Everyone in this story is at least 18 years old or older.

Erin Delacorte was used to being like a ghost, sneaking in and out of people’s lives without leaving so much as a footprint. Not that it mattered, because there was no ‘real her’ to leave behind. She is a member of the FBI’s Counterintelligence team; more specifically a part of the elite Intelligence Detection and Retrieval (IDR) team. She was anyone she wanted or needed to be; depending on her task. Her job is to glean information from specific targets without them being aware of her intentions. Erin is such a beautiful and charming woman that men didn’t hesitate to grant her every wish, and that made her job easier. She is, without doubt, a stunningly beautiful woman at 5’ 7″, 128 lbs., Green eyes, and blonde hair; worn in a loose pony-tail. Every member of the IDR team was hand-picked based on their appearance, charisma, and ability to persuade.

Erin stepped off the subway and made her way through the morning rush crowd to the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in Manhattan. A couple of her colleagues admiringly responded as she passed them, a silent congratulation for the fifteen people from Manhattan and Brooklyn that were saved by her last Intelligence retrieval. The information she retrieved from her previous target turned out to be invaluable in protecting those individuals.

Erin’s pony-tail swayed back and forth as she waltzed through the doorway of her small cubicle and sat down at her cluttered workspace. She re-adjusted the height of her chair and fussed under her breath, “Sean…only he would come into my cubicle and feel free to change things around on my desk.”

Erin silently cussed Sean under her breath for making a mess of the files on her desk and skimmed through them trying to re-establish some kind of order. Within minutes of her arrival at her office, Sean himself stomped in unannounced. He threw his jacket over an armchair and sat down with an angry scowl on his face.

“What’s wrong?” She asked her colleague and a good friend. Well, best friend, actually. But she felt revealing that would just inflate his already sizable ego.

Sean huffed and dramatically crossed his arms across his chest. Shaking his head from side to side, he sighed, “I was sent on an assignment to seduce a young woman and to get some highly important information, but she rejected all my approaches.”

He looked hurt and frustrated. “All of them! Every goddamn fucking sexual advancement I tried fell flat,” he continued. “I used every trick in the book, and she didn’t fall for a single one.”

Erin found that surprising because Sean was a really great-looking guy; young, athletic and loaded with sex appeal. Few women could resist his charm and good looks. Erin and Sean had been on a couple of dates together when she first transferred into the Bureau’s counterintelligence division, but there were no fireworks or magic between them, so they just decided to be good friends with occasional benefits. She understood why he was upset because no one ever said no to Sean’s charm. He had the highest success rate of all the male members of their IDR team.

“I don’t get it,” Sean whined, “I did everything by the book. I was gracious and charming and nice and patient, and I’m good looking and, and..,” he trailed off, lost in his frustrated rambling.

Erin smiled inside. She couldn’t deny that she found it somewhat amusing to see someone reject him occasionally just so his super inflated ego didn’t become even more intolerable. She found it unfortunate that it had to happen on a crucial investigation. The Bureau sent Sean, so that must have meant it was an essential piece of information he needed to retrieve.

“Tell me about her,” Erin urged, intrigued by this woman. There weren’t many women that didn’t faint at Sean’s feet, and Erin would like to meet a female who could actually keep her hands off of him.

“She is remarkably gorgeous; clever and thoughtful,” Sean answered in a more animated response. “She has chestnut brown hair that flows down below her shoulders and big brown eyes that will suck you into a whirlpool of emotions. Her smile lights up the room, and her beautiful teeth are as white as snow. She’s about five-nine or ten, slender frame, nice ass and medium size tits that stick out like ripe oranges. And….”

Erin cut him off in mid-sentence and said, “I didn’t need to hear about those parts of her body. All I wanted was a general summary of her appearance and her demeanor is enough for right now.”

“She was kind of perfect, actually. If it wasn’t for this investigation, I could have fallen for her,” Sean confessed, staring gloomily at the wall over Erin’s left shoulder. It was evident that it was a shock to his self-esteem. “If I had met her on the street or at my favorite Watering Hole, I would have asked her out.”

“Wow…sounds like she made quite an impression on you, Sean.”

“I don’t understand it, I even gave her a PEP, but it had a zilch effect on her,” he continued his ramble, muttering to himself as he expressed more ways of how she ultimately rejected his overtures.

PEP was what the Bureau called a ‘Passion Enhancement Pill.’ The latest invention from the Bureau’s advanced science Division. The name said it all. An agent just had to mix in some DNA of their own and some DNA of their target, and then slip it into the target’s food or drink. One taste of the mixture was enough to get the elements into their bloodstream, causing them to become emotionally attached to that particular agent.

The biochemical effects imitated a lustful attraction or a strong urge in the target to please the person who administered the cocktail. It was more of a surge of emotions that tentatively knocked the target off their feet and overtook them with heightened feelings of affection. It had something to do with the triggering of that part of the cerebellum that was responsible for emotions. The Bureau wasn’t too sure, and most agents never really understood how it worked, but it DID work. And it left the victim in a haze that fogged over their short-term memory of the agent that slipped it to them.

But the mixture wasn’t foolproof, and it only worked if there was already some sort of attraction between the target and the agent. Which was why everyone on the IDR team was uncommonly attractive. Let’s face it, who is drawn to a dull plain-Jane type person? Erin found that somewhat annoying that so much depended on looks, but hey, it came with the job. Erin found it a bit unusual that there was a girl who could actually resist Sean’s good looks and charm. She was especially mystified as to why the PEP had not influenced her.

