It Started On Skull Island – Chapter 4

It Started On Skull Island – Chapter 4

Lucy woke to the sound of what she thought was an alarm clock, which didn’t quite make sense. She was on summer vacation to start with, and didn’t remember setting her clock. Groggily trying to focus, she also couldn’t think of anywhere she had to be. So why would she set an alarm clock? Or had she forgotten something important?

As the veils of sleep slowly drifted away, the ringing that had woken her began to sound familiar. It wasn’t an alarm clock at all. It was a telephone! Still half asleep, Lucy reached for her phone and tried to answer it, dropping the device in the folds of her bedspread. Scrambling to answer before the machine cut in, she cursed silently to herself.

“Hello?” she croaked into the receiver.

“Hi Lucy. It’s Marsha. Marsha Middleton? You sound like I woke you up or something.”

“Yeah, I guess I slept in this morning. What time is it, anyway?” she asked the caller.

:Almost ten thirty. I figured you’d be up and ready to . . . whatever people do first thing in their day. Anyway, why I called was to see if you’re interested in lunch with Dennie and me today? We were thinking of The Gondoliere, down on Lakefront Drive? About noon or so?” Marsha inquired.

“Umm, yeah, I guess so,” Lucy replied, not close to being awake yet, “I’ll meet you guys there, if I haven’t forgotten some appointment on my calendar. Tell you what. If I can’t make it, I’ll call you, okay?” She tried to get her fuzzy brain to come awake, with only partial success. “Oh, and Marsha? Thanks for the invite. I really appreciate the way you guys have been trying to help me get back on my feet again. No one’s ever done that for me before. Also, I’ve got something to share with the two of you, so don’t let me forget.”

“Something juicy, I hope!” Marsha squealed. “I love hearing juicy stories! Does it have anything to do with you and Roger?”

“Marsha Middleton, you’re a snoop! But yeah, it does, and that’s all I’m going to say until lunchtime. I’ll see you and Dennie at The Gondoliere, okay?”

“Spoil sport! I was hoping for a teaser, but guess I’ll just have to wait. See you at lunchtime. I’ve got to go wake Denise up anyway. She ended up crashing at my place last night, and she kept me wide awake half the night with her damned snoring! Argh! Take care, Lucy girl”, and they broke the connection.

Lucy crawled out of bed and headed straight for the shower. She’d dreamt of Roger during the night, and the dreams had gotten her horny enough to require some strenuous touching of her pussy. In fact, she’d brought herself off three times, and the memory of those dreams had her ready for another round. Stepping into the warm spray of the shower, she ran her soapy hands over her breasts, feeling her nipples becoming hard in reaction, and loved the feeling of being sexually excited again. Soon, one of her hands slipped down over her smooth belly, past her light auburn pubic hair, and began to tickle and tease her now-knotting nubbin. She pleasured herself until she felt that delightful tingle start in her clit, migrate to her cunt, then explode throughout her entire young body. As her breathing began to return to normal, Lucy realized that last night’s masturbation series were the first times she’d played with herself since that awful night when Jeff Hansen had raped her. And for the first time in almost a year, she wasn’t afraid of sex, or her body . . . or Roger Wilson. She felt liberated from a dark curse.

At the Middleton house, Marsha nudged Denise with her foot, trying to get her sleeping friend’s attentions.

“Come on, you lazy slut, get your ass out of bed!” Marsha commanded. Dennie slowly rolled over and let her eyes begin to adjust to the brightness of day. Becoming aware of Marsha’s form towering over her, she stretched, then began the tedious job of making her muscles do what her brain ordered them.

“Get your fucking foot out of my ribs, you silly cocksucker” Denise growled. “What the hell time is it, anyway?”

“It’s almost eleven o’clock, and you need a shower, bad. Good God, Girl, you smell like sex! I assume you remember last night?” Marsha playfully teased her friend. “Get your lazy ass out of there, and let’s go have a shower. Last one in has to make coffee.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” Denise replied. “Give me a minute or three to wake my eyeballs up, dammit.” She inhaled deeply, then wrinkled her nose at the stink of both hers and Marsha’s sweat-encrusted bodies. “Whew! If you think I smell of sex, you should take a whiff of yourself! Get the fuck out of here, before you get me as horny as we were last night!” Marsha laughed as Denise peeled the covers off herself, then swung her feet to the floor. She was totally naked, and her clothes that had been strewn on the floor would need washing before being serviceable again. “Oh shit, I can’t wear those today. Can I borrow some from you? Even my bra smells bad!”

“Yeah, I think I can dig something up, but my bras won’t fit you. Either you’re going braless today, or you’re going to have to sneak home and get one of your own. Now, you ready for that shower?” Marsha lectured.

“Hey, don’t yell at me, just because you can’t grow tits, Girl!” Denise jibed. “Mine are the right size . . . for the bras I wear! At least I’ll be wearing panties that aren’t glued to my pussy! God, but you and Brian had me wet last night. And Ted’s slobber all over my snatch didn’t help any, either. Another night like that, and I’ll have to wear a pad, just to keep my juices in check. How many times did we cum, anyway?”

“Not enough for me,” Marsha giggled as she remembered their escapade, “but Brian came three or four that I know of, and I have no idea how many times Ted did. God, he must have put five pounds into me! Why didn’t you warn me that he was such a spurtter?”

Denise gave her friend a glowering stare as she pushed herself off the bed. Just the memory of their foursome orgy had her juices threatening to dribble down her firm and slim thighs.

“Marsha, I can’t believe you sucked Ted off that many times” Denise declared. “Hell, I think I did Brian at least four times, and swallowed very drop of his cum-juice. Right after our shower, I’m going to have to get something to eat, just to soak up all the spunk he blasted down my throat! But I’ll tell you a secret. I like the taste of Ted’s cum better, but Brian eats pussy better than Ted, I think. I might have to go back for more testing, though, before I make a final decision.” The two girls began to giggle, then broke out into rib-splitting laughter.

Denise stepped into the shower, letting the water cascade over her lean, trim young body, with Marsha right behind her. As she lathered up her breasts, Dennie began to twist and tease her nipples, showing herself off to her friend as her teats hardened between her fingers. Marsha lathered up her own hands, then began to caress Denise’s breasts, taking over the job of pleasuring her chest. Denise slid her hands up and over her shower-mate’s breasts, losing herself in the soft sensuousness of Marsha’s silky smooth skin, and the delicious feel of her nipples, now almost as hard as her own. Gazing into her eyes, Marsha leaned forward and planted her lips tightly on Denise’s, sliding her tongue past her friend’s lips to duel with that other tongue. Denise felt Marsha’s hand slowly slide down, over her belly through her pubic fuzz, and into the top of her slit, where she began to lightly rub Denise’s hardening clit. She moaned at the joyous and welcome fingers that were about to take her to a morning orgasm.

