Morgan’s Curse – Chapter 3 of 4
By Haramiru –

The Events Thus Far

Morgan Le Fay is Merlin’s ex-girlfriend, cursed to jump bodies forever. She’s on a mission of revenge, out to kill Merlin now that he’s been reincarnated. She’s accompanied on this mission by her lust demon servant, Argyle. After a brief stop along the way (where the succubus was gang-banged by a bunch of frat boys, and devoured their souls), they’ve made it to the San Diego area, where they can start the search for Merlin.


Part 3a: Preparing for War

The rest of the drive to San Diego was long and uneventful. I planned to stay in Rudy’s body until after I’d finished my recon, as it would actually be harder for Merlin to detect me in this body than in a female one radiating Power all over the astral spectrum. While Mr. Wulf did say he’d just been reborn, I know much better than to trust that Merlin will be unguarded.

Mouse had made sure his frat boys did well in Vegas (nothing boosts pride like a good winning streak at a casino), so I had several thousand dollars in cash and didn’t care about budgeting. This meant I was going to indulge my body’s craving for food.

One of the pleasures I find in male bodies is just how much food I can wolf down. On average, males have faster metabolism, more muscle, and just an overall faster burn rate. It was a little bit like occupying a werewolf body, but not quite in the same league. We’d stopped at a Mexican / Greek / American restaurant on the 101 Coast Highway, and both ordered relatively large meals.

My eyes darted around the restaurant a bit, and kept landing on shapely female bodies. We were near the beach, and the see-through “cover-up” tops the girls wore were frequently sexier than the swimsuits underneath them. It was all I could do not to stare.

I was most of the way through my carne asada burrito, while Argyle was mostly playing with her gyro. She was enjoying herself, though. She’d gotten the attention of a neighboring table full of Marines, and was toying suggestively with a french fry.

She focused on each one in turn, sucking seductively on the french fry while she kept fidgeting with her neckline. When she began to expose areola, I slapped her hand and muttered, “Step it down, slut.”

She gave me a pouty look, then swallowed the french fry. “At least I’m getting something salty,” she observed suggestively.

I shook my head and went back to my lunch. My last body and its pregnancy had brought with it a strong dislike for Mexican food. I fully intended to enjoy this burrito before switching into yet another pregnant female body, which might or might not share the last one’s biases. This meal made me look forward even more to killing Merlin, though. Once he was dead, I could inhabit a female body that wasn’t pregnant for a change. For that matter, even if I did get pregnant I ‘d still occupy my own body after giving birth. After century upon century of constant body-hopping, getting to stay in one place for a lifetime sounded amazingly good.

Polishing off the last of my burrito, I stretched and turned my attention to Argyle. “Where do we go from here?” I asked.

She closed her eyes and steepled her hands as if she were praying. A very faint purple light emanated from the center of her forehead as she opened her mind’s eye and peered around on the astral plane. Moments later, her lips curled in a smirk and stayed there for a few seconds before she opened her eyes again. “About twenty miles south of here. Near the coast, I think.”

Five minutes later, we were back on the freeway. We’d drive for a few miles, then stop so Argyle could take a sighting, then get back on the road again. This got us closer and closer to him, until we finally found his neighborhood.

“Something’s strange, Morgan”, said Argyle after her last sighting.

I sighed. “Decoy?”

She shook her head. “No, you’re not going to believe this. This time, he’s an infant. And he’s in that house right there.” She pointed at a nice two-story house with a relatively large, green lawn, probably worth a few million. This time, Merlin had done quite well for himself.

I was puzzled. “An infant? He’s never been an infant before.”

Argyle nodded her head. “Right. Every time we’ve chased him down so far, he’s been wearing the body of whatever poor soul inherited that dick portal of his. But this time, he’s a baby.”

I smirked. “In that case, he’s pretty much defenseless. You can’t cast anything useful until you reach your teens at least.”

“Don’t you still want to take a female form before you confront him, though?” asked Argyle.

For a minute there, I didn’t want to. I was so close, and I could’ve just walked up to the house, smashed down the door without using an ounce of magic, and struck down my nemesis in his crib. Maybe I’d have Argyle find me a gun first, so it’d look like a crazed home invasion. That tempted me for just a moment, but the temptation didn’t last long. I needed to gloat, and I needed Power to show off with. I wanted him to know he’d been beaten thoroughly, and that meant I needed a female body.

