tight leather crop top making her huge boobs stick out.

Emma’s friend walked closer to me putting her hands on my desk and leaning forward giving me a perfect view of her clevage if only she knew her best friend was under the table watching in horror but I felt Emma’s mouth latch on to my cock turning me on making me want to go further with her friend each time my cock reached Emma’s tonsils I tried not to give away the fact that my daughter is sucking me of I pointed to my liquor cabinet and told her to help herself I watched her pour herself a glass of bourbon and come over to me and sit in front of me just staring at me in a very sexy glance I asked her why shes not sitting with her friends she explained she was craving something with a little more adulthood pointing to the bourbon I still continued to try my best to keep a steady face towards Emma’s friend having my daughter suck me under the table wasn’t helping.

Anna went a little closer to my face asking me weird questions about sex I played innocent asking her why she thought id be the right person to ask and she explained that the only times shes ever done anything sexual or asked about anything sexual it was with guys around their 30’s I flattered my eyes at her mentioning im in my early 40’s

“40 hmm kinda hot for an old man” Anna replied giving me a sexy stare

and softly biting her lip, and to think this was all coming from a 17 year old they are very sexually educated at such a young age compared to when I was that young.

Emma’s friend was definitely hitting on me now she was taunting me deep down id love to fuck her i had to play the good guy and tell her I could never have this kind of intimate conversation with my daughter’s friend she would hate the both of us for it next minute I felt Emma nudge me pointing to her friend and making a penis in the vagina hand gesture pretty much telling me to go ahead and fuck her i told Anna to go help herself to another drink so I could whisper to Emma “really” I whispered to her she told me she thinks its hot seeing what she does from the outside I thought and thought and then thought some more then thought fuck it im gonna do it I zipped up my pants and left Emma in the desk to watch as I progress to walk over to her best friend.

Anna turned and looked at me bringing her glass to her lips I asked her whats going through her mind she just kept staring at me looking down towards my errection I noticed her staring I unbuttoned my pants and just left my hand by my side and waited for Anna to make the next move, I watched as she gulped down the rest of her drink in 1 large swallow and went down face to face with my mid section and unzipped my pants exposing my huge erect cock she looked up at me with a hungry look on her face seeming very impressed with my cock I watched as her hand reached for it jerking it up and down slowly before raising her hand to her mouth spitting in her palm and applying it to my cock making my cock nice and wet for her.

Anna held my cock in front of her slowly opening her mouth taking the head of my cock in her mouth and slowly sucking down my shaft, knowing that my daughter was hidden in the room watching one of her best friends suck my cock was enough to make me cum within seconds I asked her where she likes a guy to cum she immediately stopped sucking and jumping into my arms saying she doesn’t want me to cum yet folding her arms around my neck and deeply making out with me I felt her tounge enter my mouth she had the kissing skills of a porn star i could feel her grinding on my errection wanting my cock inside her I told her I cant fuck her soon as my cock thrusts inside her ill just blow I wont be able to control it she just looked me with a thrown on her face I explained to her theres always a next time its not like she sees my daughter once a month theyre pretty much together 24/7 at school.

Anna went back to my cock holding it and licking the sides of my cock before putting it back into her mouth my cock went deep down her throat just like it did with my daughters and with a few sucks from her warm teen mouth my cock gave up and filled her slutty mouth with cum Im surprised at how she managed to keep a load as big as mine in her mouth without swallowing or spitting it out.

Anna starred at me with a mouth full f cum I could see light amounts trickle from between her lips I watched as she swished it around in her mouth swallowing little bits at a time before opening her mouth showing a fair amount of cum left in her mouth before taking one final gulp and opening wide poking her white stained tounge at me followed by placing a kiss on my cheek before going back out to her friends.

As soon as Anna left I went back to my daughter to ask her how she felt watching her best friend suck her daddy’s cock but I once I saw her I knew exactly what her thoughts were, as I came over to her I found her naked from the west down with her fingers in her pussy her pussy was so drenched she definitely came a number of times I asked her how many times she came she looked up at me showing 3 fingers before shoving the same 3 fingers back inside her “I think im about to have my fourth” Emma said with laboured breathing till she bucked and bucked and wriggled till her pussy just drenched around her fingers even more.

