Goodnight Daddy Part 3

It was a beautifully sunny, warm labor day and my wife Joy and I were enjoying a nice extra day off of work. We had no real plans other than swim, tan, drink and BBQ. Cora had to work at the mall, but was supposed to be home later in the afternoon. We changed into our swim suits, made a couple drinks, were lounging around the pool and patio. Joy was wearing a skimpy electric blue bikini. She was a sexy, mature long haired brunette 5′-6″ and maintained a very hot, fit body as a bit of a gym rat. In fact, at one point, Joy was considering and training to be a fitness model. She kind of pulled back on that goal after awhile, she didn’t feel she had enough muscle bulk. No complaints came from me, to this day I can’t keep my eyes off her and she really turns me on. Also she always had a high sexual appetite too, there is a lust switch she has, once she gets turned on there aren’t too many limits. Honestly, as I would grow older I hoped I could continue to keep up.

After a couple hours the doorbell rang, Joy answered it. Joy walked back out to the patio “look who is here,” Joy said. From behind Joy, Cora’s friend Lexi emerged, “Hi Mr. Grant,” she says as she smiled and gave a quick wave. “Oh hey Lexi,” I replied as I quickly scanned her sexiness in her extra short jean shorts and tank top, “Cora’s not here, she is working,” I claim. Joy replied “yeah I told her, but I suggested she should just hang out with us, Cora shouldn’t be too long.”

“Yeah, ok, that’s cool” I replied thinking- oh yes, going have fun perv-ing on her for awhile, making more deposits into my spank bank. We have known Lexi for several years now, as she had gotten older she had developed into a smoking hot girl, 5′ 3″, short dark-brown hair and those amazing bright blue eyes, with a very toned, tanned body. I remember thinking I’m going to have a hard time trying not to get caught staring. It doesn’t help that I still could not get the images out of my head of that video I had found hidden in Cora’s panty drawer- when Lexi and Cora were 13 that night of the backyard camp-out, (from Part 2) their hot little bodies going at it, licking each other and Lexi getting fucked by her twin brother. Also the way Lexi orchestrated the whole thing, took command of situation directing everyone, so bold, so naughty, so confident and sexy, even at that young age, I wondered who made her like that.

Did you bring your suit?” Joy asked Lexi, “yeah,” Lexi replied “I got it underneath.” Lexi chose the lounge chair next to me, she stepped between me and her chair, turned facing me and pulled off her tank top, tossed it to her chair, revealed her full perky teen tits barely covered by a skimpy red string bikini top. She adjusted her top, turned with her back to me and now she is facing Joy who is sitting at the table under the umbrella wearing a hat & sunglasses. It appears like Joy is looking right at Lexi and I, as I try not to stare at Lexi- I wasn’t doing a very good job at that either. Lexi then slowly undid the buttons on her Daisy duke jean shorts, slowly dropped them as they slid down her legs, to the ground, she bent over to pick the shorts up, her super hot ass practically in my face and Lexi tossed the shorts on the chair as well. I glanced over at Joy, I’m pretty sure Lexi & Joy glanced at each and were both trying to hold back smiles… I wondered what is up with that? Lexi stood there and re-tied the strings on the bikini bottoms on each hip, this little performance was already making me crazy.

“Got any sunscreen?” Lexi asked Joy, “yeah, in the basket over there, “Lexi started to cover herself with oil, her dark skin glistening in the sun. “Don’t miss any spots, the sun is really strong today,” Joy announced, “Nick, help her out,” my Wife directed me and I gladly obliged. “Will you get my back?” Lexi asked, I nod and she laid down flat facing the chair and I oiled her back slowly, trying my best not to get an obvious hard-on as my Wife oddly sat and watched. “Mmmmm that feels nice, Lexi claimed, “Your strong hands feel really nice.” Just then, again, I had caught an odd exchange of eye contact and almost smiles between the two of them.

