I Am a Teenaged Boy.

I look back on my life and wonder how I ever made it to become an adult instead of just drying up and blowing away. That is the part before I turned 15 then it was a whole new life.

My name is Jason, But the name I answered to from first grade on was, ‘Hey Little Guy.’ even back then I had a secret. There was one part of me that wasn’t little. No one, other than my Mother, knew. I began to hide it from her as well.

I never let anyone see me nude. I wore Jockey shorts and would bend my pecker back between my legs so that it was never visible down the side of my leg. This way it was easier to control a hard on as well. I avoided sports and I really loved sports. But I wouldn’t shower with other people. I was afraid they would make fun of me that they would think I was a freak

At nine years old my pecker was 6” long ant fairly thin at twelve it was 7” and had begun to get bigger around. At thirteen it was 7 1/2” long and 2 wide…My Dad found a camp for me to attend that summer. I discovered running and the barracks captain got me interested in weights. I grew while in camp, not taller but I filled out.

When school started I wore sloppy clothes that concealed my six pack abs and my muscled thighs and arms. Mom asked my why I still let the kids at school pick on me. I told her I didn’t mind. Every one considered me a Nerd. I did make good grades but I had to work real hard to achieve them.

The next summer was more of the same except I finally reached 5′ 4” in height And was ready for the ninth grade. Please don’t get me wrong I still was a teenage boy with teenage boy desires I looked at girls, I dreamed of girls, I drooled over girls and I masturbated every night.

My dreams were filled with dreams of Susie Taylor. She was in the 10th grade and had 36 C by my guess. Her hips were so nice and rounded and her stomach was flat. She had long red hair and oh so kissable lips.

My next dream was a teacher Ms. Colette Johnson. I recently saw an old movie which starred a blond bomb shell, Mamie Van Dorn they could pass for twins. I would say she was packing 38s and an 18” waist. Both were as tall as I was.

One day I was late for Algebra class as I walked in Susie had dropped her pencil she bent at the waist to pick it up. Her short skirt raised up on her hips and I was starring at a perfect outline of her puffy pussy.
My face became brilliant red and when I was spotted the class burst out laughing. I walked past Susie she said ‘Pervert’

I kept my head down and made my way to my seat. I looked up and even Mr Thomas was laughing. This was the story of my life. The other kids, especially, John Hooks the defensive end on the football team, picked on me the rest of the day.

The next summer two things happened, I turned 15 and grew almost 6 “in height. Well really three things My pecker topped out at 9 1/2”long and almost 3” thick at the widest point. My muscles were all most to the bulging point. I was also bursting with confidence I had decided to go out for track
The first day of 10th grade the morning went fine, The sheet for sign up for different sports was on the information board. I signed up for Track. John Hooks Laughed and said . “Hey Little Guy you gonna try to play with the big boys.”

I turned to walk away, “Hey,” he grabbed my shirt and said, “I’m talking to you.” I jerked my arm and John pulled at the same time. It ripped all the buttons off my shirt. The hall way went quiet then I heard a few whispers and a few wows.

John said , “Well looky here..” he began poking me in the chest with his finger. “Whatcha hiding.” and he kept poking meet in the chest. Ten years of pain and misery exploded out of me and a solid right hand unloaded on him, landing square on his jaw.

John went down and didn’t move… he was out ‘. someone called the school nurse and the Principle came pushing his way thru the crowd . He was told that I had cold cocked John Hooks… the Principle just laughed and asked what really happened..

He stepped in to the circle of action and he saw me with my shirt open…He didn’t even look at John. He saw my muscles and asked, “What the hell happened to you?” Finally his attention landed on big John then popped back at me. “You did this…. How?” “Go to my office… Now.”

John was examined by the Nurse after he was taken to her office by a few of the football team. There was nothing else wrong with him. After he recovered consciousness he still had trouble believing Little Guy had punched out his lights. They finally made him believe that Little Guy was no longer little.

The principal was laughing so hard it took him awhile to tell me he had the story from the kids in the hall and for me to be careful. He tried to reprimand me but couldn’t keep a straight face so he finally sent me to my next class saying he would talk to me later.

