Chapter 5

Joelle and I emerged from the dense jungle lining the beach and walked out onto the sand. Reaching the makeshift hospital ward, we checked on the field hockey coach, whose name I learned was Danielle. She was a tall, thin brunette in her late twenties. She was still unconscious, but seemed to be restless now instead of comatose. Her foot had a bounding pulse, and it looked like our traction scheme had worked to keep her fracture reduced. Checking on the few others that couldn’t get around easily, like Connor, I quickly ascertained that all were doing well and needed no immediate attention.

Quite a pile of supplies had developed on the sand, thanks to the salvage crew. They had removed all of the loose articles, and apparently were busy dismantling the interior, as seats and wall panels and all manner of plastic pieces were lined up next to the luggage. Several of the passengers had taken on the job of unpacking suitcases to dry out the wet clothing and other items within.

I made the trek out to the plane, carefully negotiating the sharp coral of the reef. I found Janie supervising a team tearing wiring out of the walls.

“This should be useful for tying things together, like maybe a shelter,” she mused. “I feel like we don’t know how long we’ll be stuck here. We should get everything off of this plane we can. Who knows what use we may find for even the stupidest piece of crap.”

“You’re right, as usual,” I agreed. “How about the radio, though? Is it still working?”

She looked pained. “No. The entire cockpit is destroyed. It must have caught on a rock when we ditched, because it’s almost ripped right off the plane. Everything inside has either been broken or ruined by the water. The main cabin is a little higher out of the ocean. Other than some wet bags that were on the bottom of the cargo hold, most everything is dry and in pretty good shape.”

Shouts drew our attention to the emergency exit over the wing. Climbing out we heard a woman shouting, “There’s someone in the cargo hold! He’s still alive!”

We scrambled off the wing onto the rocks below. The cargo door was open, and a Korean woman was peering out, gesturing to us to enter. “He looks pretty beat up and half drowned,” she said to Janie.

“That’s your cue.” Janie gestured for me to climb in first. I hauled myself into the bay, and moved in a crouch to the back wall, where the woman was pointing. I could see a dark shape seemingly wrapped around a support beam. Clambering closer over the remaining suitcases I was able to make out a man, unconscious, his arm wedged through a hole in the steel strut. He was an enormous, muscular black man, about 6’6”, with a shaved head. The back of his shirt was torn to ribbons, and he had multiple shallow lacerations across his back. I guessed at some point he had been dragged across the reef by the waves. A quick survey revealed no head injuries, and he was breathing slowly and deeply, with a regular if slightly rapid pulse.

“We need to get him to the beach where I can examine him,” I said.

“What if we float him across the lagoon on some cushions?” Janie asked. “We were able to move some of the luggage that way. I don’t think we will be able to carry him over the rocks and coral.”

“Great idea!”

With several passengers helping, we accomplished the herculean task of ferrying him to the inner side of the reef, and onto the makeshift raft. Myself and two others towed and kicked him to shore, and dragged him into the shade. Joelle and I stripped him down to his skivvies in order to examine him. We could find no other injuries other than the cuts on his back. Those were quickly dressed, and Joelle said, looking at his mouth, ”I think he’s pretty dehydrated.”
I agreed, and we tried dripping some water into his mouth. He seemed to swallow it without a problem. Joelle volunteered to continue the slow process of rehydration. I worked my way back out to the plane to see if I could offer any more help.

“I think we’re about to knock off,” Janie said tiredly. “We’ve been at it since dawn, and the last of the luggage was just sent over. We’ve still got a lot of stuff like carpet and seats, but I think that can wait until tomorrow.”

“You guys have done a fantastic job,” I said, rubbing her slim, muscular shoulders. “Come on back and lets have some dinner.’

“God that feels good!” she moaned. “I am so sore. Food and sitting down sound really appealing right now.”

We collected the rest of the crew and returned to the island. Some enterprising soul had managed to start a fire with eyeglasses, and Joelle had gotten a group of Tae Kwon Do students to fill every possible container with water from the stream we had discovered. Once the workers had relieved their thirst, we all gathered round the fire in the darkening evening to talk and share some of the more perishable food that had been salvaged.

Janie started things off. “Hi everyone. I’m Janie Scarlatti. I’m a corporate efficiency consultant from Maryland. Maybe everybody could introduce themselves so we can get to know each other? This is my son Jared,” she said, hugging the boy next to her.