I sat back down a few minutes later, “Oh God dammit!” Joy cried out while staring at her phone, “I just got a text, fucking Brenda is calling out sick tomorrow again, now I have to go into the office and go-over the presentation she was supposed to give tomorrow morning.” “Sorry, I’m going to have to go in for a couple hours, Joy said to me.” “So much for a day off” I complained. Joy said, “well you guys hang out, don’t need to ruin your day too, I’ll be back in a little while.” Joy went upstairs to change and on her way out through the patio “have fun,” Joy says to Lexi, “oh you know I will, “Lexi replied to Joy with a sinister smile.

I’m going to fix another drink, you want something,” I ask Lexi. “Sure, she replied as I walked towards the kitchen. I’m getting a couple drinks together with my back to the patio and suddenly, as I turned around, Lexi was right behind me and we bumped into each other face to face. “Oh hey, I didn’t know you were there,” I said in an awkward startled manner as we stood still very close together. “I didn’t scare you did I?” Lexi asked as she put her left arm around my waist using my back to balance herself with me. “Uh no, no, just weren’t expecting you there.” She doesn’t back away and she grabbed one of the two drinks I was holding between us, “that mine?, she asked, gesturing to one, “yes,” I replied.

She took the drink out of my hand and a sip rolled into her sexy mouth as she stared into my eyes as I tried not to consistently stare back. “Are you nervous to be alone with me?” she asked. “No,” I replied not very convincingly. “Its totally ok, you don’t have to be nervous, we are totally alone now, and, well, if something were to happen, I can keep really good secrets,” Lexi said. “Like what might happen?” I asked. Lexi said “well, say if I were to do this,” Lexi extended her head & neck up, kissed me with her open mouth and ran her tongue gently across my lips, “no one would ever know.” Next she said “and if I were to say, {pausing} “I want to suck your cock, which by the way I have been wanting to do for a long time,” then we kiss again a little longer, a little deeper, “no one would ever know about that either,” she claimed. “And, if you were to lick my waxed-bald, deliciously wet, young, pussy and I cum all over your face,” this time we practically smashed our faces together started deeply kissing more lustfully as we are both getting much more aroused, “no one would know but us.” With that now said, she took the drinks and placed them onto the counter, grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to our master bedroom.

Sitting next to each other on my marital bed, we returned to kissing passionately and our hands were rapidly all over each others bodies. She quickly reached for my cock rubbing it over my suit, then she plunged her hand into my suit, gripped my shaft and stroked it. Then I moved to sitting on the very edges of the bedside as she stood next to the bed she pulled my suit down to my knees and my hard cock popped-out as she fell to her knees, held the throbbing slab in her hand, “oooo, my my, it really is very, very nice,” Lexi said with great satisfaction, in a verifying tone, and then started tonguing my cock-head and shaft. She then dropped her lips down over my cock-head and I could feel her wet lips arriving lower and lower down my shaft, pulling her mouth up over my swollen, mushroom shaped cock-head as her hand fed my stiff wad of flesh up into her mouth.

Despite being just 17, it was very apparent by her attack, she had honed her skills, built a great deal of confidence and had acquired a true craving for cock sucking. I was marveling in the continuous variety of wonderful sensations her warm, wet mouth delivered onto me and her petite hands feverishly swirling & stroking my cock as I watched her sexy, poutie lips flutter, mold around my dick with her coy, sexy, ice blue eyes glancing up at me. I take a loud, deep breath in, “oh wow, wow, fuck your so good,” words escaped from my mouth. “Mmmmm, I love your cock it’s so nice,” she whispered quickly after lifting her mouth off my dick for a second.