“Maybe she’s gay,” Erin quipped, trying to get Sean out of his funk. Her comment triggered something in Sean’s mind, because he sprang out of the chair, thanked her, and ran out of her cubicle. Not that she minded, because she had so much paperwork to fill out, it made her head spin. Erin didn’t think anything more about it until her boss, the Special Agent in Charge, (SAC) walked in a couple of hours later.

“Good morning, Special Agent Delacorte. I understand Agent Callahan told you about the situation he is in with his current investigation?” Erin’s boss mentioned.

She nodded, wondering why the SAC came to her cubicle instead of calling her to his office. Technically, Agents weren’t allowed to discuss their investigations with one another. She wondered if she and Sean were in trouble for doing so.

“We weren’t actually discussing any details of his investigation, just general roadblocks he’d run into during the investigation,” she volunteered in their defense.

“It’s okay. You’re not in any trouble. I’m glad you did discuss it because Alexandra Singleton is the daughter of an important individual,” the SAC answered. “He died a couple of weeks ago, and he knew something. Something that we desperately need to know. His daughter, Allie, as she likes to be called refuses to talk to our investigators, stating she doesn’t know anything, but my gut and sources tell me she does. We really need to know his information, but she doesn’t seem to be very responsive to our requests,” the SAC lamented, handing her a file and looking at her expectantly.

“And what do you expect me to do? Call her up and try to get her to open up to me?” Erin inquired, not really knowing where the conversation was going but was getting an ominous feeling the SAC wanted something from her above and beyond her regular duty.

“Well, we sent Mark, Jonathan, and Sean, but none of them were successful with her. So, when Sean came into my office, asking me if our “Person of Interest” (POI) was gay, we did some additional investigating, and found that apparently, she is,” he firmly stated, confirming Erin’s feeling that he was going to ask if she wanted to join the investigation and seduce her.

“The file says that this woman is an attorney, and attorneys are notorious when it comes to not talking to law enforcement,” Erin mentioned. “So being gay may not be the reason the other agents fail to get information from her.”

“I still think a woman, gay or straight, would relate better to another woman even if that other woman was part of law enforcement,” the SAC contended.

“So, what are you saying?” Erin asked with a definite hint of suspicion in her voice.

The SAC sheepishly smiled and inquired, “Do you want to try your luck at seducing her? Maybe you can charm her, like you do most men, into giving up the information we need.”

“There is just one small detail,” Erin explained. “The POI is a gay female, and I’m not gay. What if she expects me to…? uh, you know? How am I supposed to handle that type of situation?”

The SAC smiled and nodded his head. He acted as though he was not asking her to do anything out of the ordinary. The subtle pressure was on her to answer his unspoken question. He stared intently into Erin’s eye as though he genuinely wanted her to answer in the affirmative.

“Again, what do you want from me?” Erin inquired, noting he hadn’t really answered her question. She wanted him to go on record with the request so that down the road no one could accuse her of being attracted to women.

“Well, since you have the highest success rate with men it would only seem logical to send you, even though you’re straight,” the SAC explained, looking ruefully at the floor.

“Oh my, God! Do you expect me to have sex with her?”

The SAC stared Erin in the eyes like he had not just implied something totally bazaar. He waited for her affirmation.

Erin gasped and scowled, “Oh my God. You do expect me to have sex with her if it comes down to that; don’t you!

The SAC was still reluctant to make it a direct order. “I can’t tell you how to conduct your investigation, Agent Delacorte, but I have no doubt that you can handle yourself resourcefully in any given situation.”

“You did hear me when I said I’m not gay,” she re-emphasized. She tried to argue her point, but she knew that her sexual preference didn’t really matter when given an assignment. After all, she had seduced many men she wasn’t attracted to either. In the Bureau, it didn’t really matter what her own sexual attractions were when it came to completing the assignment.

The SAC didn’t show any signs of withdrawing his request and waited quietly for her answer. Erin felt the tension building in the room, and it was anything but subtle. She viewed his request as a no-win situation for her. If she refused her career could be affected. If she agreed her career could be affected. She tossed the dice in her head and went for the gamble.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go. I’ll give it a try, I’m making no promises of success,” she relented and saw her boss’ face light up.

“Thank you, Agent Delacorte. In that file is the basic information, a more specific analysis will follow,” he stated, quickly walking out of her cubicle. Erin flipped through the file and immediately noticed a photo of Miss Allie Singleton that confirmed she was indeed a stunningly beautiful young woman. Allie’s smile alone was enough to encourage Erin to want to learn more about her. Erin had never been attracted to a woman, but Sean was right when he said that she had big brown eyes that would suck you into a whirlpool of emotions. Allie’s full lips were admittedly alluring, and for the first time in her memory, Erin felt the urge to kiss another woman.

“Well, no time like the present for a lesbian romp,” Erin muttered to herself.

Erin spent the next hour digging deeper into the file, flipping through the notes, memorizing everything she needed to know to charm Miss Singleton into giving up the information. This was a whole new playing field. Seducing guys was easy for Erin. She’d give them a flirty look, do a cute wink, and they always came lining up. But charming a woman? She had no clue. She had searched for some tips on the internet, but it was going to be one hell of a challenge. She’d need some input from Sean.

