This has been an amazing week! Last weekend, while my mom was out of town dealing with a family emergency, I was left home alone to watch Jack. Jack is our neighbor Leanne’s Great Dane. That first night I got horny and started watching porn, and eventually let Jack fuck me. After our first encounter, I was shocked to find that my best friend Amy had witnessed it. What shocked me further, was her willingness to participate, and spent the weekend with me. We took turns sharing Jack, and we discovered our own tastes for pussy. When I took Jack home, Leanne seduced me, and I fucked her dog again. This time, my own mother caught us in the act.

Her reaction to catching us was more than I could have hoped for. Instead of disgust, she was obviously amused, and acted like it was perfectly acceptable. Not only that, she intuited what happened that weekend with Amy, and started making plans. For the life of me, though, I couldn’t figure out why she seemed so, I don’t know, normal (I guess that’s the word I’m looking for) about it.

After letting me get cleaned up, Mom and I went back home. On the way home, she was telling me about the trip, and Grandma’s health and prognosis. When we got inside, Mom told me to go sit at the table, and she wanted to know what exactly went down while she was gone.

“Shit. She’s gonna kill me,” I thought as I went to the dining room, and started organizing my thoughts. She came in with a bottle of wine and two glasses and sat down next to me. She poured each of us a glass, and took my hands in an effort to sooth me.

“Before you start, I just want to tell you I am not mad. Obviously, you enjoyed yourself, and I want to know what happened, and how long all of this has been going on.”

So over the next hour (and a couple glasses of moscato) I relayed the events of the previous weekend. I told her that Amy and I had never “been with” each other before that, and the same went for Leanne. This was my first time ever experimenting with a woman, and that until Jack fucked me, I was a virgin.

As I told my story, it coupled with the alcohol, and it was obviously having an effect on my mom. As I told about how Jack’s cock felt in me, and the feel of a woman’s tongue licking my pussy, she unbuttoned the top couple buttons on her blouse and started rubbing the swell of her breasts with the hand that wasn’t holding mine. It was having a similar effect on me as well. Just remembering all that had happened, was making my little clit throb. But telling the story to my riveted audience, that was making my pussy leak.

Mom’s eyes had a hungry look to them when I finished my story. I was embarrassed with how I had let myself get pulled down this rabbit hole of sex, and could barely look her in the eyes. Especially with that hunger I could see in them.

“Honey. Don’t be upset,” she told me. “Truth be told, I’d known about Lee and Jack for a while. I had caught her before. She had something for me to pick up, and I went over after work. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. I heard moaning from her bedroom, and was curious. I knew Todd was out of town on business, so I figured she had a boyfriend there. When I peeked through the crack in the door, I saw Jack on top of her. The look of ecstasy on her face told me everything. He was dicking her down, and she was loving it.”

“Did you ever tell her about it?” I asked.

“No. I thought it would crush her. After seeing them, I went to the kitchen, found what she had for me, and quietly left. She texted me this afternoon telling me to come over when I got home. And when I went over there just now, and heard something similar, I knew what she had done. She baited me, and was wanting me to catch her. She tried to seduce me. At the time, I was embarrassed as all hell. And turned on. If I had stayed, I probably would have done whatever she suggested.”

“Really? So, why didn’t you let it happen this time?”

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about it,” she answered. “And, until that moment, I had never looked at a woman sexually. But seeing you sucking on Jack’s cock, Lee eating you out, something flipped. Before I try him, I want to try you.”

At that, she leaned in and nervously kissed my lips. I responded by kissing her back, softly, letting her be the aggressor. Encouraged by me, she began kissing me in earnest. Her tongue pushed against my lips, and I opened my mouth, letting her tongue explore my mouth. I used the tip of my tongue to trace lines on the underside of hers. The taste of her saliva mixed with the taste of the sweet wine was incredible! She was emboldened by my reaction to her kiss. She grasped my head with both hands, and moved onto my lap, straddling my waist and pressing her ample chest to mine. As we made out, my hands untucked her blouse and reached under it. I explored the soft skin of her back, tracing my fingers up the length of her spine to her bra, then back down to the top of her pants.