I sighed. “Yes, I still need a body. You can eat Rudy once I’m out of him, too. He was an asshole.”

Argyle purred. “You’re feeding me so much lately, master. I’m going to get fat.”

“What can I say? Lately, a lot of people have deserved it.”

We drove the car a few blocks east, and parked it over by La Jolla. By now, Rudy may have been reported as missing, so it was time to change identities anyway. Argyle and I got out, took what was left of our cash, and set out to find me a new host body.

I look for different things in a woman than I do in a man. For one thing, to keep Argyle happy, I seek out the worst men so that I don’t feel bad if she eats them once I’m done with them. I’ve mastered the ‘wounded bird’ act; rapists and various other malcontents think they’re in for a touch of heaven when they see me, but I sell them a one-way ticket to hell. Their families may miss the predatory fucks that I feed to my succubus, but the world is better off without them in the long run. It’s been demonstrated that children learn how to interact with the opposite sex by watching their fathers, and my goal is to break the chain and keep these men from passing on their values to the next generation.

Women, on the other hand, are a much more complex decision. I have more to think of more than just myself, or even the woman I’m possessing. Any woman I possess is going to wake up somewhere a few months later, and much more pregnant than they should be for having only been missing for a few months. I arrange for each woman to get half a million or so in compensation, but it’s still a traumatic experience. And that’s just the mother. I’m also creating a life, and have a responsibility to the child to pick a mother who won’t screw the kid up too badly.

Until the last twenty years or so, the social stigmas of single motherhood and being born a bastard basically restricted me to married couples. I’d frequently possess a husband, then possess his wife for a while, and then move on to another couple before the baby was due. That era wasn’t exactly the most conducive to my living the high life.

Nowadays, I tended to go for a young middle-class college-age girl. Even in California, finding one of them and dropping half a million on her tended to result in a healthy long-term outcome for her and the baby. At any given time, I imagine I had around 150 living direct descendants, just based upon how often I jumped hosts and the average human lifespan.

Those were the things I had on my mind as I scanned the shoreline, looking for my next target. It wasn’t long before I found one. She was a sultry dark blonde in denim short shorts, creatively cut to reveal more skin than they covered. Her top was a narrow-cupped string bikini, from which her well-formed C-cup breasts peeked out from either side. They swayed side to side as she walked towards me, hypnotizing me with desire. A hissing gasp sounded at my left side; apparently, Argyle had noticed her as well. I glanced over and saw that she was biting her fingernail appreciatively.

“Stuff it, demon”, I muttered. Argyle’s only reply was a little whimper. When I let her play with girls as a female, Argyle is gentle and attentive. Lust demons can only suck souls out through sex which could produce children. Still, the risk that she’d switch to her incubus form and fuck their souls right out was more than I wished to risk.

The blonde continued walking in my direction, and I started walking straight towards her. Under my breath, I used my body’s limited casting ability to render me irresistible. Under the influence of this glamour spell, Rudy’s reasonably built, slender body may as well have belonged to Brad Pitt.

I was now only feet away, and I could see that the spell was taking effect. She couldn’t take her eyes off of me, and looked shocked when I turned to her and asked if she had the time. Flustered, she stammered for a second, then realized that she had a cellphone. She fumbled as she pulled it out of her shorts pocket, then held the display up to read. She was centerfold model material, but she was as giddy as a schoolgirl with her first crush. “It’s about 5:32pm. The sun will be going down soon.”

I raised an eyebrow. “I’ve never seen an ocean sunset before. Would you like to join me?” I inquired.

I could see a momentary flicker of rational disagreement in her eyes, but it was only a flicker. Moments later, she’d turned around and was walking out to the beach with me.

Argyle tagged along at a discrete distance, letting us have our space. The girl was still carrying her beach towel, so we spread it out on the sand and watched the waves roll in and out as the sun edged ever closer to the horizon. As the bottom edge of the dull orange-red ball touched the ocean, I turned and kissed her on the lips. She looked at me for a moment, not in surprise, but as if she was trying to decide how exactly to reciprocate. That didn’t last long, as she replied by leaning in and passionately returning the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her to me, enjoying the sensation of the breasts which would soon be my own against my own chest.