There began my adventure. The Track coach warned me that the other members of tee Track team would probably play a joke on me…it was a matter of initiation and done to all new members . He told me to just roll with it.

After practice I waited till all the other team members had showered and left. It was my turn and I showered alone. Nothing happened til the third day I came out of the shower to find my underwear gone.

I looked around and spotted them on a water line 10 feet above my head. There was no way to reach them. I was in a quandary I had never been among people with out my pecker being folded between my legs. I couldn’t stay here for ever. I had to be careful but my pants were loose so maybe it would be alright.

My next class just happened to be Ms Johnson’s class. When I entered Ms Johnson was standing on a chair trying to pin a poster on the wall. The chair had a leg shorter than the others and it began to wobble Ms Johnson tried to turn around and step down.

I could see she wasn’t going to make and I rushed across the room to try to help her. ‘Disaster ‘ she came off the chair in a near dive catching me about waist high. I went down with her atop of me. We were both embarrassed when we realized where her face and right hand had landed.

Her face was in my crotch and her right hand was wrapped around my quickly growing cock. I heard other girls ooh and ahhing. I even heard a couple of guys comment something about a horse. I was afraid to move.

Finally Ms Johnson gave me a squeeze opened her eyes and realized where she had landed, “Oh My God.” and she tried to get up. Only problem was she didn’t seem to want to let go of my cock. Other classmates helped her up and me as well. I felt a couple of gropes but was unable to pinpoint the culprit. (but I liked it)

Although embarrassed Ms Johnson took control of the class and continued with the lesson as if nothing had happened. Later she passed out our graded homework papers as she lay mine on my desk she pointed to a line. I looked closer and it was an address and phone number.

The bell rang and everyone rushed to the door except me as usual. As I stepped out the door an arm slipped into mine. I turned my head to be greeted by a dazzling smile from Susie. “Join me for lunch,” She hesitated for a moment and said. “Jason.” I assumed she had been trying to remember my actual name and not just Little Guy.

I followed her to the lunch room and found my self at a table that contained only girls. As usual they did all the talking and I just looked and listened. Again I was getting groped only this time I knew one of the hands belonged to Susie…. I loved it. I also accumulated 4 more phone numbers including Susie’s.

When I arrived home that afternoon I asked my Dad if I could have a cell phone, He seemed to be thrilled that I was asking for one. I could almost read him he wanted to ask if there was any one in particular I wished to call. But He didn’t.

I rarely asked for anything especially money. Last year I had applied for an online job, I had lied about by age. I was doing beta testing for software for different companies then writing reports on how well they worked. In my case I had discovered a few mistakes and had corrected them.. I was averaging about $750 a day. That company wished me to work on site .

Yeah right I could just see me a fifteen year old walking in to that place and telling them I would need to work around my school day. I turned them down.

My Dad & Mom were on an AT&T cell plan. I decided I wanted my own plan with Verizon I liked their internet plan better. When we got home I read all the manuals on the phone and installed all the phone numbers and names, set up my voice mail. I checked out the camera both digital and video.

I called Ms Johnson, Her sexy sultry voice answered the phone. I said, “This is Jason. “

“Do you know how to get to my address?”

I said, “Yes it will take me twenty minutes.”


“Mom I am going for a bike ride… I may be late.”

Eighteen minutes later I arrived at her house. I knocked and she looked out and quickly pulled me inside. She was wearing a sheer neglige which came to just below her crotch. She reached up and pulled me down for a kiss, my first, I was rather surprised and pleased when her tongue slid into my mouth.

I had read about this but never dreamed how pleasurable it would be. I put my arms around her and slid my hands down to her hips and cupped her butt cheeks. Her skin was so soft and smooth. I bent down and got a better grip on her butt cheeks and lifted her up. She leaped up and clasped her legs around my waist.

She directed me to her bed room, As I lay her on the bed she was unbuttoning my shirt. I grasped the hem of her neglige and stripped it off her in one move. By this time she was working on my pants. And since I had not put any underwear back on as soon as she unzipped my pants my cock leaped to attention.

