Secrets of an Officer's Daughter Part 6

Part 6

Recap: Terri and Carina finally settled on sharing Cody’s cock as much as they wanted. Terri unable to sleep slipped down to the kitchen for some water but when she returned to bed she was covered in Cody’s orgasm and decided to share it with her lesbian lover Carina.
Meanwhile two worlds collide:

Tom’s plane landed at Dulles airport in Washington D.C. Once Tom went through customs he made it to the carrousel for his larger luggage and Chloe and Jessica the two Hungarian stewardesses that seduced him on the plane and in the first class lounge in Germany. They made their way over to him and waited with him making idle chit chat trying not to let on about their special arrangement.

While Tom and the girls were collecting their luggage Mark Chalmers, Tom’s best friend was making his way into the terminal. Tom wasn’t expecting Mark to pick him up as he was walking through the terminal arm and arm with his two latest conquests. All three agreed to go back to the girls’ apartment for a long leisurely threesome.

There at the end of the terminal was his best friend Mark standing there with a nice big smile on his face. Tom wasn’t sure if he was happy to see him or was impressed he was walking out of the airport with two airlines stewardesses?

Mark not wanting to completely blow it for Tom snapped to attention even though he was not in uniform as they approached and said, “Sorry to disturb you sir but we have an emergency that requires your immediate attention. Excuse me ladies but I must steal the Captain away but here is the Captain’s phone number which he can be reached later.” Mark handed the girls each a business card and pulled Tom away from them.

Tom was actually worried because Mark was not in uniform and he turned to the ladies, “I’m sorry that we will not be able to finish what we’ve started but apparently I’m needed.”

Both girls turned gave him a hug and each kissed him on either cheek and Chloe said, “When you’re finished come over tonight!!! We’re going home to go to sleep and get some rest for you stud!!”

The girls turned and began to walk away and Jessica turned back, “If you want you can bring your friend tonight and we can have some real funky fun.”

Tom turned to Mark, “So you doing anything tonight there studly?” As the girls were now out of earshot he said, “Okay you’re not in uniform is my daughter alright?”

Mark picked up his friends bag as they were walking out of the Terminal together, “Yeah, it’s about Terri but you can tell me about those two first if you want?”

Tom was concerned as his heart went up into his throat, “Is she hurt?

Mark said, “No.”

Tom’s mind was now picking any question out of the air, “Was she arrested?”

Mark said, “No.”

Tom slowed down, “Is she okay at least?”

Mark said, “Yeah, she’s fine.”

Tom figured she must have really screwed up at Mark’s house, “So, did she screw something up at the house?”

Mark said, “Yeah she kinda did. Look let me take you out to breakfast and break the news to you before we get back to the house. Plus we can catch up a little and you can tell me how you ended up with two women who can barely speak English wanting you to go back to their place!”

Tom figured that what Mark has to tell him isn’t all that bad and he was hungry, “Okay that sounds like a plan plus she’s probably not even up yet.”

Half an hour later they were a few minutes away from Marks house at the diner. They both being military men ordered a cup of coffee and their meals and Tom finally broke the silence, “Alright Mark, now that you’ve got me here in a public place so I can’t make a scene, why don’t you get to the bottom line and tell me what my little girl did?”

Mark sipped his coffee really slowly and then looked up at his best friend, “Tom –Look buddy – there’s no way to sugar coat what I’m about to tell you so here it goes. Yesterday the wife and I went out on our normal Saturday date night and left the three kids home by themselves. While we were out Carina’s boyfriend convinced her to see a movie.”

Tom is an ‘A’ personality he doesn’t need all the fluff, “So, far so good.”

Mark said, “Yeah, if only the story ended there but it doesn’t buddy. Well, that left Cody and Terri in the pool in the backyard by themselves. Apparently one thing led to another and – and – when Maria and I got home from dinner we were both a little tipsy. I was tipsy but Maria was blasted!! When Maria read Carina’s note about going to the movies with her boyfriend Topher we thought that Cody and Terri went along as well and we were home alone!”

Tom said, “Okay so what did you and Maria do in the house because you thought the kids were all gone?”

Mark smiled at his best friend, “Well, you know Maria she’s the shiest girl in the world. She won’t even give me a hand job when your daughter stays at the house. I was horny as hell it was more than a week since she gave me any and Maria was looking for some trouble too if you know what I mean. She was in the kitchen and I was in the family room watching the game when she called me into the kitchen. I’ll try to protect my wife a little but when I got into the kitchen she was open for business if you know what I mean?