I saw how wet my daughter was it would be a shame to let her go back with a super drenched pussy I decided to lend her a hand or in this case a mouth to lick up all her little girl juices but as my head was between her legs in my desk another one of Emma’s friend walks in thankfully all she could see was me bent over with my top half in my desk not being able to see me eating my daughters pussy I rose up to ask what she wants maybe another one of Emma’s friends wants some fun but unfortunately she was just looking for the bathroom I pointed her in the direction then went back to licking my daughters juices I continued eating her pussy until she bucked around and tensed up till I felt her pussy throb against my tounge and let out a small pile of squirt witch I happily drank, Emma gave me a kiss on the lips paying extra attention sucking my lower lip followed by a soft nibble and returned back to her friends.

All throughout the day my daughter would pop in with her pants around her ankles bent over ready to be filled with my cock, the amount of loads ive dumped inside her im surprised her pussy could handle it all inside her without it seeping out of her.

A few times a friend would walk in and my daughter would be bent over while im pounding her from behind one girl almost found us out as she was riding my cock on the toilet in the bathroom her friend kept knocking on the door so I had to get up and have her lifted up to my chest with my cock still inside her fucking her while Emma popped her head over the door making out she was changing her clothes.

It was getting late and Emma’s friends started to leave I pulled Emma aside and told her to offer her friend Anna for me to give her a ride home because she always walks home and she lives about 15 minutes away and as an added bonus I think we could have more fun with her.

Emma went up to her friend Anna and gave her my suggestion witch she happily agreed to my cock arose even after dumping so many loads in my daughter and of coarse the one that went in her best friends mouth my cock is immortal getting all this young pussy all to myself.

The night came to a close and it was just me Emma and Anna I discreetly asked Emma what our plan is here she was stopped short as she had no idea what to do I asked my daughter if she is even bisexual or open to playing with girls she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders claiming shes never really thought about it I suggested we start with some straight stuff with them both and see how we go from there witch she happily agreed to.

After a few minutes of the 3 of us sitting around Emma decided to address the elephant in the room and just randomly ask her friend

“how was sucking my daddys dick?”

Anna was stopped short even I was stopped short we were not expecting Emma to be so confident about this she has come along way from being that shy innocent little girl I use to have fantasies over.

Anna looked in my direction I mouthed to her saying its ok she looked even more shy than Emma use to trying to play innocent.

Anna continued acting like she doesn’t know what is going on we both saw it happen but shes in a whole state of denial.

I rose up and told Anna I guess ill have to show her that its ok, I called my daughter over to me and unzipped my pants revealing my large cock in front of my daughter and her best friend.

Emma reached her little hand out to grip my shaft and pump it up and down before putting the head of my cock into her mouth Anna watched in utter shock seeing a girl suck her fathers dick right in front of her watching as Emma went as deep as possible on my cock making gagging noises reaching around jerking me of as she sucks around the head of my cock till my cock gave way shooting a few streams into her mouth and letting the rest splash all over the lower half of her face.

My daughter turned her cum splashed face towards her best friend looking at her shocked expression crossing her legs I stepped in telling her she is definitely horny

“no im not” Anna exclaimed still trying to play the innocent card

I told her that shes sitting there frozen with her legs crossed trying not to let the wetness of her pussy drip down her thighs also mentioning that she is restricting her words knowing if she talks the tone in her voice will give of an excited voice I saw the exact same thing in my daughter now im seeing it in Anna reaching for her shoulder raising her up running my hand down her clothed body into her pants into her panties and sticking a finger inside her gasping at my touch not even showing any resistance I let her know how wet she was removing my finger from her pussy and showing my daughter before beginning to swipe it but my daughter stopped me and took my hand and starred at it for a brief second inhaling the smell and quickly putting my finger in her mouth tasting her best friend’s juices “tasty?” I asked my daughter she told me she tasted similar to herself If she was half as good tasting as my daughter then I definitely want a taste “may I” holding my hand out to the couch offering Anna to sit down witch she did I got down on my knees and tugged Anna’s pants and panties down revealing a lightly fuzzed pussy mound with bright pink pussy lips glistening with the wetness of her inner juices the hole itself is just as big as my daughter’s hole after having my cock inside her I bet this girl has fucked some old farts like me in her school career.

I moved my face inbetween Anna’s legs pressing my lips up against her clits making Anna quiver in pleasure before clasping the sides of her pussy with my inner lips and popping my tounge inside her wriggiling up and down just like I do to my baby girl punching in and out of her getting a good rhythm going I could feel her tense up and grasp my daughters arm tight I could hear them talking amongst themselves Anna asking Emma if shes ever been with a girl before all I could hear was Emma’s shy cute stuttering voice getting nervous at the fact she just took her first step into girl on girl play I couldn’t be more prouder of her.

