Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part Four – Day One
Or more appropriately: Me, My Ex- Girlfriend and Her Best Friend


Winter 2006

I had just turned 27 years old.  I was living in a garage apartment in Florida.  I was writing every day and had just gotten a deal to publish my first book with an added three book deal signing bonus.  I was seeing a girl named Amanda that lived next door to me.  She was beautiful and we were both healthy and happy.  Life had finally settled down.  Things were looking up and the future was bright…  Mundane, but bright.  Then I got a phone call that changed my entire life forever.


“Johnny boy, Johnny boy!  How the hell are you man?” I heard in a thick southern accent that I immediately recognized.

“Dan!  What’s going on dude?” I asked, happy to hear from an old friend.

“Well I know it’s gonna break yer fuckin’ heart to hear this, but I’m getting married.” He replied.

“No shit?” I asked.  Dan was one of my best friends from high school.  We both grew up in Texas.  After school, I moved away.  He didn’t.  I hadn’t spoken to him in almost a year.  “Not to Charlotte I hope?”

“Hell no!  I broke up with that crazy skank last year.  No man.  New gal’s named Crystal.” He laughed.  “Anyway, I’m calling because the wedding is in March and I want you to fly yer happy ass down here and be one of my groomsmen.”  Dan wasn’t a cowboy or anything.  That was just how he spoke.

“It would be an honor Dan.” I said.  I couldn’t help but wonder…  “Are you gonna invite Belinda?”

Belinda had been my high school sweetheart.  The summer after my freshman year of college, she and I had had sex with her best friend Marcella a number of times and then once more a couple of years later.  Not too long after that last time Belinda and I had broken up.  (If you want all the gory details, read “Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Parts 1-3)

“Yeah, is that gonna be weird for you?” Dan asked.

“No, not at all.  I was just wondering.” I calmly replied.

“Well, yeah dude.  The whole crew is gonna be there!  Chucky’s gonna be my best man.  I still need to call Joe, but Scotty’s already agreed to be a groomsman too!  The whole crew dude!” Dan laughed.

“Awesome.” I said as I immediately started wondering how weird it would be to be around all of those faces again…  But most of all, Belinda.


“Did you tell Amanda yet?” Alexis asked as she shoveled some spinach into her mouth.

“No.  I don’t think she’ll care though.” I replied.

“Really?..” Lexi stared at me.  “Your girlfriend isn’t gonna care that you are going to a wedding with all your old friends and that your ex-girlfriend is going to be there, and you’re probably both gonna get shitfaced?”

Alexis had been my best friend for about two years.  She was a lesbian and that kept our banter strictly friendly.  There was never a risk of getting nervous or lying to get laid.  It was nice to have a woman’s opinion on things.

“She’s not really my girlfriend…” I trailed off.

“That’s right.  You’re ‘keeping it casual’ right?” she laughed.  “So, are you nervous about seeing Belinda again?”

“A little.” I sighed.  “I mean, I shouldn’t be.  We broke up like 5 years ago.  We still talk and have dinner every once in a while.”

“Yeah, like twice a year.”  Lexi remarked snidely.  “When was the last time you saw her?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe April?” I wondered.

“Well that’s a lot longer than usual.”

“Yeah.  She started dating some guy that she works with and stopped e-mailing me.”

“Huh…  Where are you staying?” Lexi asked.

“At my mom’s.”

“Gonna get to see your dad?”

“Not this trip.  He’s in California until May.” I answered.

“Bummer dude.” Lexi said as she finished her salad.

I was sitting alone in my apartment that night.  Amanda was working late and I was drifting around in my mind. 

Was I nervous about seeing Belinda again? 




Dan told me the entire crew was coming.  Did that mean Marcella was going to be there too?  All I did in the summer of 1999 was hang out with that crew of people and then have amazing sex with Belinda and Marcella.  I couldn’t unlink the two in my mind.  The old feelings were rising.

Was I happy with Amanda?  I like her…  Like?…  Is that enough?…  I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.


I got home from work and found my wedding invitation in the mailbox.  I had already bought my plane ticket.  I hadn’t been home in a while, so I booked it for two days before and two days after the wedding.  I could only imagine that Belinda had gotten her invitation too.