Tom was smiling, “This is better than what my story is go ahead.”

Mark was smiling even more, “She was bent over the kitchen sink with her skirt hiked up over her hips and panties down around her knees and I saw a very target rich environment if you know what I mean!!! And I went for it!!! As the two of us were having fun I looked out the window and there was your daughter in the backyard.”

Tom was laughing so loud and his hand was slapping the table, “So the kids caught you and Maria doing the wild thing in the kitchen, that’s absolutely precious.”

Mark gulped and took another sip of his coffee, “Well – not quite buddy. It’s quite the opposite. As I looked out the kitchen window there was Terri naked as a jay bird on top of my son’s Johnson riding him like she was in the Kentucky Derby!!!” Mark stopped and let what he just said sink into Tom’s head.

Tom was in mid-sip of his coffee, he began to blink wildly and he was breathing rather heavily, “W-Wh-W-Wh-What?

Mark’s head was bouncing up and down, “I’m sorry Tom but it’s true. For God’s sake I wish I was just fucking with ya buddy but I’m not.”

Tom then went real clinical on his buddy as he cleared the cobwebs from his mind, “So, I take it that my daughter caught your son doing something that he wasn’t supposed to be doing and she blackmailed him into having sex with her?”

Mark quickly said, “No – God no – Maybe, no, no.” Mark was shaking his head in disbelief, “Tom your daughter is the sweetest little girl. I could never imagine that she would do anything like that.”

Tom then flipped the script, “So did Cody catch my ‘sweetest little girl’ doing something that she shouldn’t have in your house and he blackmailed her or gave her some kind of Mickey or were they drunk?”

Mark was giggling, “God no Tom. We both interrogated the crap out of both of them and they both came clean with the truth. Apparently they were horsing around in the pool and one thing led to another and it finally happened for both of them. They both confessed that they’ve been interested in each other for about a year now. Cody didn’t want to do anything because he thinks of Terri as a little sister but now that little sister is turning into a woman. You know us guys sometimes we think with our big head but most of the time it’s really thinking with the little one. Terri confessed that she was a willing participant and has been trying to seduce him for quite a while now, so I guess her plan finally worked.”

Tom said, “So, is that it?”

Mark said, “Well no. Just as I finished cumming inside of Maria – Carina walked in on me and the wife.”

Tom slapped his hand down on the table, “Oh shit really? That must have devastated the wife getting caught doing it by one of her kids.”

Mark was laughing really loud with Tom, “You have no idea. To make matters worse when I pulled out of her and spun around some of my stuff hit Carina on the thigh!!!”

Tom was actually crying he was laughing so much, “Damn it Mark I know your lying now. This is so much better than my story.”

Mark tried to bring him down a little, “Tom I wish I was but I’m not. So, what do you think about the kids having sex? Are we going to have any problems between us?”

Tom said, “No. Where they at least smart enough to be using some kind of protection?”

Mark’s head went down, “No but they both swear that Cody never had a chance to finish inside of her. As a precaution Maria had her douche and then we used a prescription to get her the morning after pill and she took it. So I think there’s a 0% chance of her getting pregnant.”

Tom said, “So what did you do to them for punishment?”

Mark said, “Well, we separated them and they were locked in their rooms until you get back. How far we take it with Cody is going to depend on how you really react to this news. As far as Terri we figured we would leave that up to you. I did tell them both that I had to tell big bad Uncle Tom what they did and they’re both shitting bricks right now waiting for you to get back to the house. That’s why I brought you here first to try and gauge your reaction. Right now, the kids are probably eating breakfast with Maria.”

Tom sat back in the booth and thought for a couple of minutes, “So are you sure that he didn’t finish inside my daughter?”

Mark said, “Maria was there when she douched and the liquid was clear no male sperm inside of her.”

Tom pursed his lips together and shook his head up and down, “Well, she’s 14 and he’s 16 so there is no way it could be rape they are both too young. Not only that but they are both sexually active, active with each other.

Here’s the thing Mark if we handle this in strict military punishment style and we forbid them from having any kind of sex or sex with each other we will just push them to have sex even more. I don’t want to make the situation worse than what it already is.”

Mark said, “Worse than both of our kids losing their virginities together?”

