“Mindy wants to get pregnant.”

“Okay, I’m sure if she and Kevin work at it well enough he can get the job done.”

“Well, that’s just it, she doesn’t want his kid, she doesn’t think a baby from him wouldn’t be very smart or pretty.”

I sat back and looked at my wife, “She married the stupid ass, she’s fucking him regularly, isn’t that good enough for her?”

“She confided in me that he isn’t sleeping in her bed and right now the only reason she stays with him is because of his fortune.”

“What the fuck are you saying? Your daughter is a gold digging, conniving money hungry bitch that whored her body for a few bucks?”

“Goddamn it, don’t talk about my baby that way. Eric may have money but she loved him when she married him. Since then he’s apparently found ways to amuse himself outside the bedroom and she isn’t part of the Fantasy Land tour. He’s fucking around on her and she knows it and when she confronts him he slaps the shit out of her.”

I’d never heard that before, “Then why on earth would she want to have his baby? If she is planning to dump his ass that would only complicate things.”

“For the money you dolt, he’s been abusing her and screwing around for years so if she has a baby the divorce settlement will be better and he will have to fork over every month for child maintenance. And she is feeling the pressure of her age. She’s 29 and her ovaries are begging for action, she wants a child, it’s time.”

“Sounds like she’ll have to get him drunk or something then screw him again to do the job.”

That’s not going happen; she has something else in mind.”

“She’s got a boyfriend?”

“No, not that I know of, she wants you to knock her up.”

My coffee cup cracked in two when it hit the floor. I looked up from the puddle of brown fluid into my wife’s amused eyes. “What did you just say? You’re joking, goddamn it you bitch, that wasn’t funny!”

“Don’t call me a bitch you bastard, and no I wasn’t joking, Mindy asked me if you could fuck her until she got ‘that way’, my wife hooked her fingers in pantomime quote marks.

She’s my daughter for Christ’s sake, what is she thinking?”

“She is your step-daughter, that’s what she’s thinking.”

“But I’ve been her father since she was two, her entire life almost, I love her like she was my own flesh and blood and why the hell are we talking about this, why didn’t you shut her down when she asked? That would have saved my favorite coffee mug.”

My wife left the table. The conversation was getting very heated and we both knew it was time to step back. She presented me with the situation and now I had to calm down.

Two hours later my wife came outside where I was washing her car “You still edgy?

I kissed her on the cheek, “Not edgy, just flabbergasted. Did Mindy really tell you all that or is this some sort of perverted fun day for you?”

“I guess it’s perverted but it’s no joke. I acted almost the same way you did when she brought it up but she is serious, she wants you to make her pregnant.”

“Why me? I’m 55 years old, there must be 10 million men in this state that could do a good job of fucking her, all she has to do is spread her legs, she doesn’t even have to get turned on to take a load.”

“You’re really fucking crude, that’s my sweet daughter you are talking about. I asked her about that, why you instead of any number of handsome young studs and she said that you have good genes and she wants that for her child. She added that since I never had your baby this would give you the opportunity to pass your genes to the future, your line won’t die out. After I thought about it I figured she is right, if she had a kid from you, she would be awesome. She might be a world leader or the first woman on Mars or something great like that.”


My wife smiled prettily, “Of course.”

“That would mean your husband would be the father of your granddaughter, that’s twisted.”

“Think you can get it up for Mindy you old fart?”

“Still works for you doesn’t it?”

She grinned impishly, “It most certainly does. Let’s go into the house.”

“Right now?”

“Right now.”

That afternoon after my wife was sated, she called Mindy and broke the news that she had approached me with the proposition. Two days later my step-daughter came over, a little apprehensive but still bold enough to ask me to take her to bed. Her mother left to ‘buy some milk’ and left me and my step-daughter to work out the details. The tension was honey thick around us for the first few minutes until the words were said and the intent was clear. After that we plotted when and where we could consummate our agreement. The more we talked, the more I studied the pretty young woman the more I was looking forward to splitting her thighs. I started thinking that doing her this favor was going to be a very pleasant experience.

But I had to ask “If you get pregnant, how are you going to explain that to Kevin if he hasn’t been sleeping with you for a while?”

“I’m just going to have to suck it up and jump into his bed one of these nights after he comes home drunk. The next morning I’ll tell him how fucking great he was and two weeks later I’ll tell him he’s going to be a daddy. The idiot will never guess and he doesn’t want a kid so he’ll be happy to divorce me.”

“What if I can’t do the job? I mean, you might not get your way the first or second time I screw you.”

“Mom and I talked about that, you’ll just have to be my sex slave until you score.” She looked at me with a small glimmer of humor in her soft hazel eyes “Sorry dad, that’s the way it is.”

“Are you looking forward to this?”

My step-daughter stood up, put her hands on her hips then turned in a circle, showing me her slender, curvaceous body, “Are you looking forward to this?”

For the first time in my life I had a severe sexual reaction to Mindy.