It wasn’t long at all until we sank back onto the towel, getting horizontal without disengaging our lips. It was only moments from that point until I was on top of her, squeezing her to me as she ran her arms up and down my back. We cuddled, kissed, held each other, and that was just the warm up. I’d run my fingers over every inch of her body by the time the ocean sunset finished a half hour later, and as soon as darkness fell, we began moving to the next stage. I slipped off my shorts, and she practically tore off hers. “I’ve never done this before. I mean, with someone I just met.”

I shrugged. “Hey, firsts all around. This is my first time on a beach – well, this century anyway. And just so we’re not strangers, my name’s Morgan.”

She grinned. “You’re such a character, Morgan! I’m Julie.” She reached up and pulled my face back to her lips, and we kissed again. Seconds later, our lips ceased to be the only point of connection between us. My penis was now inside her, thrusting joyfully inside of her moist warmth.

I’ve said that I prefer being a woman, and that’s certainly my professional preference. As a sorceress whose power stems from fertility magic, it’s pretty much the only way I can actually wield any significant fraction of the power I held before being cursed. But when my curse is over, I actually am going to miss having sex as a man. I find it very hard to decide which gender I actually prefer fucking as, because they’re both awesome.

Julie had begun moaning softly, her voice barely audible over the waves crashing on the beach behind us. “I’m going to cum inside you”, I whispered into her ear. She gasped, and I could feel her pussy clench reflexively around my cock as she thought about it.

“Okay,” she panted, “I’m on the pill anyway. Just don’t stop, ok?”

I chuckled as I thrust harder, burying myself as deep as Rudy’s cock was capable. I squeezed her ass, feeling every inch of her body as she pressed herself against me. “You’re still gonna get pregnant”, I told her.

She bucked her hips harder. “I’ll have any baby you can sneak past the pill. I’ll name him Lucky”, she panted. I was getting close to my climax, and Julie had just given me the closest thing to informed consent I’ve had in years. A fire built up in my lower body as my erection grew harder and stronger. My breath started to come in ragged gasps, and she squirmed underneath me as her orgasm started, then she shrieked as it reached full blast. “Fuck me”, she commanded. “Get me pregnant if you have to, just fuck me! I’ll have your baby!”

I couldn’t hold out any longer. Her legs were wrapped tightly around me, and her taut hips were pressed against my thrusting groin, straining to pull me inside her just a fraction of an inch deeper. Sperm shot out of me like a cannon, bathing her womb in seed and guaranteeing conception. Julie gasped and panted, then sighed in contentment as I rolled off of her. I’ve learned the hard way not to stay on top of a woman long after cumming inside of her. After all, the pregnant girl trapped under a disoriented and unconscious man would be me a few minutes later.

Immediately after I rolled over, my back picked up a coating of sand where I’d been sweating.

“Oh my”, said Julie as she shifted her hips experimentally. “I can’t believe I let you cum in my pussy.”

I smirked and ran my finger along her thigh, and then traced a line up to her belly. “I can. I just can’t believe you doubt that I got you pregnant.”

Julie gave me a saucy look. “You’re really sure of yourself, aren’t you Morgan? It’s almost like you’re…” and she trailed off. I started feeling distant and disconnected first, and the world went out of focus. The world went murky for a moment, and then it shifted and slowly came back into focus. I was still looking deep into the eyes of someone I’d just fucked, but now I was in Julie’s body, looking back into Rudy’s face.

I stretched my legs, feeling the cum ooze out of my pussy as I did so. I finished Julie’s sentence for her as, “…yes, it’s almost like we’re pregnant, except that we are.” I stretched my limbs and yawned, stretching my body experimentally. No hidden pains, no trick joints that I noticed. Next, I flexed my power ever so slightly with a basic vision spell. As expected, Julie was particularly fertile, and would’ve probably gotten pregnant (just not as quickly) even without my Curse’s intervention. She was the perfect body to ride into my final confrontation with Merlin.

I turned my head, and saw that Argyle was already straddling Rudy’s unconscious form. She looked at me as if to ask my permission, and I nodded. I may have had a fine time in his body, but it didn’t change the fact that Rudy deserved damnation. Argyle snapped her fingers, and Rudy awakened with a start. She’d turned her charm way up, and Rudy’s eyes reflected the violet glow from her eyes.