Tom was shaking his head up and down, “Tell your kid they can never drink, do drugs or don’t have sex; what do you think the first thing that they want to do? Mark they’re still going to have a drink, experiment with drugs and for God’s sake they’re going to have sex. We can’t stop them and we can’t watch them 24 hours a day seven days a week Mark. The best we can do is treat them like adults and try and curtail their activities. Mark I see how attractive my daughter is she’s growing up just like her mother and Cody is a handsome young man we can’t blame them for having sex it’s a natural thing.”

Mark looked at his friend and was relieved with his decision, “Well, Terri was wearing a skimpy string bikini and I didn’t even see his trunks but I’m sure he had some somewhere around the pool area.”

Tom held out his fist and Mark fist bumped him back and Tom said, “You handle things with Cody and I’ll figure things out with Terri. Now, for another completely different subject I have some really good news. Because of our new Commander and Chief cutting things back in the defense department he’s asking for the retirement of many older Admirals. I have it on high authority that I am to be promoted to Rear Admiral. I get to pick my replacement how does Captain Mark Chalmers sound buddy?”

Mark’s smile went from ear to ear, “Are you messing with me sir?”

Tom said, “No, the smartest guy in the room isn’t me Mark, it’s always been you. I don’t know why I’ve been promoted through the ranks faster but if they want to fast track me then I’m bringing you along. I need a new assistant so tomorrow I’m heading to the Academy.

Meanwhile back at the Chalmers residence

Maria woke to find her husband gone with a note on his pillow. ‘Honey I’ve gone to the airport to pickup Tom. I want to head off any trouble and try to explain to him what happened. Make the kids breakfast should be back around 8. Love your KISA (Knight in Shining Armor)’ Maria made her way to the bathroom wearing her nightgown that came down mid-thigh and her neckline plunged down her nice flat stomach. Maria then made her way downstairs and began by starting with the toast and put bacon in the oven to cook.

Cody was still fast asleep but when the aroma of the bacon filtered its way upstairs into his bedroom it was an alarm clock going off in his head that it was time to get up and eat some breakfast. As Cody made his way downstairs he expected to be the last one to the table as he is a very deep sleeper and it’s hard for him to wake up.

When he was half way through the living room he saw his mother dancing alone in front of the stove cooking listening to the oldies station. Cody never really noticed his mother before in any kind of sexual way. I mean for god’s sake it was his mother but after what happened yesterday and finding out that she fantasized about him fucking her Cody was looking at his mother in a whole new light. As her ass swayed back and forth with the music he noticed as she bent over to check the bacon in the oven she wasn’t wearing any panties and he could swear that her pussy lips were wet. His cock began to grow under his boxers as he spied on his mother.

Cody took the opportunity to cross the span between him and his mother as quickly as possible and sneak up behind her. Cody very gently grabbed his mother’s hips and Maria instinctively had thought it was Mark returning early from the airport, “Come on Mark not now – not again – how many times do I have to tell you not now the kids are upstairs? I told you when Terri leaves with Tom tonight I promise you can pound my pussy and asshole all night!!!”

Cody kept silent as his half a boner was now fully erect and his head was pushing up through the waistband of his boxers as he listened to how much of a freak his mother is. Then his mother stood upright and spun around to kiss her husband and to her surprise standing there holding onto her hips was her son Cody. “Cody!!!! What the hell are you doing?” Then she instinctively slapped his hands away from her hips.

Cody just smiled and blew it off and moved forward with his hard cock and wrapped his arms around his mother wanting to feel her braless tits smash up against his chest but that didn’t stop Maria’s face from blanching hot red, “Good morning mommy. I will be more than willing to help you with your anal problem if you want. Dad’s not here and the girls are sleeping and look you’ve got me all excited.”

Maria felt her son push up on her as his hard cock felt warm on her stomach and realized that perhaps his veiled threat wasn’t a threat. What intrigued her even more was the size of his penis being much larger and wider than his father’s. Maria snapped back into consciousness and said, “Hey young man that wasn’t meant for you.”

Cody was still in a playful mood, “So, I heard through the Chalmers grapevine that you were very intently watching me fuck Terri last night.”

Maria couldn’t believe how blazon her son was and she was flabbergasted by his brashness, “It-I-It-It-It-I-I-It – It-I-It-It-It-I-I-It wasn’t on purpose on honey. We weren’t trying to invade on your privacy honey. I innocently looked out the back window and there you were with our houseguest dangling on the other end of that little monster that’s resting on my stomach right now.”