I took my suit off the rest of the way. While Lexi was sucking my cock, she also managed to slip her top off. Lexi stood-up by on the side of the bed. My eyes filled with her gorgeous body, amazing bare chest, perfect perky full tits, nipples placed high on her bosom, erect & pointing upwards. She smiled at me and pulled the strings from her bikini bottoms on her hips that instantly popped untied and the bottoms fell to the floor. She wasn’t lying, my mouth watered as I saw her completely tanned body and bald pussy with full lips. Lexi climbed back onto the bed, like a cat in heat, crawled over to me, placed her hand on my chest pushing me back and pinning me down as she climbed on top of me straddling my legs.

She reached behind herself, wrapped her finger around my shaft, lifted my hard cock off my belly and began to swipe my bulged cock-head across her wet pussy lips. I could feel her warmth, I was filled with an incredibly high level of excitement and the anticipation of a sky diver about to jump. Lexi shifted her weight, back then down, the pressure of her body pushed me through her wet lips as she sits onto my cock. A surge of wet heat swallows my cock slowly as she descends, taking me all the way in. “OH FUCK, my God that feels so good Lexi,” I said so loud it was almost a shout.

“Does she feel as good as me Daddy?” I heard a voice from the doorway, I turned my head and see Cora walking towards us wearing just her thong with a smile on her face and Lexi smiling as well. Stunned, I didn’t know what was happening, I don’t know what to say, or do, like a deer caught in the headlights. I’m not even conscious that Lexi is still on top of me, pushing my cock into her as Cora crawled onto the bed next to us. Right then I heard another voice near the doorway, “and does Cora’s pussy feel better than her Mother’s, darling Husband of mine?” I turn my head again to the door and there was Joy walking towards us in a sexy red, silk robe & shoes with spiked heals, her face was behind that old video camera I had found in Cora’s drawer the other day. “Well, does she, your Daughter, feel better than her Mom?” Joys asked again as she moved closer with the camera on, recording. “Keep fucking him Lexi,” Joy sternly commanded Lexi.

“You never knew how much this turned me on did you?” Joy asks me as she leaned over and kissed me with her open mouth. I tentatively kiss back, still not 100% sure whats going on, is this some sort of trick I wondered. “You like these young girls, don’t ya?” Joy asked and I slowly nodded “yes.” Joy licked my lips and we open mouth kissed deeply as the girls quietly watched and Lexi still sliding up and down on my thick joy stick. “Well I like them too'” Joy exclaims as she raises her head up to Lexi, starts kissing her, fluttering their tongues together just outside of their lips. If I wasn’t so shocked, I probably would have came right then and there visualizing what was happening in the room was the most erotic thing had ever seen. “Keep going,” Joy told Lexi as Joy walked around the bed with camera in-hand still rolling, focusing now on Cora. “Kiss Daddy,” Joy directed Cora. Cora doesn’t hesitate smiling, then putting her lips slowly on mine and Joy zooms in on us kissing. We kiss very passionately, lustfully. “Mmmm yes, that’s nice baby, so hot,” Joy told Cora seductively.

“Get off” Joy told Lexi and then Joy directed us into the next position- Lexi was ont the bed facing the headboard in doggy, Cora 69 under Lexi and I was kneeling behind Lexi with my hands on her ass, Joy still filming. “Fuck her,” Joy directs me to Lexi. Now there was no hesitation, I knew it was “on”, Joy’s lust switch was definitely in the “on” position and this was going to be very, very hot. I slid my big, hard cock deep into Lexi from behind. Lexi’s sexy back arched, face pressed against the bed, ass nice and high. I could feel Cora’s tongue flickering off of Lexi’s pussy lips and onto my shaft from below as I’m fucking Lexi. “Oh my god, oh my God, that’s so fucking good!,” Lexi cries out through her moans and heavy breaths.

