Ranchland – Chapter 5

Ranchland – Chapter 5

It promised to be another warm and sunny day at Ranchland, with a gentle breeze to cool off the worst of the day’s heat. A rainstorm the previous night had washed down some of the dust that always fills the air after a dry, hot spell. But Amy Morrison was completely unaware of all that. In fact, she was only aware of two things. First, she had woken up to the tingling in her pussy as it spread down her silky thighs and beyond, and upwards through her smooth young belly to her breasts, with its final destination being her entire body. All that was because of her second realization. Her Uncle Ben was busy licking and sucking on her clit, inducing another early morning orgasm that had become a staple of her daily routine.

Amy managed to inhale deeply enough before her cum exploded to keep from passing out, but only just. As she capitulated to the inevitable pleasure Ben inflicted upon her, the twitching and shaking of her ravished body accompanied her to that peak where he loved to send her each morning. In retaliation, Amy’s cunt flooded Ben with squirt after squirt of her girl-cum, and he licked and gathered every drop of that delicious nectar that was so addictive to him. As the waves of sexual climax coursed through his niece’s form and she bathed him with her love juices, he felt a strong sense of satisfaction at being able to give her such a warm and loving experience to start her day. He continued to lap at her pussy until she began to relax after the culmination of her cum.

“Morning, Little One” Ben greeted his niece as her breathing slowed to a more normal level. “Ready for another day of chasing cows? We have work to do, ya know. A girl can’t just lay in bed all day, getting her pussy eaten by a certain horny uncle, although the thought of staying right here has crossed my mind several times today” he teased her.

“Morning, Lover,” Amy responded, “but I have something else in mind, now that I’ve been eaten alive. Either your cock is gonna get sucked off, or it’s gonna fill my dripping pussy. Or even better; maybe I’ll have it both ways!” As she smiled lustfully at Ben, he raised himself up just enough to slide up her lightly-sweating body, stopping at her exposed and erect nipples to suckle and pull them between his lips, rimming each one with his tongue while he held it in his mouth. Amy moaned in delight as the joyful sensations coursed through her chest. Those feelings echoed in her still-vibrating pussy, reverberating in her clit enough to almost make her cum one more time.

“God, Ben, if you suck my tits much more, I’m gonna have to ravish you until the cows come home all by themselves!” she growled. As much as she knew they should be getting up to tackle the day, the thought of her uncle’s throbbing hard cock buried deep inside her sent waves of want and desire through her over-stimulated mind and body.

Ben continued to slide up Amy’s torso until his lips were mere inches away from hers, then softly brushed against her delicately smooth skin as he kissed her. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him to her as tightly as she could, pressing her lips to his, then probing his mouth with her tongue. As she captured that part of him, she felt his cockhead lightly pressing against her labia lips. Hist touch ignited a fire of lust within her that could only be controlled by one thing.

“Ben, I need to feel you inside me,” Amy growled as she broke her kiss momentarily, “thrusting that magnificent cock in me. I need to feel you spurt your seed and fill me up with your love juices. Fuck me like only you can; long, deep, and hard.”

Ben responded happily by moving himself so that his cockhead entered Amy’s wet love-hole, then he held back enough to tease her demanding pussy until she screamed for him to fill her to the full depths of her womanhood. Only then did he slowly ease his swollen manhood further, revelling in the soft warmth of her velvety interior as it grasped and beckoned him deeper. Amy’s breathing became more a series of sharp gasps than anything else, as her uncle filled her with wicked sensations of lust. Only when he was buried in her to the hilt did she finally exhale.

Ben slowly began to pump his swollen cock into Amy’s waiting cunt, and the grip she had on him only became stronger and better. As his pace increased, Amy would tighten her vaginal muscles until she had his meat immobilized inside her, then ease back until he could resume stroking her. Each successive contraction induced his balls to lift a little more, yet when she relaxed, he wanted to let the experience go on and on for as long as he could. There was a good ten minutes of this before his life-giving seed finally rebelled at being trapped, and Amy felt the twitches of his cock against her swollen labia that announced he would soon fill her with his boiling cum. As her own clit knotted and began to tingle, she felt the warmth of their love coursing through her, and wanted nothing more than to share their climaxes together. Wrapping her legs around Ben’s waist, she squeezed her thighs against him, forcing his now-filling cock to the very depths of her, in anticipation of his cream spraying and splashing the entirety of her womanhood. Her hips matched Ben’s thrusts as she tried to milk the spunk out of his cock.

“Cum with me, Lover” she mewled in his ear. “Fill me up with that steaming goo of yours. Make my pussy dance on your shaft.”

Wordlessly, Ben drove his cock to the very center of his niece, then kept it there as the first rope of his cum blasted up his shaft, out his cockhead, and deep inside Amy’s waiting womb. The feeling was so intense inside him that all he could do was grunt as each spurt left his body to become a part of hers. Amy wasn’t quite so controlled. The pressure of her uncle’s seed as it entered her pushed her lungs in reaction, and she let out a yelp of joyous reception, each burst inducing her to scream a little louder as her climax spread further and stronger. As her uncle’s orgasm reached its peak, every nerve in her being sent electrifying and explosive jolts throughout her existence. When those sensations overwhelmed her mind with a flashing bright light, she let out a wail of lustful release that threatened to make itself known in Cremona, twenty miles away. Her whole consciousness centred on those sensations, and on the twitching of Ben’s cock as it transmitted its jerky movements to her own hungry body. The result for her was a series of matching convulsions as she shook and trembled in lustful delight.

Once both lovers had reached their pleasure peaks, the post-coital glow of their lovemaking blanketed them completely, shutting out all recognition of the world, save for each other and the heat of their coupling. Ben rolled onto his side, holding Amy so that she remained joined to him as he held her tightly. There was a delicious layer of perspiration that coated each of them, releasing the smell of satiation into the room. That odour made both desire to remain joined for the rest of time.

