As soon as the sun appeared over the horizon, a ray of sunlight hit Logan in the eyes and woke him up. He squinted his eyes and looked at the digital clock on his nightstand. It was 6:08; much too early to rise. He rolled onto his side and covered his head with the thin blanket. Thoughts of the night before with his Sister, Becky flooded his mind. He had wanted to fuck her since the first time he realized she was developing tits. Last night it finally happened.

It all started after dinner when Becky whispered in his ear for him to wait ten minutes and then meet her in her bedroom. Once in her bedroom, she explained to him that their mother was aware of his obsession with his own sister’s breast. Mom had suggested to her that it may ease some of the sexual tension between the two if she just showed Logan her tits and let him examine and fondle them. The plan was to remove the mystery that her hidden breast imposed on him. Mom’s thinking was men seem to get more excited by what they can’t see than they do with what they can see.

All went well with that plan until the magnetic pull of her naked breast lured his mouth to her magnificent hard nipples. Minutes later, his hand found its way into Becky’s panties, which resulted in her experiencing a breath-taking orgasm. After that, all bet was off, and Logan needed more; so, did she. He and his sister then participate in their very first passionate brother-sister kiss with tongue action from both. Then Becky asked him to use his magical tongue on her pussy. Of course, after he brought her to another incredible orgasm with his tongue action, she felt obligated to make him cum with her tongue. Yes…you guessed it; not long after that, his cock moved from her mouth to her pussy for the most amazing incestuous brother sister fuck anyone could have ever imagined.

The whole incestuous event flooded Logan’s mind as he laid in bed, stroking his hard cock. He recalled the wonderfully silky, smooth feeling on his tongue from her pussy lining and the sweet taste of her juices as they saturated his tongue. He knew he had to taste her delicious juices again. The sooner, the better.

Logan tiptoed across the hall; opened Becky’s bedroom door, quickly stepped inside and closed it behind him. She was peaceably sleeping on her back. Her nightgown had risen above her waist during the night and was prominently exposing her beautifully manicured blond pubic hairs. He knelt beside her bed and took a deep breath, inhaling the musky feminine aroma emanating from her displayed vagina. Logan blew his warm breath over her Venus mound ruffling the curly pubs covering her pussy. It caused a tickling sensation which triggered her to scratch that area but not rouses her from sleep.

Her brother then traced his tongue up between the folds of her vagina and gently pressed on her clit. Becky stirred, her breathing increased, but she remained asleep. Logan sat back on his heels and watched her nipples get hard as her breasts began to rise and fall with each increasingly rapid breath. He slipped off his boxers and positioned himself between her legs. He could see her vagina was getting wet by the little droplets of moisture collecting on her pubic hairs. He rubbed the head of his cock along the folds of her pussy, mixing his pre-cum with her natural juices. As soon as he added a small amount of pressure, his cock slid into her pussy, and her eyes flew open.

“Oh my, God, Logan. I thought I was dreaming,” she said as she pulled him to her lips for a passionate kiss. The kiss was long and deep with a lot of tongue play; not your typical sibling kiss. No, it was a kiss reserved for serious lovers.

Logan began with a few slow in and out strokes then progressed on to rapid hammering strokes. Becky wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her heels under his buttocks, pulling him as deep as she could into her eager pussy. Within minutes they both experienced simultaneous orgasms. He rolled off, and they laid there covered in a thin sheen of sweat; both panting like thirsty dogs.

“Oh my, God. That was every bit as good as last night,” he said as he gasped for his next breath.

She could only shake her head, yes. They laid there quietly for several minutes, then Becky climbed on her brother’s chest and gave two quick pecks on his lips. She stared into his eyes and started to say something but stopped. Logan felt she was troubled about something.”

“What,” he said?

“Nothing,” she answered.

“Damn it, Becky, if you have something you wanted to say, I want to hear it,” he snapped.

She pondered a moment then asked, “Why did you wait so long before you gave in to me? You knew damn well I wanted you to fuck me and I have known for a long time that you wanted to fuck me! In Nashville, I did just about everything but begged you to fuck me, and you acted as though I had the plague or something.”

Logan thought for a moment then said, “I just couldn’t. I wanted to, but I just couldn’t.”

“What do you mean, you just couldn’t,” she shouted! “It would have been a perfect time if you had really wanted me. We had both just showered. We were each dressed for bed. I had no panties on under my gown, and you wore only boxers. We were sharing the same bed in a private room no less. So, tell me why you just couldn’t.”

“I promised Dad I wouldn’t,” he blurted!

Becky rose up on her elbows and stared into his eyes. “What do you mean, you promised, Dad,” she asked. “I want to hear the full story or so help me, God, you will never touch me again; and I do mean, never again!”

Logan could tell by the unsmiling expression on his sister’s face that she meant every word. He had to level with her or forfeit all future access to her sexual favors.

“I promised Dad; I would not try to fuck you until he had a chance to fuck you first.