I was acting on instinct going by what I had read. I began to play with her luscious tits. They were rounded on the bottom with the aureoles about the size of half dollars and the nipple just a little on to the upper part of the tip. I sucked one of the nipples in my mouth and swirled it around and around.

I guess I was doing alright she seemed to be enjoying herself She had both hands wrapped around my cock and she was steady stroking. All the years that I had curled my cock back between my legs had aided in one way. Be cause of the continues rubbing when walking or sitting I did not get my rocks very quickly.

She pulled me down on the bed and rolled me over on my back. She placed her mouth on my cock and slid down it one time. She said, “foreplay some other time now I need you inside me.” She climbed over and sank down guiding me into her love canal. She was only down a couple of inches when she caught her breath and backed off.

It is so big she stroked the two inches for a few strokes then she slammed down and gained a third inch.
She continued this action until she finally bottomed out and after 5 orgasms, Then she rode me like a cow girl . I had grasped her titties and was pinching her nipples and she continued to climax.

After twenty or so minutes and multiple orgasms from her I felt a tingle start in my toes and began working up my body it reached my Anus and felt like I was being tickled by a feather. The feeling worked its way to my head . The tingling rolled over my head down my stomach and into my Cock.

I was near, Colette began to go wild her head was bouncing and her butt was twisting and she screamed and her juices cascade over my cock I grasped her hips and held her deep on me and raised my head and exploded inside her bathing her womb with my sperm. She passed out and fell forward on my chest. I put my arms around her and just lay there.

I never lost my hard on but I dozed a little until I felt a tantalizing motion . Colette’s butt was moving of its on accord…. she seemed to still be out. I rolled over with her and being on top I could control the stroke a bit better. Her butt kept moving so I began to go deeper and faster. She began to have climaxes

I kept stroking till I reached my own climax then I regrettably I pulled out. It was after midnight and I still had school tomorrow. I went into her bathroom and cleaned up. I kissed her on the cheek and covered her up and rode my bike home.

I let my self in the back door and went up to my room. I was getting undressed when my mother walked in the door. “I wondered when you would stop being ashamed and begin to use your cock. Your Dad was the same way in High School. He was a senior before I broke him loose.His reached 8 ½ inches, what is yours.”

This may seem like an embarrassing conversation but Mom had been trying to break me out of my fear for years. So I calmly said, 9 ½ “.

“Wow! Can I see it.”

Without thinking about it, being used to doing what Mom told me to do, I opened my pants and dropped it out. Mom reached out and took it in her hand. “It is bigger around than your Dad’s.” She leaned down and took the head in her mouth.

That I wasn’t ready for and I started to step back but she grabbed me by the balls and pulled forward.. She kept sliding more and more of my cock down her throat until my cock hair tickled her nose. She pulled back and said, “I just had to see if I could do it.”

“One piece of advice be careful and and buy you some condoms.” With that sage advice she left the room. I had to go into the bathroom and finish what she had started.

The next day when I arrived home there was a Handyman truck out side. Dad told me that he and Mom had decided that with my computer work and other things my bed room was to small so they were converting the basement into a private Apartment and office for me.

It would have a microwave and refrigerator and TV and its own entrance from out side as well as the one into the rest of the house. And I would have my own Shower and bathroom.

Friday at school Big John approached me. “Hey Little Guy… Just what is your name…I never knew.”

I told him , “Jason Patrick.”

Well Jason I just wanted to apologize for being an ass all these years. It took four people and one girls video to convince me it was you that knocked me on my butt. Thanks for making me see the light I never really liked bullying anyhow.

I tried one of my new phone numbers and found it belonged to Toni . Toni was an Italian girl with long Black hair and huge knockers.”Hello Toni, You gave me your number….and I was wondering what you have on your mind.” “My name Jason Patrick.” “Could I meet you…where Stancil Park 6 O’ Clock. Got it.”

I went thru the rest of the day trying to figure out why I was suddenly so popular. I saw some one wave at me and I waved back before identifying my cousin Jimmy. “Hey Jason what is all this stuff about the girls chasing you. And since when is your name Horse.?” “I have had five girls in my class (Jimmy was a senior}asking me to get them a date with you.”