Allie was twenty-six years old and had held a stable job at a very prestigious law firm for a couple of years already. She had skipped a couple of grades in high school and graduated first in her class at law school. So that partially explained why she was already at the top of her profession, Erin conjectured. Erin found that she could honestly relate to Allie Singleton’s success since she too had risen quickly in her profession and was one of the youngest agents assigned to the FBI’s Counterintelligence team.

Erin continued to study the file and found that luckily the agents before her had gotten to know Allie on some level. They discovered that she liked red roses but preferred white ones. She sometimes drank imported beer, but really preferred expensive wines and exotic cocktails. All that kind of stuff was helpful in planning her initial approach to seduction. Erin firmly believed that if she played her cards right, the seduction might work. Even though she was not gay and had never partaken in a gay experience; it could indeed work. Erin felt an enormous surge of excitement when she visualized, pressing her lips to Allie’s soft sensual lips. She felt a slight tingling in her groin. This was a whole new experience for Erin, and she could feel her pulse quicken at the thought of being with another woman. That was something she had never seriously considered before this assignment.

“Wasn’t there a saying about lesbian dating?” Erin tapped her chin and mumbled to herself. She thought for a minute, then remembered the saying. “What do lesbians bring on a second date? Something about a U-Haul. Oh, yes…The U-Haul lesbian or U-Haul lesbian syndrome is a joke referring to the fact that lesbians often tend to move in together on the second date.”

Erin closed the file and chuckled to herself, “Anyway, I always heard lesbians fall extremely fast so that could play in my advantage, right? The sooner I get her to trust me, the sooner I get the information, and the sooner I return to my normal seduction duties. Let’s get this show on the road and get it over with.”

Erin phoned ahead and made an appointment to see Miss Singleton. She was told Miss Singleton was free all morning and to come right over. Erin looked in the mirror of the women’s restroom in the Federal Building and quickly checked her hair and makeup before leaving to meet with Allie Singleton. Erin felt like a teenager going on her first date. After all the preparations, Erin felt confident she would succeed.

When Erin walked in the front door of Miss Singleton’s law office, she was warmly greeted by the young receptionist at the front desk. The receptionist buzzed Miss Singleton and was instructed to escort her to Miss Singleton’s private office. The young lawyer was wearing a bright yellow sundress with daisies and a low neckline that revealed a lot of cleavage; not at all what Erin expected of a professional woman. Erin’s eye went first to Allie’s exposed cleavage and then up to Allie’s sensual lips. Her actions didn’t go unnoticed by the young lawyer. She smiled and offered her hand to Erin.

After shaking Miss Singleton’s warm hand, there was a peculiar flutter in Erin’s stomach, but she wrote it off as nerves. Erin sat down in a comfortable, wingback chair opposite of her POI. This was, after all, her very first assignment that involved seducing another woman. It felt daring and somewhat thrilling. Erin felt her heart flutter. She couldn’t remember ever experiencing that while seducing a male POI.

“How can I help you, Miss Delacorte, or is it Mrs. Delacorte?”

“It’s Miss Delacorte, and I’m just here for a quick consult. I’m not even sure if I have a case,” Erin stammered, going with a cover story Sean, and she made up. Erin’s eyes kept being drawn to the young lawyer’s cleavage and couldn’t stop herself from blushing. Erin began to feel like she was losing focus on her assignment.

Miss Singleton noticed Erin eyeing her bosom and felt flattered. She picked up a yellow legal pad and a pen. She smiled across the desk and asked Miss Delacorte to begin at the beginning. The woman’s smile caused Erin to shiver and hesitate for a moment. This was so unlike Erin, and she told herself to get a grip.

“For the past few months, I had been living with my ex-girlfriend, but some stupid things happened. Without warning, we broke up, and the bitch threw me out on the street”. Erin realized she was speaking unusually fast and told herself to slow down.

“She even changed the locks and won’t let me back in, but I still have a lot of stuff there. Like a lot of CDs, some furniture, some clothes,” Erin protested.

Miss Singleton was writing on the legal pad, and Erin stopped to let her catch up. The young lawyer noticed Erin’s pause, looked up, and gestured with her hand for Erin to continue.

“Is there something that can be done legally to retrieve my personal belongings from my now EX-GIRLFRIEND?” Erin inquired, making sure Miss Singleton got the point that her EX was undoubtedly a girl. Sean had made sure that the facts of the grievance wouldn’t be enough to make a valid civil case, but at the same time, he made sure it didn’t seem like a silly complaint.

“And did you and your ex-girlfriend have some sort of contract? A written agreement? Something of the nature that would be legally binding in a court of law?” Miss Singleton requested, scribbling down some obscure words.

Erin tried to decipher what was being scribbled on the legal pad, but couldn’t make heads nor tales of it. She thought only doctors had terrible handwriting, but Miss Singleton’s penmanship was worse than any doctor she knew.

“No, it’s her house, and I only moved in a couple of months ago,” Erin explained. “I didn’t think about us ever breaking up. I didn’t even think about changing my address yet because it was such a hassle, so officially I still live in a tiny apartment that I bought a couple of years ago. I was going to sell it, and now I’m glad I didn’t do that,” Erin lied.

Well, it wasn’t a complete lie. Erin did buy her own condo when she started working for the Bureau, and she had tried to sell it once because it was so tiny, but apparently, she had gotten too attached to a place and took it off the market.