Cody smiled as he felt his mother’s embrace relax around his shoulders and said, “What I also heard through the grapevine you and dad were having sex in the kitchen as both of you watched me and Terri getting it on in the backyard. The little birdie also told me that the two of you were role playing together. Dad was pretending to be me fucking Terri while you were pretending to be Terri as he fucked you from behind pretending to be me, right mommy?”

She smiled at the little shit that was calling her out. Maria began to play sexually coy with her son putting her forefinger to her lips and said, “I thought all of you kids were at the movies together otherwise I would have never let your father touch me.”

Cody smiled, “You’ve always told me not to avoid the question at hand. So the question to you is did you like what you saw?”

Maria’s face went red again, “All I can tell you is that I wished that I was Terri out there last night. Is that what you want to hear? That I found a younger version of my husband right under my own roof and I wish that my husband was as handsome as my son? It seems that my son has a bigger cock than my husband? So, yes, I did fantasize about you fucking me.”

Cody’s mouth went from ear to ear hearing his mother’s response, “So I guess that’s why you were walking around the house naked all night! Not that I didn’t mind getting to ogle my MILF of a mother.” Then he leaned his head down to her ear and whispered, “Where’s daddy?”

Maria was un-expectantly flattered by her son’s compliments. It has been a long time since a man had commented on her body that she works on every day. She leaned her mouth up to her son’s ear with the sexiest voice she could muster, “He went to pick up your Uncle Tom from the airport.”

Cody’s hands ran down to his mother’s bare ass cheeks and he continued to whisper, “How long ago did dad leave?”

Maria began to coo from Cody’s soft touches and said, “I guess he left about twenty minutes ago, why?”

Cody was shocked that his mother had not stopped him from playing with her ass and asked, “So dad’s going to be gone for a long while, huh?

Maria’s body was responding to the soft touches and squeezes that her son was providing her as he gingerly played with her ass, “What do you have in mind young man?”

Then a secret sexual light switch was flicked on deep down in her loins as she ignored the fact that the young man that was playing with her ass cheeks was her son Cody. Maria moved one of his hands from her ass to the front and allowed her son to play with her vagina, “Tell me son do you like playing with the muscle that gave you life?”

As like any young man you give him an inch he’s going to take a mile. He leaned forward and kissed his mother full on the lips. Not a son pecking his mother kinda kiss before he leaves out the front door but a strong passionate kiss that made Maria’s pussy quiver between her legs. Then he shocked Maria by his strength by placing his hands on her slender hips and picked her up. Cody was able to put his forearms under his mother’s thighs and spread her legs as she straddled his chest. Cody could smell the aroma of his mother’s pussy for the first time and it was sexually intoxicating to his nostrils. Her breasts were in his face and he began to nuzzle on her nipples over her nightgown.

Maria wasn’t discouraging his behavior as her body was beginning to awaken with her son’s sexual prowess and she pulled both of her breasts out for her son so his tongue could finally make contact with her sensitive areolas. They were large and pink and very sensitive to her son’s kisses, licking and sucking. Maria’s breasts began to tingle with her sons touches like they did when she breast fed him when he was a baby.

For Cody there was something special about momma’s milk that pushed his cock beyond being just hard it felt like it was a solid beam of Iron hiding under his boxers his cock wanting to escape and accomplish its mission of destroying his mother’s vagina. Maria was instinctively in tune with her son’s thoughts as she reached down and pushed her son’s boxers down to his thighs releasing his cock from its constraints. Cody then moved his legs back and forth until they landed at his ankles.

Cody slowly and gingerly relaxed his grip on his mother’s body as she slid down his stomach and he could feel the volcanic heat of his mother’s vagina come closer and closer to the head of his penis. Allowing her to continue to slide down his mother wrapped her fingers around her son’s shaft and as she was sliding down his stomach Cody’s cock crested between his mother’s pussy lips into the very vagina that bore him.

Maria closed her eyes as her apprehensions began to dissipate as she felt her son’s cock crest inside of her pushing her vaginal wall further apart than they had ever been pushed open before by any man. She knew that even though she was drunk yesterday when she was watching her son fucking their houseguest Terri she knew it was wrong to fantasize about her only son. What made matters worse is the fact that she actually dreamed about her son fucking her brains out the night before and now she was slowly sliding down his cock in reality.