I waited a few days and got on MySpace.  (That’s right.  MySpace) and sent Belinda a message asking her if she was going to go to the wedding.

That night I got her reply.  She was indeed going and then said that she would call me at lunch time the next day.



“Hey Johnny.”  I would recognize Belinda’s voice in a hurricane.

We spent the entire lunch hour on the phone.  I asked her why I hadn’t heard from her in so long.  She told me that her boyfriend is a little possessive.  His name was Bruce.  (A few months down the line, Bruce and I would be in a fist fight, but that’s another story.) 

She was interning at a law firm and in order to make ends meet, she had taken a hostess job at a local night club.  I hate night clubs.  Anyway, Bruce owned the club.  After a few months, they started seeing each other and about four months ago she moved in with him. 

She was 28 years old then.  Bruce was 43.  I didn’t like that very much either. 

Apparently, ole’ Bruce had a reputation for being a bit of a philanderer, but as usual, Belin chose to see the best in him. Bruce couldn’t come with her to the wedding because he had some investors coming in that weekend or some such bullshit.  I was at least glad for that. 

I asked her if she still talked with Marcella and she said they e-mail, but that’s about it.  She then told me that Marcella was also coming to the wedding.  I asked if her husband John (not me.  It’s a common name) would be coming.  She said “Oh no.  No, they’re separated and she’s filing for divorce.  It’s pretty nasty from what she’s told me.”  All I could think was ‘Who in their right mind would ever let a girl as beautiful and sexually uninhibited as Marcella get away?’ 

Anyway, I said that since we’re all planning on going stag, why don’t the three of us go together? Belinda said that she was in, but asked me to keep it on the down low.  She told me not to put it on MySpace (that’s right…  MySpace) or anything because Bruce might not like the idea of her hanging out with her ex-boyfriend.

That night, after a great deal of hesitation and a few beers, I called Marcella.  I hadn’t heard her voice in almost three years.  She still sounded exactly like she did in High School.  I ran the idea of the three of us going together past her. 

“That would be so great!” she gasped.  “I’m sooo looking forward to seeing you!”  There was a pause.  “And Belinda and everyone else too.” She finished.

The last time I saw her she had been engaged.  Despite that fact, she and Belinda and I had had a very intimate threesome.  Something happened between us that night.  There was this unexplainable connection.  The next day, she met me alone and we made love for the first time without Belinda being present.  When we kissed, it was deeper than just physical.  There was passion and there was love.  We admitted that we were in love with each other on that day.  We had just waited too long.  Soon after that, she was married and I never heard from her again.  Now, all of a sudden, she was single and we were about to be in the same place at the same time.  Did she still harbor those feelings? 

Did I?

“Yeah, me too.  It’s been way too long.” I said as casually as I could muster.  “I can’t wait.”


I spent my first night back home with my mother.  We went out to dinner and caught up.  My step father was in the hospital with cancer and she wasn’t handling it well.  It was great to see her again despite the undeniable sadness in her eyes. 

I slept in my old room that night.  They had converted it into a guest bedroom some years before.  It was strange being in that room that was so clearly ‘my room,’ but just…  well, NOT anymore.


I woke up to the smell of coffee.  It was the day of the rehearsal dinner and I was excited about seeing everyone again.  Belinda and Marcella were not actually in the wedding, so they wouldn’t be there, but Dan had planned a get together at the Cider House afterward and all of the guests were invited.

On my way to the church, I called Belinda.  She asked me what time the after party was.  I wasn’t really sure, but I told her I would call once we were heading over there.  She said that she would go get Marcella and meet us there.

The rehearsal dinner was fun.  I got to pal around with the boys a little as we ran through all the motions.  Honestly, I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  The anticipation of being in the same room with Belinda and Marcella after all so much time was just too big. 

I hopped in my mother’s SUV that I had borrowed and immediately called Belinda.  My palms were sweaty.  I was actually nervous!

“Hey, it’s me.  We just got out of the rehearsal and I’m driving toward the Cider House now.”

“Cool.  Marcella and I are at the mall.  We’ll meet you there in thirty minutes or so, okay?”  I loved hearing the sound of her voice again.

“See you there.”