Becky was shocked. It took several minutes for her to recover from the shock and to gather her thoughts. At first, she had a blank stare, but it slowly transformed into a devious grin.

“I should have known he wanted to fuck me,” she laughed. “I’ve noticed him glancing at my tits and ass most every morning since my tits began to show through my nightshirt. And to be perfectly truthful, I liked him looking at me in that way. It was proof I was becoming a woman; a woman who men would be sexually attracted to. I just never translated those glances from Daddy into a desire to fuck me. For God’s sake, I didn’t even think Dads went around wanting to fuck their own daughter.”

“Becky, when fathers look at their daughters like that, they are no longer thinking like a Dad. They are thinking like a normal healthy man who has been sexually aroused by a desirous young woman,” her brother explained.

“Logan, I knew right away you wanted to fuck me, the first time I saw your dick fighting to get out of your boxers. The girls at school talk about teasing their brothers until they get an erection. Some of the girls talk about how much they would like to fuck their brothers. That’s what got me so hot to lure you into my bed,” she confided.

“Are you going to let Dad fuck you too?”

“Probably, but I’m going to have fun with him first,” she giggles.

“What do you mean, you are going to have fun with him first,” Logan asked.

“I’m not going to just hop in bed with him. I am going to make him work for it,” Becky smiled. “I’m going to tease him with the prospect of fucking me until he starts to cum in his pants every time, I come near him.”

“Oh, you wicked girl! That’s something I would love to watch,” Logan laughed.

“Well, I’m not going to let you watch me fuck, Daddy, but I will openly tease him in front of you,” she nefariously chuckled.


Dad returned from his Louisville sales trip just two days before Becky’s graduation from high school. He arrived after their usual dinner time and was tired and hungry. Lucy fixed him a ham and cheese sandwich while he went to the bedroom and unpacked his suitcase. Logan went with his Dad and reported his successful seduction of Mom.

“Dad, everything worked out just as you said it would with Mom. She was so horny when we got home, she didn’t resist my final efforts one bit.”

“Didn’t I tell you she would be ready for a good fuck by the time you arrived back home?”

“You were right about everything, Dad.

“How long did it take you to get her in bed after you got home from Nashville?”

“I fucked her that first night we got home.”

“See, I knew she was horny as hell when she left Nashville. I bet if Becky hadn’t been along, she would’ve talked you into stopping at a motel along the Interstate for good long fuck.”

“Actually, Dad, it didn’t happen that easily. Sure, she was horny as hell, but not quite ready to fuck her Son. The thing that pushed her the final distance was your call telling her you wouldn’t be home for a few more days.”

“How did that make the difference?”

“She was terribly upset that you avoided having sex with her while we were in Nashville,” Logan reported. “Becky and I tried to console her, but nothing we said seems to make a difference. She got so distraught; she went to bed immediately after your call. Later that night, I heard her go back downstairs. I waited for about five minutes and then followed. I found her sitting in the dark in the family room, crying. She finally confided that she thought you were having sex with someone else and didn’t need her for sexual relief anymore. I embraced her and began to console her again. That led to a gentle kiss on her lips, which turned into a passionate kiss. The next thing I can remember is she slipped out of her robe, laid back on the sofa, and pulled me on top of her. To tell you the truth, Dad, it was all a haze after that, but I can tell you with surety it was the best sex I’d ever had in my life.”

“I’m sure it WAS the best you ever had, Son, because up until then you were an admitted virgin. It was your first time, and the first time is always the best you ever had.”

“That’s so true, Dad. I was on cloud nine for days.”

Jim was happy to learn from Logan that his conquest of his Mom had been successful, but aggravated that Lucy was being a bit stand-offish. He began to wonder if his plan with Logan had backfired and Lucy was too pleased to have her Son as a substitute lover. She welcomed him back with a big hug and a kiss, but it wasn’t an enthusiastic kiss like he was accustomed. Lucy did fix him a delicious ham and cheese sandwich but didn’t engage in the usual chitchat that followed his past homecomings. She remained aloof well-pasted bedtime.

The fireworks really began when everyone retired for the evening. Jim and Lucy removed their clothes and crawled into their marital bed. They had always slept in the nude ever since their honeymoon. So, Jim naturally assumed everything was back to normal, and as soon as the lights went out, he pulled her to him and tried to be amorous. Lucy was still angry and rebuffed his attempt to make love to her. Logan and Becky laid in their separate bedrooms and listened as their Mom and Dad argued loudly.

“Sweetheart, why are you so angry with me,” he asked?

“I’m sure you already know why,” she sneered.

“If I knew I wouldn’t be asking.”

“Think back to our recent trip to Nashville.”

“I remember it well. We all seemed to have a wonderful time at ‘Opryland,’ and the dinner afterward was superb.”

“And we went back to the hotel and went to sleep without so much as a goodnight kiss, she pouted.

“You were asleep when I got out of the shower.”