“Damn, but I love you, Ben Calhoun” Amy moaned, as her body relaxed from the lustful needs her uncle had inspired. “A part of me says that we both need a shower, but the rest of me wants to keep you inside me until sunset, at the earliest.”

Forcing himself to respond, Ben kissed his niece’s pouting lips gently in response, then he whispered softly in her ear, “I know exactly what you mean, Little One. It wouldn’t take a whole hell of a lot to persuade me to stay right where we are all day. God, but you feel so good on my cock. And when you cum on me like that? I could stroke myself inside you for the rest of time. Even when my balls were finally drained and shrivelled up, I still wouldn’t be able to get enough of you!” Then he kissed her deeply and passionately, holding his precious niece tightly. When his appreciation of how special she had become manifested itself in his soul, Ben could feel the beginning of his tears of love start to collect in the corners of his eyes. It was all he could do to break their loving kiss and embrace.

“Come on, Amy, we’ve got work to do,” Ben interrupted himself finally, “and laying here in bed ain’t gonna get it done. As much as I’d love to stay buried deep inside you all day, we both know that isn’t gonna pay the bills or put food on the table. I’ll race you to the shower, my Precious. Ready?”

Reluctantly, Amy began to force her limp body back into reality. As Ben softened inside her and finally slipped out of her with a light plop, the feelings of emptiness ran through her momentarily, and she almost resented their separating. With more effort than she was interested in expending, Amy began to raise herself up.

“This is all your fault, Lover” Amy growled lovingly. “If you hadn’t woken me up with that cum, we’d both have lots of energy.”

“Yeah, right! If I hadn’t eaten that pretty little pussy of yours this morning, you’d have cut my cock off, and fucked it without me attached, and we both know it” Ben retorted back. “I doubt you’d be able to start your day without a good cum. I know I couldn’t without tasting your squirting girl-cum. Damn, but I love the taste of you when you spray me!” he stated. “But, if we don’t get off our fat asses pretty soon, I’m gonna spend the whole day fucking you, and getting screwed until something falls off. Now move your lovely little ass, young lady!”

“The whole day, huh?” Amy teased lightly, a twinkle of lust still in her eye. “Is that a threat, or a promise?” She received a loving swat on her backside for her cheeky comment, followed by another warm and loving kiss. She knew that her uncle felt as strongly about her as she felt about him, and nothing would have made her happier than to have him deep inside her again, but reality was calling, and she couldn’t ignore it.

As she finally got out of bed, Amy noted that their lovemaking had left its mark on the bedding. She commented to Ben that they sure left a messy battlefield. He chuckled softly as his attention was drawn to the evidence his niece pointed out. He’d strip the bedding off and take it to the laundry room, but not before they’d had a shower. On their way into the bathroom, Ben grabbed a couple of large towels, and the two robes that saw daily use. By the time he arrived in the bathroom, Amy had the water spraying, and was easing her gorgeous body under its cascading refreshment. He joined her, picking up the bar of soap in anticipation of lathering up her soft and appealing skin. With particular attention to Amy’s breasts, tummy, and pussy, he washed the front of her body, accompanied by moans of joy and appreciation from his niece. When that side of her was cleaned, he lightly turned her to rinse off the lather while beginning to suds her back, starting from her neck and working his way down to her firm and inviting ass. As Ben ran his fingers between her cheeks, Amy emitted a lustful groan of anticipation, which got louder when Ben’s finger tickled the pucker of her rosebud.

“Lover, if you don’t stop playing with my asshole like that, I’m gonna stroke you until you’re hard enough to give it a good fucking” Amy cautioned her uncle. The thought of his hard cock inside her bowels made Amy’s cunt moisten, and she could feel her love juices begin to dribble down her inside thigh. Ben felt a rivulet of her juices run over his finger, and his cock threateningly twitched as he contemplated filling her with his meat. But as much as he’d love to plow Amy’s ass, there were things to do that couldn’t wait until they had completely satisfied their lust. He turned her so that the shower’s spray rinsed her back off, taking advantage of her revised stance to kiss her deeply and passionately.

“Don’t tempt me, Little One” Ben returned. “The thought of being buried inside your tight little ass is almost too much to resist. Almost. But we have work to do, and this ain’t gonna get it done. I just might have to push you outta this stall if you don’t quit getting me so fucking horny!”

“Not in this lifetime, Ben” Amy whispered, and she grabbed the soap from his hand and began to lather up his cock. “You know how much I love having you fuck my ass. Behave, or I’ll jack you enough to get you hard, then impale myself on you until you fill my ass and make me cum” she threatened as she softly stroked his slowly-thickening cock. Ben was sorely tempted to concede to her threat, despite the practical side of his mind’s insistence that he get on with the day. Her fingers sliding up and down his shaft were almost impossible to resist. It was hard to do, but Ben managed to resist.

Once finally washed and dried, which took an inordinately longer time than usual, the two donned their robes and repaired to the kitchen for morning coffee and breakfast. A brief flurry of culinary activity was immediately followed by the two of them sitting at the table, which satisfied their hunger for food, but not for each other. Ben had chores in and around the barn to tackle, while Amy needed to go over some of the financial records, then catch up on her bookkeeping. Either one could do the mathematics involved, but Amy was better with numbers than her uncle, and they had decided she’d be the operation’s accountant. For now, though, the glow of love permeated the house, and captured its occupants in a web of warmth and wonder.