I had beaten them there by a good twenty minutes and was glad to have the extra time to down a couple of shots of whiskey to help ease my nerves.  We had pushed about four tables together and everyone was laughing and yelling and having a good time when the door swung open, and there they were.

It was so strange.  It was like the whole room froze completely around me.  They walked in laughing and it was like they were in slow motion.  My two Latina goddesses, together again at long last.

Belinda looked amazing.  She always did.  Her hair was cut a bit shorter than I had ever seen it.  It was still long though, hanging in light brown wide spirals down to the center of her back.  She was wearing dark boot-cut jeans and a tight beige sweater with half sleeves.  It had one of those big wide hoops around the collar that hung down above her perky C-cup breasts.

Marcella was wearing knee high boots and a black skirt that hung just below mid thigh.  On top, she was wearing a red lacy top that was covered up by a tight fitting denim jacket.  She looked absolutely amazing.  Her breasts had always been larger than Belinda’s, but that night, they seemed even larger than I remembered.  Her hair was longer than Belinda’s and was jet black with blonde high-lights.  Her eye make-up and lip liner were both dark.  I always thought of Marcella as being beautiful in a classic sense, but that night, she looked flat out ‘hot!’

I was suddenly thrown back into reality by Dan’s shrill voice shouting “Look who’s here!  It’s Johnny’s Angels!”  The comment was met with a chuckle.

I rose to meet them and shared a strong hug with them both.  Marcella lingered just a bit longer than one would in a casual hug and I immediately wondered again if she might still have feelings for me still.  It was short lived though, as Belinda and Marcella joined the table and ordered some drinks.  In just moments, it was as though the last eight years had never happened.  It was the gang again!  It was the summer of 1999 again and we were all just a bunch of crazy kids with too much time on our hands and the whole world out there just waiting to be conquered. 

We laughed and told stories and drank for a couple of hours before one by one, folks started saying their goodbyes.  By midnight, Belinda, Marcella and I had broken away from the group and were seated in a cozy little booth in the corner.  It dawned on me that it was the exact same booth we had been sitting in nearly five years earlier before we went back to my place and all ended up naked for the last time.  I had a little smile over that all to myself.

We got another round and kept talking.  We talked about Belinda’s boyfriend and she apologized for never writing or calling me anymore.  She told us that he’s a little possessive and sometimes it bugs the shit out of her.  Then she told us that he shouldn’t be that way because he’s such a flirt and he’s always talking to other girls.  I was beginning to like Bruce even less than I already did.

The mood was immediately brightened when Marcella told us that she couldn’t have been happier!  She had a few unkind things to say about her soon-to-be ex-husband and it was very clear that she was ready to be rid of him once and for all.  I guess in the end, she felt like he held her back.  He was just a boring old soul and would stop her from doing the things she wanted to do at every turn.  I actually felt a little sorry for him.  I knew Marcella was a wild and passionate woman and I could only imagine how hard it would’ve been to keep up with her.

It wasn’t too long until last call was made and we had to leave the bar.  Like a god damned rat, those gears in my brain started creaking back to life.  I thought:  Amanda and I are just casual, right?…  She’s not here anyway.  Belinda seems like she’s pretty annoyed with her current man, and Marcella is ready to celebrate being rid of hers…  Maybe if I just…maybe.”

I was driving back to my mother’s house and could see Marcella’s head lights in the rear view mirror.  She and Belinda followed close behind and I smiled to myself again.  I wasn’t ready for the night to end and, thankfully, neither were they.  I knew my mom would be asleep by then and I knew there were several bottles of wine in the liquor cabinet.  It was an easy sell.

I parked mom’s S.U.V. in the driveway in front of the garage.  I didn’t want to risk waking up my mother by opening the garage door.  Marcella parked on the curb and the two of them followed me around the side of the house to the back patio.  They waited outside for me as I snuck in and grabbed three glasses and two bottles of wine.  When I got back, they were sitting in wrought-iron chairs on the deck, talking and laughing.

“What did I miss?” I asked as I began uncorking the wine.

Marcella smiled up to me and said “I was telling Belin that the last time I was in this back yard was during that summer, like seven years ago.”

“Oh, yes.  The infamous summer of ’99.” I said as I handed her a glass.