“I wasn’t really asleep. I only pretended to be asleep to see if you were horny enough to wake me up for some much-needed sex. Apparently, you were getting your sexual relief elsewhere and didn’t need to make love with me.”

Jim finally figured out the problem and wondered if he should reveal the plan he had concocted with his Son. “That’s not it at all, Honey. I didn’t make love with you because…” He stopped in mid-sentence and questioned if he should reveal all.

“Go on, Sweetheart, finish what you started to say. You didn’t make love with me because, why?”

“I shouldn’t tell you this, but I promised Logan I would only get you aroused on that trip and send you home hornier than when you arrived.”

Lucy was not only shocked but very angry. “You did what? You promised Logan you would send me home hornier than when I arrived! “Why on earth would you promise him such a thing?”

“Don’t get mad, Honey, but Logan has been wanting to fuck you for years. Most young men his age have a strong desire to fuck their mothers. I can remember myself wanting to fuck my Mom, but it never happened. So, I decided to help my Son do what I was never able to accomplish. I didn’t consult you because I was sure you would reject it and fly into a shit fit like you are doing now,” he explained.

“I know he had been wanting to fuck me. I also know that it is normal behavior in young men his age. What I don’t understand is why in the hell you would want to help your Son enter into a sexual relationship with his own Mom. That’s not normal behavior for a Dad.”

“It was for you, Honey. I know how you crave sex when I am away. I hear it in your voice when we talk on the phone. I feel it in the text messages we exchange almost daily. I was afraid that you may get to such a point of desperate need that you may be tempted to seek sexual relief with someone else.”

“Jim, you are a real dumbass at times,” she screamed! “How could you do such a thing without consulting me first.”

Jim just shrugged his shoulders.

“Well…I guess you will be happy to hear that your conspiratorial scheme with our Son was a success and I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait for him to slip his big cock into me again. Now, are you satisfied?”

Jim didn’t have a satisfactory answer, so he remained quiet and let her vent.

“For your information, Mr. know -it all, I’m not angry at you for helping our Son seduce me,” She smirked. “I’m angry because you didn’t let me know that it was alright with you if I fucked our handsome Son. If you only knew how long I have fantasized about my Son sliding his young hard cock into my often, lonely pussy.”

It took Jim a while for what she said to sink into his befuddled mind. He blinked his eyes and said,” Why didn’t ever tell me you wanted to fuck our Son?”

“Probably for the same reason you never told me you wanted to fuck our daughter; I was embarrassed, and I thought you may think I was a sick pervert!”

Jim was quiet for a minute and then asked, “Well, …how was our Son in bed?”

“Surprisingly wonderful for his first time,” she bragged. “He was a bit awkward to begin, and then his lust apparently took over, and he began fucking me like a real pro.”

Jim moved between Lucy’s legs, passionately kissed her and skillfully slid his hard cock into her wet pussy and said, “Tell me all about it, Honey. I want to know just how much of man my Son really is. Don’t leave a single detail.”

Lucy wrapped her legs around Jim’s waist, and rhythmically matched his thrusts.

“I figured his cock would be quite large based on the bulge in his pants, but when that big thing started filling my pussy it took my breath away,” she swooned. “I don’t know how long his cock is, but it was like it just kept going deeper and deeper into my pussy. It hit places your cock never even came close to touching.”

“Are you telling me my son has a bigger cock than mine,” he asked?

“That’s exactly what I am telling you,” she snickered. “Are you jealous?”

“I am not only jealous but extremely proud of my Son.”

Jim’s cock suddenly got harder and twitched several times. “I think this talk about our Son fucking me is really turning you on, Honey,” she giggled. “Your cock has never been harder.”

“I know,” Jim gasps! “And I think I am on the verge of cumming harder than I ever have before.

“Honey, I think we should talk about my sex with our Son each time we fuck,’ Lucy cooed. “I love the way your cock is throbbing and stimulating the inside of my pussy. I think I am going to cum really hard too!”

“How as he at eating your pussy?”

Lucy stiffened and shuddered for a moment as an orgasm rushed through her body. It took her a minute to recover before continuing.

“He was about like you the first time you ate mine, but I guided him to all the places I needed him,” she replied. “He followed my instructions and had me cumming within minutes. The second time he did it, I came even faster and harder. He’s gotten progressively better each time since.”

“That’s my Boy, following right along in his father’s footsteps.”

“I don’t want to hurt your ego, Honey, but you will never be better at eating my pussy like Logan.”

“Why would say that, Honey? I always thought you liked the way I ate your pussy.”

“I do like the way you eat my pussy, but you’ve had a lot of years to practice, but never seem to come up with much variety. He was a natural and got it right the first time. Not only that, he does something different each time.”

“Different how?”

“Well…for example, he sometimes sticks his finger up my butt just as I start cumming. Another time he will suck my clit into his mouth and start pounding it with his tongue as I cum.”