Maria was licking the inner lobe of her son’s ear as she began to coo with delight, “That’s it Cody let it slip all the way inside of your mommy!!! Isn’t this what you wanted? You want to fuck mommy after all I’m a MILF right?”

Cody pushed upwards as he felt his mother’s pussy open accepting all of his cock. “Yes mommy you’re the only MILF that I want to fuck!!!”

Maria began to bounce up and down on her son’s fat cock, as she was letting him know that this wasn’t her first rodeo like his teenage lover last night. Maria was relaxing her pussy as she impaled his penis and then contracted her pussy as she came up off of it. Maria called her maneuver milking you man’s cock, “You like the way mommy’s pussy feels wrapped around her little boy’s cock?”

Cody wasn’t too keen on the little boy reference but mommy’s muscle control felt just right to him, “My cock feels amazing inside of you it’s like all tingly and all.” The feeling of being inside of his mother was creating sensations throughout his body that he had never felt before and his knees began to buckle with enjoyment, “Mommy I have to put you down before I accidently drop you.”

When Maria’s pussy was finally freed from her son’s iron beam she pushed him down to the floor. With her son’s cock pointing due north she straddled him and began to slowly squat over him. As she came down to her knees her hand lightly for the first time wrapped around his shaft with the intent of fucking his brains out. Before Maria allowed her son back inside she moved his head in and around her lips coating it with her pussy juice. Once she was stimulated once again she took in a deep breath and fell fast and hard on her son’s cock, “You ready to get rocked like you never were rocked before sonny?”

Cody smiled at his mother and said, “You’re in charge mommy you can do anything.”

Maria rode her son for several minutes in silence except for the sound of her round tight ass cheeks smacking against his upper thighs. The sensation and the fact she was fucking her son turned her on so much that she suddenly stopped and shuttered on top of her son and had one of the most intense orgasms all over his shaft. When Maria finally opened her eyes she noticed her son intently looking up at her and she said, “Are you ready to take this taboo love affair one step farther Cody?”

Cody realized that he had no choice but he was astonished that he actually made his mother cum all over his cock, “Mommy I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

Maria was still grinding on his cock, “I want to feel you in all of my holes honey.” Maria allowed his cock out of her pussy so that it could breathe a little and then she spun around and sat her pussy over her son’s face, “Now I want you to stick your tongue inside of mommy’s asshole and get it nice and wet and if you feel a little adventurous you can even clean mommy’s pussy with your tongue.”

Cody watched his mother’s ass that spends 30 minutes on the tread mill, 30 minutes on the stair master, 30 minutes doing aerobics and finally 30 minutes of yoga every morning latch on to his face and he began to taste his mother’s pussy before he did the unthinkable and that’s eat an asshole for the first time, “I’ll do whatever you want mommy as long as you suck my cock clean of you cum.”

Maria was happy that she had a boy toy that was willing to do whatever her little heart desired, “It would be a pleasure to put your cock down my throat!!” She sucked his cock and took him down her throat as promised and after a few minutes of eating each other Cody was still reluctant to eat her ass, “Honey come on spit on my asshole and use your tongue and fingers to work it inside of me honey, okay?”

Cody spit on his mom’s asshole and used his tongue to penetrate her. Cody was surprised that it didn’t taste too bad, “I’m I doing a good job mommy you like the way my tongue feels inside of you?”

Maria finally felt that she was sufficiently lubed up and spun around wanting to see if she could actually take her son’s fat cock inside of her asshole, “You did a wonderful job sweetie now just relax as I try to work your little monster inside of me honey.”

Cody was tired of the little references, “Mommy could you stop calling my seven inch cock ‘little’, please?”

Maria looked down at her son and said, “I’m just teasing you sweetie, that’s why I keep calling it a monster!!” Then she finally got his head past her entrance and then slowly in circular motions began to impale her son’s cock.

Cody smiled from ear to ear as his mother’s asshole felt just as tight as Terri’s pussy was yesterday. “Damn mom your asshole feels so damn tight I love it!!!”

Maria began to smile, “You feel incredible in my asshole too honey. Daddy loves it inside of here that’s why I only let him take it every so often but for you – for you – you can fuck my asshole anytime you want honey!!!” Maria leaned forward and opened her mouth and put her tongue inside of her son’s mouth and tasted not only her orgasm but the slight hint of her asshole then she whispered in his ear, “This is your asshole now!!! I think I’m going to let you have it every day after school!! You like fucking me in the asshole don’t you?”