As Marsha teased and stroked Denise’s clit, she felt her friend’s fingers searching her own slit, reciprocating the deliriously divine touch by softly circling her clit. Denise had opened her thighs to permit Marsha’s fingers full access to her pussy, and now, Marsha did the same. As Denise’s finger began to slip into her cunt, Marsha groaned at the frenzied feel of being finger-fucked. Brian’s cock could fill her like no other, but Denise knew exactly where Marsha’s pleasure places were. There was just something exquisite about having sex with another girl, and Marsha allowed the warm fuzziness of their lesbian activity to sweep over and enfold her. Finding Denise’s entrance, she softly and gently began to explore the velvet-soft lining inside her friend while still maintaining her contact with her now-erect love button. Both girls pleasured each other for several sensuous minutes, until Dennie’s breathing became shallower and more ragged. Marsha could feel Denise’s cunt walls begin to flutter, and her vaginal muscles contract and relax on her probing finger. She herself became aware of a welcome tingle in her clit where Denise was stimulating her.

“Oh God, Marsha,” Dennie growled, “I’m going to go off! Do me deeper and faster, and I’ll squirt, for sure! Oh shit . . . yes!!” Denise’s hips were thrusting in counter-rhythm to Marsha’s pistoning fingers, for now she had three of them buried deep in Denise’s cunt. In response to her girlfriend’s thrusts, Marsha found herself grinding her own hips into Denise’s two fingers that were sliding in and out of her, taking her to a place of light and joyous beauty that only another woman could send her.

“Do me, Dennie,” Marsha whispered in her lover’s ear, “do me now! I’m gonna cum with you! M-m-m-m-m! Yeah-h-h-h-h!”, and the combination of her own orgasm, along with the steaming hot girl-cum squirting from Denise’s cunt, took her over the top. Her climax swept over her whole body, causing her to tremble and spasm as her tightened muscles protested their loss of control.

In the afterglow of their mutual orgasms, Marsha collapsed against Denise, her energy spent. She felt her friend leaning on her for similar support, and they both let that glow spread inside them, holding each other tightly, kissing deeply, savouring the beauty of it all. Marsha was the first to recover, and she caressed Denise tenderly, slowly running her soft hands up and down the other girl’s back between the base of her neck and the bottom of her ass cheeks.

“Sweetie,” Marsha whispered, “I love fucking with Brian, and if I ever get the chance, I’ll do Ted, too. But I don’t think I could ever give up making love with you. There’s just something about being with another woman that feels so delicious, so fulfilling, so . . . magical.” With that, she kissed Denise one more time, them began to untangle herself from the body that had just given her a soft and loving orgasm.

“I know what you mean, Marsha Girl,” Denise returned, “and as much as I love fucking those two, I love being with you, too. It’s not that one is better than the other, because they’re not the same; not even close. I can’t find the words right now, but you know what I mean, right?” Marsha’s soft and gentle lips on hers was all the confirmation Denise needed.

Finishing off their shower, the two girls wrapped themselves in fluffy bath towels, then raided Marsha’s wardrobe for suitable clothing for Denise. Finding a top was relatively easy, but shorts were another matter. Because Denise was almost a full size bigger, most of Marsha’s shorts were tight, almost too tight. They finally found a pair that would fit, but the crotch seam rode up into Denise’s slit, spreading her labia lips, and softly grazing her clitoris. Being the only pair that Marsha could offer her friend, they settled for the makeshift outfit, with Denise warning her friend that she’d be getting them back covered in love juices.

“These things rub on my clit, and I swear that they’ll have me creaming all damned day. I promise I’ll wash them before I give them back, but what if I cum so hard that I squirt, out in public?” Denise protested.

“Dennie, you can be such a slut, sometimes. And if you do squirt, I’ll bet you’ll love every fucking second of giving a sex show! You sure didn’t mind last night, that’s for sure! God, when you and Ted started licking and sucking Brian and I, I almost pissed myself! And you made enough noise when you started to suck Brian off! Shit, I thought the whole town of Lakeside would hear! Watching you bobbing up and down Brian’s cock got me so fucking horny that I almost bit poor Ted’s right off! I wonder if he has teeth marks?” The two girls giggled at the memory of Marsha almost diving head-first into Ted Campbell’s groin as she lunged for his throbbing manhood.

Marsha glanced at the clock, now reading a quarter to twelve. She rushed Denise out of the bedroom, through the kitchen, and into her waiting car parked in the back carport. Denise wanted to know what the big hurry was all about, and Marsha filled her in on their lunch date with Lucy.

“I wonder what this juicy tidbit she wants to tell us all about is?” Denise speculated. “You think maybe her and Roger might have had sex last night? After what she’s been through, I hope he was as gentle with her as she deserves. Now that I’ve had a chance to get to know her better, I really like Lucy Rasmussen, and Roger Wilson is no eyesore, either. Hmm, I wonder what his cum tastes like?”

Marsha laughed out loud at her friend’s ruminations, almost losing control of the car. Straightening it out, she had a tough time regaining control of herself.

“Geez, Dennie, you’re becoming a real cum connoisseur! Is there anybody you wouldn’t suck off?” Marsha joked.

“Yeah,” Denise said in a completely sombre tone, “that bastard Jeff Hansen! Christ, if I had his cock in my mouth, I’d bite that son-of-a-bitch so fucking hard, he’d bleed! Between what he did to Lucy and what he tried to do to me, I’d love to see that prick strung up by the fucking balls and left for the fucking crows! Shit, I really hope Brian’s Dad can come up with some way to nail that bastard!”

The mention of Jeff Hansen killed the jovial mood. Marsha remembered their ordeal on Skull Island, and the anger rose up inside her. Just like Denise, she too wanted to see justice done to that savage monster. In an effort to get out of their angry head-space, she informed her friend of her plans to meet with Lucille for lunch, and that the subject of Jeff Hansen was forbidden, unless Lucy herself brought it up. She also hinted that whatever happened between her and Roger was to be kept in strictest confidence. Denise heartily agreed.