“Maybe I should start eating other women’s pussy while I am traveling so, I can gain more experience and maybe pick up some new techniques.”

“Go ahead smart ass; eat other women’s pussy, but I get to let other men eat my pussy while you’re gone so I can adequately gauge whether you are really making any significant progress.”

Logan heard the sounds of sexual ecstasy coming from his parent’s bedroom. The more he heard, the harder his cock got. He made his way down the hallway to Becky’s bedroom. She was naked and waiting with her legs spread. Logan pressed his tongue deep into her vagina. The sounds coming from Becky’s bedroom echoed the sounds coming from Mom and Dad’s bedroom.

It was after ten o’clock in the morning when Mom knocked lightly on Becky’s bedroom door, rousting her from a deep, peaceful slumber. Becky rubbed the sleep from her eyes and groused, “Come in,” there was an obvious annoyance in her voice because she thought it would be her brother shaming her for sleeping so late.

Mom stepped into the room and said, “Honey, I’m sorry to wake you, but I have errands to run and your brother left at sunrise to go to the lake with friends. So, I need you to get up and help your Dad with some chores he wants to do around the house.”

Becky raised her arms over her head and stretched. She glanced at the clock and asked, “Can I sleep about fifteen minutes longer?”

“Normally I would let you sleep longer, but I have to leave right away to get my errands done before late afternoon,” she apologized. “And I know you well enough to predict that the fifteen minutes would stretch into much longer.”

“Okay, okay, just give me two more minutes,” she pleaded.

“I’m not leaving this room until I see you out of that bed, Becky Mitchell,” she firmly announced. “I know your games, girl. If I leave here before you are out of that bed, you will go right back to sleep and leave your Dad to do the chores all by himself. So, up and out of there, young Lady!”

Becky rolled out of bed and growled, “I’m up. I’m up so, go run your errands.”

As Mom was leaving the room, she turned and said, “I fried some bacon and scrambled some eggs for you. They’re on the stove. All you have to do is pop them in the microwave.”

Becky shook her head, acknowledging that she understood what her Mom had said, motioned with her hand for Mom to go and then entered the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she finished brushing her teeth, she heard the front door close. She looked out the window in time to see her Mom leave in the car.

Becky searched through some of her old t-shirts trying to find just the right one to tease her Dad. She found one she hadn’t worn in two years. It was so tight on her it looked like her boobs were going to rip right through the front and it came down just far enough to barely cover her butt. She applied a bit of pink lip gloss, slipped off her panties, turned her butt to the mirror and experimented with how far she could bend before her ass was exposed. She sniffed her panties before dropping them in the dirty clothes hamper and then proceeded down to the kitchen.

Becky stopped just before entering the kitchen and pinched each nipple to make sure they were prominently pushing against her t-shirt. Dad was sitting in his usual chair, drinking a cup of coffee. She witnessed his eyes flash like lightning to her tits and then quickly back to his coffee cup. She deviously smiled to herself as Dad blushed. She then ambled over to him, hugged him from behind and kissed his on the neck; making sure her hard nipples pressed into his back and whispered, “I am so happy you are back home, Daddy.”

“I’m happy to be back home, Sweetheart.”

Becky then bent over his shoulder to pick up a napkin to wipe a smudge of lip gloss from his neck. She purposely glided her hard nipple along his shoulder as she picked up the napkin and then took her time dragging her breast back while checking his crotch for a bulge.

“I got a little bit of lip gloss on your neck, Daddy,” she explained as she dabbed his neck with the napkin.

Dad felt a shiver journey from his neck to his balls. The blood rushing to his cock made him swell quickly. Becky moved to the cabinet to get a plate for her breakfast. A major tent appeared in Dad’s shorts but was shielded from Becky’s view by the table. She had to rise up on her tiptoes to reach the plates. She knew her ass was exposed to her Dad when she felt a breeze.

Dad’s cock got so hard it was painful and needed adjusting in his shorts. He waited until Becky turned toward the stove before making the needed adjustment. He couldn’t stop himself from squeezing the head of his cock and giving it a few quick strokes. He glanced in her direction to make sure she didn’t see him. Becky filled her plate, poured herself a cup of coffee, and joined her Dad at the table.

“Daddy, will you get the thermal mug from the top shelf for me? I want to take a big mug of ice water out to the pool later.”

Dad said, “Okay,” but was hesitant to get up because of the boner he was hiding under the table. Becky looked at him and smiled, then pretended to focus on something on the table to her left. Jim took that opportunity to spring up and quickly retrieve the mug. He placed it on the counter and returned to his chair. He was reasonably sure Becky hadn’t seen the tent in his shorts. He was wrong. The tent was clearly pickup by her peripheral vision. The thought of her Daddy being turned on by her, and getting a boner, gave her a thrill that ran through her whole body.

Becky finished her breakfast and sacked the dishes in the sink. She stood looking out the window over the sink a few minutes then turned to her Dad and said, “Daddy, can I lay in the sun for a while and work on my tan?”