Rudy realized with a start that he wasn’t anywhere near when or where he’d last remembered. “Wait a second”, he started, “you’re not the pregnant bitch that I was about to -“, he started to say. A thunderclap of a slap struck his cheek and silenced him completely.

“Never speak of my master that way, human. Now get out your cock. My pussy’s not going to fuck itself”, Argyle demanded.

Rudy practically jumped, trying to scoot away from beneath Argyle.

“What, don’t you want to fuck me?” Argyle grinned, a manic and twisted expression. She let her skin smolder and burn away, revealing her red flesh. She hissed softly, her tongue darting out from her mouthful of needle-sharp fangs.

Rudy’s fists slammed into her ineffectually as he tried to get out from under her. Argyle uttered a minor word of Power, and his cock (which I’d never put away after impregnating Julie) stiffened. He let out a shriek of pain as the stiffest erection of his life took hold on his cock.

“Better get that into me, mortal, or your cock will explode”, Argyle snarled.

Rudy said nothing, too terrified to move as Argyle shifted position and slipped her pussy over his shaft. He let out a gasp of pain and pleasure, as the succubus lowered her hot pussy over his shaft. “Fuck me, mortal!” Argyle repeated.

Rudy finally gave in and thrust, driving himself into her as tears ran down his eyes. Apparently he didn’t enjoy being forced to have sex. The succubus drove up and down, pistoning his cock into stimulation until he let out a plaintive cry and ejaculated into her pussy. There was a whiff of brimstone as the contract for his soul was complete.

“Thank you”, the succubus hissed, as she stood up. Rudy stared upwards in horror at her bright-red demonic form standing above his chest. His eyes were drawn to Argyle’s bare pussy, which was dribbling out his sperm now. It now had a dull orange glow, though. For a brief moment in time, it dangled from her pussy lips, and Rudy tried to scoot away from beneath her. “No”, Argyle sneered.

The words themselves were his restraints; Rudy struggled to move, but his wrists and ankles were shackled now by invisible bonds. He was frozen in place, unable to move as the thick gooey fluid dripped free of her cunt and plummeted down to the center of his chest.

“GAH!”, Rudy screamed as his own sperm splashed down his his chest, and then began searing its way through his skin. Another droplet came out, and another, and another. The drops of glowing fluid grew as they consumed his flesh, letting out a reek of sulfur and burning ham as they started to move like caterpillars across his body, and in and out of his skin. “God, please make this stop!” Rudy implored to the heavens as the orange rivulets of altered sperm continued to eat through his flesh like maggots.

Argyle shook her finger at him. “God? If you had anything to do with Him, I couldn’t have even touched you. I can only take the corrupt, Rudy.” The scorching, burning fluid had now consumed most of his legs and the lower half of his rib cage, leaving a screaming torso with an arm and a half attached. Rudy still found it possible to scream; Argyle’s kills always screamed until the last. “I’ll go to church, I swear, I’ll be goo – AGH!!!!”

That was the last thing Rudy was able to say, as the fluid burned its way up through his esophagus and erupted out of his mouth, consuming his face. We could hear Rudy’s faint screams of terror as the fluid finished consuming his body, then coalesced into a ball of glowing orange material, vaguely doughy in appearance. Argyle picked it up with a grin, then spread her legs just a little and popped it up into her pussy.

Argyle purred appreciatively for a moment, then turned towards me and said, “Thank you, master. His eternal suffering shall earn me favor among the damned.”

I shrugged and said, “He had it coming. Now get dressed.”

Argyle nodded, then spread her legs a little. Within a few seconds her clitoris had grown into a penis, her breasts shrank and then retracted into firm pectoral muscles, and a pasty gray fluid began oozing out of her skin.

A few seconds later, the fluid had hardened into skin and hair, and a hard-bodied nude man stood before me. “Aw, do I have to? Are you afraid you’ll end up fucking me this time?” he inquired in a British tough-guy accent.

I smiled and shook my head. “Not a chance, demon. Now put on your clothes.”

Argyle grumbled, but picked up Rudy’s clothes and hurriedly put them on. After he’d dressed himself, he ran a hand over his close-shaven, bristly hair. “Not sure this is going to be my best work, guv. I always get a bit … cranky … in this form.”