They found Lucy already sitting at a corner table on the outdoor patio, and greeted her like she was an old friend. Their warm acceptance of the new girl of the group made a huge impact, and Lucy began to relax almost immediately. Just as they sat down, Marsha’s phone rang, and she excused herself, then answered the call.

“Hello . . . hi, Stud! . . . no, we’re over at The Gondoliere with Lucy . . . yeah, I got her back to my house, and finally into bed . . . no, we didn’t, you horny pervert. Well, not last night anyway . . . you were where? . . . was Roger there today? . . . oh really? . . . did he say anything? . . . hmm, maybe we can pry some details out of Lucy . . . no, I didn’t. I didn’t want to brag about it . . . yeah, that sounds like fun . . . okay, about six? . . . listen, you fiend, that’s private . . . I love you too, Baby. See you around six? . . . looking forward to it. Is Ted coming along too, or should I try and duck from Dennie? . . . umm, not sure if I can take that again. Not after the last time . . . we’ll talk about it tonight, okay? . . . yeah, for sure. Listen, Baby, I’ve gotta go. Denise and Lucy are giving me the eye . . . love you, Brian. Bye.” Marsha broke the connection, her eyes glazed over in deep thought.

“What was that all about?” Denise wanted to know. “And what is it that I’m not supposed to know that might include Ted and I? That perverted boyfriend of yours has something planned, doesn’t he?” Marsha fought to regain her focus.

“Umm, Brian says that he and Ted went down to Claymore’s Marine, and talked to Roger about a new mast and rigging, and Ted ordered his new mainsail. Apparently Roger was wearing a silly smile, and floating about four feet off the ground. He never told the boys why, although I’ll bet they drilled him for information. Lucy, are you going to fill us curious girls in on what happened last night, or are we going to have to beat it out of you?” Marsha asked, a light tone of curiosity running through her voice.

“Maybe later, after lunch” Lucy hedged. “This place is a little too crowded to go into detail. Besides, it sounds like you two were up to something last night yourselves. I’ll tell if you will, too. Oh, and you guys have to go first. Deal?” Marsha smiled warmly to Lucy. The girl wasn’t stupid, and could probably figure some of it out on her own, but sharing secrets would bring them together as friends a lot better and a lot faster. Marsha really did want to be Lucy’s friend, and she wanted Lucy to be hers as well. From what had been said earlier, she felt that Denise was probably feeling the same.

“You’re on, girlfriend!” Marsha confirmed. “How about we walk over to Lakeside Park after lunch and find a quiet place to just sit and talk? We’re with you on this, Lucy. I, for one, wouldn’t be afraid to share our secret with you, but I don’t really want the whole world to know about it. Same for you, Dennie?” Denise nodded her agreement, and the three ordered lunch, laughing and giggling through the whole meal. After Marsha and Denise grabbed the check, they all walked across the street and into the lakefront park.

“So tell me what you two were up to last night” Lucy demanded. “Oh, by the way, is this going to be one of those X-rated stories? I can’t remember when I shared a good, hot, and steamy tale with a girlfriend. Hell, I can’t remember sharing anything with any girls. You think I’ve lead too sheltered a life, maybe?” The three of them laughed warmly at the connotations of Lucy’s remarks. Then Marsha silently looked to Denise, wondering if she should tell the tale, or let her friend have the questionable honour. Denise deferred to her companion, ready to supply any information that Marsha might have missed.

“Well, after we left you and Roger, we went up to the Point, like we said we would. On the way up, Ted and Dennie got a little carried away, shall we say. The next thing we knew, they were making out in the back seat, and things started to get really hot, if you know what I mean.” One glance at Lucy’s face said that she had a good idea. “Anyway, by the time we got there, we were all so horny that I think we all lost any inhibitions we might have had. One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, I was . . . sucking Ted’s cock while he ate Denise’s pussy, and she was sucking Brian off while he ate me out. I think we all came about twice before the guys switched places, and Ted ate me while Brian ate Denise. God, Lucy, it was just one massive daisy chain of sucking and licking! About the only thing we didn’t do was . . . fuck each other’s boyfriend! Not that we wouldn’t have, if the opportunity had presented itself, but after cumming that many times, I don’t think either one of us could have done it if our lives depended on it! Shit we must have been up there at the Point until about three this morning!” Denise nodded her agreement with what Marsha had related, then they both turned to Lucy, waiting for her to spill her tale, but not wanting to force her into an uncomfortable situation.

“What time did you guys get up to the Point?” Lucy opened.

“Mmm, I think it would have been somewhere around midnight. Why?” Denise supplied.

“Well, Roger and I went up there last night too, right after the movie at the Plaza. I just wanted to be with him, to be close to him, to enjoy the fun we’d had on our first date, and like we had when you guys invited us to the Grove. Anyway, I got him to walk along the beach with me, and we just held hands. But somehow, we ended up down at the dunes, and I had this overwhelming desire to kiss him, long and hard. So we sat down, and he kissed me so softly and tenderly. Now I might be a little prejudiced here, but Roger Wilson is one hell of a kisser. Anyway, I put his hand on my breast and let him feel me up for a bit. The next thing I knew, he was sucking my tits, and making them feel so damned good! Pretty soon, he started kissing my tummy, then he ran his nose up and down my pussy., with my pants still on. When I let him, he pulled them down, and licked my clit so wonderfully, and tongued my vagina. He kept doing that until I had the most wonderful climax, and afterwards, he just held me in his arms, without asking me to go any further. For the first time in almost a year, I felt safe with a boy, and it was so great. Then I felt like I wanted to pleasure him, too. So, without him asking me, I sucked his cock, and gave him an orgasm. It’s the first time I’ve ever sucked a guy off, and I loved it! God, when he shot his sperm, I took it all, and even swallowed! And I’ll tell you guys a secret. The next time we go out, I want to suck him off again! I think I’m going to let him fuck me, too,, or I’m going to fuck him. Whatever. But I want to fuck with Roger Wilson, and that’s something I never thought would happen. Fucking with a boy, I mean. After what Jeff did, I never wanted to be with a guy again! But Roger’s different. He’s warm, caring, considerate, and fun to be with. I think I might be falling in love with him! And I owe it all to you two. If you hadn’t invited me to the Grove, and Roger too, I don’t think we’d have met each other.” The glow on Lucy’s face told everything that was in her heart. “Marsha? Dennie? Thank you. For being my friends, for introducing me to Roger, and for trying to help me get over what happened. If I can help you guys take down Jeff Hansen, and get his slimy ass thrown into jail, just name it, and I’ll try my best.”