“We have chores to take care of, Honey. If we don’t start on them soon, we will never get them done.”

Becky slid into her Dad’s lap, kissed him on the cheek, and pleaded, “Please, Daddy. Can I spend maybe thirty or forty minutes working on my tan? I promise after that, I will devote all my time to the chores.”

She could feel his hard cock throbbing against her butt. She put her arms around his neck, kissed him on the cheek again, and ground her butt on his hard cock. She felt his cock twitch and said, “It going to get really hot later, Daddy, so if I could layout now, I probably won’t get sunburned.”

Her Dad gasped and said, “Okay, thirty minutes, then we go to work on the chores.” Becky wiggled her butt once more and slid from his lap. He was on the verge of an orgasm when she scampered to her room to change into her new bikini.

Becky walked through the kitchen to get to the pool in the backyard. She was wearing her new bikini and had the biggest grin on her face. Dad was still sitting at the breakfast table, reading the morning newspaper. She was wearing the smallest bikini that he had ever seen. It was white, and it almost glowed against her nice tan. Her nipples were hard as two small pebbles, and her jiggly ass drew his eyes like a powerful magnet. Dad was curious to know why there were no tan lines. Her breasts looked huge in that tiny top, and her pussy was mostly visible with only a two-inch-wide strip covering her slit. As she walked past her Dad, he turned his head, and all he could see were a few tiny strings. One was across her back, one around her waist, and then one disappeared down into her butt crack. From behind, she appeared to be nude.

He tried but couldn’t erase from his mind the image of his young daughter in her white bikini. Her nipples hard as two small pebbles and her jiggly ass in that small bikini which was practically invisible was permanently printed in his head.

“You can put on your swimsuit and join me at the pool if you would like Daddy,” she said as she walked out the backdoor.

Dad rushed to the bathroom off the kitchen and stroked his cock to one of the most intense orgasms ever. He cleaned up the mess then went to the kitchen window and watched as his daughter seductively applied sunscreen to both breasts. His cock became hard again, just watching her. She used her index finger to push the fabric of her bikini bottom into the folds of her vagina, creating a beautiful camel toe. Becky pinched each nipple to make sure they would be erect when Daddy joined her. The next thing Dad knew, he was in his bathing suit and sitting in a deck chair across from his daughter, drooling over her camel toe, erect nipples, and overall sexiness. Becky took an ice cube from her mug and began rubbing it between her breast.

“It is so hot out here I could take a dip in a tub of ice,” she remarked as she enticingly moved the ice cube over the top of each breast. She lifted each side of her bikini top and teased her nipples with the ice cube. Dad’s cock almost exploded when his daughter popped that same ice cube into her mouth and started crunching it with her teeth.

Becky winked at her Dad and then giggled as she ran to jump into the chilly water of the swimming pool. Dad was close behind her. They splashed one another and played catch me if you can. It wasn’t long before he had her pinned against the side of the pool with her back to him. He pressed his hard cock against her butt and reached around her waist to caress one of her swollen nipples.

Mom suddenly appeared at the backdoor and shouted, “I have a carload of groceries. Someone needs to help me bring them into the kitchen.”

Becky quickly wiggled free from her Dad’s embrace and climbed out of the pool, making her way to the house. Dad had to wait for his erection to go away before he could exit the pool and help.

As soon as the groceries were put away, Becky went to her bedroom and laid on her bed thinking about what a hot thrill she had just gotten from her Dad. She closed her eyes and could almost feel his arm still around her, fondling her tit and that hard boner pushing tight against her butt. As Becky re-lived the event, she let her hand slide under her bikini and slightly rub her slit. It felt good, so she continued. She could hear her Mom and Dad talking and giggling in the kitchen. She thought: “I gave him that boner, not you…mom!” She felt a little pissed about it and went back to rubbing her pussy. She felt really turned on by her Daddy. She pictured herself getting out of the shower naked, and Daddy with a boner; imagining what it might feel like as it slid between the folds of her throbbing pussy.

Becky had to think of something that would get her some alone time with her Dad. She could ask him to take her to the Mall to buy some new outfits for college. Graduation was the next day, and she could also buy something sexy to wear when they go out to celebrate with a family dinner. She knew her Mom was busy doing something else and wouldn’t want to go with them. She put a tight pair of shorts and a halter top. She conveniently left off her bra. Dad was easy to convince, and Mom was happy to get them out of the house so she could get some of her pressing needs out of the way.

Becky and her Dad strolled casually through the Mall and looked at outfits through the shop windows. She held her Dad’s arm and hand like she would a boyfriend. Becky leaned against her Dad and rubbed her braless breast on his arm. She was aware of other men passing them in the Mall and slyly adjusting their cocks when they thought no one was watching. Occasionally Becky would check Dad’s crotch in the reflection of a shop window but saw no sign of a boner. She needed to take her teasing to a higher level.