I half-smiled at Argyle’s antics, but didn’t say anything. As I stood up, I learned that Julie’s right breast had fallen out of her bikini while we were having sex, so I scooped it up and tucked it back into the lightly-padded cup. A little bit of sperm leaked out of my pussy as I first slipped my panties on, then stood up and pulled my shorts up my long legs. I ran my hands through my hair first, shaking my head and admiring how smoothly it flowed through my fingers. Inhaling deeply, I ran my hands down the front of my body, starting off with the soft globes of my tits and running down over my firm belly, then traced the lines of my thighs and ended with my hands on my tightly curved ass. I pressed firmly on my butt and stretched again, relishing the fact that I couldn’t feel my pregnancy at all yet. This early, carefree stage with a flat tummy never lasts for long, but I always enjoy it while it lasts.

“Julie, my dear”, I sighed, “you really did take good care of yourself. I’ll do my best to return this body in as good a shape as I can.” I nodded at Argyle, and we started the relatively short walk back towards the house where we were going to finally kill Merlin.

Part 3b: Confrontation

As we walked up its front walkway, I observed that the house was two stories tall. It lawn was mid-sized, with both an SUV and a sports car in the driveway. Whoever Merlin had been born to was relatively well to do, without being outright rich. I sauntered up to the door, playing Julie’s perfect young body and her skimpy attire to the apex of my feminine wiles. Any male opening the door was doomed. But just in case, I topped off my natural allure with a minor charm spell just before I pressed the doorbell. The doorbell chimed somewhere behind the door, and about 30 seconds later I could hear feet padding towards me.

The door cracked open just slightly, and I saw a single eye peeking through it. “Can I help you?” inquired a male voice. My mouth creased in a genuine smile as I realized I’d hit the jackpot.

I widened it into a well-practiced huge, ditzy smile. “I’m sorry, but my car broke down and my cellphone is dead. Can I use your phone?”, I asked.

The eye behind the door glanced down, dwelling on my inviting cleavage for a while, and then came back up to my face. “I suppose that can be arranged”, he replied.

The door shut for a second, then the pull chain slid away with a clunk and the door opened wide. An astonishingly average-looking man was holding the door open for me. “Come on in”, he said with an eager smile.

Stepping through their doorway, I noticed some family photos on a wall to my left. There was a gorgeous blonde woman with a TV station’s logo in the bottom right corner of the picture, and my host was standing right next to her. And between them was their baby boy. My heart skipped a beat as I realized who I was looking at.

“What a beautiful family”, I remarked.

The man smiled bashfully. “Yeah, I hit jackpot with Brianna. Our son Merle is truly the most exceptional child I’ve ever met. Any I’m not just saying that because he’s mine.”

I smirked knowingly. “Just looking into his eyes, he seems to have an ancient soul.”

The man paused a second before replying, “You’re probably right. But, let me get that phone for you, and then you can be on your way.”

The corner of my eye caught a shimmer down the hall; Argyle had slipped by us and was checking around the house. Almost as soon as Argyle disappeared from view, the man came back with a cordless phone. I idly began scratching at a supposed itch on my nipple, drawing away what little attention the man may have had available. He tried not to be obvious, but his attention was intensely focused on the tantalizing movements which afforded glimpse after glimpse of my hardening nipple. “Thank you ever so much for this. Is there anything I can do to repay you?”, I asked. I brought my hands up a little, lifting my breasts up and pressing them together in a way that I could tell had his full and undivided attention.

He stammered briefly. “Well, Brianna wouldn’t want me to – that is…”

I smirked and used my heel to nudge the front door shut, then simply slipped the shoulder straps off of my bikini and stepped out of my top. He was now looking, unblinkingly, at a spectacular pair of bare breasts. I gave him a very slight push of Power at this point to completely impair his judgment. “You should go wait for me in the bedroom”, I told him.

I expected slack-jawed compliance, but the man resisted me with every fiber of his being. I could tell that he’d been Merlin’s servant for a while now, because an ordinary man’s resistance would’ve been almost nonexistent at this point. I felt a slight twinge in my belly as I applied just a bit more Power, bringing a dull violet glow into the pupils of my eyes until the man’s face slackened, finally defeated. He nodded soullessly, then turned around and started walking down the hall towards his bedroom.

