Lovin' in the Cabana

Veronica was having a pool party at her parents estate. Yes, their estate. They have three different pools areas and a dozen different little changing rooms. I couldn’t believe that their little changing rooms were almost bigger than my bedroom at home. I got there with just about everyone else and finally found one open way in the back that no one was using because the light was out. That was ok by me as the blinds over the windows still let in a little light.

I was eager to show off my new bikini because I knew my body was my best asset. C-cup breasts, thin waist, and bubble butt, I would be smokin in my skimpy new two piece.

The problem is that even I have to admit, I’m odd looking. As a child, I was in an accident that broke a lot of my facial bones. After surgery, I looked ok, but as I’ve grown to adolescence, my face just doesn’t look right. I’ve had several plastic surgeries, but nothing has helped.

I had my pants off and was taking off my bra when the door opened, and Veronica’s twin brother Kevin stepped in. I guess I had forgot to lock the door. I could see well enough to know who it was. I liked Kevin, but he had been mean to me in grade school and wouldn’t give me the time of day in high school. I heard him mumble something about needing to get some relief, or he’d blow a load during the party. He threw off his shirt and skinned down his jeans and pulled the biggest dick I had ever seen out of the fly of his jockeys.

I watched in the dim light as he sat on the toilet and started to jerk off, his eyes closed and his arm pumping furiously. I crept up on him, and he was so busy, he didn’t hear me. In the dim light, I could see just how big the head was swelling. I reached out and replaced his hand with mine. He didn’t react at first them his eyes shot open. “Who are you?” I slowed, but didn’t stop pumping.

I pressed my naked breasts against his arm. “Does it matter?”

A moan escaped his lips. I got in front of him and pulled him to his feet. Our lips met, and his tongue invaded my mouth as we kissed. He grabbed my still panty clad ass and ground his erection into my crotch. I could feel how wet I was getting.

I eased away and knelt in front of him. I watched as it pulsed in time with his beating heart. A bead of precum oozed from his slit. I wiped it into the palm of my hand and started to beat him off. A low moan escaped his lips as he rolled his head back. He was long enough, and my hands were small enough that I could use both on him.

I leaned forward and licked the next blob of precum from his slit. He groaned and replaced it with another almost immediately. I put my tongue just under his head and flicked it around.

“Oh my fucking god,” he said. “Where did you learn that?”

I kept quiet and started my decent forward onto his cock. One of the few benefits of the accident was that I was left without a gag reflex. Terrible for choking on a hot wing. Great for deep-throating.

I reached behind him and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into my throat. I wished the light were better, or I could see a recording of his face as I took him completely down my throat. My nose mashed against his pelvic bone. Holding him there for a moment, I slowly backed up. I continued to jerk him. “Tell me when you’re close. I’ll take a big breath and do that again. You can put your hands on my head if you want to. I’d love to feel your fingers in my hair, but if I pull really painfully on your balls, you let loose right way. You hear me?”

He grunted a yes, and grabbed my head working it faster and faster on his dick, fucking my mouth for all we was worth. Spit and precum flowed out my mouth and down my chest. I was squeezing my thighs together and was getting close to getting off myself.

“Oh, fuck I’m gonna…” I took a deep breath and took his length back inside my mouth. I could feel him start to twitch as I started to hum. That was all it took. With my head in a vice like grip he unloaded a huge load straight down my throat. Feeling him pulse brought me off as well, and I started to feel woozy from lack of oxygen. Just then he let loose of my head, and I fell back onto the floor and finished my own orgasm.

I recovered first and crawled over to him. After having dumped what felt like a gallon of cum down my throat, he was still rock hard.

I climbed up on the large vanity by the sink and perched there on the edge with my legs open. It was lighter here, and he could see he who I was. “Susy? Is that you.”

“Again, in here does it matter?” He shook his head and stepped towards me. He stepped in for a kiss, and his boner skinned against my creaming crotch. I felt him back up and rub his precum against me. I broke our kiss, “I don’t need more lube, I need your cock inside me.”

He positioned himself against me and pushed. I could feel his huge head parting my cunt lips for the first time. I tensed up without meaning to and made it hard for him to get inside. He paused, “What’s wrong?”

“I suck a mean dick, but I’m still a virgin. Go slow.”