They went into Victoria’s Secret and perused the sexy lingerie. He would show signs of arousal as he touched some of the lacy garments, but she felt she was getting nowhere, giving him a boner. However, he was instead making her hot. She snatched a few things from the rack and lugged him back to the dressing rooms. Dad settled in a chair outside the dressing room as Becky tried on a pair of lacy black crotchless panties and a matching black bra with a hole in each cup to allow her nipples to poke through. She examined herself in the mirror and then cracked the dressing door open a few inches and whispered, “Daddy, get in here. I want your opinion.”

Dad glanced around the store to see if anyone was near and then said, “I can’t come in there, Sweetheart. We could get in lots of trouble.”

Becky clenched her teeth and growled, “Get you ass in here, Daddy! No one will see you, and it will only take a minute. I really want to know what you think of my selection.”

Her Dad quickly glanced around the store again. There was no one near the dressing rooms. He hurriedly stepped inside and was stunned by what he saw standing before him. Her nipples were hard and protruding through the center of the lacy cups. His cock sprang to life in his shorts. He put his arm around her and rubbed her back up and down, before leaning forward and sucking a hard nipple into his mouth. She immediately got wet and flooded the panties! They would have to buy the outfit now or explain how the panties became soaked.

That turned out to be one of the many outfits that Daddy agreed to purchase for her that afternoon. He had to hold the packages in front of his crotch all the way back to their car. On the way home, Becky laid her head in his lap as he drove. She said she had a little headache. It didn’t take long for her to feel what she wanted. A slight boner on the side of her head. She started moving her head around to tease his cock. She stroked it with her hand through his shorts. It got bigger and harder. She tried to slide her hand up the leg of his shorts, but it was too tight for hand to reach his cock. He stopped the car in their driveway and noticed Mom’s car was gone. His fingers glided through her hair. Now she could really feel his boner throbbing and even feel the heat from it. He leaned down, softly kissed her on the cheek, and whispered in her ear, “I need to take you in the house and put you in your bed.”

Becky shook her head yes as she felt a tingling pleasure in her pussy. They scrambled out of the car, and he held her tight as they went in the house. As soon as they were in the house, he picked her up like a new bride and carried her toward her bedroom. She was intoxicated by the smell of his cologne as she snuggled her head against his chest. She quietly applauded herself for successfully seducing her Dad. He stopped and read a note Mom had left. He whispered, “It looks like Mom won’t be home till about 8 pm.”

Becky could feel his hard cock pressing into her side. She thought she was going to explode if she didn’t have that hard cock inside her soon. Logan’s bedroom door was open, and as they passed, they saw him sitting at his computer. Logan looked over his shoulder and saw Dad carrying his Sister and asked, “What’s wrong with Becky?”

Dad had to think fast and replied, “She twisted her ankle, getting out of the car just now. I’m carrying her to her room so she can keep the pressure off.”

“Is there anything to do to help,” he asked?

“No, I have it covered,” he answered as he continued to her bedroom. He laid Becky on her bed, kissed her on the forehead, and whispered, “We are definitely going to finish what we started at the first opportunity.”

Becky smiled, blew him a kiss, and shook her head yes. Dad made his way to the bathroom in the master suite and stroked his aching cock until it was almost raw.


It was two o’clock in the afternoon and Mom seem to be agitated about all the things she still had to do before leaving for the celebration. In a couple of hours, everyone would head over to the high school auditorium for the ceremony. Becky had been showing her body off to her Dad all afternoon and had him jumpy as well. She delighted in doing things in front of her Mom that looked innocent, but she and her Dad both knew it was calculated to get him hard. Her usual method was to wait until he was looking in her direction, and she would stretch, or bend over, or a hundred other little things that seemed innocent but weren’t. Everything she did got him worked up, and his cock very hard. Her goal was to cause a boner that was difficult to hide from the others.

Becky wore a bright yellow sundress under her graduation robe. She wanted to look beautiful when the family went out to dinner after the graduation ceremony. The dress had a pattern of large white daisies. It had built-in support, so there was no need for a bra. She chose to go commando so she would have unfettered access to her pussy; just in case the need arose. There would be drinking during the celebration, and she hoped her Dad would get the opportunity to pick up where he had left off the previous afternoon.

About the time Mom decided they should leave for the graduation; Dad was in no condition to leave. Walking to the car with his cock sticking out the front of his trousers was not a good look, so he decided to wait until his cock was under control and come in the other car. Mom couldn’t understand why Dad wanted to go in two cars, but she didn’t feel like arguing with him. He kissed her goodbye and tried to hide his hard cock. Mom began hustling Logan and Becky to her car. Becky asked her Mom if she could wait and ride with Daddy. Mom agreed and pushed Logan toward the door. Dad was sitting with a magazine in his lap, hiding his hard cock.