I smirked and followed as he shuffled in front of me, stripped of his free will. Argyle materialized to my right with a slight whiff of sulfur. “Mistress, I’ve found him”, he hissed.

“Excellent”, I answered. The man reached the end of his hall and then turned left, walking through the doorway to the master bedroom. I raised my hand and muttered an incantation, and the edges of the door began to glow violet with a barrier spell. I felt a squirming, slithering motion within my belly as my uterus began, ever so slowly, to expand. I smiled and patted my still-flat belly, confident that I still had enough Power in reserve to accomplish my mission.

I turned to Argyle and my eyes narrowed to slits as I hissed out, “Take me to him.”

Merlin’s room was unassuming, given what he really was. It looked just like any ordinary baby’s nursery, decorated with the stuffed animals and other things which one would typically associate with a boy’s room. But I wasn’t here to look at the decor – I was here to kill someone.

Merlin himself lay in a crib beneath the window, awake but staring at me wide-eyed. Argyle soundlessly followed me in, standing as a mute witness to the consummation of a truly ancient vendetta. Merlin’s infant body lacked the control to do anything useful, but his eyes were as ancient as they’ve ever been. Any other baby might have been staring at the bare breasts jutting proudly from my chest, but I know that he knew exactly who I was. And why I was here.

“Merlin, you’re mine now”, I said. I approached him purposefully, putting one foot in front of the other. My nipples were hard with excitement; I could’ve cut glass with them.

As I pointed a finger at the baby, its face contorted in a look of anger. It looked like it was about to cry, but frankly I didn’t want to bother listening. There was no sense in prolonging matters, and trying to drag matters out with torture or something was a classic villain mistake which would just get me thwarted in the end. I closed my hand into a fist, exerting Power to form the air around his throat into a choking ring of constriction. I had my other hand on my navel, where I could feel my uterus just beginning to expand.

Merlin laughed as if he were being tickled, and waved his fingers at me in a taunt. While he didn’t have the ability to cast spells, he somehow had reservoirs of Power stored up to counter my spells. I’d have to exhaust those reservoirs before I could inflict harm on him through Magick.

“You will die this time, Merlin!” I swore as I changed tactics. I clapped my hands together and all the loose objects in the room levitated, then hurtled at his infant form too fast for the human eye to follow. There was a horrific crashing noise as they met in the center and flattened, forming an expanding ovoid shell of thin-spread debris around a protected core. There was a grinding sound as I continued pouring Power against Merlin, crushing the debris thinner and thinner as I increased the compression force into the multi-ton range. A crackling sound was coming from Merlin as my Power fought his, working hard at draining away his reserves.

Speaking of reserves, I winced as the top of my shorts began to bite into my swelling belly. I paused my spellcasting for a moment to unsnap my top button and let my belly expand freely as appropriate. A mirror hanging on the side of the bedroom revealed that while I’d entered the room as a tall, slender woman with a bikini model’s toned midriff, I was now unmistakably pregnant and starting to approach my second trimester’s worth of development.

The grinding noise changed suddenly, deepening as the egg-shaped accretion of items from around the room began stretching and shifting, growing taller. “Thank you, Morgana”, a child’s voice called out from within.

In a moment, a small but no longer tiny fist smashed its way through the cocoon of debris. “I must thank you for burning off a few years of life, actually. The wards I made my guardian set are designed to begin burning my childhood years once my reserves start draining. I do hate waiting to develop bladder control, let alone speech.” The remnants of the shell cracked and fell away, leaving a small boy who looked like he was around six years old.

“Then I’ll burn you out instead, demon spawn!” I hissed.

Merlin released a wry smile that only a little boy could have achieved. “Only half, remember? My father was a demon; my mother was simply a witch.”

I replied with a fire spell, sending a gout of flame from my fingers and wrapping around his face. I knew the heat wouldn’t get through his shielding, but I was hoping that the flame would steal the oxygen nearby. I felt pressure from within as my baby slowly, inexorably expanded and my belly pushed up and up, lifting my breasts as I entered my third trimester. Speaking of my breasts, they grew as well, going from perfectly formed globes to much larger perfectly formed globes. Merlin boredly paused until the count of ten and snapped his fingers, transmuting my flame into a harmless tendril of steam.

“Seriously?” he asked, yawning.