As Ben was about to go for the coffee pot to get them a refill, there was light knock at the back door. He set the pot back on the warming plate and started heading to answer it. When the door was opened, he was greeted by the sight of Janice Taylor, Colin’s wife. Janice had born their first-born daughter four months earlier, and her figure was returning to its curvy form. Surveying the woman quickly, Ben estimated her age to be about five years younger than his own. She was somewhere around five-foot eight, approximately one-hundred-and-thirty pounds, and preceded by a generous pair of what looked like D-cup breasts. Short strawberry-blond hair framed her pixie-ish face flatteringly, accenting that cute turned-up button nose that announced her soft green eyes and pouty full lips. If Ben hadn’t been so lost in his niece’s love, and if Janice hadn’t been his employee’s wife, he knew he could really go for this woman.

While Ben was checking out Janice, she glanced at her husband’s boss, dressed only in his bathrobe. His dangling cockhead peeking just below the hem of his robe told her what else he was not wearing, and the sight gave her tingles in her pussy and breasts, with the attendant hardening of her nipples. Ben witnessed the nipple’s activity, but was unaware of his own exposure that had initiated Janice’s reaction.

“Morning, Janice,” he greeted the young mother, “you’re just in time for coffee. Come on in, and sit yourself down. Amy’s getting ready to do book work this morning, so I’m gonna clear out for the day, before she dumps it all on me!” With that, he stepped aside to let Janice in. Reluctantly, she refocused her sight on something other than Ben’s half-hidden cock, but her curiosity at its size when fully erect and exposed stayed in her mind. Ben closed the door, both to the back porch, and to the subject of his endowment, as he ushered Janice into the kitchen, then poured her a coffee and refills for Amy and himself.

Amy smiled at their visitor, glad to see a friendly face, and for the divergence from her pending task of balancing the books for another month. She and Janice had become good friends in the months after the birth of Tanya, the Taylor’s new daughter. The Taylor’s move to Ranchland had been welcomed by all four, and Ben had invested in suitable housing for Colin and Janice. Once the baby was old enough, Janice would return to her teaching position at Olds College, even though it would involve a forty mile commute. Ranchland constituted a much safer and more friendly environment for a child than Olds did. That had been a strong consideration for Colin and Janice when they had decided to move.

“Oops, didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” Janice apologized, “ but thought you could use some company for a while. I figured Ben would have been hard at work already. Should I come back later?”

“Nah, grab a seat” Amy invited warmly. “We slept in this morning, and now I can’t get rid of the Old Reprobate.” The smile on her face, the warmth of her tone, and the glassy look in her eye told the world that she’d love to have Ben alone to herself for the rest of the day, if it were possible. That look stirred up warm feelings in Janice as she remembered the sex between her and her husband the previous night.

Colin had come to bed while Janice lay there waiting for him, his cock hard and throbbing as he offered it to her soft, sensuous lips. She had happily kissed its tip, then slid him into her mouth as she lovingly sucked it deep inside, not stopping her assault until she pressed her nose into his pubic hair. With his cock now captured by his wife, he had lain down next to her, his own lips planting delicious kisses on her mound and pussy lips. As Janice had taken him into her throat, he began to lick and suck her clit until it became a hard knot for his tongue to swirl around. She remembered spreading her thighs invitingly, wanting to feel his tongue curl and slide up her now-dripping cunt, which he had lovingly accommodated her with. She remembered the intensity of the climax he had given her, and the copious amounts of his steaming seed that she had sucked out of him, swallowing all of it. They had spent over an hour in that position, and Janice had lost count of how many times she had cum. For that matter, she had also lost count of how much of Colin’s spunk she had relieved of his balls, but it had to be at least five or six full loads of the hot stick substance. Just the memory had her panties beginning to moisten. The realization that her cunt was beginning to ooze also felt good to her. She looked forward to spending the rest of the day in a state of arousal, and the idea of laying in her bed naked while pleasuring herself caused her already-stimulated nipples to harden a little more. While they were hidden inside her bra, Janice wondered if either Ben or Amy noticed, hoping inside her that they did. She had always had an exhibitionistic streak in herself, and the increasing tingling in her pussy only made her desire to expose her body that much stronger.

Ben could easily see the swelling of their guest’s breasts, and the thought of being allowed to gaze at her naked tits sent tingles to his groin. A quick look at his niece’s breasts told him that she, too, was aware of Janice’s rising state of arousal. He had to get out of the house before his cock announced to the world that he was getting as hot as Janice was. The idea of jacking off when he got to the barn had more and more appeal. With that thought, he excused himself, went to the bedroom to get dressed, and left the two women to their own devices.

As soon as Ben was out the door and out of earshot, Amy quizzed her friend about her state of arousal. Janice blushed lightly, then shared her observation with Amy.

“Sweetie, my nipples are harder than diamonds!” Janice confessed. “When Ben opened the door, the tip of his cock was showing under his robe, and that got me horny as hell. It also got me remembering last night, and that made me hornier still. Colin ate my pussy for over an hour, and just thinking about it has my panties soaked! I’m gonna have to go home and finger myself off, if I keep this up!” she told Amy. The vision of Janice pleasuring herself elicited lustful desires in Amy’s young body, to the point where she could feel her own nipples becoming wonderfully turgid, and her juices beginning to ooze from her entrance.

“Janice, would you cut that out, please? You’ll have me remembering how I got woken up this morning, and I’ll be fingering myself off right here at the table!” Amy confessed. Janice’s eyes opened wide, but her glazed look betrayed the fact that it was lust, and not shock, that was the reason. She knew Amy and Ben were lovers, which Amy had reluctantly confessed. The two women had shared a few recollections of their love trysts, not sparing too many details. Janice had also confessed to Amy that the subject had gotten her sufficiently horny to necessitate a good masturbation session when she’d gotten home.

“Gonna tell me how you got woken up this morning?” Janice suggestively asked. “I’ll bet that’s the reason you two are still running around half naked, isn’t it?”

