I gently reach down, and place my hand on her pussy, she doesn’t move,

I then very slowly slide my hand in and extract the plug, it comes out easily,

in doing so she raises her leg some more so her knee is almost touching her tits,

Next thing i do is climb onto the bed, while gently. raising her bent knee onto my shoulder opening her right up and I begin to slowly enter her, watching for any response from George or Jodie.

I get no response from either, so i keep going . I fully enter her she is warm, wet and feeling better than before, and i silently fuck her, She moans quietly a couple of times but stays asleep, I feel my cum brewing so i push as deep as i can and cum deeper than i been before, when finish, i slowly pull out, and gently reinsert the plug and sneek back into bed.

The next morning i woke up around 9:30 am, Helen was still asleep, so i rolled over, and started sucking her pussy, while removing her vaginal plug, and, she came and woke up at the same time, when she woke up is when in entered her, which prolonged her orgasm, I heard a moan behind me, so a glanced over my shoulder and i see Joy standing in the doorway naked, fingering her self watching me fuck her sister, I look back towards Helen, and adjust my angle so that Joy can see more, I again hear movements coming closer and feel her breath on my feet, she is right behind me looking at my dick pounding her sister,

I then blast my cum into her sister, but i also pull out mid cum and aim it backwards, she gets a jet of cum on her face, i quickly smother Helen in kisses so she can not see her naked sister with cum on her face as she leaves the room.

I then pass Helen the plug to put back in

we then get dressed and go down stairs.

I then say goodbye to everyone and head home.

Two days later I head to their place, and let myself in and I hear the master room shower running.

I saw Jodie’s car in the driveway, I sneak in and place the tablet in her dresser, and I sit on the bed just in my jocks.

She comes out drying her hair with nothing on, sees me smiles, then wraps thd towel around her waist leaving her beautiful breasts showing.

She says Hi Nathan, how are you today, what brings you here today?

I want to have sex with you.

“quite the horndog hay, ?

She says, “let me put something on, and lay down ok. “

I say, im glad I saw you naked, even if it was by accident and im glad it does not count.

She then walks back into bathroom, and come back out with just socks and a pair of white cotton gloves.

I ask her if she has to go to work today, she said yes in a couple of hours at noon.

So i proceeded to lick her out, bring her to multiple orgasms, i play with her bum and breast, i stick two fingers in her bum, she tells me no cock in there just put it in her pussy, which i do, she rides me to and we cum together as usual, deep inside her pussy, when we come down she get her plug and inserts it,

as we took an hour, she suggests we have a cuppa coffee and then she needs to head to work.

She has coffee, I have water, as i dont like coffee, I ask her, why do you enjoy me fucking you, doesnt George satisfy you any more? she says, until you came into Helen’s life, we only had sex every few months and after having you that first time did we start having sex more regularly. Also, each time it’s just about him and not me. I then ask are you not Catholic? She says, yes, why? because of the the rules, no condoms, must cum in pussy, and its dirty and a sin to do oral or anal.

She Replys, yes, our church has some stronger beliefs than others

Anyway Its time for me to head to work, now see you later Nathan,

she then gets up goes to her room and comes back out dressed for work and leaves.

Couple of weeks go by and all seems to be going great, im having sex with both Helen and her mum Jodie, Every few days,

Then one weekend again staying the night after dinner

After an early dinner, George and Jodie head out for a theatre show, Helen complains that she is not feeling well and goes to bed shortly after her parents head out , leaving me and Joy alone downstairs.

She asks, what should we do now, as while undoing her buttons on her shirt.

I dont know, but I could think of something, while, removing my belt and allowing my pants to drop

I the pull her closer and lay her over the lounge, raise her skirt and fully enter her in one thrust as she is already very wet.

while fucking her, i get my hand slick with her juices and proceed to lube her bum hole up.

i then start to insert my finger up to first knuckle.

she starts screaming in pleasures words like o my god, dont stop deeper. ect,

I then ease my finger all the way in, and slowly finger fuck her arse, i then insert a second finger, and soon a third

stretching and opening her up

i then pull out of her pussy, and replaced it with my fingers, and line my cock up with her bum,

i touch her first, and start to press forward, gradually increasing pressure on her anus, until it gives and i slide into her

when that happens, i remove my fingers from her pussy and start fucking her arse

she cries out again saying dont stop, as she cums again, this time, i slam deep into her and cum in her bowels, i then reach around grab her tittes and gently pull her up back into me and whisper in her ear that it is my dick that is up her bum and made her cum.

now be a good girl and lick me clean, then ill cum in your pussy

She tells me its a sin and dirty, i reply, it made you cum so does it matter it made you feel good, now suck me hard.

She then turns around and slowly sucks me off,.

I grab her head and starts pounding her mouth,. and when im very hard again i pull out and tell her to. lay down, as im going to fuck her and cum in her cunt, just like good a girl

she complies, and im not overly gentle, i fuck her hard, biting and mauling her titts, leaving bit marks, and very shortly i cum as deep as i can inside her pussy

once im done, i get up and leave her there.

I head to bed with Helen. and go to sleep

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