He nodded, and ran his hands over my body, giving my large breasts a lot of attention. All the while, putting steady gentle pressure forward. I felt a bit of a sting, and I drew in a hissing breath. Kevin stopped immediately. “You ok?”

“I think I’m not a virgin anymore Kevin, you just took my cherry. Go ahead press forward.”

He give a push and buried himself inside me. “God, I feel so full” I reached down a diddled my clit. “Don’t move yet Kevin, I want to feel you just like this for a little more.”

“If you hadn’t given me that killer blowjob, I’d have blown inside you long before now. Don’t take too long, I want to move. I want to fuck you.”

When he said the words “I want to fuck you”, my second orgasm began. I grabbed him and held him close wrapping my arms and legs around him. “Don’t move you bastard, this one is just for me.” I grunted and cramped my way through the best orgasm I had ever had up to that point. I could feel every throb ot the heartbeat in his cock as it was planted inside me.

As my orgasm finally let go, he hooked my legs over his shoulders and began to pull back out. I thought going in was good, but out was good too. The best thing about out is that in was coming back any second. He started pumping, and I could feel him kiss my cervix with every downstroke.

“Fuck Susy, you are sooo tight.” He hissed. I heard someone grunting in pleasure, and I realized it was me. It was like that second orgasm had never really stopped. I couldn’t think of anything other than the huge dick that was battering my poor little pussy.

I could feel it get bigger, and I knew he was getting close. My orgasms were coming one after the other. I couldn’t talk, I was reduced to a rutting animal, my body wanted his baby batter, and I was doing everything in my power to milk it out of him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum Susy, I’m gonna fill you up with my cream.” I think he was expecting me to tell him to pull out. We weren’t using any sort of protection after all. What he didn’t know was that he had literally fucked my brains out. I wasn’t thinking about how close in my cycle to my fertile time it was, how dangerous a load of sperm would be inside me. All I was thinking of was that my body wanted him to keep pummeling my vagina again and again and again and again.

I watched as his face cramped up and he shoved himself inside me as far as he could go. Our trembling bodies ground my clit against his pubic bone just like nature intended, and when I felt that first twitch of his bloated fuckstick as he began to unload inside me I began another orgasm unlike any I had every felt. I think we both yelled out, but I’m not sure of anything. My whole being was focused on the pumping of his huge load inside me.

As we lay there too exhausted to uncouple from each other, I thought I heard giggling outside, but fuck em, I really didn’t care.

We showered and got into our bathing suits. Just before I opened the door to the cabana, he stopped me and took me into his arms. “I know I haven’t always treated you like I should have, but will you go out with me?”

I stepped away from him, “Ask me later, in front of all your friends. I’ll consider it.”

He nodded and opened the door.

We slipped back to the party and no one saw us leave. Later I heard there were jokes going around the party of someone getting killed with pleasure in one of the cabanas, but I sat there and just nodded, sexually sated for the first time in my life.

Later, Kevin approached me. Several of my friend started whispering behind me.

“Hey Susy.” I lowered my sunglasses to look at him.

“Yes, Kevin isn’t it?” A pained look came over his face. I could see a couple of his bro’s on the other side of the pool had noticed and were nudging others who had not.

“I’ve been thinking, you wanna go out some time?” He was blushing, and I noticed he had a partial erection.

I sat up straighter in the pool chair and adjusted my bikini top. His penis lurched to full mast. My friends had noticed and were definitely giggling now.

“Weren’t you the boy that threw mud at me in the sixth grade? ” He blushed and nodded.

“Weren’t you the one who last year in the school news called me the only sour note on the cheerleading squad?” He definitely looked sick.

I stood up and walked over towards him. I walked around him, examining him like a piece of meat. “Yes, I will go out with you. After you tell all your football friends how good I am, maybe I can get a real boyfriend. Now get me a drink, I’m thirsty.”

Conflicting emotions ran across his face, shame, anger, lust, and finally resignation. “What do you want?”

I adjusted the straps of my top, “Diet of course, I have to keep my figure.”

As he left to get my drink, my girlfriends mobbed me. We had a good laugh, and I intimated that we had got together earlier, but didn’t go into too many details.

Later on, after getting him to serve me all afternoon, I found him sitting behind a table in one the little private grottos built into the landscape.

“My guys all think I’m a pussy now. Thanx.” I sat down beside him.

“Just getting a little back after all those years of you being mean to me. I promise I’ll let up.” I reached under the table and began to stroke him through his bathing suit.