“Nope. Not giving out details. That’s something that’s between Ben and me, and I’d like to keep it that way. No offence, Janice, but it’s become almost a daily ritual, and very ‘special’. As much as we both enjoy sharing details of our love life, that’s one I’d like to keep off the table, if you don’t mind. Remembering it, though, sure does get me feeling horny as hell.” Amy said as she drew a line between what was open for discussion and what wasn’t. Janice felt a little betrayed at first, having bared her soul to Amy, but had to admit that there were parts of her life that she wouldn’t share either. The two women continued to chat and visit until Janice looked at the time, and had to check on her daughter, who had been sleeping quietly in her crib.

“Gotta go check on Tanya,” Janice informed Amy, “to see if she’s still asleep. I swear that one spends more time sleeping than anything else, except maybe eating. I think she gets it from her Dad!” Amy had to chuckle at the comment. In the time the Taylors had lived at Ranchland, she couldn’t recall an incident when Colin had either slept in or over-eaten. His wife, however, looked as though she could stand to lose a few pounds, and her comment just seemed sufficiently out of place to make it comical. Having lived with Ben for just a few months, she understood that there were still lots of personal quirks about him that she had yet to learn. As Janice got up to leave, Amy rose too, and gave the woman a friendly hug.

“Thanks for popping over, Janice. I really enjoy these get-togethers. Bring Tanya with you next time, okay? I think she’s the sweetest thing. Almost makes me want one of my own” Amy invited.

“You got it,” Janice responded, “but next time, try to get Ben dressed before I get here. The sight of a man’s cock peeking out like that gets me so hot, I really lose it. How about tomorrow, late morning, and I’ll be sure to bring Tanya over with me. She’ll sleep through the whole thing, but maybe you’ll get to change her diaper. That should make you think twice about becoming a mother at your young age” she teased Amy.

One of her own? It was an intriguing idea, but she’d have to find out how Ben felt about fatherhood before she went any further with that idea. Their relationship had evolved to a point where she couldn’t imagine sharing life with anyone else, and that realization gave her a warm feeling inside. But dirty diapers wasn’t in her immediate plans.

“Yeah, you’re right. I am a little young to be having kids,” Amy confessed, “but I have a feeling that it’ll happen, if I can convince Ben. Personally, I think you’re the luckiest person on Earth, to have both Tanya and Colin. Until I moved here, I had no idea how wonderful it would feel to be loved by someone as special as my Ben.”

Janice hugged her friend one more time, then left to attend her daughter. As the door closed, Amy had thoughts of a child of their own drifting through her mind. She’d never considered motherhood before, but giving her uncle a son or daughter had a real appeal inside her. She’d have to find out how Ben felt about the idea.

Ben came back inside the house just before lunch to find Amy still pouring over the ledgers. He had no idea how long she had been working, but her frustration telegraphed itself throughout the room. A break from her chore might be a good idea, Ben thought to himself.

“Hi, Little One” he called out. “You about ready for a break?”

“God, yes!” Amy answered, the tone of her voice betraying how glad she was of Ben’s suggestion. “If I have to look at one more number, I think I’ll scream.” Ben chuckled softly to himself as he rooted around in the fridge for something to make sandwiches. His niece might be a mathematical whiz, but no one he knew ever got enthused about bookkeeping.

Amy pried herself from her task and sat quietly at the kitchen table, waiting for Ben to join her. That look on her face usually meant she had something on her mind, and Ben inquired about whatever it was. His niece remained deep in thought for a moment before answering him.

“Lover, what would you think if I said I wanted a baby? And no, not a calf, before you get too smart-alecky. I mean your baby” Amy quizzed.

“Never thought about it, to be honest. Why?” There was a pregnant pause as Ben ran all the ramifications of Amy’s question through his mind. “Are you trying to tell me you’re pregnant?” he wondered.

“No, I’m not,” she answered in a soft voice, “but Janice and I were yakking this morning, and the subject of babies came up. I’m beginning to realize that I’d love to give you one, some day. It would have to be something we both want, and I’ve never heard your opinions, one way or the other. I was just asking.”

“Hmm. Never considered the idea, to be honest,” Ben told her, “but it’s something I’d have to spend time thinking about. At the ripe old age of thirty-three, I’ve always thought I was a little old to become a father. But then, that was long before you came into my life. A lot has changed for me in the last few months.” Ben’s face contorted into a pensive look as he contemplated Amy’s suggestion. She kept quiet, giving her uncle time and space to ponder. That was about when Colin’s voice could be heard, screaming Ben’s name.

“Ben! Where the hell are you? We’ve got a problem up on the north-west range!” Colin yelled. Ben jumped up and flew out the door, with Amy about two steps behind him.

“What’s going on?” Ben asked, noting the concern on Colin’s face.

“Wolves! There’s a new pack that looks like it came down from the Forestry road area, and they’re hungry little bastards! Got two Longhorns last night that we know of. One cow, and another calf. Tim and his brother, Josh, are trying to track that pack down. Jim’s running a head count, and he told me to get you up there as soon as you can.”

“Shit! If they get into that south-west section, we’ll have Herefords spread all over Alberta! If anyone can find that pack, it’s Tim, but it’ll take all five of us to scare them wolves back out of the area. Give us a half hour to get our horses ready, then we’ll all go up together. Why don’t you head home and get something to eat . . . besides your wife?” Ben suggested. It was becoming common knowledge around the ranch that both Colin and Janice loved their oral sex, especially when she became so vocal whenever he gave her another strong climax. Colin had been a bit embarrassed at first, until the others had let him know he was somewhat envied.

“Oh, shut up!” Colin growled, but the look on his face betrayed him. If Ben hadn’t mentioned it, he would have never considered the idea. Now that it was presented to him, though . . . .

