My baby sister

We never intended for it to happen. Really. I mean who just wakes up one morning and says ‘I think I’ll fuck my sister today?’. I sure as hell didn’t. I’m pretty sure Amanda didn’t either.
It went down like this: Mom and dad were going to some fancy party in the city, and would be gone all night. They left us about a hundred numbers to call for any emergency possible, 50 bucks to order some takeout, and a stern warning to have NO friends over.
“Especially no girls.” my mom glared at me threateningly.
“Mom, relax. I’m not gonna have an orgy with my little sister in the house.” I joked.
“What’s an orgy?” Amanda piped up, and my mom turned beet red.
“Nothing.” I replied quickly, “Have fun mom. C’mon ‘Manda, let’s order some pizza.”
“I want Chinese.”
“Allright, allright. Chinese.”
Mom and dad left in a flurry of clicking heels and too much cologne, Amanda and I settled on the couch to watch a movie and wait for dinner to arrive.
I let her pick out the movie, and she took her time perusing the DVDs before finally pulling out ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.
“This one!” She announced, handing it to me.
“Um…I don’t know ‘Manda…”
“You said I could pick.” She planted her hands on her hips and looked up at me defiantly with her pouty lips and bright green eyes.
“Mom and dad don’t want you watching this kid.”
“That’s exactly why I picked it. Come one Karl I’m thirteen, not eight. What’s so bad about it anyway?”
“Nothing really. There’s just a lot of sex…” Despite her ‘Im a grownup’ demeanor she blushed, and I bit the inside of my mouth to keep from smiling at how cute she was.
“I can handle it.” She declared bravely, and sat down. I shrugged. What the hell? She was thirteen after all. At thirteen I was getting blowjobs behind the school after class. So I popped it in and sat down.
The sex scenes started up pretty quickly, and I was distinctly aware that Amanda was uncomfortable. She kept fidgeting with her chopsticks and shifting around on the couch next to me. I could practically feel the tension rolling off of her when Tom Cruise walked through a room full of frantically fucking couples.
“Do you want to stop the movie ‘Manda?” I asked gently, though she blushed she shook her head vehemently.
Finally the movie ended, and we sat there in a kind of awkward silence.
“Well,” Amanda said nonchalantly as she made a big show of opening her fortune cookie, “That wasn’t such a big deal. The plot was weird.”
“Yeah,” I agreed, taking the cookie she handed me and opening it as well, “I never thought it was great. Lots of boobs, not much story line.” She blushed furiously at that and I pretended not to notice.
“What’s yours say?”
She held her fortune up, ‘You will experience a great adventure’
“Nice. Mine says…You will experience a great adventure.” I laughed, crumpling up the fortune and throwing it on my plate.
“They need to fire the guy that writes these.”
“Can I ask you something?”
Suddenly I was very aware of her big green eyes studying me. I took a deep breath.
“Sure kiddo. Shoot.”
“Do you think I’m pretty? I mean…All those girls in the movie had really big..chests. And long legs and stuff..Is that what all guys want?”
“Well…Everyone has their own preference ‘Manda. And no one looks like that in real life. A lot of those women probably had plastic surgery done.”
“Maybe I should too..” she murmured, and I raised my eyebrows in surprise.
“What? No way. You look great kid. Besides your only thirteen you aren’t even….er developed all the way.” I finished lamely.
She looked so insecure and so young at that moment, when she looked up at me with her big innocent eyes looking so sad and asked, “Would you look at me…at my chest I mean. And tell me if it looks ok?”
My first instinct was to say hell no, and get out of that room. But she was just so vulnerable, that I knew I’d crush her if I did.
“Um…Ok. I can do that for you, what are brothers for?” I joked lightly, and she stood up nervously.
I’d never paid much attention to her body, but now that she was standing in front of me, her light brown hair cascading around her shoulders, the thin tank top she wore accentuating her budding breasts and newly curving hips, her short shorts showing off her slim shapely legs, I realized that my little sister was a total bombshell.
Her fingers clutched the hem of her shirt and she began to slowly pull it up, not trying to be sexy, just very nervous.
I saw the pale skin of her waist, shorts slung low on her hips, then her perfect flat stomach and crazy sexy belly button. As the shirt crept higher I glimpsed the bottom curve of her perky breasts, and as she pulled the shirt entirely off, revealing perfect round globes of pale skin, with tiny pink nipples at their center, I realized I was harder than I’d ever been in my life.
Amanda, my baby sister, stood before me shirtless and all I wanted was to reach out and suck those tiny nipples into my mouth.
“Am I…Are they ok?” I swallowed hard and tried to gain control of myself.
“Yeah Amanda. They are beautiful, trust me. Size isn’t as important as quality.”
“Really? Will you feel them and tell me if they feel all right?”
“N-no!” I choked out, leaning back as she approached, and unfortunately revealing the huge bulge in my pants as I did.
Amanda froze, then surprised me by giggling.
“Karl do you…”
“Yeah. Sorry ‘Manda. So you see you are beautiful, now please…”
“Can I see it? I’ve never seen one before.”
“No way. This isn’t right ‘Manda, please. Put your shirt back on.”
Instead she folded her arms, squeezing those plump little tits together.
“I will as soon as you show me.” The stubborn look on her face told me she wasn’t bluffing, so heart pounding I unzipped my jeans and my cock sprang out, throbbingly hard. Amanda’s eyes grew huge as she took me in, and she ghasped, “Its so big.”
Before I could stop her she reached out to touch me and I hissed in pleasure when her Tiny hand gripped me.
“Does it hurt?”
“No.” I groaned, losing my mind as she lightly touched me, running a finger over the slit and collecting a bead of precum. Just the sight of my baby sisters hand wrapped around my cock was pushing me over the edge, never mind the amazing feeling.
By the time she leaned forward, her mouth hovering over the head and whispered, “Do you want me to kiss it?” I was too far gone to say no.
I watched as she descended onto my cock, not opening her mouth but planting light delicious kisses all over the tip. I groaned at the feel of her full plush lips caressing the sensitive skin. My brain was gone, my dick was in control, and my dick didn’t care if she was four years younger than me, or if she was my sister. My dick just wanted inside that tight little body, and I pressed my hand to the back of her neck and thrust my hips up into her face until Amanda’s mouth was forced open.
“Oh god fuck!” I grunted, jerking my hips up to fuck her wet little mouth. Her eyes were wide with shock, but she didn’t try to pull away so I bobbed her head on my dick and moaned,
“Suck it ‘Manda. Suck it for me beautiful.” She applied a hesitant suction and I went crazy, winding my hands into her hair and forcing my cock deep into her throat.
At some point I thought to myself, ‘My baby sister is sucking my cock!’ That pushed me over the edge, and with a final groan I shoved her head down and came hard, coating the back of her throat with my seed.
She pulled back, sputtering and coughing, not even trying to swallow just letting my cum drip down her chin all over her tiny breasts. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

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