She smiled as I poured the wine.  “Does anyone even remember how all that crazy shit got started?”

I handed Belinda a glass.  “It was ‘truth or dare.” I said.

“That’s right!” Marcella exclaimed as she slapped her knee.  “You dared us to make out with each other right?”  

Belinda giggled quietly.

“That’s what started it.” I said.  “At some point that night, you two dared me to jerk off while you watched.” I laughed.  

Here we were.  The three of us, sitting out on the same deck where it all began and I was awash in memories of the three of us together.  We all laughed at the memory of that night.  We were so young.  The laughter soon trailed off into an awkward silence.  Marcella finally broke it, saying “That was the best summer ever.”  Her eyes were tangled up in her memories and she was smiling.  Then her face went serious.  “Now look at us.” She paused.  “Belinda’s living with some old guy.  I’m about to get divorced.”  She leveled her eyes at Belinda and me.  “What happened to us?”

Belinda took a big sip of wine.  “We grew up.”  There was another long silence.  “And Bruce isn’t that old.”

Marcella opened her eyes wide.  “Well, I’ve known you since we were little kids Belinda, and I can tell when you’re happy, and girl, YOU ain’t happy.”

Belinda looked back at her.  “A few months ago, I caught Bruce texting some girl.”

Marcella and I both leaned in closer.  “He was asleep and I heard his phone go off, so I looked and there it was.”

“He was cheating on you?” Marcella asked.

“He told me that nothing ever happened.  That it was just flirting, but I was never really sure.  He gets phone calls late at night all the time and tells me that it’s work stuff.  Anyway, then Dan’s wedding came up and, all of a sudden, he has some big investors coming to town, so he can’t come with me…”

“So you think he’s having an affair?” Marcella asked.

“I don’t know.” Belinda barked, clearly frustrated.  “It just seems really convenient is all.”

“If you don’t trust him, you should just end it!” Marcella said.

Belinda stared down at the deck.  “I don’t want to talk about it right now.  Just forget I said anything.”

There was another deep silence.

Finally, Marcella turned to me and smiled “Well, at least one of us is doing well, right?  So when does the book come out?”

“Sometime in June is all I know right now.” I smiled.  I didn’t want to make light of Belinda’s situation, but I was proud of my accomplishment and soaked up Marcella’s attention.

We talked more about my book and I told them what dealing with a publisher was like.  Belinda never brought up Bruce again that night.  In fact, she didn’t say much at all for the rest of the night.  It was getting close to 3am and the wedding was at 2pm the next day, so we finally called it a night.

I walked them to Marcella’s car and hugged them both goodbye.  I headed in and fell into bed.  I lay in the dark for a few minutes with my mind racing.  I couldn’t sleep.  I was worried about Belinda.  I had never seen her like that before.  She had always been a fiercely strong and independent woman.  Now she seemed bitter and hollow.  It all had to be stemming from her new boyfriend.  She was never like this back when she and I were together.

Belinda and Marcella had been gone for about twenty minutes when my phone began buzzing on the night stand.  I picked it up and peered at the screen.  It was Marcella.

“Hello?” I answered. 

“Hey.”  I was relieved to hear that her voice was calm and even.  We had had a lot to drink and it was a pretty long drive to Belinda’s house.

“Is everything alright?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She sounded so sexy.  “I just dropped of Belin.  I wanted to see if you were still up.”

“Yep.  Can’t sleep.” I smiled.

“Why not?” she asked.

I thought for a moment.  “I’m not sure.” I lied.

“Well, your house is pretty much on the way to mine.  Want some company?” she asked.

That wasn’t true.  My house was easily three miles out of her way.  My mind spun rapidly as I tried to assess the situation.  I went over the facts one by one.  Three years ago, Marcella told me that she was in love with me.  She is currently going through a divorce.  Since I initiated contact with her three months ago, she has been extremely flirtatious with me.  She just dropped off Belinda and now wants to come back over alone.  It’s  3:30am…


I had been in love with Marcella for years.  Since our wild summer together, I had thought about her at least once every single day.  During the majority of that time, her best friend (Belinda) was my girlfriend.  Then, Marcella got married.  Things had never lined up for us.  Now she was (almost) single and so was I!  Could this really be what I was hoping it was?  After all these years?  If it was, what would happen after I left?  Would I move back to Texas?  Would she move to Florida?  How on earth would we tell Belinda?…

I was getting ahead of myself.  It could be nothing…  I took a deep breath and tried to relax.  I told myself to just go with it.  Be natural.  I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth and got dressed.

