Fbailey story number 488

Rock Climbing

We were rock climbing when she lost her footing and I managed to save the day. I was in a good position and quite secure when she fell and stretched the line between us extremely tight. She banged her body on the rocks a little but nothing serious. However, the climb was definitely over and I helped her back to our campsite to check her out.

Rachael was a girl that I had climbed with occasionally and she was also my best friend’s girlfriend. I had always liked Rachael and I guess that she had liked me too. I had even on occasion thought about her in a sexual way.

Rachael was sixteen years old while I was eighteen, like her boyfriend. She was pretty, not too tall at about five feet five inches, and she was physically fit. She weighed about a hundred and ten pounds, had long brown hair, and brown eyes. She excels at cheerleading, gymnastics, and running.

At the campsite I took Rachael into my tent because it was larger than her tent and besides I had my first aid kit in there.

I asked her to get undressed so that I could check out her wounds. She got out of her outer protective clothing until all that she had on was her jogging bra and a thick pair of cheerleading panties.

She had bruises on her right leg, right hip, and on her right ribs from the hard impact. I started to clean her up with some rubbing alcohol and then I applied some first aid cream.

She didn’t mind when I lowered her thick panties so I had better access to her hip. She rolled slightly to help me out too. I smiled as I realized that she didn’t shave her pussy and that her one ass cheek was perfect. I carefully applied the cream and rubbed it in as long as I dared too so that I could look at her baby smooth pussy a little longer. She must have known what I had been doing because she totally removed her sports bra to give me access to her ribs. Her breasts were full and firm and capped with wonderful nipples. I took care of her skin and suggested that she leave her bra off so that the cream could do its job. She smiled at me and removed her panties for the same reason. She lay there on her left side so that her right side was free to heal.

I looked at her lying there naked and got a terrific hard-on. She smiled up at me and rolled onto her back. Her tight breasts stood up proudly on her chest, her tummy stayed flat and taunt, and her pussy mound puffed up between her protruding hip bones. Her mound was all covered with short dark hairs and looked as if she kept it trimmed that way. Her legs were together all the way from her crotch to her ankles. She was smiling sweetly as I made my way back up her body to her face. She was very pretty, her cheekbones were perfect for her face, and she had one cute dimple on her right cheek. Her long brown hair was fanned out and her brown eyes sparkled. Her pink lipstick was perfect and her teeth shown pure white. Rachael was a wholesome girl that any male would love to have living next door to them.

Rachael asked, “Do you like my body?”

I replied, “Most definitely. It is perfect and you are perfect. Too bad that you belong to Rick.”

Rachael said, “I don’t belong to Rick.”

I replied, “But you are his girlfriend and he gets to fuck you.” Just as I said the word fuck I wished that I hadn’t.

Rachael scowled and said, “You’re right he does fuck me. We have never made love. I was trying not to let myself believe that. All three times that we have done it, it was from behind with my pants down. He has never really seen me naked. You are the first boy to see me like this.”

I could not believe that Rick had only tapped that three times. I would have made love to her three times a day after she had first let me in. I knew that she and Rick had been going together for several months. So I asked, “When did you first do it?”

Rachael looked up at me, thought about whether or not to answer my question, and then said, “I gave him my virginity on my sixteenth birthday. We did it in the bathroom with me bent over holding onto the bathtub. A month later we did it on his bed with me on my hands and knees. He says that he likes it doggy style. I think that he doesn’t want to look at me when he does it. I think he might be thinking about another girl while he is fucking me. The last time was about two months ago and he hasn’t done anything to me since.”

I looked at her hard nipples, at her beautiful face, and at her naked body. Then I said, “If you were my girlfriend I would make love to you just as often as you would let me.”

She got a surprised look on her face and then she said, “Prove it.”

That time I was the one to have a surprised look on my face. I asked, “What?”

Rachael replied, “ I want you to make love to me. I want to know what it feels like. You said that you would make love to me as often as I would let you. I’m letting you. In fact for this whole rock climbing trip I’m letting you anytime that you want too.”