Ben had to chuckle to himself as he and Amy headed for the barn. If Colin only knew how often Amy received a good pussy-licking, maybe he wouldn’t be quite so smug. The only difference was that Amy wasn’t quite as vocal as Janice when she orgasmed, but she did let her uncle know how good he made her feel. That memory left a warm glow in Ben’s heart. But now was not the time to be thinking of making love. Ben rushed into the barn and began to get their tack ready, while Amy pulled two horses out of the stalls. When Colin finally joined them, they rode off quickly, heading for the western edge of the ranch.

Most of the next week was spent locating the wolf pack, and driving them back off the rangeland. Jim was able to account for all but three of the Longhorns. Two they knew about, as the wolves had gotten those. The third cow, however, was more elusive. Tim’s brother Josh finally tracked her down to a blind ravine, where she’d gotten herself trapped and unable to turn around to get back out.

After seven days on the trail, all six members of the party were more than ready for a good night’s sleep in the luxury of a real bed. Tim and Josh had stayed out on the range, ostensibly to keep an eye on the herd, but they were also looking for some privacy away from the rest of the world. That seemed to be their nature, and no one questioned them. Colin, on the other hand, made up for his separation from his wife, and her screams of pleasure could be heard through the night. Jim and his wife Beth smiled to each other whenever Janice became lustfully loud, remembering times of passion in their own past . Ben and Amy were too involved in their own activities to think or hear anything.

In the middle of all this, Ben’s phone began to ring insistently. Groaning over the interruption, he stumbled into the livingroom to answer it.

“Hello?” he greeted the caller. “Yes, this is he . . . no, I’m sorry, but he’s not here right now . . . he’s out on the range for the night. Can I take a message?” There was a pause from Ben as he listened to the details of the call. “Is this important enough for me to go look for him, or can it wait until the morning?” Again, there was a gap in Ben’s side of the conversation. “I see . . . yeah, I’ll try to find him, and have him return your call . . . no, I don’t think he has a phone with him. It wouldn’t do any good, as the signals won’t reach very far into the hills . . . I can’t promise anything, but I’ll give it my best shot” Ben finished, then hung up.

Returning to the bedroom, he kissed his niece, then broke the news to her that he had to go and find Tim. Amy was out of bed immediately, and started to pull on her own clothes.

“And just where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Ben inquired.

“With you, Lover. I don’t know what this is all about, but if it’s important enough that you’re going to chase all over this ranch, it’s important enough for me to keep you company, and help out in any way I can” Amy replied. Ben knew better than to argue with his niece, and resigned himself to her decision.

Once outside, Ben fired up his pickup, then waited while Amy brought out an electric cooler from the house. Soon they were headed for the road that led to the western ranges.

“Ya know, I have no idea where to start looking” Ben confessed. “This could be right in there with needles and haystacks.” The frustration showed in his tone, but he’d said that he’d try to find Tim, even if it was the middle of the night.

“I have an gut feeling I know where he’s camped” Amy volunteered. “Remember that stream where you took me up the ass, the first time you showed me the ranch? I have a feeling he’s somewhere in that area. Besides, it’s as good a place to start as any.” Ben knew the spot, and headed in the general direction. As they bounced over the rough terrain, memories of that trip coursed through his mind. Remembering how tight Amy’s ass had been had the expected effect on his manhood. Fortunately, the bouncing of the truck quashed its desire to harden, for which Ben was truly thankful. Amy was too busy banging her head on the headliner to take much notice of her uncle’s predicament. Even if she had, there wasn’t much she could do about it.

The lights of the truck finally shone on the grove of aspens that marked their search’s start point. Tim’s tent could be seen on the other side of the stream, and a small fire glowed in a make-shift fire pit. Ben killed the lights as they rolled to a stop. Grabbing a flashlight, he got out of the truck and headed for the camp, with Amy only a step or two behind him. As they crossed the stream, the sounds of lust wafted through the air, which aroused Ben’s curiosity. Had they interrupted Tim in the middle of pleasuring himself? As both a courtesy and a greeting, Ben was about to call out Tim’s name, but something stopped him momentarily. There was a pair of feet protruding from the tent flap, which he felt was rather strange. Despite that, he called out anyway, and was greeted with the emergence of Josh’s head poking through the flap, and the feet remaining in the same position as he’d first seen.

Josh popped back inside the tent, then emerged again, clad in only a pair of briefs. The sight wasn’t lost on Amy, and her eyes opened wide as she realized that Josh’s shorts were filled with an unusually large bulge. Hell, he was one step from sporting a huge erection! That information had her slowed down, even as her uncle moved closer to the tent.

“Josh, there’s been a phone call for Tim, and it’s urgent, apparently. They want him to call back as soon as he can. Something about your Dad? Anyway, that’s why we came up. Sorry if we woke you two” Ben announced, then he added quietly, “Umm, did I just see what I thought I saw? Tim’s feet sticking out of the tent?”

With a tone of extreme embarrassment, Josh took Ben aside as he tried to divert attention from what Ben had surmised. “Mr. Calhoun, can we keep this between the three of us? And yes, you did see Tim’s feet.”

“Make that the four of us, Josh. Amy’s right behind me. I know I won’t say a word to anyone, and I doubt she will either, but we’ll have to ask her. She’s a pretty open-minded young lady, so I don’t think we’ll have a problem there. But I would like to ask you a very personal question, and I’d appreciate an honest answer” Ben confided.

“You mean, what was gong on?” Josh injected. Ben inhaled deeply, then let his lungs empty slowly, understanding that the two brothers had been engaged in pleasuring each other, but trying to reduce the level of their embarrassment. “Yeah, something like that” he replied. By now, Amy was standing almost beside her uncle.

“Mr. Calhoun, Tim’s a good worker, and he loves this ranch. What you saw, or think you saw, shouldn’t have any bearing on his performance as a cowboy. If what we were doing costs him his job, he’ll never forgive me” Josh began, but Ben interrupted him quickly.