Becky turned around, stepped up to Dad just as he rose from his chair., She pressed her body to his, grabbed his head, and pulled his lips to hers. With her only free hand, she reached down and felt his cock, rubbing it through his trousers. As they started to kiss, Dad parted his lips and thrust his tongue into her mouth. He reached up and cupped her tits, pinching the nipples hard, making them stand out. She moaned, his tongue met hers, and they kissed like that for what seemed like ages before she broke it off.

“Dad, we have to leave now for school, or I will miss my graduation.”

Dad reluctantly agreed, and they walked to his car with his cock raised like a flagpole. Becky wanted to play with it on the way to graduation, but he slapped her hand away so his cock would be flaccid enough he could join Lucy and Logan in the auditorium.

After Becky received her diploma and said her farewells to all her high school friends, Dad took the family to L’Arpège Bistro. The most expensive French restaurant in the city for a delicious dinner. Everyone was able to enjoy an exquisite French wine with their dinner. Everyone except Becky, who had to settle for ice tea again because she was still under the legal drinking age. When no one was watching, Logan would let her drink from his glass of wine. Mom and Dad were both aware of what he did, but neither said anything. By the time they left the restaurant, Becky was quite tipsy from the wine.

When the family returned home from dinner, they all slipped into their sleeping attire while Dad opened another bottle of wine. Dad had drunk enough wine that he simply stripped to his boxers, and they started watching a movie. Becky was allowed to enjoy the wine along with the rest of the family. Halfway through the movie, Dad had switched to beer and went to the kitchen for another cold beer. He found that Becky had followed him into the kitchen. She was wearing her usual Cotton gown that barely covered her ass. Dad was wearing a satin boxer and a t-shirt. As he was bending over to get a can of beer from the fridge, Becky sneaked up behind him, and caressed his ass, while reaching between his legs to feel his balls and cock. He gasped, not expecting that, but loving it all the same.

He frozen in his track and instantly got hard, and said, “Becky, not now. Your Mother and brother are in the next room.”

Becky wrapped her arms around his waist and acknowledged that by groaning into his back. She said, “Daddy, I really need your cock tonight. I don’t think I can wait any longer. I have teased you for days and only caused myself to get hornier than ever.”

She let her hand drift back down to his cock, giving it a gentle squeeze and said, “Please find a way to share this hard cock with me, Daddy.”

Dad was now so aroused he turned around to face her; not caring about being caught. He took her into his arms and kissed her, moving his tongue into her mouth. She responded with her tongue, and they stayed like that for a few minutes. Finally, Dad gazed into his daughter’s eyes and said, “Ok, Baby, but we’ll have to wait until your Mom is asleep. She’s consumed enough wine tonight; I think she will sleep right through to morning.”

After another passionate kiss, they separated, and Dad returned to the family room with his beer. Becky called out from the kitchen that she was going to bed. After about a half-hour, the movie ended. Logan and Mom went to bed; Dad decided to have another beer. About 20 minutes later, he went to check on Lucy and found her fast asleep. He crept down the hall to Becky’s bedroom and found her sleeping.

She had kicked the covers down to her feet, and her nightgown was pushed up to her waist; exposing her young pussy. Dad got down on his knees beside her bed and reached over to tickle the pubic hairs of her pussy. She stirred but did not wake up. The wine had apparently affected her the same as it had her Mom. He then applied a bit of pressure to her thighs, and they parted like automatic doors. This gave him better access, and he went for it. He moved his index finger down to her vagina and started to slide it up and down her slit. She moaned but still did not wake. He dipped his finger into her cunt to lubricate it with her natural juices. He held his finger to his nose and could smell her musky aroma. He tasted the moisture on his finger and found it quite tasty.

Becky moaned softly and spread her legs further apart, it was like she was inviting him to taste more. He slipped his hand up underneath her cotton gown, and began to fondle her tits; lightly pinching her nipples. The wine had pulled her into a deep slumber, and Dad was starting to wonder if she would wake up and enjoy all the things, he had planned to do for her. He pushed her gown up to her neck and sat there, admiring her breasts. He sucked one nipple into his mouth and began to nibble and chew on it.

Becky’s eyes flew open. She looked down, and it took her a moment to realize her Dad was nibbling on her tit. She groaned, “Oh my God, Daddy, what are you doing to me?”

He replied, “Just what you said you wanted me to do. Now shut up and enjoy it.”

He went back to sucking her nipple but stopped sliding his finger in and out her vagina. Instead, he found her clit and began rubbing it hard and fast in a circular motion. Just then Becky shuddered as an orgasm hit her hard. Her pussy juices flowed out onto his hand. After she stopped shaking, she sat upright, and that forced him to stop and sit back away from her. She then whipped her gown over her head. She then said in a low voice, “My turn to make you cum, Daddy.”

He crawled out of bed and took his t-shirt off. While he did that, Becky sat on the edge of her bed and pulled his boxers down to his ankles. When his hard cock sprang free of his boxers, she leaned in and engulfed his seven-inch cock. She began sucking as if it was a chocolate popsicle. Dad was shocked at her expertise but was loving it. Becky swirled her tongue around his cock head and gently massaging his balls at the same time. He was surprised at how his innocent little girl was able to coordinate between the two actives. She started to deep throat him, and he knew he wasn’t going to last long and told her.