Marsha could feel the tears of happiness forming behind her eyes, and she stretched her arms out, inviting Lucy for a hug. Lucy gratefully accepted, returning the warm embrace with one of her own. Denise added her arms to the collection, and the three friends held each other tightly, basking in the warmth of their newly-formed friendships.

“Umm, can I ask a personal question?” Denise spoke softly. “What did Roger’s cum taste like? Was he salty? Sweet? Maybe a little of both?”

“Denise McCurdy, you get your eyeballs off Roger Wilson!” Marsha screeched. “He’s Lucy’s claim, and girls don’t hit on their friend’s guys! You know the code!”, she cried loudly, then turned to Lucy with an explanation. “Ever since she found out what it’s like to suck a guy’s cock, it’s all she thinks about! I was almost ready to pound the living shit out of her when she started sucking Brian, and I would have, too . . . except for the fact that Ted was busy licking my pussy. I swear, these two must have spent forever planning that little scene last night! So if you’re up at the Point, and these two perverts show up, run, don’t walk! God knows what they’ll get you into!” Marsha smiled, letting Lucy know that her condemnation was mostly in jest, but it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious, just the same. Lucy acknowledged Marsha’s warning suggestion with a knowing smile of her own.

“Lucy,” Denise started in a more serious voice, “I really hope things work out between you and Roger. I can only imagine what the last year’s been like for you. I have no idea how you’ve gotten through it. If it was me in your shoes, and I didn’t have Ted to be with, and Brian and this here sleaze I call a friend,” and she winked with a slight smile on her lips, “I’d have never gotten through what happened on that Island. Jeff never succeeded that night, but with you, I think he did more damage than he’s aware. I think Roger’s the guy to help you get past it. I only know him from school, but I think you’re right. He really is a sweetheart. You two deserve each other, and the happiness that being in love brings.”

Tears started to form in Lucy’s eyes as both girls reached over to cover Lucy’s hands with theirs. In that one moment, all three had formed a bond of friendship that would last for many years. Of that, they were sure. Just how strong that bond would be, only time would tell. It was a few minutes later that Denise returned the mood back to its previous joviality.

“Oh, by the way, if things don’t work out . . . can I have first dibs on sucking him off? I’d just love to see what he tastes like!” Denise asked, that twinkle of mischief in her eye once again. All three girls broke into gales of laughter.

“I have some shopping to do downtown” Lucy mentioned. “Either one of you want to come and help me pick out some decent summer outfits? Most of the stuff I have from last year is about as sexy and provocative as a burlap sack. I could sure use your eyes for fashion. I’m terrible at that kind of stuff.” Marsha and Denise glanced briefly to each, a look of excitement in their eyes, and the three were off to terrorize every clothing shop between them and the edge of town. While the shopping trip wasn’t as successful as they’d hoped it would be, the fun of camaraderie more than made up for any shortfall. By four o’clock, they’d hit almost every store in the town of Lakeside. Just as they left the last one on their list, Denise’s phone started to ring.

“Hello? . . . Hi, Ted! What’s up? . . . what time? . . . No, I have to go home and change first. I borrowed some clothes from Marsha, and she’s a little smaller than I am. I feel like I’m wearing Saran wrap . . . Oh shut up! I’m not modelling in see-through, even for a pervert like you! . . . where’d you have in mind to go? . . . Hey, that might be fun . . . Did he ask her, yet? . . . Yeah? It might be an idea if he asked her, instead of just assuming . . . Yeah, she’s right here. Does he want to talk to her? . . . Yeah, hold on.” She pointed the phone at Lucy, adding, “It’s Roger, Lucy. He wants to talk to you. I think he wants to see you tonight after work.” There was a look of happy anticipation on Lucy’s face.

“Hello? . . . I’d love to. What time, and where? . . . Sure, that’ll work out great. I have to change anyway, and I sure could use a shower, too . . . The three of us have been shopping our brains out all afternoon, and I have the perfect outfit for tonight! See you about seven, then? . . . Umm, yeah. Remember how I was supposed to let you know if you were pushing too hard? Well, you are, maybe just a little . . . No, it’s okay, Roger. I’m just not there yet. Mind you, a couple more nights like last night, and . . . No, I’m not upset with you. You’re my friend, and that’s who I need right now. Give me a little more time, and I might be able to say the same thing to you. I still need to get my head straightened out, and when I do, you’ll be the first to know . . . Roger, I do care. You’re a wonderful guy, but you are a guy! Geez, I swear your brains are in your pants! . . . Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing you again, too, maybe more than either one of us are aware . . . See you around seven . . . No, you watch out. These two girls are already busy corrupting me. It’s what Brian and Ted might do to warp your brain that scares me. See you later. Bye”, and Lucy returned the phone to Denise.

“What was all that about?” Marsha demanded. She looked a little left out of the loop, wondering just what her boyfriend was cooking up for the evening.

“Ted wants to go over to Brockton for that concert tonight. Apparently, he managed to find six tickets, and the guys are picking us up around seven. Roger and the rest of us are going in one car, and Brian’s taking you in his. You are going, aren’t you?” Dennie explained to Marsha.

“Nobody’s asked me, not officially. Maybe tonight’s the night to wash and set my hair, unless that stupid stud-muffin calls me in the next . . .” Her phone began to ring, right on queue, and she answered it.

“Hello? . . . Well, it’s about time you called . . . Yeah, so I hear. Does this mean you’re actually asking me for a date tonight? . . . Yes, Brian Whatcom, I’d love to go to that concert with you . . . Umm, we’ll have to see how the concert goes first . . . God, you are a horny son-of-a-bitch, aren’t you? . . . No, they’re not wet yet, but if you don’t shut the fuck up, they will be! . . . I love you, too . . . Oh shut up, you horny idiot! . . . Yeah, see you tonight . . . Bye.” Marsha closed the connection, shook her head, and showed off the happy smile on her face. “God, that guy’s the horniest male on the planet, I swear!” she giggled as she bubbled to her two friends. “This concert’s just an excuse to get me out with him, so he can get into my pants! And you know what’s so damned frustrating? I want him to, so damned badly!” The three broke into another round of giggles, until Lucy began to reflect on Marsha’s comment.

“What, Lucy? You look worried, or scared, or something. What are you thinking?” Denise asked, her concern reflected in her tone.