“That feels good” he moaned.

Looking around I realized you couldn’t see under the table unless you were behind it, so I got to my knees, crawled under the table and pulled his cock out. With his junk sticking out over the top of his waistband, it looked huge. (I’d later find he topped out at about 9 inches).

I started giving him a blowjob, and he loved it.

As he neared the end, I heard someone coming into the grotto. “So I see one of you finally came to your senses.” It was Veronica his sister.

“What?” was his articulate answer.

I sucked lower on his dick. “Although we are rivals on the cheer squad, Susy’s a great girl with a smokin hot bod, especially in that suit she was wearing today.” I had about two thirds of his dick down my throat, and I could tell he was getting close.

“Uh, yeah. She’s really sexy.” He was squirming in his seat.

I backed up and took a large breath. Pushing forward I took him all in.

“Something wrong lil brother? You look flushed.” I backed up an inch and then went back down again. I repeated the motion.

He must have been giving himself away as she started laughing. “Is Susy down there right now? You gonna cum soon lil bro? You have that look.” His body vibrated as I assume he nodded his head.

She laughed again. “Susy, you treat him right you hear. He can be a jerk sometimes, but he’s got a sweet side he doesn’t show many people.” I raised one hand above the table top in a thumbs up gesture as I began the final assault on his dick. Sucking and slurping since she knew I was there already.

“Go ahead and cum down her throat. I wanna watch you cum. You’re making me horny. Watch me jill off while you get your blowjob.” A groan escaped her lips. I wished I could see her, and imagined her with her hand down her suit front. Strangely it turned me on. A lot.

“Don’t look so shocked lil bro, I know about the hole in my bedroom, I’ve been showing off for you for years.”

Hands grabbed my head, and he shoved himself to the hilt as he unloaded down my throat.

He gave a moan as he fired stream after stream of cum directly into my belly. I could hear Veronica groaning as well as I assumed she orgasmed along with her brother.

I crawled out from under the table to find two very satisfied looking people sitting there. Veronica had one breast uncovered and a hand still down her suit.

“Poor Susy, we had our fun, and all you did was work,” Kevin said as he grabbed my hips and put me up on the table. Taking off my suit bottoms, he spread my legs an began to eat me out.

I had never had anyone do that to me before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I realized I could get to love it very quickly.

Veronica came over and laid on hand on the top of one of my boobs. “Is this ok? I’ll leave you two alone if you want.”

I reached up and untied my bikini top. She leaned down and took one of my nipples in her mouth. It was liked an electrical current ran through me from my chest to my crotch. I closed my eyes and let the feelings flow. After a bit, Veronica let up on her assault of my chest and Kevin paused in his licking, but then he started up again. It felt different, like he knew more where to go with his tongue down there.

I opened my eyes to find Veronica between my legs and Kevin behind her lowering her suit bottoms. “Oh, fuck me lil brother, fuck me!”

I ground my crotch harder against her as we all rushed towards orgasm. With Roni’s face in my crotch, and Kevin’s back towards it, I was the only one who could see the entrance to the grotto. Standing there were Kevin and Veronica’s parents. I was alarmed for a moment until I realized that their father was behind their mother, and he was pumping her from behind in time with his son’s strokes. She had a smile on her face and raised a finger to her lips in a shushing motion.

Their dad couldn’t keep is eyes off his rutting son and my breasts. I cupped my boobs and brought a nipple to my mouth to suck. His eyes were fixed on me now.

“Better be careful Roni,” I said. “Are you on the pill? I’m not, and he filled me so full of sperm earlier I thought a fire hose was going off inside me.”

A frightened look came over Kevin’s face. “Oh god your not are you? You were having some kinda reaction, and they took you off. I’m gonna need to pull out soon.”

Veronica lifted her head from my crotch. “Don’t you dare! I’ve wanted you or dad to fuck a baby into me since I was twelve.”

At that pronouncement, both father and son started emptying their balls with almost identical “O” faces. I scooted down and stared to kiss Roni and fondle her breasts as she shuddered into orgasm on her brother’s creaming cock.

Looking over Roni’s shoulder I could see her mother and father finishing as well. They pulled their bathing suits back into place, and her mother made a phone gesture with her hand and mouthed “later”.

I hadn’t come, but that was ok. I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into, and how good it was going to be.

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