Cody moved his hands up to his mother’s breasts, “I think I found my new lover!!! I just can’t believe that it’s my mommy who wants me to fuck her!! Mommy you feel so good!!!! Daddy is such a lucky man to have been fucking you for so long. No wonder he wants to fuck you so much. Now, I’m going to take advantage of his misfortune.”

With a new found sense of youth Maria was no longer concerned about the pain her son was causing her the deeper she allowed him to penetrate her. With her knees around his stomach and her hands on his chest Maria was determined to give her son the ride of his life. Maria wanted to prove to her son that she was the only option for him sexually that even if the girls he liked were younger, tighter and prettier than her that she was the best fuck for her son. This way he wouldn’t go anywhere else then she leaned down to her son’s ear, “I want you to cum honey!!! I’m going to let you cum anywhere you want my mouth, my face, my tits or if you want to creampie me you can honey!!!”

Cody couldn’t believe that his mother who was just turned 40 just a few short months ago looked amazing as she fucked him. Her breasts were still tight they had no sag in them it must be from all the free weight workouts that she does. Her ass had that perfect curve coming from her back to her thigh with no fat from all the aerobic workouts but it was her asshole that was expanding and contracting around his shaft that was the most amazing thing. Cody had only fucked two other girls his 18 year-old sister and Terri who was 14 both had perfect bodies but as he actually began to look at his mother’s body was just as perfect as theirs. The more he thought about his mother the more he became excited to fuck her more.

Cody began to thrust upwards creating a whole new sense of pleasure as the nerve endings around the tip of his penis exploded with enjoyment and he couldn’t hold back his orgasm anymore as he grabbed his mother’s hips, “Mommy I can feel my orgasm it’s ready where do you want me to finish mommy?”

Maria looked down, “It’s up to you honey!!!!” Maria was breathing heavily and her asshole locked around his shaft, “You’re the best lover mommy ever had you can do anything you want baby!!!”

The words hadn’t even escaped past her lips that he was ‘the best lover’ his mother ever had when a volcanic like eruption pushed through his tiny little hole and shot streams after streams of his love inside of his mother’s asshole. “Mommy!!! I’m so sorry but I’m cumming inside of you!!!” He turned his head in shame. “I wanted to cum on your face.”

Maria being the good mother that she was felt her son’s hot, steamy cum rattle up the shaft of her ass but seeing her son’s disappointment came off of his shaft and positioned herself between her sons legs and grabbed her son’s penis and put her mouth over his head and began to jerk him off then she smiled, “So you mean like this?”

Cody couldn’t believe how much his mother listened to his request and that he was in charge, “Yeah mommy jerk it off in your mouth I can still feel there’s more down there I swear!!”

Maria smiled, “I’ll make sure to get every last bit of sperm honey.” Maria’s eyes locked on her son’s as she sucked Cody. Her tongue went in circular motions back and forth and she also licked his shaft up and down as she kept smiling at her son.

Cody’s eyes were wide looking back into his mother’s sultry eyes. There was something much more exciting about being with an older woman who has as much experience as his mother. Cody didn’t want this moment to end but like all men after orgasm eventually their cocks deflate and his was deflating in his mother’s warm inviting mouth. She continued to stroke him to try and keep him hard but Cody was finished for now. His mother moved forward on his body on top of him and Cody took both of his hands and placed them on his mother’s cheeks, “Mommy that was probably the best time you and I have ever had together!!” Not wanting anything to end Cody wrapped his arms around his mother and held her tight on the kitchen floor.

Maria was the adult and of course the only one that was thinking. If she got caught by either of the girls or if her husband came home the ramifications would be endless as she was naked on top of her son, “Cody let me finish making breakfast and you go upstairs and take a shower. When you finish check on the girls and if they’re not up yet then wake them for breakfast.” Maria got up and put her nightgown back on and Cody put his boxers on both not saying anything to each other and then as Maria went to check on the bacon in the oven Cody smacked his mother on the ass. As she came up to say something Cody kissed Maria on the mouth and then took off out of the kitchen.

Maria looked down on the floor as she stood up she hadn’t realized how much of her son’s cum had oozed out of her ass down on to the floor. She also saw the spot she was on all fours where she sucked her son off. There were two large pools of her son’s orgasm on the linoleum floor. Maria then looked down between her thighs and saw his white chunky cum. Maria decided to go to the powder room to clean up before she started making the eggs for the kids.

End Part 6

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