“I’m sorry, but from all I’ve heard so far I don’t think you have anything on legal grounds,” Miss Singleton responded, turning over her legal pad while giving Erin an apologetic smile.

The smile caused Erin to blush, and she quietly assured herself again that she wasn’t into girls, but she had to admit Miss Singleton was indeed a remarkably stunning woman. Her smile alone made Erin feel warm inside. It was a totally unexpected reaction. Allie Singleton did have beautiful brown eyes and a smooth, velvety voice. She was utterly Sean’s type, and Erin understood why he was so upset by her rebuff.

“Okay, thanks anyway,” Erin stammered, quickly standing up and offering her hand to Miss Singleton. Erin felt a rush of adrenalin when their hands touched again. It made her blush again, and her panties moist. She hoped Allie did not smell her arousal. That would only add to the awkwardness. It wasn’t like Erin to give up so quickly, but she felt the need to get away before she destroyed her chances of ever successfully retrieving the information. Erin walked to the door and stopped. Oddly enough, she found herself strongly attracted to the young lawyer. Then after a little pause, she turned around, pretending she just made up her mind about something.

There was an anxious pause, then Erin without considering a possibility of rejection artfully proposed, “I don’t want to be out of line, Miss Singleton, but is there a chance you would want to go have a drink with me some time?” Erin gave Miss Singleton her signature wink. It was a bold move, but she needed to regain control of the seduction.

Allie was surprised at Erin’s directness. She hadn’t expected to be hit on by a new client. The puzzled look on Allie’s face revealed more than she wanted to be known. She was excited that this woman was apparently asking her out on a date, but she didn’t want to reveal that fact. Allie didn’t answer immediately. Erin held her breath and waited. Even though Erin deemed herself straight, she had once wondered what it might be like to experiment with another woman because one night while drinking with her college roommate the roommate had suggested it might be fun to get naked and cuddle. Erin briefly considered it, but it never happened. However, Erin had to admit that the temptation was there. She’d had just enough to drink that eating her roommate’s pussy was beginning to make sense to her. It was exciting and different, and she almost succumbed to her roommate’s urging. Now she was feeling the same excitement rushing through her again, and this time, she was secretly hoping that it would happen.

When Allie saw Erin’s eagerness and the hopeful look in her eyes, she knew it was more than just a drink she wanted. With a look of skepticism on her face, she replied, “Well…I don’t usually date a client, and I’m not usually a spur-of-the-moment type girl.” Allie’s charming smile broadened, and she hesitantly stared into Erin’s eyes. Allie wanted to accept but was afraid the motive behind the invitation could be suspect.

Erin quickly countered with a wink and a smile. It was time to fish or cut bait Erin reasoned. “Perhaps I was too brusque with you. I do that sometimes when I get excited. Let me start over. First of all, I’m not a client because you just said I have no case. And…and if I may be so bold, I can tell by your expression that you want to accept my invitation.”

A blush crept across the young lawyer’s cheeks, and Erin held a triumphant smile back. No man could ever resist Erin’s wink, and apparently, neither could young lesbian lawyers. Erin waited for another second, staring into Miss Singleton’s alluring brown eyes. She had to admit that Miss Singleton really was beautiful. Every bit as beautiful as Sean had said.

Allie hesitated a bit longer, and Erin continued to hold her breath. “There is a chance, yes, but you will have to call me Allie. Miss Singleton is a bit too formal, don’t you think?” Erin beamed, her face lighting up.

Sean, Zero. Erin, One. Popped into Erin’s head. Not that she was keeping score, but she felt a rush of excitement that she was able to score a date with Allie Singleton and Sean couldn’t.

“Great, how about you call me, Erin?” Erin replied, taking the lead as confidently as she possibly could.

In reality, Erin felt very insecure and vulnerable at that point. Miss Singleton could have easily said no. She wondered if men always had to go through that uneasy feeling when meeting a new woman? She was developing a new respect for Sean and his skills at seducing women. It’s kind of daunting to have to take the lead in a new relationship and risk rejection. She had a better perception of why Sean was so down after being unsuccessful with Allie Singleton.

Allie nodded, grabbed one of her business cards from her desk, and scribbled her cell phone number on the back. Erin took the card and placed in her pocket without looking at it.

“I’ll call you tonight,” Erin chirped. “Just breathe. Play it cool,” she told herself. She needed to make a graceful exit.

Allie nodded her head and flashed Erin a stunning smile, that made Erin a little bit lightheaded. She hadn’t felt so giddy since junior high school. She turned around and tried to stride out of the office gracefully, but couldn’t keep her eyes off Allie’s cleavage. Wrong move. Before she knew it, she’d walked into the door frame, banging her head loudly against it.

“Ouch. Shit,” Erin yelped, rubbing her head that was turning red, not from the bang, but from embarrassment. She couldn’t remember being so clumsy. No, she was always the one in control, but something about this beautiful young woman made her all skittish inside.

Allie ran towards Erin and took her head in the palms of her hands. “Let me see. Are you hurt?” Allie pulled Erin’s head down to check the rising knot. “It looks fine, but it might turn into a nasty bump later,” Allie stated while examining Erin’s head and pulling her face within a few inches of her cleavage. Erin could smell Allie’s perfume and was tempted to lean the few inches further and place a kiss on Allie’s breast.