Everyone in turn gave their name, and shared a little about their life. We spent a couple of hours discussing our situation, and as it got dark, people began drifting off to sleep there on the sand. Those still awake agreed to have a “town meeting” the next day, and make some attempt to organize our group’s survival efforts. I swung by to check on the patients in our makeshift infirmary. All were doing well, including our two sickest, Danielle the hockey coach and the new African man. Neither had woken up yet, but both seemed to be in a natural sleep rather than a coma. Joelle was sacked out nearby, and I figured if there were a crisis, she would come get me.

I ambled back over to Janie and Jared. The boy was already sound asleep, and Janie looked like she was soon to follow. I sat down next to her, and pulled a loose strand of hair out of her face. “You did good today, kid.”

“I hope it all wasn’t for nothing,” she said. “I worry about our chances. I’ve got my boy here. We’ve got to survive. I can’t let him down.” Tears began trickling down her cheeks.

“We are going to be fine,” I said sincerely. “Somehow I know it. Ever since I came to, I have had a feeling that things will work out for the best.” I took her in my arms and gave her a comforting hug, rocking her slender body gently. Something in her seemed to give way, and she sagged against me as her fears got the better of her and she quietly sobbed on my shoulder. I let her outburst run its course, and soon enough she seemed better. I took her chin in my hand and looked into her soft, brown eyes. “Tomorrow we are going to make a plan and get this community off on a good footing. That’s what we are now—a community. We don’t know how long we will be here, but we are going to work together and make the best of it.”

She smiled at me for a moment, and then surprised me with a quick kiss. I tasted the salt of her sweat, and what must have been cherry lip balm. “Thanks,” she said quietly. “I needed a little optimism. You’re right. We will be fine if we work together.” She gave an enormous yawn. “I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Will you stay with us tonight?”

“Sure,” I said, and she lay down on her side. I stretched out on my back next to her, until she surprised me again by reaching back for my hand and pulling my arm around her so that I was spooning her from behind.

She drifted off to sleep quickly, but my whirling thoughts kept me awake for many minutes. Here I was, sleeping with my arm around this fantastic, sexy woman. She was the one I came on this trip to get close to. And yet I had had that incredible encounter with Joelle in the jungle. And Joelle was someone I had been half in love with for more than a year. No woman in my life for months, and now I had too many, if such a thing was possible. I had no idea what I was going to do. This was typical of me. I loved every woman I knew. I loved their looks, their smells, their tastes. I loved talking to them and being with them. The problem was that once I got close to one, I couldn’t confine myself to just her, and I would end up making it with her friend or something. This never ended well and I would end up hurting the women I cared for. It was a real dilemma for me. Finally exhaustion overcame me and I knew no more.

I woke in the morning with a painful piss hard-on, the situation not helped in the least by the realization that my hand was clutching Janie’s left tit. The nipple was pressing into my palm, and I realized I must have been kneading the firm flesh in my sleep. Fortunately she was still out, so I gently and reluctantly disengaged, rolled over, and got to my feet. I looked around at the breaking dawn, and the sleeping forms scattered along the beach. It seemed that I was the first one up. I staggered into the trees to relieve my distended bladder. After peeing for what seemed like an hour, I shook off and pulled my pants back up. I stretched and checked out my surroundings.

If you discounted the plane crash, terrorists, and dead bodies, this could be a great vacation spot, I thought ruefully. The morning air was cool, and the jungle was a verdant riot of color. Birds zoomed through the trees with unfamiliar cries. Creatures moved through the undergrowth, and everywhere were garish tropical flowers. If you have to be stranded somewhere, I guess this would be a good choice. I turned and headed back toward the beach. Eight steps later, coming around a large tree, I literally stumbled over Janie, who was squatting and taking her own AM piss. She yelped and went sprawling, spraying her own foot with urine, and giving me an unexpected glimpse of her thick, brown bush.