I repeated, “But you belong to Rick and he is my best friend.”

Rachael said, “I told you that I don’t belong to him, that he only fucked me three times, and that he has never made love to me or even seen me naked. Hell, he has never even felt of my boobs. What kind of boyfriend doesn’t even grab his girlfriend’s boobs.” There was a long pause and she said, “I think he might be secretly gay. I think he likes boys but he keeps me around to let people think that he is straight. Every time that he fucked me I had to keep him out of my asshole too.”

I thought about what she had just said and realized that she might be right. I had had my own suspicions over the years but I had never voiced them out loud. Finally I said, “You might be right.”

She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her lips. She kissed me softly and her lips were nice, her tongue grazed along my lips, and then it darted into my mouth for a deep soul kiss. Rachael’s mouth was sweet and tasted of strawberries, I wondered if her lipstick was flavored or if she just tasted that incredibly delicious. My money was on her.

I leaned into her and then I started to feel of her breasts. I couldn’t believe that Rick had never touched them before. I was the first boy to feel such fine merchandise. They were just as firm as they had looked and her nipples were even harder than they had looked. My cock was also getting harder. As the kiss lasted I slipped one hand down lower to cup her pussy mound as she opened her legs. I slipped a finger into her moist slit and brought it up to her clit as she moaned into my mouth. Once again I had gone where no man had gone before. She got very excited, she tried to squirm away from my finger, and then she had an orgasm that was more spectacular than an orgasm that she had ever experienced before.

Rachael pulled away from my lips and said, “Oh my God that was great. Do more, please do more.”

My finger only left her clit to poke itself into her vagina for more moisturizer to keep her clit from getting raw. Her fluids were just as good as K-Y in that respect. I massaged, I rubbed, and I tickled her clit through several more orgasms. Rachael was so relaxed that she could hardly move. I kissed her and lay next to her for an hour until she once again kissed me.

Rachael said, “Will you make love to me now?”

I replied, “Not yet” and then I went down to kiss her pussy. As I climbed in between her legs she parted them for me, I used two fingers from each hand to part her fur covered pussy lips, and then I used my tongue to part her soft velvety inner lips to get to her moist hole. She tasted wonderful. I tongued her hole and I kissed her clit before I touched it with the tip of my tongue. That sent her into another orgasm.

When she calmed down she pulled my face up to hers, she kissed me, and she tasted just how good her cum was. I lifted my hips up just high enough to slip my cock into her. She lifted her knees and rested her heels on my buttocks. That allowed my cock too completely embed itself into her. She was the tightest thing that I had ever had my cock in. She was my seventh pussy to ever enter, lucky number seven, and I saved the very best to last. Rachael was the girl that I had always wanted.

We made love for several minutes. My cock slipped in and out of her slick tunnel. Her pelvis clinched and unclenched my cock as it went. She held me tight to her. Then lights flashed inside my head as the cum rushed from my balls toward her uterus. My breathing stopped completely, my heart skipped a beat, and I had the very best sexual experience of my life.

Once I could breathe and see and speak again I whispered in her ear, “I love you.”

At the very same moment Rachael whispered in my ear, “I love you.” Her voice sounded coarse and rough and very sexy.

We hugged and we hugged until I got hard again, then we made love. Later that night we made love again, then again in the morning when we woke up, and once more before we packed up the tents and went home.

In just a little over twenty-four hours we had made love more often that she and Rick had in the past six months. On the drive home we talked about what we were going to do about Rick. I decided that it should be me that told him. I couldn’t help but think about what had said about him possibly being gay. In that case I figured that he wouldn’t really care.

Rachael may have been correct because I got the distinct feeling that he was relieved to be rid of her.

Rachael and I became very close, we were truly deeply in love, and we were married after she graduated from high school and I graduated from a two-year degree. Rick was my best man and his boyfriend was one of my ushers. It worked out pretty well because Rachael’s sister was her Maid of Honor and her intimate girlfriend was a Bride’s Maid.

We lived happily ever after.

The End
Rock Climbing


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