Mindy took my hand and led me to the guest room. She stopped inside the door looking at the bed “I don’t think we need to do all the foreplay and getting turned on stuff dad, take your clothes off, I’ll be right back. My step-daughter went quickly to the adjoining bathroom and closed the door while I panicked. I wanted to believe her, I wanted to get naked and in the bed but what if this was some sort of elaborate joke. I couldn’t imagine the girl being cruel enough to play such a terrible hoax on me so I pulled off my shirt and pants and eased under the covers.

She peaked around the half open bathroom door “You ready to go dad?”

That made me feel very old and perverted. I looked at my daughter, step-daughter, and told her, “Until this is over, you call me Jim. If you want any kind of undercover action you can’t be calling me dad or daddy or anything else like that.”

She gave me a wickedly pretty smile as she came across the room completely naked “Okay, Jim, are you ready enjoy your afternoon?” The little bitch was teasing and she loved it. I didn’t hear the words I could only stare at what she was bringing to bed. Mindy is 5’7 and slender in body but she has a playboy rack of tits. Thick chestnut hair fell in waves over her shoulders and half way down her back. Brown/green eyes glinted expectantly from over a long straight nose accented by a strong jaw line and thick full lips that rose up at the corners in a natural, pleasing smile. Her body swept from neck to hips in swan like curves, the smooth skin under her left breast marked by three dark moles arranged in a triangle. She had a diamond pin pierced at her navel which drew my eyes to her lower stomach. Mindy’s pubic hair was trimmed to a small tuft of soft black curls over the top of her body slit. She stepped to the bed in long hip swinging strides on firm, exercise toned legs. My cock which had been shriveled with doubt recognized a beautiful opportunity and began to reform as an erection. My eyes stopped the exploration of my step-daughter at her feet which were decorated with sharp red toe polish. I couldn’t believe that her husband didn’t want her on her back every fucking day.

She pulled up the covers, inspected me briefly then lay down beside me. “You don’t have to seduce me Jim, don’t think you have to give me an orgasm, I just want you to make me pregnant. If this is only a couple of minutes I’ll understand and I won’t mind.” I was terrified. This beautiful young woman wanted me to fuck her and I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible but her mother was the only woman I’d screwed in 28 years so I knew this would be a quickie.

Mindy eased to her back then pulled on my shoulder to come up over her. I rolled over between her legs then probed for the entrance to paradise with the end of my erection. She reached between us, gripped my cock then rubbed it up and down the length of her pussy, smearing what little lubrication we shared. I arched up, spit a dribble of saliva on my hand then coated the end of my prick with it. She widened her legs, arched her back and guided me to her once more. As the end of my cock slipped into the soft tender trap, she moved her hand then rolled her hips, accepting the full length of my hard packed bone.

I tried not to look at her face, to see who I was fucking but her sparkling hazel eyes mesmerized me. Mindy held my sides loosely and smiled into my face while I fucked her. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t need too and I had no words that could express the utter tenderness I felt for my step-daughter.

I surprised myself. The longer I screwed her the more animated she got. I felt her sex warming, softening, the connection between us becoming wetter, slicker as I thrust in and out of her pussy. She bowed her back, shifted her legs for a better position and began to rock her hips, fucking me as I fucked her. She put a hand on the back of my head and pulled it down until my lips were caressing the nipple of her left breast. I flicked my tongue tip across it and felt her quiver ever so slightly. I sucked the nipple between my lips and licked it every time my cock plunged into her. Mindy was warming even more to my attention, I felt fingernails crease the skin of my shoulder.

My balls couldn’t take any more stimulation. I arched up off the girl until just my cock connected us then groaned deep in my chest as the contractions of my body forced the air from my lungs. My cock convulsed and quivered as I delivered semen and sperm to her womb. Mindy urged me softly “Do it Jim, knock me up. Cum hard my sweet lover, give me a baby.” I thought the end of my hard-on had shredded as the flood from my nuts cascaded deep into her.

I fell off my girl and rolled to her side. She turned to face me a large delighted smile illuminating her face. She kissed the end of my nose then stroked my cheek “I hope this works dad, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have a baby from.” She got off the bed and went back to the bathroom, just before she closed the door she turned to me with a large teasing smile “you can get up now, I have no more use for you right now but I may be back tomorrow.”

“Not if you call me dad again.”

My wife came home just as Mindy stepped into the front room on her way home. The two met at the door and with just a glance the daughter told the mother that the deed was done. Mindy said to her mother “I’ll have to come back tomorrow afternoon, I don’t want to miss this chance, I can’t stay with Kevin much longer.”

My wife smiled knowingly at her daughter “You’re gonna put a hell of a strain on your dad’s libido, he might not be able to help tomorrow.”

Mindy turned and looked into my embarrassed face, “Don’t worry mom, I can be very persuasive, can’t I Jim.”

My wife stepped to me and kissed me on the cheek, “I love you, don’t you quit until I’m a grandma — Jim.” The two of them laughed delightedly then hugged each other goodbye. I got the feeling I was the victim of some well planned sexual conspiracy.

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