I started to help her, then thought better of it, her pants being around her ankles and all. I muttered an apology and spun around, whacking my head against the tree trunk. I dropped to the ground, seeing stars and spitting curses.
The sound of raucous laughter caught me by surprise. I looked back at Janie, who was rolling on the ground in a fit of mirth. Her pants were still around her ankles, and I was staring directly at her toned ass cheeks. I had been captivated by those awesome glutes for months now and here they were naked as a babe. My jaw hung open, and I just lay there on the ground not knowing what to do, still a little rattled from my latest head injury. Janie rolled back toward me, caught one look at my gaping mouth and confused expression, and exploded into hysterical laughter once again. This time I couldn’t help but join in, amused in spite of myself at the ridiculous situation we had landed in. We gave vent to our hilarity for at least a full minute. Slowly the howls of laughter faded into chuckles and then occasional snorts. Her pants were still around her ankles, and I was becoming acutely aware of her half-naked form just 3 feet from me. Manners finally overcame lust, and I turned away and said, “I am so sorry. I should have been more careful. I didn’t mean to embarrass you like that.”

She snorted once more, and I heard rustling as she pulled up her shorts.

“I’m not embarrassed, you are,” she said and chuckled. “God! The look on your face was priceless. You sure got a eyeful, didn’t you?” She wiped her streaming eyes.

My face was burning as I said, “I really didn’t see anything. I wasn’t looking…I…didn’t, I mean.” I was mortified.

“Relax, hot shot. I don’t care what you saw. That sort of thing doesn’t bother me. If you knew me better you’d realize that pretty quickly.”

I guess I was beyond prevarication. The words came out of my mouth before I even realized what I was saying: “That’s the main reason I came on this trip. To know you better.”

Her eyebrows shot up. Now she was the one at a loss for words. She looked at me appraisingly for a minute, then seemed to come to some internal decision.

She stood up, glancing back at the beach. “Jared is building a sand castle with his friends, if you can believe it. The resilience of youth,” she marveled, shaking her head. “Anyway, he’ll be fine for a while. Let’s take a walk.”

She obviously had something she wanted to tell me, so I fell in step next to her as she headed further into the trees. We walked in companionable silence for a moment, as she collected her thoughts.

“I don’t know who Jared’s father was,” she said finally.

Okay, I did not see that coming.

“I thought you recently got divorced,” I ventured.

“Steve? Yeah, we were married, but he’s not the father. I married him when Jared was 2. He seemed like a decent guy, and tried to understand, but in the end he just couldn’t break his conventional mindset.”

“Meaning…?” Now I was very confused.

“Meaning I did not grow up under conventional circumstances. My parents lived in a nudist colony in California. I grew up without a stitch of clothes for the first 8 years of my life. And even after that I only wore them off the ranch. Everyone at home went around totally starkers. This was also not just a naturist ranch. They believed in, how should I say, an untraditional family structure. There were no couples, no formal relationships at all. Everyone loved everyone else freely, without any rules or boundaries. One of my earliest memories was watching my mom having sex with two guys at once.”

I pondered that in silence. I didn’t know how to respond.

“The only rule was that no one was forced to do anything they didn’t want to do. Us kids began sex play with each other pretty early, and as we matured physically, we chose when we wanted to join the adults. By the time I was 18, I had had sex with just about every guy in the compound, and at least half of the women, except for the ones that smelled bad. I could never tolerate BO. Kind of funny coming from an uber-hippie, huh?

“Those were the happiest days of my life. I felt loved, cared for and protected. Everyone at the ranch was family. I wanted for nothing. There were no hangups, no jealousy, no anger. It was great,” she said wistfully.

“We got shut down just before my 20th birthday. Some busybody hiker had stumbled upon our little oasis and freaked out. She called the cops, they raided the place, and several of the guys went to jail. The women were classified as ‘victims’ and got away free. A lot of the kids were sent to foster care. The group disbanded and people went there separate ways. I found out I was pregnant a month later. I was on my own, since my mom had taken off with another band of travelling bohemians, and I had no idea who my own father was, let alone the baby’s. I decided to keep the baby, because I wanted to be a mom. After he was born, though, I decided to have my tubes tied, because I didn’t think I could afford to have more kids without a steady job. I traveled on my own for a couple of years, but I was never able to connect with anyone in a way as real as my first family.”

She sighed. “I met Steve on a singles camping trip. I was the only one with a toddler with me. He seemed cool with the idea, and was great with Jared. I tried to tell him I was content just being with him, but he really wanted to get married.