“What was going on here,” Erin asked herself? She had never felt like this around anyone and staring at another woman’s boobs? And feeling the urge to kiss them? Completely not her thing. She was consumed with embarrassment.

“Thank you. Anyway. I should be going. I’ll call you,” Erin awkwardly muttered, quickly turning away and walking cautiously out of Allie’s office, trying really hard not to embarrass herself further.

Allie smiled and watched her retreat down the corridor. “I’ll be looking forward to your call. I’ll be home around seven. Call me,” Allie called to her, feeling the excitement of all the possibilities forming in her mind.

Erin returned to her office and busied herself with paperwork. It was only just three in the afternoon, but Erin was already getting nervous that she had promised to call Allie that night. But at the same time, she was certainly looking forward to it. “Yeah, I definitely hit my head harder than I thought,” Erin mumbled to herself.

Erin thumbed through the file for the fifth time, thinking about the best strategy to make Allie fall for Her. Without knocking, Sean was at her desk, asking for details of her meeting with Allie Singleton.

“How did it go? Did you strike out like the rest of us,” Sean asked, almost gleefully?

Erin intentionally kept her face buried in the file and smirked, “She gave me her number and asked me to give her a call. Does that sound like I struck out,” Erin gloated?

Sean couldn’t hide his surprise and inquired, “What do you plan on doing next?”

“Well, first of all, I should give her a call tonight, ask her out for drinks and then get her tipsy enough so I can quiz her about the information her father had.”

“No…no, you get her tipsy and then move in for a kiss,” Sean advised. “You want to seduce her first then quiz her for the information. You have to treat her like you would a male target. Make her fall for you and then extract the information.”

“I bet it really turns you on thinking about two women kissing,” Erin laughed.

“To be truthful, yes it does, but I offer the suggestion as a means to achieve your goal.”

“That sounds like a plan you and your guy friends make when you go out with a female POI or with any woman for that matter. I always thought it was wicked and deceitful, but now I almost understand. Trying to get a girl to respond to your advances is difficult. Hooking up with a guy is so easy, Erin thought. You give them a brief look, and within ten seconds they come up to you. You make some brief conversation, gaze into their eyes, and lean in close. Before you know it, they would be kissing you.”

“Erin…have you ever kissed a girl?”

Erin paused for a moment as though she was in deep thought and then answered in a low voice, “No.”

Sean could detect a bit of regret in her reply.

“I thought all normal teenage girls had sleepovers in high school where they talked about boys and practiced kissing techniques on each other.”

“I don’t guess I was a normal teenager because I never did anything like that,” she explained.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss another girl or have you ever had the urge to kiss another girl?”

“Have you ever kissed another guy or had the urge to kiss another guy,” she countered?

“Yuk! Guys don’t do things like that; at least normal guys don’t,” Sean answered.

“Okay, …don’t assume I would feel any different about that subject,” Erin remarked.

“Okay…I told you how I would do it, now why don’t you tell me how you planned to seduce Miss Singleton,” Sean urged again?

“I plan to take your advice, ply her with alcohol until she gets tipsy, then lean in and see if she kisses me,” Erin smiled.

“And if she doesn’t take the bait and kiss you; then what?”

“I will find a way to kiss her,” Erin responded. “This is a new playing field for me, and I will try to mix my knowledge of seducing a man with what I know a woman wants during a seduction. Hopefully, it will turn out to be successful.”

“When are you going to take her out?”

“As I said, she asked me to call her tonight around seven,” Erin answered.

“No…no! You need to take her out tonight. You need to strike while the iron is hot! She is obviously hot for your company,” Sean argued.

“I don’t want to sound too desperate, Sean. I may scare her off if I pounce too soon after meeting her.”

“Trust me, Erin, you won’t scare her off. I have been in this same situation many times. Pick up the phone and call her right now.

Erin held Sean’s gaze for a moment and then replied, “Okay…you talked me into it. Now get the hell out of here so I can concentrate on what I have to say.”

Sean smiled and left the room while Erin picked up the phone and dialed Allie’s cell number. Allie didn’t recognize the number but picked it up on the second ring anyway.

Erin launched into an apology. “I am sorry for calling you this early. I know it’s only four o’clock, but I couldn’t wait until seven to call you. I am boiling over with excitement and want to see you tonight.”

There was a prolonged pause from Allie and Erin’s first thought was that she had angered Allie by jumping the gun and calling before seven. Erin felt a pain in her heart and was cursing herself, thinking that she had sabotaged the planned seduction. She was struggling for her next breath when Allie responded, “I am so glad you called. I have not been able to get a thing done all afternoon. I too am excited about having a drink with you. In fact, I was fighting the urge to call you when my cell phone rang.”

Erin released the breath she had been holding and gasped, “Oh my, God. I feel like a school girl going to her first dance. Is there any chance we can go for that drink tonight?”

“Are you familiar with a small Bar off Columbus Circle called “Dan’s Den?”

“Yes, I’ve been there a few times with friends,” Erin answered.

“You want to meet me there around eight…ish?”

“Absolutely! I’ll see you then,” Erin remarked with a noticeable sound of excitement in her voice. Allie hung up, and Erin’s heart fluttered. A warm wave of electricity moved through Erin and sent a tickling to her groin.