I looked down and noticed that my pregnancy was advanced now; I was about 8 months along now. Merlin was older too now, about ten. My attempts to burn through his reserves using Magick weren’t doing too well, so I decided that my toned adult body stood a decent chance of just strangling him with my bare hands.

I stomped forward, my belly swaying from side to side as I closed the distance between myself and my prey. The sensation of wrapping my hand around his neck was satisfying for me and utterly unexpected for him. I lifted him off the floor before he could cast anything, and he flailed his feet wildly. One of his kicks managed to strike one of my tits, and I winced as a droplet of milk was squeezed out painfully. A gurgling sound came out of his mouth as he tried to cast a spell, failing miserably.

I shifted my weight and brought him to the floor, holding him down for better leverage. He was fighting me with his body and with his magic, using Power to keep my hands from closing all the way. But he was losing; his battered airway was beginning to close, and his body was aging and growing beneath me as he burned Power to keep it open. I had to burn Power too in defense, but not nearly as much as the frantic boy beneath me. I still shuddered though, as I felt my belly grow outward and touch the arm I was using to choke Merlin to death. There was a sickening moment where I thought my belly was shrinking, but it was only my uterus dropping into position, the baby’s head inexorably orienting itself to pass through my cervix.

Merlin’s magical attacks had ceased entirely, and his physical struggles were weakening by the moment. I was about to go into labor too, but honestly I didn’t care if I wound up giving birth this time as long as I killed Merlin first. Right about then, I felt something press at the crotch of my shorts. “Fuck her”, Merlin managed to squeak out through his clamped windpipe, apparently stated to no one in particular.

I looked down, and Merlin’s erect cock was stabbing ineffectively at my vagina for just a thrust or two. He’d clearly taken my curse into account, and was trying to get me out of my present body by fucking me. But, no matter; I’d taken victory with my bare hands. I relaxed my grip for a moment as Merlin slipped away into unconsciousness, contemplating my next course of action.

Then I hunched over with discomfort as my baby kicked hard, right under my belly button. I put a hand to the spot where he was kicking and my hand glowed a soft orange for a moment, passing a calming spell through my belly wall and into my fetus. I gritted my teeth and returned my thoughts to dealing with Merlin, anxious to end this before I went into labor. The wizard’s teenaged body was still breathing, but only shallowly.

And then I felt a tingling sensation on the outside of my pussy. Momentslater, I gasped in shock as the tingling at my pussy lips gave way to the sensation of a penile shaft sliding insistently into my gradually-dilating vagina. I yanked my shorts down, reaching around my swollen belly as I struggled to pry them off to get at my pussy. In the meantime, the penis within me was hard, excited – the thrusts were about a second in and a second out, filling me with pleasure. I gasped inadvertently, even as I realized what was happening inside of me: Merlin’s damned cock portal. This was far from my first experience with it, but it was my first time since the curse that I’d been on the receiving end. I realized then that when Merlin had gasped out “Fuck her”, that was an order for his servant.

My breath was starting to come in gasps as he thrust within me, striving to reach his orgasm before I could do something about it. I uttered a word of Power to try to sever the link, but the portal itself had several centuries’ worth of Power stored in it, and it resisted me. I pushed magically at his cock, shoving against it even as I felt it begin to twitch and ooze pre-cum into my waiting vagina. Thankfully for me, the Curse’s transfer required the man to have a full orgasm, not just pre-cum, before it would take effect. Still, my attempt to try to push the cock out of me drew just enough from my fetus’s life force that my belly tensed for a few seconds, then relaxed, and then rapidly tightened into a teeth-clenching midriff-squeezing contraction.

“FUCK!”, I growled out as the contraction peaked and ebbed, only to be replaced by the anticipation of the next. “I’m going into labor, Argyle!”

Argyle stepped forward. “What do you want me to do about it, Master?”

“Finish off Merlin for me. As long as he dies, I don’t care what else happens. We win either way”, I said.

Argyle shook his head. “I can touch his guardian, Master, but you know I can’t touch Merlin himself. He’s the son of a Daemonic prince, and not touching our royalty is one of the few absolute rules of my kind. I’d be flayed alive for at least a century, and then they’d move into truly creative torture.”