“For a while it worked. I got a real job and did surprisingly well with it, and he even joined a swingers club with me, because I told him I really didn’t like possessive relationships. I know he had sex with other girls, because all the women in the group used to compare notes. We all knew each other’s secrets. But when I made it with his best friend, he lost it. The fighting began, and things were never the same. He just couldn’t get it that pleasure was pleasure and love was love. If you care for someone, why would you not want them to feel good? We always came home to each other in the end, and that’s what love is.

“I eventually gave up and focused on my career, and my son. I have tried to be the best person I can be, and do the best job I can at work and as a parent. I think it is just sad that I have to give up ever having a meaningful relationship again, because society’s conventions don’t allow my views to be considered normal. I finally realized that my staying with Steve was hurting Jared more than it was helping. We got divorced earlier this year.”

She looked me in the eye. “I’m telling you this because I am sensing something between us. If you want a quick fling that’s OK with me. If this is all too heavy for you and you want nothing to so with me, that’s cool, too. But if you think you want something lasting, I am too old to change who I am. You are going to have to accept me and the way I live my life, or just move on.”

I was speechless. Never before had I met someone who had put everything she had just said into words. I had always known that I was different from most people. I had had relationships and I loved sex, but they never seemed to be the same thing to me. I was a modern-day hedonist, seeking out whatever pleasures I could find, but I cared for the women in my life as well. I didn’t want to hurt them; I wanted to share pleasure with them. They all seemed to want a one-woman guy, though. And invariably I would get the uncontrollable urge to bed some new lovely, and that would be all she wrote for my current relationship. Just like Janie said, I always came home to them in the end, wasn’t that love? They didn’t seem to see it that way.

I think Janie must have misinterpreted my silence as judgment, because she sighed and stopped. “ I guess that was TMI, huh? Let’s head back.”

“No, wait,” I said. “I’m beginning to think this is some sort of bizarre cosmic joke. Or maybe the most involved hallucination ever recorded. Way too many coincidences seem to have happened already, and now I find a beautiful woman who just put my entire life’s philosophy in a nutshell.”

Her face brightened, and I continued “I have never met anyone like you in my life, Janie. I think you and I were made for each other. I absolutely want a relationship with you. And I accept your conditions without reservation.”
She grinned and threw herself into my arms. Our lips and tongues met each other in a searing kiss. My prick was waking up again, and by the time she started sucking on my tongue like it was a baby bottle, it was threatening to tear right out of my pants. I was sure she could feel its rigid head pressed into her belly, because she began grinding up against it, driving me into a frenzy of lust.

After just enough stimulation to get my head spinning she pulled away and ran off in to the trees laughing. “Shit!” I yelled in frustration, taking off after her. She seemed to be following a game trail through the underbrush, and I ran as fast as I could with hard-on the size of Texas, trying to catch up. After a few dozen steps I spied a white object on the ground. I bent to snatch it up as I passed, realizing it was her T-shirt. A few paces further I picked up her shorts. The little tease was running through the jungle buck naked! The thought spurred me onward. I emerged into a grassy clearing to find a deliciously unclothed Janie reclining in the middle, her nude glory shimmering in the morning sunshine. I puffed my way over to her and plopped down next to her, my legs pointed in the opposite direction from hers, with our faces inches apart.

She laughed. “You’re slipping, Master Connor. I can outrun you. And I’m a lowly third degree. You’re the 4th Dan–you should be the faster one. Maybe you need more workouts.”

“It’s hard to run with a massive boner,” I groused. “Plus, you took me by surprise.” I leered at her. “If you want a workout, I’ve got one right here for you!” I said, grabbing my crotch. I eyed her gorgeous body. She was about 5’5”, with a slim, almost boyish figure. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she wore an impish grin on her face. Her small, high breasts were perky and firm, with big, puffy areolae and nipples that jutted out like two rose-colored cones. Her belly was flat and sported a tight six-pack that would be the envy of any body builder. Beyond those board-like abs she had a neatly trimmed strip of thick brunette curls covering her sex. Her legs were firm and toned, with amazing muscle definition. Even her strong but delicate feet were sexy.

She gave me a leer of her own. “Massive boner, huh? I think I should be the judge of that.”

I slowly slid my pants off, releasing the one-eyed wonder worm for her viewing pleasure. The warm sunshine felt good on my pulsating cock, and clear beads of precum were already leaking from the engorged head.