“Josh, Tim’s not going to get fired because he and you were . . . making love. Just put that out of your mind, okay? Personally, I consider his love-life, or yours, none of my business. It’s not my thing, but it’s also something that I can understand.” He turned to his niece before continuing. “Amy, what’s your feelings on all this?”
“Me?” she squeaked in surprise. “Umm, let’s see. I’m having an affair with you, and we both know what that makes it, and you’re asking me if I have any objections to two brothers loving each other? I’d be a little two-faced if I did, wouldn’t I? My only request would be for them to keep this as quiet as possible, just to keep the gossip vultures off our asses. After that, I have no objections” she explained. “Mind you, every time Josh is on the ranch, I’m gonna wonder if he and Tim are making love. I’ll lay odds they’re gonna wonder if you and I are getting it on when we’re at home, and the sun’s gone down. It’s a question that goes through people’s minds, but no one really wants an answer.” Like her uncle, Amy took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly, before she added, “Well, you asked for my feelings, Ben, and there they are.” She gazed at the expressions on the two men’s faces in the glow of the dying embers of the campfire before she finalized her position. “And in answer to your unspoken question, no, I’m not going to mention this to anyone else. I expect everyone that knows about Ben and I to keep it to themselves. Not doing the same for Josh and Tim would be pretty hypocritical of me, wouldn’t it? Josh, if you and Tim have found love in each other, that’s pretty special. Don’t be embarrassed on my account, okay?” and she leaned forward to kiss the Indian lightly on the cheek. “Life’s so much more wonderful when you’re loved, and able to love in return. Just ask a simple Montana girl that’s getting some experience in what it’s like.”

As Amy finished her monologue, Tim slowly emerged out of the shadows, where he had overheard the entire conversation. Josh acknowledged his younger brother’s presence, and silently called Tim into the circle.

“Look, why don’t you two ride down to the house with us?” Ben suggested to the Indian. “You can call whoever you need to, find out what’s going on, and use one of the trucks if you need it. Ranchland will look after itself while you’re gone, and we’ll be waiting for your return. Both of you. But my ass is starting to freeze out here, so let’s go if we’re going.” The four squeezed into Ben’s pickup and started back to the ranch house. In an effort to break the uncomfortable quiet, he spoke authoritatively, but with genuine understanding, “Josh? Tim? Keep in mind that Amy’s the only family I’ve got left, and she’s a pretty special woman to me. But as this place grows and develops, all of you are becoming like family, and that includes you two, and the Taylors and Allisons, as well. You won’t have any trouble from us. How you handle the others is up to you two. The long and short of it, Tim, is that I need you here as a tracker. If any of the others have a problem with you and your brother being lovers, they’ll have to answer to me. I doubt there’ll be a problem though, knowing Colin and Jim like I do. Beth is pretty closed mouthed. I’m not sure about Janice.”

“Janice won’t be a problem, Lover” Amy chimed in. “She knows about you and me, and she hasn’t told a soul. Well, maybe Colin, but other than him, no one. In fact, she’s forever mentioning that I need to find a man, whenever we’re in the stores, just to draw attention away. I’ll talk to her, if it becomes necessary, but I don’t think she’ll say a thing.” Amy pondered what she’d said for a moment, then added, “Besides, she’s too busy letting everyone know about her climaxes to blab anything else.” The levity elicited chuckles from the three men.

Arriving back at the ranch house, Tim made his phone call, but wouldn’t give out any details to Ben or Amy. He and Josh left in Josh’s truck almost immediately, acknowledging Ben’s insistence that the two brothers keep him and Amy posted on what was happening. By the time the brothers departed, Ben’s eyeballs were threatening to close up for the next three days, non-stop. He glanced at the clock on the wall, and realized that it would be sunrise in less than an hour. Returning to their bed, Ben stripped off his clothes and flopped on the bed, his exhaustion openly evident. Amy was seconds behind him. Curling up in the warmth of her uncle’s embrace, she snuggled spoon-style and held his strong arms to her midriff as sleep washed over her. Soft and gentle breaths let Ben know that she had succumbed once more, and he joined her in slumber.

The sun streaming through the window announced the arrival of morning, and the beginning of a new day. Ben woke to the discomfort of being hard, then realized that he was in that state because something warm and wet was sliding up and down his shaft. He tried to move his legs unsuccessfully, the weight of a horny female pinning them to the bed. As his eyelids slowly pried themselves open, the bobbing shape of tented blankets came into focus, although it took him a moment to understand why such a phenomenon existed. Whipping back the bedding, he was greeted by the sight of his niece enjoying herself as she sucked on him. The ensuing waves of pleasure he experienced swept through his foggy mind, and he lay back to enjoy her activities.

“Good morning, my Little One” Ben greeted her. “I thought that was supposed to be my job, licking you into the day? Did I miss something, or are we playing a game of role reversal?” he teased.

Amy lifted her head, releasing her uncle momentarily, and smiled at him with a face glowing from enjoyment.

“Mmm, thought I’d give you something memorable to wake up with” she replied. “Today’s my turn to enjoy you, and besides, I think I’m starting my monthly flow. You know how sensitive I get when that happens. I’m not sure I could take an orgasm this morning, but it doesn’t mean I can’t give you one, does it?”

“No, I don’t suppose it does,” Ben advanced, “but I sure could use one of your delicious kisses, right about now. Would I be interrupting something important if I asked for one?”

“Umm, maybe. What I had in mind was to wake you with a good, strong cum, like you usually do to me. But if you’d rather have a kiss instead, I guess I could be rudely interrupted. Which would you prefer?” Amy growled sensuously.