Erin spent the next three hours studying the Singleton file and planning her seduction strategy. She always kept a few outfits in her locker at work just in case she had an unplanned outing and didn’t have time to go home to change. She found a short purple and white sundress and slipped it on. It was low cut and showed a lot of cleavage. She looked at herself from different angles then decided to remove her bra. The dress came down to mid-thigh and offered a good view of her long thin legs. The thought of Allie admiring her legs and breasts sent a shudder through Erin. She checked her makeup, blotted her lips on a tissue, and then set out for her rendezvous with Allie.

The music was loud, and it took a few minutes for Erin’s eyes to adjust to the low lighting in the bar. The beautiful young lawyer was already there when Erin arrived. She had selected a private booth in a dark corner near the restrooms. Erin took a deep breath and moved toward the booth. Allie stood, and they went through the obligatory female ritual of hugging and kissing each other on the cheek. Erin settled in the booth across from Allie and ordered a Tom Collins. Allie ordered her second Manhattan. The music was so loud they found they had to lean in across the table to hear one another.

When the waitress brought their drinks, she pointed to a handsome, well-dressed man seated at the end of the bar and informed them that he had paid for that round of drinks. Erin and Allie smiled and then hoisted their glasses in a symbolic toast to the man. He smiled and toasted them back.

Every round after that, the man insisted on paying, so Allie and Erin decided to let him. A few hours of chit chat and more than a half dozen drinks, Erin was beginning to feel woozy. Her judgment was becoming cloudy. She knew she needed to dial it back a bit and regain control of the situation, but Allie’s charm reduced her professional reasoning to pure lust. The man at the bar kept buying the rounds, and they accepted them graciously. Both Erin and Allied had consumed more alcohol than usual. Erin decided to go to the restroom and collect her thoughts. When she got up to go the drinking caused her to lose balance, and she fell back into the booth, exposing her pantie covered crotch. A wet spot was clearly visible on her light blue panties.

She looked over, and Allie was staring at her silk covered groin, and Erin wasn’t in any hurry to cover it. Allie mumbled something under her breath that Erin couldn’t make out. From the smile on Allie’s face, Erin assumed it was something flattering. Erin struggled to her feet and said, “I have to go pee. Don’t let anyone steal my seat.”

When Erin returned, she slid into the seat next to Allie and said, “I hope you don’t mind if I change to this side of the table. I can barely hear what you are saying half the time.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Allie answered, “In fact, I was tempted earlier to suggest you move over here, but wasn’t sure if you would take it as me being too aggressive.”

“Aggressive? Never”, Erin slurred.

Allie blushed and leaned toward Erin. The moment for their first kiss had arrived. Erin leaned toward Allie and closed her eyes.

Lost in the moment, Erin fought her reluctance to kiss Allie in public. This would be the first time she had ever kissed another woman. Her mind was telling her that people will see the kiss and think she is gay, but her body was screaming, “Go ahead; who cares what they think?”

Moments before their lips touched, they were interrupted by the man from the bar sliding into the booth across from them. They both turned to face him at the same time. He seemed oblivious to the shock on their faces.

“I figured since I have been sending drinks to you two all evening, it was about time I came over and formally introduced myself,” he slurred.

Allie was the first to respond. “We appreciate the drinks, but we don’t want or need any company.”

“Now why would a couple of good-looking women like you two not want the company of a handsome gentleman such as myself?”

“Because…like you said we are a COUPLE. You know…like we are dating each other,” Allie smirked.

The man’s jaw dropped, and his face turned a crimson red as Allie’s words sunk into his drunken mind. He shouted, “Why in the hell didn’t you tell me you were a couple of Lezzies when I sent the first drinks? Why in the fuck did you let me waste my money sending drinks all evening?”

Erin realized the man was on the verge of exploding. She slipped out of the booth taking Allie’s hand and guiding her to the front door. As they made their exit, Allie looked back to see the man still spouting obscenities.

Erin was so wet between her legs that her panties were sticking to her swollen labia. They stumbled across the parking lot clinging to each other to maintain their balance. Allie suddenly paused in her steps and pushed Erin against a mini-van. They both stood there, staring into each other’s alcohol glazed eyes. Erin wanted Allie to kiss her, and she thought Allie wanted the same thing. Neither dared to make the first move. Erin’s whole body was aching with desire to experience her first passionate female on female kiss. Allie leaned in slowly maintaining eye contact. When their lips touched, Erin closed her eyes as an electric wave moved from her lips to her groin. Erin was weak at the knees, and Allie had to pull her close to prevent her from falling. After a moment, Erin opened her eyes and started to say something, but Allie swiftly moved in for another kiss before Erin was able to say another word. The kiss was everything Erin had hoped it would be. Erin put her hand behind Allie’s neck and pulled her closer as the kiss intensified, and Erin slipped her tongue into Allie’s mouth. Allie’s right hand moved to Erin’s left breast.

Erin’s nipple was hard as a diamond as Allie gently pinched it through her sundress. Allie’s lips moved to Erin’s neck then to the top of her breast, placing wet kisses. Erin wanted to feel Allie’s lips on her nipple and told her so. Allie brought her lips to Erin’s ear and whispered, “I want you right here!”

Erin felt the same way, but was sober enough to know that wouldn’t be wise and suggested they go to her apartment. Allie said, “I have a better idea. Come with me.” She grabbed Erin’s hand, pulled her away with her before she could respond. They moved quickly across the parking lot while they both giggled.