I continued tounge fucking my daughters best friend and added a bit of pressure on her clit with my thumb rubbing it from side to side I noticed my daughter getting naked I could see how wet she was watching her daddy naw on her best friends clit she continued to walk over to me until Anna stopped her and told her to come closer to her Emma hobbled over to Anna waiting to see what Anna wanted she was all red faced and panting like crazy she caressed Emma’s face before pulling her in kissing her passionately seeing this wanted me to do more I pressed harder into Anna roughing my tounge up against her inner walls till ger pussy contracted around my tounge and filled my mouth with a delicious load of her creamy girl cum.

I pulled my daughter of her best friend and openly kissed my daughter passing what cum was left in my mouth into hers giving my daughter a taste of her best friends juices.

I watched as Emma snapped her lips and swished her tounge followed by a cute gulp swallowing her best friends cum there was no emotion just her usual shy nature.

I watched my shy daughter take of her glasses and walk over to her best friend’s pussy she starred at it and took a deep breath before ramming her face into her best friends pussy I could hear the slopping noises from the juices splattering all over her lips and the growling eating sound from Emma’s mouth.

My cock got harder watching my young daughter eat another girl out I went behind my daughter and plunged my cock deep inside her pussy unexpectedly forcing Emma to push her mouth harder on Anna’s clit hearing Anna loudly gasp.

I pounded my daughters little pussy so hard making her lose balance causing her to topple on top of Anna they didn’t even take the time to notice their discomfort and held eachother and made out I could see their tounges dangle before disappearing into eachothers mouths dangling around poking the inisdes of eachothers cheeks I took my position back inside my daughter but changed it up a bit and started thrusting in her then removing my cock and thrusting it inside Anna then again back into Emma swapping my cock from pussy to pussy while watching them rub their clit’s together grinding and making out while taking turns with my cock hearing them moan each time they take a thrust.

My cock began to get more full my time to cum was soon upon us I didn’t know where to put it all I asked the girls to decide whose getting my big load Anna soon broke the kiss between her and my daughter and told me to fil her best friend’s pussy and see what happens I was puzzled by this request but happily rammed my cock back inside my daughter and pumped her little pussy full of cum packing so many loads in such a small space im always amazed how she has trainer herself to contain all the cum in her pussy.

After demounting my daughter Anna soon swapped positions with Emma and spready Emma’s legs massaging her inner thighs telling her to breath and empty herself.

Emma soon relaxed herself and I saw my cum start to burst out of her dripping in Anna’s mouth before moving her mouth over my daughter’s pussy drinking my cum from my daughter’s pussy till all my cum was down her throat sitting in her belly but she didn’t stop there she pushed Emma’s legs up and started rammig her tounge in deeper inside her while flickering her clit with her thumb making Emma moan and squirm I watched in amazement as her face turned red and her eyes rolled till she screamed and pushed out another liquid into her best friends mouth squirting down her throat and all over her face.

Anna stood up and looked at me wiping my daughter’s juices from her lips in the most sensual way possible looking at me stating that we all need a drink after that.

After a drink or 2 it was definitely getting late it was about time I took Anna home.

On the car ride to Anna’s house the car soon filled with the scent of aroused pussy the 2 girls fingered eachother the whole way I made sure to take the long way to her house so they would have enough time to finish eachother of I even had just enough time and skill to jerk myself of on the way.

Just as we got to the front of Anna’s house I warned the girls im gonna blow again I watched Emma hop into the front seat and take my cock in her mouth and slowly sucked around the head till a few shots of cum filled her mouth she kept the cum in her mouth and went back to her best friend and beckoned her to kiss her pushing my cum into her mouth in one quick open mouth kiss I watched Anna swallow it with a smile before leaving us saying she will definitely wanna do this again.

On the drive home Emma and I talked about our recent experience asking her how it was she told me she loved it but still preferred me but would love to do more with women down the track but wants to get back to that list starting tomorrow morning and requested for me to wake her up before I take my morning pee I knew what she had in mind im gonna be really excited I hope ill be able to sleep…

Six things left on Emma’s bucket list let us know in the comments what you want Emma to get up to in the next chapter.

• Getting fucked in the ass

• Eating ass

• Sucking dick at school

• Drinking daddy’s pee

• Being fucked in a public toilet

• Receiving a piss enema

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