While I was rubbing her back, Mom reached her hands down and grabbed my t shirt. She broke our deep, passionated kiss long enough to pull my shirt over my head. When she resumed kissing me, I started unbuttoning her blouse the rest of the way. When I undid the last button, I pulled her shirt back over her shoulders, and she wriggled her arms out of it. With her arms freed, she began feeling my chest. Rubbing and groping the exposed flesh of my heaving chest. I did likewise to my mom, exploring slopes of her large, freckled bosom. When she broke our kiss again, she stared deeply into my eyes.

“I think, we should go to the bedroom,” she panted, breathing heavily from the lust that was coursing through her.

“Ok,” I answered softly. The feelings that were running through me were confusing. Part of me was screaming that this was my mom, and that what we were doing is wrong. Another deeper, more powerful voice was calmly telling me that this was right, and that I shouldn’t fight my body’s desires.

Carefully, my mom stood up, and I couldn’t help but notice the wet spot spreading through the crotch of her pants. She took my hand and slowly led me back to her bedroom. When we got to her room, she bade me to sit on the bed. Complying, I scooted up and lean back against the headboard as Mom began removing the rest of her clothes. She started by removing her pants, slowly revealing long, shapely legs that she keeps in shape by running. Standing before me was a goddess, clad only in a utilitarian bra and satin bikini cut panties. I took in the sight before me: 40 years old, 5’8” tall, long auburn hair, freckles splashed across her chest. A slightly pooched tummy that was far from unsexy. It spelled maturity, and came from age as opposed to just fat. While her legs are lean, little patches of cellulite on her thighs gave away her age. My eyes made their way back to the plain white bra, and the mammaries contained in them. Where I am a C cup, my mom is a DD. And when she undid her bra, and slipped it off of her shoulders, I was surprised at how little they sagged. They dropped slightly once the support of the bra was removed, but in spite of her age, they still seemed to float on her chest. Then she turned around and started to push her panties to the floor, revealing her soft, sexy ass. As she bent over, I saw her engorged pussy lips, and could see the moisture glistening in her crevice.

When she turned back to face me, I was surprised by seeing that her mound was clean shaven. She crawled onto the bed, and came up to me. She took my hand, and guided it to her mons venus, and I reveled in how soft and smooth her skin was there. I slid my hand between her legs, Mom spreading her thighs to allow my hand access to here soft lips. As I slid my finger through her slit, I was amazed at how wet she was. After exploring her folds, I brought my finger to my mouth, sucking her dew off of it.

“You taste delicious,” I sighed.

Leaning forward, I kissed her freckled chest, then started kissing my way down to her breasts. I took in the up close view of her tits, amazed at the size of her areolae. Each one was nearly two inches across, and crowned with a fat hard nipple. I took her left teat into my mouth, tracing her areola with my tongue. Feeling it draw up was amazing. The transition from smooth skin to hard and rough was exciting me. I latched my lips around her hard nipple, sucking on it greedily. Nipping at it with my teeth, flicking it with my tongue, I was doing everything i could to impart as much pleasure to my mom’s tit as I could.

“Mmm… Jessie, that feels so good,” she moaned as she leaned into me, putting more pressure on her tit. “Suck mommy’s tit. Make mommy feel good, baby girl” I transitioned to the other tit, attacking it more aggressively than the first. The contrast between how I treated the first tit drove my mom insane. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me harshly against her, moaning with pleasure at the pain I was instilling.

“Harder! God, Jessie! Bite it! Bite mommy’s tit! God! Just like that! FUCK!” she screamed, her hips involuntarily jerking as an orgasm shook her body. When her orgasm subsided, she collapsed next to me.

“Oh god, Jess… That was amazing.”

“Just wait,” I told her, smiling. I stood up on the bed, and removed my bra. My mom couldn’t taker her eyes of my C cup tits, and followed them as I bent down to push off my panties. When I stood back up, her eyes fixed on my hairless pussy. I followed her gaze to my cunt, and looked back up at her.

“Like it?” I playfully asked, and all Mom did was nod. Smiling seductively, I crawled on the bed, and then between her legs. Mom was shaking as I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and lowered my face to her glistening lips. As I licked her outer lips, she moaned heartily. Taking this as a good sign, I let the tip of my tongue lightly caress her slit. As she moaned, I let my tongue venture deeper into her womanly folds. When I got to her engorged clit, I circled around it eliciting louder, more wanton moans from her. When I flicked it with my tongue, she grabbed my head and pulled my lips around her throbbing bud.