They continued holding hands until they found themselves standing in front of Allie’s Silver Mercedes-Maybach S 560 4MATIC Sedan. There was dark limo tint on every window except the front windshield. Allie smiled and dramatically gestured while pointing with her hand, palm upward, “Madam, your chariot awaits. Or our hotel room; whichever.”

Allie opened the door for Erin and motioned her to sit. Erin backed into the seat, plopped down and swung one leg into the car then her other leg, exposing her light blue silk panties for Allie to see. Erin glanced up in time to see Allie looking up her dress at her panties. Allie licked her lips and grinned as she mumbled something under her breath.

Allie walked around the car, entered through the driver’s door, and sat beside Erin. Erin’s pussy was still wet from their last kiss. Allie placed her hand on Erin’s exposed thigh and gently stroked while gazing into her eyes. Erin closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Allie’s hands were soft and feminine to the touch. Erin moaned softly as Allie tactfully advanced up Erin’s inner thigh toward her soaking pussy. Erin couldn’t wait any longer and grasped Allie’s hand and moved it to her panty covered vagina. Their lips came together in another passionate kiss.

Allie began stroking Erin’s clit through her panties and pressed a button on the side of the passenger seat, and the seat slowly moved into a horizontal position. Allie kept her hand busy between Erin’s legs and started gradually increasing her rhythm on Erin’s swollen clit. Erin was gasping for air and urgently needed to cum.

Allie moved onto the seat with Erin and continued to passionately kiss her while slipping her finger under her panties to make direct contact with her wet pussy. Erin spread her legs to give Allie easy access. Allie hooked her thumbs on both sides of Erin’s panties and slid them down in one skillful movement.

Allie then removed Erin’s shoes and placed Erin’s legs over each of her shoulders and moved in to kiss her swollen labia gently. Erin gasped as Allie began placing wet kisses on her thighs. Allie moved slowly up Erin’s thighs and gently blew on her clit. She circled the tip of Erin’s clit with her tongue as it emerged from under its protective hood. She sucked it between her lips and flicked it several time with her tongue. Erin gasped and pushed her vagina hard against Allie’s mouth. Allie sucked harder and began to hum sending shock waves through Erin’s loins.

Erin was close to cumming and started vigorously grinding her pussy against Allie’s flickering tongue. Allie knew Erin was close and slipped her index finger into Erin’s tight little asshole and wiggled it. No one had ever toyed with her anus before, and that was all it took to send Erin over the edge. Erin became more animated and squeezed Allie’s head between her thighs. Erin screamed, “Oh my God! Oh, fuck! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh, I’m cummming!”

Erin’s orgasm caused her to shake and shudder, but Allie never stopped the finger fucking and licking combination until Erin began to recover from her orgasm. Then she removed Erin’s dress and started to lick and suck on her hard nipples. When Erin’s vagina finally ceased spasming, Allie pulled back with her face glistening with Erin’s juices and chuckled, “I think you liked that.”

Erin was still shaking with her post orgasm come-down and still trying to catch her breath when Allie said, “How could you tell? What gave it away?”

Erin persisted with her playful teasing while pulling Allie’s dress over her head. Erin took one of Allie’s nipples into her mouth and sucked hard while circling the tip with her tongue. Erin’s thoughts at that moment were how sexy Allie looked and how much she wanted to experience the pleasure of tasting another woman’s pussy; something she never considered before kissing Allie. Erin moaned softly and pulled Allie up to her mouth while inserting two fingers into Allie’s pussy. It was wet and warm, and Erin could feel Allie’s vaginal walls tighten around her invading digits. She liked the way it felt and couldn’t wait to feel it tighten around her tongue. Erin licked her own juices off Allie’s soft lips and then brought her fingers to her lips to taste the juices from its original source. It was salty and fragrant. Allie tasted and smelled like a woman should taste and smell. A shiver passed through Erin’s body, and she knew she wanted to experience more, much more.

Erin climbed on top of Allie and aggressively kissed her lips, cheeks, and neck. She skillfully moved to her breast and then trailed kisses down to her navel. Allie was not wearing panties, and Erin reinserted two fingers in her wet pussy as she circled Allie’s navel with her tongue. Erin looked up at Allie as though seeking approval to continue. Allie placed her hand on Erin’s head and pushed her in the directed they wanted. Allie toyed with her stiff nipples as Erin placed wet kisses on each thigh. A minute later Erin was nibbling on Allie’s clit. That was something she never dreamed she would do to another woman, but now that she was, she never wanted to stop. The thought of sucking on another woman’s clit caused Erin to have a mild orgasm. She wanted to make Allie cum and give her the same pleasure.

Allie’s pussy was so amazingly wet. Allie was very close to a formidable climax, and Erin was well aware of it. She wanted to make Allie’s orgasm memorable, so she began to hum, “Mmmmmm.” Allie stiffened, and her entire body tensed while she shook and quivered intensely. She was murmuring and squealing in pleasure. Erin was pleased with the results and had another mild orgasm herself.

It took a while for Allie to recover. She pulled Erin up to her lips and kissed her passionately. They laid there silently for a moment, just gazing into each other’s eyes. Erin was the first to speak. “Did I do it right?”

“What do you mean did you do it right? It was amazing. It was wonderful. I can’t begin to put into words how fantastic it truly was.”