“I sure could use a good kiss, right now. Then I’ll leave you alone to finish what you started, if you’d like” he returned. Amy giggled at his suggestion, lightly and lovingly kissed the tip of his cock, then began to move up towards his waiting lips. As she leaned in to taste her uncle, he wrapped his arms around her, and held her tightly to himself. His niece purred at the embrace, clasping him just as tightly, then ran her tongue around his waiting lips before attacking Ben’s own tongue in a lustful duel of love and passion. She possessed him for a full two minutes, then broke their lip-lock.

“Mmm, I think I needed that almost as much as you did,” Amy softly cooed in Ben’s ear, “but I still want you for breakfast. Gonna let me get back to what I was doing, or should I just give up and get out of this wonderfully warm bed?” Ben could see the teasing twinkle in her eyes, and chuckled softly.

“No, you can go back to what you were doing, I guess. Who am I to interrupt a woman at work? Especially one that seems to have a mission in her mind?” Ben teased his niece. As Amy began to slide back down to finish what she’d started, he knew that his day was “on hold” until he’d filled her soft little belly with his sticky cream. The thought sure didn’t break his heart.

Returning to her task, Amy resumed sliding up and down Ben’s throbbing shaft, taking him into her throat and swallowing him to the hilt. As she let him slide past her tonsils, she began to hum softly, sending stimulating vibrations through his cockhead the were guaranteed to drive him insane with want and desire. Looking up into her uncle’s glazed eyes, she knew that she had attained the desired effect. Alternatingly swallowing and releasing Ben’s cock in her throat, she continued to suck on him, and was soon rewarded with the twitching at his base that heralded the arrival of her morning’s meal of his steamy spunk. Lightly cupping his balls, she felt them lift as they filled his shaft with life-producing sperm and semen, and she renewed the vigour of her oral pleasuring.

Ben, too, felt that immanence approaching, and he arched his back in apprehension, driving his cock to its fullest extent down Amy’s throat. She increased the volume in her vibrations on him, and felt the first stringy rope of his cum burst forth from his hole on its way to her hungry belly. Increasing her sucking slightly, she devoured spurt after spurt of Ben’s seed, until finally she had consumed his entire load. Slowly allowing him to slip back into her mouth, she slithered her tongue the full length of his shaft, licking any residual globs of his deposit off his manhood and swallowing those bits she found. She continued to lap her uncle’s cock until he started to soften, then finally relented her possession of him.

“Oh! My! God!” was all Ben could force from his lips, as the waves of lustful pleasure washed over him. “Is that what I do to you, every morning? Good God, no wonder you’re such a horny little minx! I’ve never cum that intensely before, Girl! I’m gonna have to be careful that I don’t over-eat you, or you’re gonna be about as worn out as I feel right now. Damn, but you sure can suck a guy off fantastically!”

“Nice try, Lover,” Amy growled, “but I’m not a horny minx because you eat me every morning, ya know. I got that way because I happen to be madly in love with my uncle, who loves me almost as much as I love him. Being in love with a man tends to have that affect on me, according to my recent experiences.” She kissed his now-flaccid cock once more, then crawled back up to nestle in her uncle’s warm and inviting arms, resting her head on his chest, and lightly running her fingers through the hairs of his belly. “Besides, you taste so good, first thing in the morning . . . and none too shabby the rest of the day, either. One of us has to cum in the morning, and as it feels like I might be out of commission for a few days, I guess you’ll just have to take up the slack, won’t you?” she teased lovingly. Ben just groaned at the thought of each day starting off feeling like a pool of melted Jell-O.

“That’s it, Little One,” Ben admonished, “I’ve got to get out of this bed, and on with the day. If I stay here much longer, I may never move again, for as long as I live . . . and I doubt I’ll live all that long anyways, especially if you keep loving me as intensely as you just did!” With that, he flung the covers off, wobbled onto shaky legs, and headed off to the shower. Stopping just before he got to the door, he turned to face Amy. “You gonna join me, or do I have to attempt to wash parts of my body that a man can’t normally reach?” There was a sly grin on his face that called his niece provocatively.

Jumping off the bed, Amy followed her uncle, giving his ass a quick swat as she caught up to him, then grabbed his shoulders and kissed the back of his neck. Ben remained stationary as he revelled with the attention his niece paid him, then they both proceeded to the shower. While Ben dug out towels and their morning robes, Amy set the water temperature. Once both of them were under the shower’s stream, she lathered her uncle’s entire body, giving him a luxuriant massage at the same time. Ben felt himself being pushed under the warm spray and allowed this incredible woman that now ruled most of his life to manoeuver him. He had no idea how she had managed to invade his life, but said a silent “Thank you” that she had. Then it was his turn to wash Amy’s alluring young body.

Ben started sudsing Amy’s neck, working his way down and over her breasts, her belly, and that soft mound of femininity. As his finger slipped between the lips of her labia, she jerked backwards in an almost protective manoeuver.

“Sorry,” Ben apologized, “I guess you’re a bit more sensitive than I thought” and he kissed her forehead gently to show his remorse.

“Mmm, yeah,” Amy responded, “I guess I am. I think my monthly is closer than I thought, by the feel of it. You think you can live without my pussy in your face for a few days?” Ben spun his niece around and began to lather up her butt cheeks, letting his fingers roam her crack until he found her puckered rosebud, then tickled her there. Amy pushed herself against his probing fingers involuntarily, lifting her head to gaze into Ben’s lust-filled eyes as she pressed against him.

“No pussy, huh? I guess I’ll just have to improvise . . . won’t we?” Ben teased. The thought of his niece taking him back there caused his cock to twitch in joyous anticipation. The fact that she enjoyed him there almost as much as he loved being buried deep in her bowel made her ass all that much more appealing to him.

Despite the lingering desire to pleasure each other while under the water’s spray, Amy rinsed herself off, then ushered her uncle out of the stall, following him as she began to towel him dry. Her touch felt so wonderful to Ben, and he happily reciprocated her attentions. Then it was off to the kitchen.