I winced as I felt the penis within me release a little more precum. The guardian’s climax was coming any moment now, and there was only one way I could get his cock out of my pussy. I put my hands on top of my swollen, hardened, contracting belly and pressed down hard, embracing my labor and pushing harder than I think I’ve ever pushed before. I cast one spell to ease my birth and another to augment my labor. My baby began to open me from within, her head nestled perfectly in the dead center of my cervix and exerting an insistent pressure upon it. The contraction mounted and intensified, leaving my belly rock-hard as my cervix grudgingly continued to dilate. Beads of sweat stood out all over my body as I gritted my teeth and pushed. I was physically shaking with exertion when I felt a wet pop inside me, followed by a draining sensation as my water broke.

Amniotic fluid went gushing down my birth canal, but not a drop escaped my pussy. I imagine that Merlin’s guardian was now drenched and surprised, given that he’s not used to anything passing through the portal the other way. My belly softened then, the contraction coming to an end for a moment. I took in a ragged gasp of air as the pain dulled down, but I could still feel his cock pounding away inside me, getting closer and closer to a climax. I let out a groan of frustration as I put my hands on the top of my belly and insistently pushed downwards, trying like hell to advance my labor without a contraction. I felt my baby begin to slip backwards, and I wailed out in frustration as the relentless pounding within my pussy continued.

Merlin coughed a little bit, but didn’t regain consciousness. I was still kneeling atop him, hoping that if I lost this battle and Julie reclaimed her body, she’d fall unconscious and he wouldn’t be able to breathe under her inert weight.

“YES!”, I cried out as my belly tightened again, the contraction starting with a welcome tightness. The pain mounted quickly – nothing as bad as being burned at the stake on a few occasions, but certainly unpleasant. But as an alternative to being shifted into another body and denied the ability to slay my foe, I welcomed it gladly.

I felt my baby’s head slip easily through my cervix, penetrating me from within and edging into my birth canal just as the cock inside of me made an extra-deep thrust and stayed there, beginning to twitch with what would likely be a titanic ejaculation. I was seconds away from losing Julie’s body when I pushed hard, closing my eyes and screaming with the effort as my baby pushed all the way down to my vulva. I was crowning now, the baby’s head right at the edge of delivert. Merlin’s guardian’s cock was now completely shoved out, unable to re-enter my vagina. I clenched my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut as the contraction tightened and then passed. My legs were spread wide, and there was an awkward protrusion between my legs where the baby’s head was crowning. But I still had my shorts on, and I wasn’t taking them off until this was done. To kill Merlin at last, I could suffer through an extended delivery, no problem.

I opened my eyes and saw that Merlin had regained consciousness, and was staring at the moist bulge in my crotch that hovered over his waist. I had a pained but furious expression, staring daggers at him as my body still desperately tried to expel the baby through my blocked birth canal. “Sorry, fucker”, I panted as I patted the bulge in my shorts, “this baby’s staying in until I decide otherwise. In the meantime, I’m finishing what I started.”

Although everything that was instinctive and womanly in me wanted to just take off the shorts and give birth, everything that was ancient sorceress told me to fight through the pain and kill Merlin first. The sorceress won out, although I couldn’t wait for it to be over so that I could roll over, pull down my shorts, and finish the delivery.

I leaned forward again to reach for Merlin’s neck and finish the job, my belly swaying from side to side and the baby between my legs making it nearly impossible to move. There was a pounding from down the hall, as Merlin’s guardian tried desperately to break through my magical barrier on his bedroom door. My belly tightened again as I had another contraction, transforming my innards into an iron clamp and pressing the baby’s head insistently against my panties.

My fingers had just reached Merlin’s throat when the wizard croaked out, through his abused windpipe, the one incantation I wasn’t counting on. I was straddling him, my legs spread wide to accommodate my baby’s head, and suddenly there was a rending sound. I put my hand down for a split second and felt my shorts disintegrate into their component threads, their cohesion completely gone now.

“SHIT!”, I cried out as I ground my crotch hard against Merlin, trying to keep my baby in as I reached down with my hands. Unfortunately, he had just enough strength to shift his position, and my baby slid out of my birth canal just in time for me to catch her in my hands. I lifted her up incredulously for a moment, looking into the eyes of a beautiful baby girl who was about to be me. I could feel myself starting to fade into the distance as Merlin grinned up at me triumphantly. “Oh, damn it all to hell,” I muttered as I felt my consciousness fade away, transferring into the baby.


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