I laughed and told him someone was pulling his leg. He ran off to class but not before giving me something to think about. At 5:30 I began making my way towards Stancil Park. I entered the park and spotted Toni sitting on a picnic Table. She jumped off the table and walked towards me.

The first thing I saw, naturally, was her Honeydew sized melons on her chest. Toni was 5′ 3” and weighed about 105 pounds. Her butt looked like a second set of melons hidden under her skirt. If there was a flaw with Toni it was that being Italian there was a slight bit of hair on her upper lip and on her legs, she didn’t shave and it was obvious. I wondered about other places.

We sat at the picnic table and talked for awhile, all the time she was rubbing her hand up the inside of my thigh. She leaned over and whispered she knew of a table that was hidden. I leaned over and whispered in her ear… I have my own place. She looked at me puzzled and I explained about my basement room. She was smiling and grabbed my arm and said lets go.

The door to the basement was at the back of the house which was off the alleyway. This made it even more private. We entered and Toni had to check things out and was very impressed. Then she spotted the king sized bed. She looked at me and smiled and began removing her clothes.

I was right she didn’t shave her crotch either. The black curly hair reached almost to her waist and you could bet she couldn’t wear a bikini. I lay her back on the bed and ran my fingers thru her bush…wow never seen that much hair … I had watched porn and all the pussies were trimmed or shaven. I looked up and saw her humongous jugs and forgot about hair for awhile.

I buried my face between those globes and put my hands on the outside of them and squeezed them around my face then I sucked on her nipples, it was odd a big as her jugs were the nipples were tiny almost non existent I played and sucked and sucked and played. Toni pushed me away and said “My turn.” She pulled my shirt off and grabbed for my belt and soon I was bare assed and she was worshiping my dick.

She looked up at me and I swear she was drooling, smiled and opened her mouth and engulfed half of my dick at once. She gagged a little then her nose was in my pubic hair. I could feel her swallowing and slurping. She worked on me for about 10 minutes I said I am cumming. I expected her to pull back but instead she swallowed me back down and I released down her throat….She sucked me dry.

She finally moved her mouth smiled and said, “That is the biggest cock I have ever taken all the way down and now my Jaws are hurting.” I slid down between her legs and sunk my tongue into her love canal. I licked the full length and swirled my tongue around her clit. I worked on her for a few minutes then she began to jerk and started a long moan and she sunk her nails in to my back. It felt like she was scrabbling to crawl from beneath me. Then she flooded my mouth and chin. Toni was a squirter.

She was trying to pull me upward. I moved with her demands until the head of my penis was at her gates of desire. I slid into her slowly inch by inch til she was stretched to the maximum. She was saying hold it, hold it., I was only half in her, a little more,,, please ooh. She stopped me again when I was ¾ the way in her.

Jason only that deep. It hurts too much I stroked in her slowly and drew back she would grip my arm if I went to deep. I was feeling my indicator that was saying get ready. I drew back and she flooded me again and I forced thru it and found my release but also lost control and slammed forward. Toni screamed and passed out. That was when I realized I had rammed in the last 1 ½ “. But it felt so good I stayed in her.
A few minutes passed and I felt her butt barely moving. I started to pull out when I felt her hands on my butt cheeks holding me in place. She whispered don’t move, just lay still. I did as she asked. It was becoming very difficult not to move. Then her body became too demanding and her ass was flying around and she was yelling NOW…NOW….NOW. I slammed into her. It was almost like a battle. I don’t know who was winning but I loved the fight. Then we both had a massive orgasm and Toni went out again ….An hour later. I awoke to Toni trying to get out from under me. She said she had to get home. We showered together she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me.

This was the greatest school year ever…Well actually till I graduated. I made many uses of my backdoor. On the weekends I would host a girls slumber party which usually had 4 girls attend. I welcomed all the girls that wished to try me out which even included 2 married teachers.

The odd thing was I never got to make it with Susie…. That is until three years after I graduated High School… Now we are married and have three kids.

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