“Umm, well, if you two are planning on . . . you know . . . then is Roger thinking I will, too? Dennie, as much as I like to think I’m getting over what happened, I’m not ready for that yet. Roger’s a sweet guy and everything, but I’m still not comfortable with going that far with him. It’s still too soon for me. Am I going to scare him off if I don’t sleep with him tonight? Shit, now I’m scared again!” Lucy pondered, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

“Lucy, just relax. Roger’s a guy, and all guys want into our pants. Consider that as a given. It goes with their gender. But Roger isn’t Jeff Hansen, and if you’re not ready, tell him so. He’s the kind of guy that’ll wait until you are, and when you do finally give yourself to him, it’ll be the most wonderful thing you’ve ever done, trust me. Hell, I was ready to give myself to Ted long before he made a move, out on the Island. I think he was more scared of me than I ever was of him. That’s just a part of who Ted Campbell is, and a part of why I love him so damned much. I matter to him, and that’s something that makes me feel special when we’re together. Roger’s the same way, I’ll bet. Just let yourself learn to trust him, okay? It’ll all work out, I promise”, and Dennie augmented her lecture with a reassuring hug. “Hey, if you’re worried, girlfriend, Marsha and I will be there, too. We’ll cover your back, okay?”

“Thanks, Dennie. I appreciate your concern, and you’re probably right. Roger does seem like the kind of guy that’s real and considerate. I guess I just need to be reminded that guys like him actually do exist” Lucy responded, and hugged her friend to show how much their words meant. “Not sure I can count on you two to cover my back, though. By the sounds of what you’ve been telling me, you might be too busy with your own boyfriends! Don’t worry, I’ll get to the same place, eventually. I’m just a little slow, I guess.” Her comment was half serious, and half humourous. She did appreciate Denise’s input, though, and tried to let her new friend know how she felt.

The three girls made their way to Marsha’s car, then headed for home. Lucy was first to be dropped off, then Denise, and Marsha looked forward to having another shower when she finally got to her house.

Brian was on the Middleton’s doorstep just before seven o’clock, and he had a serious look on his face. When Marsha greeted him, she could tell that whatever was on his mind was important, and she invited him in. Her Dad, Marvin, acknowledged his daughter’s boyfriend with a friendly greeting, and also noted the serious aura surrounding Brian. Whatever the reason was, he knew Marsha would share the information with him when she was ready. They shared a lot of their lives, and that made him feel proud of his daughter, that she would trust him with the important aspects of her life.

“Hey, Baby,” Marsha inquired of Brian, “why the long face? You look like you’re really worried about something. Want to talk about it?”

“Uh, yeah, but not here. I need to talk to Ted and Dennie, too” Brian started to explain. “All three of you. Maybe after the concert? This might affect Lucy, as well. Sorry to be such a Gloomy Gus, but I talked to Dad this afternoon about Skull Island. I guess Old Man Hansen has his shorts in a knot. It sounds like Jeff spent a couple of days out there before the Lake Patrol dragged his sorry ass off that island. We may be in deep shit now. Dad came up with some ideas, and I need to talk to you about it, before we go any further.”

“Baby, what kind of trouble could we be in? After all, it was Jeff that tried to rape Dennie, and that’s what we want everyone to know, isn’t it?” Marsha asked. “You’re not backing out on this on us, are you?”

“No,” Brian replied, “I’m not backing off this one, ever. Damn it, Marsha, after talking to Dad, I want that bastard’s ass more than ever, but we’re going to have to get pretty graphic, if we take this thing to court. Some of that could get embarrassing for you and Dennie, and if Lucy’s still with us, a lot of nasty shit might have to come out for her, too. As much as I want that shit-head’s balls cut off, I’m not sure that putting your butt on the line is worth it. There’s got to be a way to get around Old Man Hansen’s bullshit. Dad and I just haven’t come up with anything yet, that’s all.”

“Umm, this sounds serious. Maybe we should forget the concert and concentrate on finding a way to get Jeff taken off the streets?” Marsha suggested.

“Nah,” Brian answered her, “let’s all go to that concert, have some fun, and worry about Hansen tomorrow. If one night is going to make that much of a difference, we’re already fucked. All that’s missing is the hugs and kisses. Besides, Dad has a couple of angles that he wants to check out first, before we go any further. I think he’s got something in mind that’ll stop Old Man Hansen dead in his tracks. I just don’t know what yet.” He leaned over and kissed his girlfriend gently on her forehead. “You about ready to go? I told Roger we’d meet him at the Roadhouse’s parking lot, and follow each other over to Brockton. He’s picking up Ted and Denise on his way out, so all you and I have to do is get your pretty little ass out of here.”

“Okay, Baby. Whatever you say” Marsha conceded. “Let me go say good-bye to my Dad first.” She found her father in the TV room, gave him a kiss, and told him that she wasn’t sure when they’d be home. He knew he could phone her, if he got too worried. She usually left her phone turned on for that very reason, and he appreciated her consideration.

They all met at the parking lot, and Brian quickly filled Ted and Denise in on his Dad’s concerns. Denise echoed Marsha’s suggestion that they forget the concert, and concentrate on the matter of laying charges against Jeff, but Brian vetoed the idea. It felt too early to bring Lucy in on their problem, and he really could use the time spent with Marsha after his afternoon meeting. The rest of the group conceded his point, and they left for Brockton.

The concert was a huge success, both for the organizers, and for the six teens. Brian and Marsha found themselves lost in the music, with Ted and Denise not far from being the same. Lucy was lost too, but her focus was more on Roger than anything else. Whenever Brian or Ted glanced their way, Roger was more into Lucy than the crowd around them, and seeing both of them happy gave the guys a cheerful feeling inside. Afterwards, they returned to Lakeside, and the “Burger Baron”. Everyone intentionally stayed away from the topic of their legal prosecution attempts. They stayed until the restaurant was ready to close, having a great time spent in each other’s company. Even the newcomers, Roger and Lucy, fit right in, as they felt themselves being accepted as members of the group. Once out at the cars, Brian seemed to be the central idea-man for the balance of the evening’s activities.

“Well,” he began to suggest, “if Roger doesn’t have to work tomorrow, we could always drive up to the Point for a while. Anyone got a better idea?” Lucy showed some unvoiced concern, and Brian gave her a questioning look.

“Umm, if your last excursion to the Point is any indication of what’s in store tonight, I’m not sure I’m ready for that” she explained. Roger gave her a reassuring hug, as if to say that he wouldn’t push her any further than she was comfortable.

“Lucy, where’d you hear about that, anyway, Ted quizzed.