“Becky, Honey…I think I am going to cum, Baby. You may want to hold up a minute and let my cock calm down a bit,” he moaned as he shifted from one foot to the other.

She ignored him and continued to deep throat her Daddy. He felt his balls tingle and contract. He knew he was going to cum in her mouth if she didn’t ease off his throbbing cock.

“Ohhhh, Becky, Baby……I’m going to……cum. I don’t think I will be able to hold off much longer, Honey,” He pleaded. “Becky! Becky! I’m cummming…. “

Becky had been fingering herself while sucking her Dad. She surprised him when she pulled her wet finger out of her pussy, reached between his legs, and drove her finger into his ass. That pushed him over the edge.

“Ahhhhh…Oh my, God! Here it commmeessssss, Baby girl!”

He streamed his load into her slurping mouth. It was as big a load as he could ever remember, and she swallowed every drop. She gently squeezed his balls and continued to suck, hoping to milk more cum from her Daddy. He finally had to push her off his cock before collapsing onto the bed beside her.

Dad was laying on his back, gasping for air. Becky’s magnificent blowjob had drained him of everything. He had never dreamed his little was such a proficient cocksucker.

“Did you really enjoy that blowjob, Daddy?”

“Becky, I would have to say it was undoubtedly the best blowjob I have ever experienced my whole life,” he gasped.

“Was it better than Mom’s blowjob?”

“Yes, but don’t you ever tell her I said that!”

Becky shrewdly smiled and asked, “Daddy, will you eat my pussy?”

“I will, Sweetheart, but give me a minute to recover from your fabulous blowjob.”

Becky couldn’t wait and suddenly crawled up her Dad’s chest straddling his head. She lowered her drooling pussy down onto his face. He wasn’t quite ready for her, but the smell of her sex was intoxicating. Instinct kicked in as he slid his tongue inside her wet pussy. His tongue continued to move in and out of her as her hips moved in rhythm, sliding her wet pussy over his mouth. He intuitively shoved his tongue deeper into her warm pussy, seeking her little joy knob. He located it and clamped down with his lips. He sucked it deeper and deeper as he began viciously swabbing it with his tongue.

“Oh my God, Daddy. Your tongue is driving me crazy,” She mewled.

She shuddered as he continued licking her pussy, moving his tongue up and down both sides of her swollen lips. As her moans became louder and her body began to quiver, he focused on her clitoris with his tongue and thrust two fingers in and out of her slippery vagina. She felt electrical vibrations spreading throughout her entire body. Those sensations turned into a series of electrical lurches as her orgasm broke free and engulfed her whole body with incredible convulsive wave after wave. She experienced one last shudder then collapses by his side. He held her tightly as she slowly recovered.

“Daddy, I knew you were going to be good in bed,” she cooed. “I couldn’t begin to count the number of orgasms I’ve had over the years fingering myself while listening to you and Mom fucking like crazy when you returned from a trip.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we were being that noisy,” he apologized.

“Don’t be sorry, Daddy. I loved hearing the two of crying out from sexual ecstasy,” she replied, and the whispered, “Will you fuck me like that?”

“Anytime you are ready, Sweetheart.”

After Becky sufficiently recovered from her orgasm, she slowly crawled up and straddled her Dad’s waist; cowgirl style. She reached between her legs and seized his hard cock and rubbed the head around the wet slippery lips of her pussy. After it was well lubricated, she rose up, impaled herself, and slowly slid down his cock, burying it deep in her wetness.

She began a slow rocking motion as her Dad amused himself by fondling her breasts. He rolled her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. She started rubbing her sensitive clit with her right hand and began feverishly rocking faster and faster against his pelvic bone. She could feel his cock expanding and pulsating as his balls started churning and boiling toward his explosion.

“Oh…oh…oh my God,” she inaudible murmured as she had a mild orgasm.

Dad could tell by the spasming muscles inside her vagina that she was close to the big one. The orgasm of all orgasms was beginning to slowly build into a magnificent crescendo. He placed his hands on her hips and began to thrust upward each time she impaled herself on his hard cock. A few minor orgasms were strung together followed by one major breath-taking orgasm just as his balls erupt sending a flood of sperm deep into her womb.

“Ahhhhh…I’m cummming! Oh…oh…. oh my God, Daddy, my insides are exploding,” She screamed as she fell forward onto his chest and he pulled her tightly to his bosom as they both rode their orgasmic union. It took nearly five minutes for them both to fully recover. They were covered in a light sheen of sweat when they roll on their backs to savior the afterglow and drifted into the arms of Morpheus.

It was well after seven o’clock when they woke up to the wonderful aroma of bacon frying. They looked at each other and knew it was time to go down for breakfast and face Mom.

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