While Ben created a pair of Western omelettes, Amy started the coffee pot and set the table. As soon as everything was ready they sat down to a quiet and relaxed morning meal, and discussed the tasks the would be tackled during the day. Ben still had work to do in the barn, and Amy remembered that she still hadn’t finished her bookkeeping chores. It was a tedious job, but one of them had to do it if they were to keep track of the ranch’s finances.

Without warning, there was a loud knock on the back door. Ben felt his heart miss a beat, and poor Amy almost hit the ceiling as she jumped in reaction. As she was already up, she shuffled to the door and answered it. Janice Taylor stood on the deck, a look of confusion clouding her face.

“Bad time, or can we talk?” Janice inquired.

“We’re just finishing breakfast, but there’s coffee on. Come on in, grab yourself a cup, and tell me what’s got you so worried” Amy invited, then stood aside to let Janice through the door. Entering the kitchen, she spotted Ben at the table.

“Oh, maybe I should come back later? I really wanted to talk to Amy, but it can wait” Janice stated. “I don’t want to bore poor Ben with my concerns.”

“Nonsense, Janice,” Ben replied, “There’s not too much that you can say to Amy that you can’t say with me around. You know that. Now grab yourself a cup, and take a load off your mind.” Janice hesitantly poured herself a coffee, then eased into a chair, a worried look of trepidation on her face. “What’s got you all twisted this morning, Mrs. Taylor? By the way you pounded the door, I thought it might be something major” Ben asked. Amy sat in her chair and waited for Janice to tell them what was bothering her
“Umm, I heard something about Tim and Josh, and I wondered if you knew anything about it” Janice started.

“Depends on what you heard, and who you heard it from” Ben jumped in. “I don’t usually stick my nose into my hired help’s business, unless it affects the operation, or if I can help whenever there’s a problem. So, what’s this all about?”

“Umm, have you heard that Tim and Josh are . . . lovers? I mean, they’re brothers, for God’s sake! It ain’t natural!” Janice gushed with incredulity in her voice.

“And where did you hear all that?” Ben wanted to know. He had all the answers that Janice was looking for, but he’d be damned if he was going to give them to her.

“Colin overheard the two of them yesterday evening, and he wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard them kissing, among other things. If it’s true, I thought you should know. That’s all I’m saying” the distraught woman confessed. Before Ben could say a word, Amy jumped into the foray of words.

“Janice, even if they are brothers, and maybe lovers, what difference does it make? Ben’s my uncle, and you know all about us. It’s never rattled you before, so why would it matter what happens between Tim and Josh? Is it because they’re both males? You were the one that hinted that you had an affair with your roommate when you were in college. What’s the difference between consenting females and consenting males? Whether it’s true or not, you won’t say a word about it off this ranch! Understand? I have no idea if it’s true or not, and it really doesn’t matter. Tim is like family here, and by extension, so is Josh. Treat them both that way!” Amy stopped long enough to catch her breath, but jumped back in before Janice could say a word. “Look, whenever you and Colin make love, everyone within five miles knows when you’re having an orgasm. You’re that loud. But do we say anything to you? Or snicker because we all know what’s going on? No, we don’t! And why? Because we’ve all been there, and when we remember the pleasure we enjoyed, we silently hope that you’re having as much pleasure as we did.”

Janice sat silently, the look on her face acknowledging that she had just been severely corrected, and that she probably deserved it.

“Am I really that noisy?” she asked.

“Yeah, you can be,” Ben confessed, “and to be honest, I hope that never changes. It’s a part of who you are, and a part of who both of you are. If you ever go silent on us, I’ll wonder whether you two are on the verge of breaking up, or worse. I’ll wonder if you’re still alive!”

“Listen, Janice,” Amy interjected, “we’re all in this together, and we all have our little kinks. I imagine even Jim and Beth have ghosts in their closet. We just haven’t found them . . . yet. Unless it’s something so perverse that someone could get hurt, they’re quite welcome to practise whatever fetish turns their cranks. It took me a while to get comfortable with the fact that my lover is also my uncle. It took me some time to become comfortable that you’re a bit of a screamer, and that you may be bi-sexual. It’ll take me a while to accept that Tim and Josh might be incestuous, practising, homosexuals, but I will. When Allison’s secrets comes out, and they will, I’ll learn to accept that, too. I know you, and I like you in spite of it. I also know that you’re quite capable of accepting Tim and Josh. So just do it, okay? Because it’s not going away, and we need them here to help run Ranchland. Just like we need Colin, and he needs you.” Again, Amy paused to catch her breath. She got up and walked over to where Janice was sitting, then leaned down and gave the new mother a heart-felt hug, followed by a kiss on the cheek.

“You’re my friend, Janice, and I need that friendship. I need you. Please, please, don’t get narrow-minded on me, and ruin everything. Okay? Please?” Amy begged. Janice sat quietly, the pensive expression on her face indicating that she was desperately trying to come to grips with something that was new to her. Then she looked up to Amy, and it was as if the clouds of doubt disappeared instantly.

“Yeah, you’re right, Sweetie” Janice conceded. “It really doesn’t matter all that much. I guess I just worry about Tanya, and the influence we adults have on her. I get a little scared for her sometimes, but we all went through similar situations as kids. I guess the biggest difference is that here, we’re surrounded by love, which wasn’t always the case when I was a kid.” Now it was Janice’s turn to take a deep breath before she continued. “Thanks, Amy. I guess I needed to hear all that. And thanks to you too, Ben.”

“No problem, Janice” Ben reassured her. “That’s what we’re here for, all of us, to help each other through the rough times.” There was a silence before anyone said anything.

“Umm, can I ask a question?” Janice injected. “Am I really that loud when I cum?”

Ben reached over and squeezed Janice’s hand affectionately, while Amy gave the other woman a warm hug. Neither one could answer the question. They were both laughing too hard.

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