“Oh, a little bird told me about what went on” Lucy replied coyly. “Sounds like you had quite the party, too. Maybe we’ll join you sometime, but I’m not ready for that yet. Just be patient, and maybe we’ll catch up.” Ted raised an eyebrow at the revelation, as he turned to look at Dennie with an accusing stare.

“Oh relax!” Denise injected. “Sharing details is a girl thing. Even Lucy shared, and it was great to just have time together. If that’s a problem, it’s your problem, not ours. You go deal with it!” Roger realized what Lucy had probably shared, and his embarrassment showed in his face.

“It’s okay, Roger,” Lucy tried to ease his concern, “it was something that I said voluntarily. They didn’t coerce me, and I was happy to share. God, if you’d heard what they were doing, you’d think we were a couple of real prudes! Honestly, though, when I heard about it, I got . . . excited. I fantasized about you and I being a part of that, and . . . well, I can see me eventually getting to that same point.” To emphasize her point, she held Roger’s arm tightly with both hands and pulled herself closer to him.

“Sugar, could you please not advertise the details of our relationship without talking to me first, in future?” Roger pleaded. “Even knowing these guys as much as we do, I’m still not comfortable talking about things like that in the open. You and I still have a way to go before we’re ready for that much sharing, right?” He leaned over and kissed the top of Lucy’s head, then continued. “I do have to admit, though, that if what happened between you and I makes you feel that good about us, then I’m happy. And maybe we’ll become more open around our friends. It’s just that I’m not there yet, the same as you’re not at . . . certain things yourself, either. Can you understand what I’m asking?” Lucy felt uncomfortably embarrassed for her actions, and needed to apologize to Roger, mor for her own sake than his.

“I’m sorry, Roger. You’re right, and I overstepped the boundaries. Can you ever forgive me?” she pleaded.

“Already have, my Sugar,” Roger whispered as he kissed her again, “already have.” She pushed herself even closer to him, feeling the warmth of his heart as it spread over her. Roger Wilson was, more than she’d realized before, a very special guy in her life. She felt confident enough to take their relationship to a higher plane, and maybe tonight, she’d have the chance to act on that feeling.

“Okay, back to my original question” Brian stated. “Should we go up to the Point tonight, or not? I know I want to be there with Marsha, and anyone else that wants to come along is more than welcome. And for Lucy’s benefit, we’ll try to keep the activities as prim and proper as possible . . . maybe.” There was a giggled rumble from everyone, while Lucy gazed into Roger’s eyes, trying to tell him that she wanted him, more this evening than ever before. He must have heard her thoughts, because he leaned over and kissed her lips, softly and gently, but it was more than just a quick peck; much more, and Lucy knew it in her heart.

“Yeah, we’re in” Roger announced. “I just hope I don’t hate myself in the morning” he added jovially, then turned to wait for Ted’s confirmation.

“Us too,” Ted chimed in, “as long as The Warden here says it’s okay”, and he looked longingly at Denise. She stepped back, did a little moonwalk shuffle, and silently mouthed the words, “Thank you!!”

Arriving at the Point, there was an uncomfortable shuffling between the three couples as each tried to find a secluded location. It was Roger that started to chuckle at the silliness of the situation, and each member of the group began to chuckle with him. Soon they were all laughing uncontrollably, just enjoying their time together as good friends. It was Ted that recovered first.

“Umm, this may sound like a stupid question, but what are we laughing at?” he asked. The others tried to stifle their hysteria, until Brian lost it, ands tarted a new round of belly laughing. “What?” Ted demanded.

Marsha was eventually able to say something without doubling over. “Ted, I have no idea what we’re laughing at. Roger started it, and we all just followed along, and you know what? It felt good, damned good! We haven’t laughed that openly since that night on the Island, dammit! I’ll tell you something else, too. I’m fucking sick of being afraid of people like Jeff Hansen, what they do to people like me, like Dennie, and especially people like Lucy. We all want his ass, but we’re scared shitless of trying and not succeeding. Well, fuck it, Ted! I want his balls, so I can dry them like a fucking shrunken head, and hang ‘em off the rear view mirror of my fucking car! Until I get ‘em, I’m going to spend all my time with the people that mean the most to me. My Mom and Dad, Dennie, Lucy, Brian, Roger . . . and as much as I hate to admit it, you!”

Marsha stopped long enough to refill her lungs, then in a soft and honest tone, carried on. “Look Ted, I love you, just like I love Dennie, Lucy and Roger. I’m also in love with Brian. Whatever it takes to make his dreams come true, and his world go around, I’ll do it. Be honest, Ted. You feel the same way about Denise, and I’ll make book that Roger and Lucy aren’t too far off that same mark.”

Ted looked ashamed, but for what he didn’t know. He felt lost, alone, and desperate to be with the people that meant the most to him; Marsha, Denise, Lucy, Brian, and even Roger. Somehow, they had all become a part of his world, and there was nothing more important. He took Marsha’s shoulders in his hands, pulled her to him, and kissed her forehead.

“Marsha, I love you too,” Ted quietly told her, “and not just because of what happened the other night, or on Hansen’s boat. You’re my friend, and somehow you’ve become so very important to me. But thanks for that lecture. I think I needed that.” He kissed her once more, then turned to be with Denise, who waited for him with open arms and an open heart.

Lucy dabbed the tears threatening to flood her cheeks, then turned to Roger, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him to her lips. He felt her tongue slide across his lips, seeking an opening to his mouth, and his heart. Without a second thought, he gave her both.

“I love you, Roger Wilson,” Lucy whispered as their lips parted, “and I want you. I’ve been scared, frightened, and so alone for the last year. Then all of these people came into my life, especially you, and all that hurt and pain went away. I owe you a big thanks. Let me show you how grateful I am? Let’s go for that walk on the beach? Please?”

Roger and Lucy started down the path to the beach while the remaining four teens stood and watched their progress. As much as Brian wanted Marsha, and Ted wanted Denise, suddenly it became more important that Roger and Lucy be allowed their time together, without interruption.

The two teens walked along the beach until Lucy found what she considered to be just the right spot. Wordlessly, they faced each other, and Lucy embraced Roger, pulling him to her lips, and kissed him fully, deeply, and passionately as their tongues danced the duel of love. They broke their kiss after several minutes, and Roger watched as Lucy’s eyelids slowly opened to reveal a sparkle he’d never known before from any girl.

“Sugar,” Lucy began, “I want you, more than anything I’ve ever wanted before in my life. But can you let me lead? Please? I need to do this my way, partly for my own sake, but mostly for the sake of us.”