“Nice!” she said, “But I’m going to need a little closer inspection to make a fair comparison.” With that she sprang at me, knocking me on my back. She knelt over my chest, facing my feet, with her shins pressing my arms into the ground, pinning me. Her pubes briefly tickled my chest, then she bent over to reach my cock, her ass rising in the air to hover over my upturned face. Her small hand wrapped around my swollen member, and I felt a delicious breeze as she blew on my sensitive dickhead, before slurping the knob into her warm mouth. After getting it good and wet, she pulled back and began blowing on it again, now producing cold chills as her saliva evaporated. The contrast of her cool breath and the warm sun was exquisite, and I groaned with pleasure. She fondled my balls, and commented, “Nice manscaping. I like a shaved scrote; it’s more sensitive.”

I had no comment, as I was mesmerized by the heavenly sight of her ass levitating above my face. Her glutes were rock hard and beautifully defined. They flexed as she worked on my prick, and I watched them dance for a moment. My gaze crept to the little pink bud of her anus, tucked into a darker triangle of skin nestled in between those firm cheeks. I followed the little ridge of skin from her puckered asshole to her dangling labia. She had big, pink lips, hanging meaty and thick from between her parted outer labia. The smooth outer lips were long and lean, tufted with a strip of thick, brown hair that accentuated the pinkness of her sex. A trickle of her juice was forming on the end of one of her engorged lips, and I watched entranced as the droplet grew larger and heavier, swaying with her meat curtains as she worked over my boner with near-professional skill.

“Oh, shit! Fuck! Oooh!” I babbled a stream of random curses and noises as she alternated between pain and pleasure, squeezing my nuts, then caressing them, biting my turgid cock, then licking it. This was heaven and hell, all at once. The intermittent sharp jabs of pain were just enough to keep me from blowing my load prematurely, letting her drag out the sweet torture as long as she wanted. I strained to reach her hot snatch with my mouth, but she had me pinned such that I couldn’t quite reach it. Instead, I had to content myself with catching the droplet of her nectar as it dropped onto my questing tongue. Sweet honey! I wanted to taste her cunt so bad I started bucking against her, trying to reach that furry paradise just out of my reach.

“Simmer down, lover boy,” she chided. “Mama’s got plans for you. I’m in control here.” I acquiesced, relaxing and closing my eyes. A few more minutes of her cruel tongue bath and I felt her weight shift and release my arms. I opened my eyes and saw her stand up. She grabbed my left leg and lifted it toward my chest. She then straddled my pelvis, her right leg between my legs and her left leg next to my right hip. Squatting slowly, she grabbed my slick penis and pointed it at her gaping fuckhole. Her big lips engulfed the purple head and slid down the well-lubricated shaft. When those dangling labia made it to the bottom of my love pole, they gently kissed my pubes, and she began contracting her pussy muscles around my dick. This chick had amazing muscle control! She was milking me like a machine, and I watched in admiration as those tight abs flexed and released, working magic on my pampered peter. Holding my upraised leg like a stripper pole, she began riding up and down my dick, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her leg muscles stood in sharp relief as they controlled her motion, and I watched them with pleasure as they worked under her smooth skin. Her body was a perfect organic machine, built for sex and sculpted like a work of art.
She was sweating and panting now, biting her lip. Her eyes closed and she picked up the pace of her thrusting, driving her pelvis toward mine and impaling herself on my erection over and over, nearing her climax. I closed my eyes and held off as long as I could, not wanting to deny her her release, but she was too good, and I was losing control. Suddenly she began convulsing, making a keening noise as her muscular vaginal walls began contracting around my penis, drawing my semen out of me like a vacuum. I painted her pussy walls with jets of cum, my hips bucking uncontrollably in the throes of a monster orgasm. Slowly we came down off our sexual high, and I caught her in my arms as her trembling legs finally gave way. She curled into me, purring delight, and I rolled onto my side.
We stayed like that for a few minutes, aftershocks of pleasure rocking us as her pussy slowly finished twitching and squeezing, and my cock gave a last few halfhearted ejaculations into her velvet tunnel. She kissed me tenderly, her hands around my head and twined in my hair.

“You are amazing!” I marveled.

She chuckled. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, honey. There are a lot more things I want to do with you. And it looks like we are going to have a lot of time to kill on this island. So buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

To be continued….

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