The room now filled with the combined sweet aroma of sex and coconut sun tan lotion. I continued filling Lexi full of me, then I pulled my cock out and with my hand angled my dick down and slid it into Cora’s mouth. “Yeah, that’s it, suck Daddy’s cock,” Joy said to Cora. I moved my hips back and forth feeling Cora’s lips slipping around my shaft as I pull it back and forward a few times. Then I slid my cock back inside Lexi, “oh, FUCK YEAH,” Lexi shouted. I smacked Lexi’s ass, swat! swat! “oh yeah, do it, do it harder, fuck me harder,” Lexi demanded between her licks and sucks of Cora’s pussy she had been eating. Joy leaned over to me and we kissed with a lustful fury, each of us so incredibly aroused. I start pounding into Lexi from behind, from the tip of my dick to the base, smacking her ass, leaving red welts on her sexy tan ass cheeks. Lexi belts, “OOHH fuck, fuck, fuck yes, motherfucker, his fucking cock is so amazing feels so fucking good.” “Told ya,” Joy said to Lexi.

Once again Joy directs us to the next positions- Cora facing the headboard in doggy, Joy now with her robe open, sitting on the bed leaning against the back bed post, her legs spread, Lexi laying on the bed on her belly licking Joy’s pussy. Joy still filming. I watch in sheer pleasure my Wife getting licked by a gorgeous, young girl, I had never witnessed her with a female before, though I had fantasized about that very thing many times before. As I get behind Cora on my belly as I move my face toward her pussy and ass high in the air, her arm was reached underneath herself & back. I can see her hand on her pussy, her full, shiny pussy lips slipping between her fingers as she massages her entire pussy, another incredibly erotic sight. I sucked and licked Cora’s young, wet pussy as her Mother watched me while Joy was moaning and feeling Lexi’s mouth working Joy’s pussy over. “Mmmmm, oh Daddy, feels so nice,”Cora moaned out. With my lips and tongue, I could feel her firm clit surrounded generously by her silky soft wet lips.

“I know you’ve fucked her, now I want to see it, let me watch Daddy fuck you Cora,” Joy requested firmly. “Turn over,” I say quietly to Cora as she turned over onto her back, facing up, legs spread pulling her knees back, looking up at me as I positioned myself over her. I leaned down and we kissed deeply, she licked her pussy juices off my face as I pushed my cock slowly inside her, “Oh yes!,” I cried out in utter erotic satisfaction as my hard dick slipped inside Cora’s fully engorged, dripping wet, teen pussy. “OH MY GOD, oh, oh, yyyesssss,” Cora said in a heavy breathy voice. “Hows it feel Cora? “Mom asked, Cora replied in an almost whiny tone, “it feels so so good, Daddy’s dick feels so good inside me.” Joy told Cora,”say cock instead off dick they like that.”Ok, Daddy’s big hard COCK feels so good inside me,” Cora said. “That’s my girl,” Joy compliments.

I continued to slide in and out of Cora growing so close to my climax, I can feel her hands on my ass cheeks holding on tight, pulling them towards her, pushing me into her more. “Oh my God, Daddy feels so so good, yes, fuck me Daddy, fuck me! “Wait,” Joy shouted, “oh no, that’s mine,” Joy claimed as she handed the camera to Lexi, pulled me to sitting on the very edge of the bed, my feet on the floor as she knelled in front of me, Cora moved quickly to now kneeling right next to Joy. Joy took my cock into her hand, opened her mouth and took me in, sucking on my pussy-juice-dripping cock frantically like a bitch in heat, slurping and moaning. “Oh yeah, yeah, yes here I cum, FFUUCCKKK!” I cried out. Joy lifted her mouth off and tongued the front of my cock as I spurted hot strings of cum all over her’s and Cora’s faces reaching my peak. I could see my white cum lapped across my beautiful Wife and Daughter’s faces, another erotic vision. As I folded and fell down to the bed, Lexi got a close-up of Cora and Joy moaning while they are kissing each other and licking my cum off each other’s faces.

We all collapsed on the bed. “did you get that,? Joy asks Lexi. “Yup, all of it,” Lexi claimed. “I just love it when a plan works out,” Joy said. The girls all laughed.

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