“I have to confess that was my first time ever making love to another woman.” As soon as the words left Erin’s mouth, she realized she was about to blow her cover. She hoped Allie didn’t catch her faux pas.

“Your first time with another woman? What about the ex-girlfriend what kicked you out of her apartment?”

“We were just roommates. I don’t know why I referred to her as an ex-girlfriend.” Erin pulled Allie into another passionate kiss. Their tongues danced and wrestled for several minutes. They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

At precisely five in the morning, Erin awoke to her phone vibrating. She managed to grab it before it woke up Allie. It was Sean, so Erin’s first reaction was, “Why in the hell is he calling me at five o’clock in the morning?” But then she thought, “The perverted son-of-a-bitch just wants to hear about my date with Allie.” She mumbled to herself, “Screw him, he can wait until I get to the office.” and let it go to voicemail.

Erin looked at Allie, who was still sleeping peacefully. Her naked breasts were rising and falling with each breath. Erin felt herself get wet as she replayed their earlier lovemaking session. Her first lesbian experience was better than she could have ever imagined. It had all happened in just the span of one day. She had reluctantly accepted an assignment that required her to seduce another female. She fought it, telling herself she could never be with to another woman; even if it was part of her job requirement. She was straight, and it went against everything she had ever believed about love and romance. However, that was before she came face to face with Allie. The magic seemed to be there from the beginning. It was hard to understand, but they’d had an indescribable connection from the very start. Erin still felt a strong desire to be with Allie.

She couldn’t help herself and lean forward, taking one Allie’s nipples into her warm wet mouth. Allie sighed but stayed in deep slumber. Erin kissed her way down to Allie’s thighs, and Allie made a slight purring sound but remained asleep. It was when Erin clamped her lips on Allie’s clit and sucked that she awakened with a start. It took only a moment for Allie to realize what was happening. She squeezed Erin’s face between her thighs and ran her fingers through her hair. When Erin inserted her tongue, Allie pulled her face deep into her crotch and began grinding her pussy against Erin’s tongue. Erin inserted her index finger into Allie’s anus and started a slow in and out sawing motion. Allie was almost out of her mind from the intense pleasure. In less than two minutes, Allie began to convulse and flooded Erin’s mouth with her juices. After Allie came down from her orgasm, she returned the favor. Erin’s orgasm was just as intense as Allie’s. They held each other until they both had recovered from their orgasms.

They were in the middle of another passionate kiss when Allie broke their kiss and stared into Erin’s eyes and said, “Tell me more about this so-called ex-girlfriend or roommate whichever the case may be.”

“That’s a long story, and I am hungry,” Erin stammered, “Let’s go to breakfast; my treat.”

Allie started to say something else, but Erin gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then started searching for her clothes. Seemingly satisfied with Erin’s response, Allie smiled warmly and began getting dressed. When they were both dressed, they drove to an all-night diner. They got out of the vehicle with their hair disheveled and their clothes wrinkled. Allie walked around the car and slipped her arm around Erin’s waist and planted a one minute, full-on, tilted-head, kiss on Erin’s lips before breaking it off, and strategically placing her hand on Erin’s butt and giving it a hearty squeeze. Men entering the diner stopped to view the sexy kiss. Erin stood, momentarily stunned with her jaws hanging. She still wasn’t comfortable with kissing another female in public.

Allie saw Erin’s shock and responded with her usual sharp wit, “There you go, Erin. That’s my encore to help make your day go a little faster until tonight when I expect a repeat of last night’s performance.” Erin giggled, took Allie by the hand and they walked towards the door of the Diner. A man opened the door and stepped aside to allow them to enter.

After an excellent breakfast, Allie dropped Erin at her apartment. Erin had just enough time for a quick shower and a change of clothes before heading to the subway station. When Erin walked into her cubicle, she found the SAC and Sean both eagerly waiting for a report on last night’s contact with Miss Singleton. The SAC was first to speak when he stood up and said, “Were you able to retrieve the information, Agent Delacorte?”

His bluntness and terseness pissed Erin off. No good morning, Agent Delacorte. No, how are you this morning, Agent Delacorte? Just were you successful, Agent Delacorte. Erin had to bite her tongue to keep from responding with the same curtness.

“She invited me to her home for dinner tonight. I am more than sure I will successfully retrieve the desired information at that time”, Erin answered in a professional response, then sat down at her desk.

The SAC abruptly turned toward the door and uttered over his shoulder, “Keep me informed of your progress.”

Erin watched him as he retreated toward his office, then turned to Sean, and tersely snapped, “What?”

Sean was almost afraid to speak. He took a deep breath and daringly asked, “Did you get to kiss her? Were her lips as soft as they look? Did she kiss you back? Was she….”

“Whoa! Slow down pervert. Give me a chance, and I will answer all your perverted questions,” Erin Barked.

A devious smile spread across Erin’s face, and she decided to tease Sean and make him horny for the rest of the day. She held up two fingers, forming a “V” while wiggling her tongue through them; the universal sign for licking pussy.

Sean turned red and excitedly gasped, “She ate your pussy? No way! Did she really eat your pussy?”

Erin smiled and said, “I’ll never tell. Now get your perverted ass out of my office and let me get my work done.”

Sean was mumbling to himself like an idiot, and there was a prominent bulge in his pant as he stumbled out of her office. Erin felt her panties get moist as she replayed the previous night in her head.

To Be Continued…….

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