“There! God! I haven’t had my pussy eaten in so long! Lick me, Jess! Suck my clit! Just like that!” she cried. Wow! My mom was so hot, and hearing her talk like that was turning me on even more.

As I sucked and licked at her clit and inner lips, I roughly shoved two finger up her wet canal. She almost folded in half at the sudden invasion, screaming in pleasure.

“That’s it! Fuck my cunt! Make mommy feel good! Fuck me! Harder! Faster! Fuck! Fuck! Right there. That’s mommy’s g-spot. Harder! Harder! Fuck me! Oh, FUCK!” she screamed, as I felt her tight tunnel clamp down on my fingers. As her pussy gripped and squeezed my fingers, her pussy sprayed my face with what felt like a gallon of girl cum. I licked up as much as I could off off her lips and thighs, and removed my fingers so I could lap up her juices from deep in her well.

“God, Jessie… That was amazing. I haven’t cum like that in ages,” she mewed as I cleaned the juice out of her cunt.

“Good. Now you can eat me,” I tell her as I crawl up to her. She pulled me to her mouth, and kissed me deeply, sucking her juices off my lips. I pull away and push her head down my body. As I lean back against the head board, she begins suckling my nipples, lightly teasing them with her teeth and tongue. “Mmm. Mom, you are good at that. Are you sure this is your first time?,” I joke with her. She nods, and smiles up at me, my left nipple still between her teeth.

She then started easing her way down my body, trailing her tongue across my skin. Everywhere on my belly her tongue touched, she left a trail of goose bumps. When she got down to my pussy, she wasted no time in seeking out my little bud. She clamped her lips around it, and started viciously sucking it. My head rolled back as waves of pleasure raced through my whole body. When she started lapping at my clit, my hips began thrusting in time to her licks. Emboldened by my obvious enjoyment, she began licking the entire length of my slit. She would use broad tongue strokes that would spread my outer lips, and lick the entirety of my crevice. She would use just the tip and explore the folds of my inner lips.

“Mmm, Mommy. Just like that. Eat me. Eat you baby’s cunt.” I encouraged her.

As she dove into my wet love tunnel tongue first, she brought her hand up and started rubbing my clit as she ate me.

“Oh, Mom! God. That’s good! Play with my clitty while you eat me! Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck your little girl with your tongue! Faster! Faster! Make me cum, Mommy! Make your baby cum! Cumming! Cumming! Fuck! Mommy!” I screamed as a massive orgasm wracked my body. I clamped my thighs around Mom’s head, holding her and her tongue in place. I could feel my pussy clamping down on her tongue, as she just held it in place. When my orgasm calmed, my mom came back up to me and held me, not as a daughter, but as a lover.

After we had a chance to process all that had taken place over the last few hours, I decided to clear the air.

“So, this was your first time with another woman?

“Yes. As far as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve even fantasized about women. This was really a first.”

“And Jack? What about him?”

“Baby, I’d love to get a piece of that! After what you said about how he filled you up. I need to try!”

“And Amy? You said you wanted to talk with her over at Leanne’s.”

“I did, didn’t I? And by talk, I mean a million other things. Possibly involving Lee and a certain large cocked dog.”

“I know how I can make that happen. If you call her out on it, she’ll deny it. But, if you had some evidence, you could probably get her, and watch Jack get her too,” I offered.

This got my mom’s attention, and I explained my plan to her. She called Leanne, and let her know what was going to happen. After hanging up the phone, my mom took me in my arms, and kissed me with a lover’s kiss, and we made love again before drifting off to sleep.

For the next week, I went to school and hung out with Amy like nothing had happened. There were a few times after gym class where I would catch her watching me while I changed, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then Friday after school, I put the plan into action.

We were walking home, and my cell buzzed. “Hold on, Amy. Text from my mom.”

“Maybe she’s going to be gone for the weekend again,” Amy said and winked.

“Shit…” I said trying my best to sound shocked.

“What?” Amy asked.

I just looked at her and handed her my phone.

Mom: I know about you and Amy. And Jack.
Get your asses over here. NOW!

The color drained out of Amy’s face, and I knew our plan just might work…

Wanted to say thanks for reading! These have been fun stories to write, and I look forward to continuing this little story arc. As before, any comments are welcome, and feel free to PM me with any suggestions for stories or how this story arc should continue


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