Ten minutes later, I got a text.  “I’m outside.”

I slipped out of my room and crept through the darkness toward the back door.  I opened it as quietly as I could and stepped outside.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I searched for Marcella.  She was nowhere to be found.  I wandered over to the gate and stepped into the front yard on the side of the house.  As I rounded the garage, I found Marcella leaning against the front of my mother’s S.U.V. in front of the garage door.  She looked up and smiled at me.  “Hey.”

“Hey.” I smiled back.

There was a long silence as we just stood, smiling at each other.  Was she as nervous as I was?  She finally broke the stillness.  “So, are you as worried about Belinda as I am?”

I stepped closer to her and leaned against the garage door, folding my arms in front of me.  “Yeah.  She doesn’t really seem like herself these days.”

“She doesn’t even resemble herself these days.”  There was clear worry in her voice.  “I feel like we should have an intervention or something.”

I felt like an idiot.  There I was thinking that she was coming over to profess her love to me…  It seemed that she was just concerned for her best friend.  I let out a heavy sigh.  “I think you’re only supposed to do that with addicts.”

“You have to get her away from that guy.” She pleaded.

“Seriously?” I smirked.  “Belinda is a grown woman.  Besides, we broke up years ago.  It’s none of my business.”

“You still love her though, don’t you?” she asked, wide eyed.

I froze.  Her question was so ‘point blank’ that I needed a moment to collect my thoughts.  I felt a warm tingle growing in my chest.  I did.  I still loved her. 

Had I ever stopped?

The swell of emotion was frustrating me.  I brushed it out of the air like a buzzing gnat.  “Does it even matter?  We broke up!  If she decides to be with some asshole that treats her like dirt, that’s her business now, regardless of how I feel!  Whether or not I’m in love with her doesn’t make a damn bit of difference.”

She stepped closer to me and raised her voice.  “Well, clearly you still are or you wouldn’t be getting so upset!”

I leaned in closer to her.  “What difference does it make to you?  You live a thousand miles away!”

She inched even closer to my face.  She was so close that our noses were almost touching.  “Because, like you, I’m still in love with her too!”

That shut me up.

I wasn’t sure how to react.  She wasn’t in love with me.  She was in love with Belinda.  I felt let down in a strange way.  I let my gaze slide down to my feet as Marcella took a step back and leaned against the car again.  I didn’t know what else to say.  “You’re in love with her?”

Marcella fell silent for a moment and looked off in the distance.  Finally, she spoke.  “Yes…  Something happened to me that summer when the three of us were doing all that crazy stuff together.   When it was over, I chalked it up as us just being young.  Maybe I was too young to know what it was at the time…  Anyway, after that summer, I went out searching, hoping to find that feeling again.”  She took a deep breath.  “After a couple of years, I sorta gave up.  I met a nice guy and got engaged…  Then I went home for the holidays…”

“Three years ago.” I finished for her.

“You remember.” She said as she looked over to me.  She was referring to the night when the three of us got together when I was living in a rent house with a few friends.  (See ‘Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part 3’ for the full story.)  “Being with the two of you again…  It was back!  I felt that feeling again.”  I raised my eyes to meet hers.  “It was love.” She looked away.  “When I got back to Austin, I tried to recreate it with John.  I went through with the wedding…  but it was just never there.”

“Do you remember the day after that night?” I asked.  “When you came over to my house alone?..  You told me that you loved me.”

“I did…  Or I do…” she sighed.

“You just told me you’re in love with Belinda.” I responded coldly.

“No, you idiot…” she paused as she cupped my face in her hands.  “I’m in love with both of you.”  I raised my eyes to meet hers.  Her face was inches from mine.  “Don’t you remember how it felt?..  How perfect it was when the three of us were together?”