“Whatever I can do to make this special, Sweets, I’ll happily do” Roger whispered. She kissed him lightly and quickly, then stood back, unbuttoning her blouse as she did. Letting the top slide down her arms, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the ground in front of her. She stood in front of her boyfriend, allowing him full view, and praying that she met with his approval. Roger’s eyes swept over the vision in front of him, and his moan of approval was augmented by the kiss he gave her. Slowly descending to her breasts, Roger, licked and sucked her hardening nipples, squeezing and caressing her soft pliable orbs with all the tenderness he could show her. Soon, she felt him continue to leave a trail of kisses down her belly, stopping to run the tip of his tongue around the rim of her navel. As he was about to continue down to the wondrous source of her sex odours, she stopped him by holding and pressing his head to her belly.

“Sugar, I need to do this part my way. Could you please stand up again?” Lucy pleaded. Roger obliged her request, a look of bewilderment covering his face. But if this was something that Lucy needed to do, he would happily yield to her needs and wants.

Lucy sensuously undid the buttons on Roger’s shirt, then ran her hands over his hair-covered chest, feeling the mass of his muscles, and the strength in his upper torso. Beginning at the base of his neck she began to lay down her own trail of kisses, lingering at his man-nipples as they rose and hardened, and her attentions sent thrills up and down Roger’s spine. Lucy felt the thrills that she had caused, receiving a warm and loving feeling inside her as a result.

Continuing down Roger’s chest with her kisses, she arrived at his belt-line, then fumbled with both the button and the zipper as she tilted her head upwards and gazed into Roger’s eyes.. Once again he became aware of the magical sparkle in her eyes, and he melted under their soft light of love, leaving him wanting to be with her for the rest of time. With Roger’s pants now loose, Lucy pulled on them, persuading the garments to fall to his ankles, and released his throbbing, twitching cock from its confinement. Lucy took him in her soft and delicate fingers, then leaning forward slightly, kissed the tip of his purple helmet with a kiss that bordered on reverence. Roger moaned in delight at her touch, and the feel of her lips on his cock.

Still gazing into his eyes, Lucy began to slurp Roger’s helmet between her lips, continuing down his shaft until she was able to rum her tongue around the rim of his cockhead, then took more of him into her mouth, chasing her progress with her tongue along his underside. She held him at the top of her throat so that his cockhead just touched her tonsils, then, while sucking gently, she slid him back out until only his helmet remained between her lips. Still sucking Lucy once again slowly slid herself down roger’s shaft, but tried not to let her instincts take over and swallow him down her throat. Roger wanted to cum, but he wanted this closeness to go on even more.

“Oh God, Sweets,” Roger moaned, “you feel so damned good, but you’re going to make me cum! Take me if you want me, because I’m yours, my love!” Torn between the pleasure of tasting Roger’s sticky goo, or taking him inside her, Lucy let him slide from between her lips, kissing the tip of his cockhead once more as she stood up and pressed herself against him. His throbbing erection felt like red-hot steel to the skin of her soft belly. “Soon, Roger Wilson,” she thought to herself, “soon, you’ll be inside me, filling me, taking me, and loving me, instead of just pressing on the outside of me!” The thought sent a shiver of wanton lust throughout her entire being.

As Roger tried to take her in his arms again, she whispered in his ear, “Not yet, my Sugar, not yet”, then began to push her pants and panties over her hips and down the length of her slim, silky legs, finally stepping out of the garments and standing before him in all her naked glory. Once more inviting his inspection, she was rewarded by a musical groan of delight.

“Lie down, Sugar, please?” Lucy asked. “On your back. I need to do this my way, because I want to love you, to be yours. I can’t get there any other way. Please trust me?” Still looking bewildered and confused, Roger lay down as she had requested. Lucy then straddled his chest with her feet planted on either side of his ribs, presenting her open pussy to him, showing him that part of her that she wanted him to have. Her questioning eyes were met with Roger’s lustfully wanton gaze, and she slowly began to lower herself to his face, eventually leaving her open sex mere inches from his moistened lips. “Lick me, Sugar. Taste my juices that you make ooze from deep inside me. Eat me, like you did the other night, and make me cum all over your gorgeous face” Lucy growled. Roger slid the tip of his tongue out from between his lips, and starting at the top of her slit, began to explore the valley of her vulva. He felt the protruding knotted nub of her erect clit, then circled and flicked across and around it as she rewarded him with the sounds of her ecstatic mewling.

“Yes, my love! Right there!” Lucy cried softly. “Lick me, take me, make me cum for you! God, Sugar, but I love you so damned much!” she wailed. Then, as if she couldn’t get enough already, she sensed, rather than felt, the tip of his curled tongue begin to tease and tickle every nerve ending surrounding her entrance, and she almost exploded in orgasm right then and there. Roger returned to alternately pleasuring her clit and her cunt. Within minutes, she had his head held tightly to her crotch, her head flung back, and weaving from side to side. That tell-tale tingling in her clit grew, expanding to envelope her entire pussy, then her entire body, and as Roger felt her tremble and spasm, she flooded him with her girl-cum, giving him a large taste of her deliciously addictive feminine nectar. Roger licked furiously at Lucy’s pussy, desperately trying to retrieve every drop of her juice, sending her on to another mini-orgasm.

Lucy allowed the glow of her passion to slowly drift over her, feeling Roger’s warmth and love mingle with the sensations. Now looking down into her lover’s eyes, she felt so close to this boy that had given her back that part of her that defined her femininity. With a returned sparkle in her eyes, she moved her pussy from his lips, noting the glistening of reflected light of the juices he’d suckled from her, minutes ago. Easing herself down his body, she repositioned herself so that her cunt was inches away from his cockhead, then reaching between her legs, she guided his shaft towards her waiting love canal. Lowering herself onto his steel-hard rod, she gently lubricated his cockhead in her slit, then began to impale herself on his love pole. The feeling of him filling her, stretching her, making her a complete woman elicited a mewl of passion from her throat, as she slowly took more and more of him inside her.

Roger felt the heat of Lucy’s sex wash over him, and he surrendered to the exquisite clasping of her soft, wet, velvety lining as it wrapped and captured his throbbing cock. Lucy felt him penetrate her cervix, opening her womb to his welcomed manhood, and the base of his cock rub and push against her knotted nubbin. She heard Roger groan with lustful desire, knowing that he remained motionless for her sake, despite his natural instincts to thrust himself deep within her, and she loved him even more for that consideration. Then, as she held him deep inside her, she stretched out so that her full weight was on him, her chest pressed against his, and her thighs following the angle of his slightly spread legs.

“Sugar, roll us over so you’re on top?” Lucy asked softly. Roger did so, and she found him waiting for her to yield the last barriers between them. Spreading her thighs as far apart as she could, her legs began to wrap around his waist, locked there by her intertwined ankles. She gazed up into his eyes, and saw a gleam of love that she had only seen once before in her life, just a few minutes earlier, and from those same eyes.

“Now, Sugar, now” she pleaded. “Take me, show me how much you want me, how much you need me. Do me. Fuck me like there’s not going to be a tomorrow. Let me be reborn in your arms, full of your seed, washed in your love. Make me a complete woman; your woman!” With that, Roger began to slowly rock his hips, slowly pumping himself in and out of her steaming wet cunt, feeling the soft tightness of her as she slowly fluttered on his stroking shaft.

Roger began to feel the empowerment that Lucy had bestowed on him somehow, and continued to slide himself in and out of her with slow deliberate strokes. As much as he wanted to feel his own orgasm take over his body, he wanted to feel hers even more. Deliberately pressing his pubic bone against her clit, he softly rubbed her knot, gently easing her towards the edge, and filling her with more than just his manhood; filling her with a secret part of his soul that had been created just for this moment. His lips found her still-erect nipples, and he teased and pulled them between his lips, loving the sounds of her pleasured moans, lost in the warmth and wetness of her heated sex, sharing a part of her that no man had really allowed himself to know before tonight.

Roger’s need for Lucy was overwhelming, and his pistoning cock began to pump harder and faster. With every stroke, she began to grunt as he filled the very centre of her, again, and again, and again. As her walls began to flutter and pull on his cock, her breathing became more ragged and shallow, and she gasped to augment her overheated body’s straining. He felt the muscles of her vagina contract and relax in a rhythm that matched his own pumping cock’s friction within her. As his cock began to twitch and prime itself to flood Lucy’s womb with his life-giving sperm, he felt the pressure of his soon-to-be-released climax wash over him, blocking out everything save for this woman that had taken his body so willingly. When the first spurt of his sticky white goo thrust along the length of his cock, he became aware of Lucy’s trembling and shaking, as her own orgasm possessed her, sending pleasure to every part of her. He pushed himself as deep into her as he could, holding himself there as rope after steaming rope of his cum entered its new realm inside Lucy’s love chambers. He groaned lustfully as he released his seed into her, and she screamed loudly and ecstatically as she received his gift of life inside herself.

The post-coital glow of their union spread its warm blanket over the two teens, isolating them fro the cares and woes of the world for a few more precious moments. In an effort to protect his lover from being crushed by his weight, Roger rolled onto his back with Lucy still connected to him, his slowly-softening cock still buried in her cum-filled depths. He sensed that relaxing threat of sleep attempting to take over his control, and he fought it for the sake of practicality. Lucy was lost in the warmth of Roger’s body, and of his love. Like him, she wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in his strong and protecting arms, but the chill of the night air invaded her bliss just enough to make her realize that they had to get up and return to the real world. With a struggling heave, she raised herself up enough to gaze into Roger’s eyes, but not enough to cause his softening cock to leave the warmth of her womanhood. It wasn’t until he finally slipped out of her that she continued the journey back to reality. She did, however, see that gleam of love still in his eyes, and any remaining resistance she may have had against his possession of her soul dissolved right there. To seal her fate, she stretched up to Roger’s lips, pressed her own against them, and slid her tongue past that limp barrier in a quest to duel with his lips, teeth, and upper palette.

“Roger,” she whispered as they broke their lip lock, “this may sound stupid, but thank you. For being my friend, for being my lover, but mostly, for helping me find my way back to the wonder and the beauty of love and loving. I know you don’t understand why I had to do it the way we did, but I do. I had to convince myself that I wanted to offer myself to someone I consider so special that there wasn’t a chance of doubt. I had to make myself believe that I’m still a desired woman, even after my body was ravaged and forced to yield to a brute. I had to let myself surrender to someone special. And you were that someone. You let me be the one to determine how much I was willing to give, and how much I was able to take. I needed the chance to make a choice, whether to give myself to you fully, or whether to continue to live in fear. The choice was easy, but getting to the destination took warmth, caring, and love, and you’ve given me all of those, and then some. I love you, Roger Wilson, from the bottom of my heart.

In the twinkling light of the stars, Lucy thought she saw a teardrop trickle down Roger’s face. Running one finger up his cheek, she found the trail it had left, and she kissed that tear away. He said nothing, but with the strength of his arms and the warmth of his heart, he didn’t need to. She knew, and that was what was important, to both of them.

They got dressed, with Roger trying to be as assisting to Lucy as he could. She giggled occasionally at their lack of co-ordination, but took his offered hand gladly as they made their way back to the car. Arriving at the top of the path, both were a little shocked to find their companions in exactly the same spots they’d been in over an hour earlier. The four looked at Lucy and Roger with eyes that asked a million questions, borne out of genuine concern, without a single word spoken. In answer to their wondering, Lucy stepped forward and kissed first Brian on the cheek, then Ted. She stretched out her arms to Marsha, then Denise, and hugged them tightly. As the three boys joined them, it became a group hug, but closed to the rest of the world, as far as they were concerned. It was then that the first words of their reunion were spoken.

“I’ve done it. I’ve gotten past that fear, at long last” Lucy started. “Roger and I made love, and it was fantastic. But more than that, he gave me back a part of myself that Jeff Hansen almost destroyed. He gave me back that ability to trust, and to love, that I thought I’d lost forever. I have you four to thank for making it happen, and for being my dearest friends.” The tears started to flow from all three girls, and even the boys found themselves fighting some mysterious throat constrictions. But they were tears of joy, of happiness, and of victory. Between the six of them, they’d beaten back the damaging blackness that Jeff Hansen had unleashed.

Just as they were about to release each other from their hug, Lucy lifted her head and looked right at Denise. “Dennie, I have a confession to make.” Denise gave Lucy her undivided and full attention.

“I still can’t tell you what he tastes like. It’s never on my tongue long enough.” Denise looked blank for a few seconds, then began to smile as she remembered their conversation at lunch.

“Oh well, Lucy, one day you will. Until then, I’ll just have to wait. Guess I’ll have to take your word for it, too, huh?”

With that mischievous twinkle in her eye that they were all beginning to love about her, Lucy expressed her opinion.

“Maybe . . .”

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