Suddenly it all clicked.  It was a revolution of the mind.  I thought about my ridiculous past.  How I always sought out women that were open to the possibility of sharing.  Suddenly I understood her.  I had been looking for the same thing too.  I had been trying to recreate the past.  To find that feeling again.  I was in love with Belinda AND Marcella.

She stroked my cheek.  “Belinda and I are best friends and I get to tell her that I love her all the time.  The reason I came over that day alone was because I wanted to tell you the same thing without hurting her…  You were her boyfriend.”

My mind was spinning like a propeller.  Years of pent up passion and feeling came screaming to the surface as I grabbed her face with both hands.  “God damn it, I missed you.” I spouted as I pressed my lips to hers.

The kiss was like a super nova.  Fire and fury burst from us like a shower of sparks.  Her passion met mine head on and we were nineteen years old again.  I pushed her against the hood of the truck and kissed her deeply.  We were like two prisoners seeing the sun again for the first time in years.  No matter how hard I pressed against her body, I felt I couldn’t be close enough to her.

She reached up and violently pulled her denim jacket off of her shoulders and let it fall to the ground behind her.  I buried my face in her neck as she moaned “Ah, god – I’ve wanted you inside me for the past three years.”  I pulled her close and kissed her hard again as I forced my hand between our bodies.  I placed my palm on her swollen breast and squeezed it through her red laced top.

I wanted to feel her skin.  I reached down to the hem of her top and tugged it upward.  It fit really tight and the material didn’t give an inch.  It was laced on the sides and in the front and I could only imagine it would take a while to get out of.  Marcella leaned back from me and looked me in the eyes.  “Just- just tear it!” she moaned.

I gripped it at the top by her breasts where it formed a ‘V’ with both hands and urgently tore it open like a child on Christmas morning.  I took only a moment to admire her flat tan stomach and her beautiful dark breasts which threatened to spill out of the sheer black lace bra she was wearing.  She gasped as it tore all the way down to the bottom hem.  With her eyes still wide, she smiled at me before resuming our passionate kissing.  She dropped her arms to her sides and let the ruined top fall down on top of her jacket.  I immediately found the clasp of her bra and in moments had it undone.  She leaned back again as she shimmied out of it and let it too fall to the ground.

Her breasts were even more beautiful than I remembered.  Smooth cafe skin that was a perfect contrast to her dark quarter sized nipples.  I cupped her left breast and bent down to draw her erect nipple into my mouth.  She shuddered as I swirled my tongue in circles around it.  I then felt her hand brush past my thigh and urgently squeeze the outline of my rapidly swelling cock.  Within seconds, I was as hard as an oak and I felt her hands drift upward and industriously begin working on my belt.

I was still licking and biting at her nipple when she pulled my belt open and started yanking at the button of my jeans.  Then, she forcefully yanked my zipper down and my jeans fell around my ankles.  We started kissing again and I felt the soft skin of her palm rest against the base of my shaft.  Her fingers wrapped around me and she let out a soft gasp.  “Ah fuck, I missed your cock.” She hissed.

We kissed deeply and passionately as she stroked my cock for the next few minutes.  It wasn’t terribly cold out for a March night and I was glad of it.  I felt like my heart was on fire.  The startling realization that I was so deeply in love was a bit overwhelming.  I was so embroiled in what was happening that I almost forgot that we were standing in my driveway for the whole world to see.  I suppose that added to the excitement in a way.

I finally grabbed her firm ass and hoisted her off the ground and sat her on the hood of my mother’s car.  She was still wearing her black skirt and knee high black boots.  She lay back against the hood as I pushed her skirt up to reveal her matching black panties.  She was watching me and smiling as I reached for the crotch of her panties and pulled it to the side.  What I found underneath was a very pleasant surprise.

Her little pink pussy was now completely shaved.  I looked up at her and smiled.  “Holy shit.”  She giggled at me as I gripped her thighs and buried my tongue in her warm snatch.

Her giggles quickly became muted moans as I went to work on her.  Her pussy was as smooth as silk and had a slight sweetness to it.  “Ah, fuck!” she whimpered.  “You’ve gotten really good at that.”  She stretched out across the hood of the truck and moaned as I worked on her for the next couple of minutes.  Soon enough, her moans were getting closer together and more high pitched.  Those were tell-tale signs that she was going to cum.

She must have wanted our little tryst to last a while longer because she stopped me before she could climax.  I rose up as she slid off of the truck and pushed me against the garage door.  She then kicked her denim jacket toward my feet.  She took a step closer to me and kissed me as she gave my cock a squeeze.  Then she dropped down to her knees.  Still holding my cock in her hand, she stared up at me and began rubbing it on her lips as she began to speak.  “Doesn’t this feel right?” she asked as she stuck out her tongue and pressed it against my cock.  “Did you miss this?  Did you miss tasting me?” she asked, licking me once more.  “Did you miss my mouth?” she asked as she finally parted her lips and slid her mouth over my cock.

She gripped the base of my cock firmly as she vigorously pushed and pulled her lips up and down my shaft.  It was different than it ever had been all those years before.  There was nothing clumsy about her movements.  She was experienced and confident now.  It was then my turn to repay her compliment.  “Oh, fuck.  You’ve gotten really good at that too.” I moaned.

Each stroke was an expert maneuver.  Everything she did felt amazing.  After a couple of extremely pleasurable minutes, I groaned “Shit.  Shit, stop.  You have to stop.”

She continued stroking me as she pulled her mouth away.  “Why?”

“Because you’re gonna make me cum, and I don’t wanna cum yet.” I smiled.

She smiled back at me as she rose to her feet.  She grabbed the hem of my Tee shirt and started pulling it up.  “I don’t want you to cum yet either.” She smiled as she pulled my shirt off of me.  She had gotten me completely naked right there in my driveway and I couldn’t have cared less.  She leaned in and kissed me again before stepping away and reaching underneath the sides of her skirt.  Her fingers locked on to her target and she sensuously pulled her black panties down to her knees.  They slid the rest of the way down to her ankles over her knee high boots on their own and then she stepped out of them.

She then took me by the hand and led me around to the side of the house where there was soft grass and the light from the street lamps wasn’t quite so bright.  She lay me down in the grass on my back and climbed on top of me.  She kissed me soft and wet as I felt her knees come to rest on the ground on either side of my hips.  Finally, she sat up and looked down at me in the dim light.  “I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too.” I whispered back.  The light from the street faintly caught the outlines of her beautiful body.

She reached between her legs and pulled the loose cloth of her skirt out from between us and then lowered herself slowly down until I could feel her saturated lips rest against the tip of my cock.  “I want you inside me.” She moaned.  “I want to fuck you every day.”  I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I was on board.  Love and lust don’t always coincide.  With Marcella, in that moment, they did.  I had fallen back in love with her so hard that my stomach hurt.  At the same time, I wanted to fuck her harder than I’ve ever fucked anyone ever before.  It was an incredibly intense feeling.

She relaxed her thighs and my cock glided into her.

She rode me slowly and passionately at first.  One hand rested on my stomach and the other, she used to tousle her long dark hair.  She was gently bouncing up and down and we were both trying to contain our moans.  She then bent forward and we kissed again.  Our kiss was almost as electric as the sex was.  I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her onto her back.  We continued to kiss deep and hard as I gently made love to her in the grass.  I rocked into her in long deep strokes.  She bit my shoulder and placed her hand on the back of my neck.

Naturally, I began to speed up my movement and her moaning grew in both frequency and intensity.  “God, I missed you so much.” I panted into her ear.

“I missed you too.” She moaned.  I had moved from ‘making love’ into aggressively fucking her by then.  She raised her legs up into the air next to my body to allow me to penetrate her deeper.  “I missed you so fucking much!” she wailed.  She hoisted her legs up further still and I could feel the length of my entire cock slip into her.  She bit my earlobe.  “I can feel your balls hitting my asshole!”

“You like that?” I goaded as I pounded her mercilessly.

“Yeah I- I fucking like it!” she moaned.  Her body then began to turn beneath me.  “Get behind me.  I want you behind me.”

I slid out of her and she rolled onto her side and then settled on her hands and knees in the grass.  Her skirt had fallen down to cover her ass.  I positioned myself behind her and jerked her skirt up onto her back, exposing her beautiful round Latina ass.  I gripped her hips and eased back into her warm pussy.  “Fuck me hard!” she demanded.  “I wanna feel your fucking balls smacking my clit.”  I grabbed her hips firmly and went to work on her.  I was pumping her hard and deep.  I watched her body rock and shake as I pounded her cunt.  Every so often, she would turn her head to the side.  She was making the hottest faces! 

Unanswered questions swirled around in my mind.  What was this?  Where was it going after this?  What would happen?  At that moment, I honestly didn’t care.  Being with Marcella again felt so right in so many ways.

“Put your finger in my ass!” Marcella moaned.  I immediately snapped back into the present.

I wet my thumb in my mouth and slid it between her beautiful round ass cheeks.  When I found her puckered hole, she moaned softly.  I kept fucking her as I swirled my wet thumb around her butt hole, applying a slight degree of pressure with each rotation.  “Fuck yeah baby!  That’s it!” she moaned.  Finally I began to force my thumb up her ass and she screeched into the night.

I had pushed my thumb as far up her ass as I could force it.  She was bucking hard against me as I pounded her sweet bald pussy.  Despite how much I was enjoying everything that we were doing, I was dying to look at her.  I wanted to see her face and witness each nuance and expression she made.

I slipped my thumb out of her ass and then pulled my cock out of her saturated fuck hole.  I reached underneath her body and grabbed a perky tan breast in each hand and pulled her upright.  She leaned hard against my chest and threw her arms up into the air as I squeezed her breasts and buried my face in her neck.  “Were you about to cum in me?  Is that why you stopped?” she hissed with a seductive smile.

“No.” I smiled back, raising my head.  “I just wanted to see your face.” I said as I turned her toward me and kissed her deeply.  As we kissed, she turned her body to face me.  We were both on our knees, kissing in the moonlight when I felt her nimble fingers wrap around my wet cock and begin eagerly stroking me again. 

A moment later, she pulled away from me.  I leveled my eyes at her.  She was smiling at me as she stroked my cock.  “Does that feel good?” she asked.

“What do you think?” I laughed.

She smiled again and lowered her eyes back down to her hand which was busy at work.  “I wanna make you cum.” she paused.  She then put her free hand on my chest and pushed me backwards.  I fell onto my back in the grass and Marcella leaned down and drew my meat into her soft wet mouth.  Her lips felt wonderful as they softly slid up and down my shaft.  I thought she was going to try and finish me off that way, but she soon rose up to her knees and straddled me.

She pulled her skirt out from between our naked bodies and gripped my cock.  She eased her hips forward and gently rested the lips of her cunt on the tip of my rod.  Then, her beautiful body lowered down and I felt myself slipping back inside of her.

She rode me there in the grass for what felt like another twenty minutes.  I watched her beautiful body rise and fall.  I watched her spectacular tits bounce and sway with each impact.  I watched the moonlight play on her magnificent form.  We were staring into each others eyes as she reached her climax.  It wasn’t ten seconds later that I was announcing the arrival of my own.

She hopped off of me and knelt at my side.  My cock was saturated with her juices and she jerked it fast and hard until I spewed a stream of hot cream onto my chest and stomach.  The last bit oozed out of me and melted over her fist.

I lay naked in the grass, empty and out of breath as Marcella bent down and licked the cum off of my belly.  She took her time, making sure that she got each little splash.  Once I was totally clean, she sat up on her knees again and swallowed.

I couldn’t believe everything that had happened.  I was shocked, but also overjoyed beyond comprehension.  She kissed me again and then stood up.  I rose to my feet behind her and followed her back around to the front of the house.  We stopped between the S.U.V. and garage door at the top of the driveway where we had left our clothes.

I slipped into my jeans as Marcella examined her lacy top which I had torn off of her.  She laughed as she tossed it on the hood of the car before pulling on her denim jacket over her naked breasts.  She fastened three buttons and then straightened her skirt.  I slipped into my tee-shirt as she bent down and retrieved the black thong she had been wearing.  She balled them up in her hand and stepped closer to me.  I bent down and our lips met a final time as she slipped the panties into my pocket.  She then stepped away and grabbed her top off of the hood of the car.  “See you tomorrow.” she smiled as she headed to her car.

NEXT: Day Two.

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