Mike Williams couldn’t believe his luck as he looked down at the sexy young teen on her knees in front of him. Rebecca Taylor, the best friend of his own daughter, Alexis, was the epitome of lustful enticement. She stood five foot, four inches tall and weighed one hundred and five pounds; her caramel colored skin left her looking constantly tanned; her dark hair hung in waves down her back, ending just above a perfect, firm heart shaped ass. Her tits, B cups at most, were perky and firm, her nipples standing erect; and, just below a perfectly flat stomach, was a smooth pussy that glistened with excexcitement.

Topping off her perfect physical form was the fact that she had just turned eighteen a few weeks ago. And, as Mike had discovered on that night, Rebecca wanted him. He was only too happy to enjoy the girl’s youthful body, as he had done several times over the last few weeks. She was insatiable, filled with a sexual energy only teens have, and she was eager to please him.

That was exactly what she was doing now, as she stroked his rigid, seven inch cock while she ran her tongue over his balls. She was supposed to be spending the night with his daughter, who was celebrating her own eighteenth birthday today. However, Alexis was out shopping for new clothes with Mike’s wife and Rebecca knew this. So she had come over early in order to be with him.

Now, as she once again took his dickhead between her sexy lips and began sucking his thick meat into her mouth, he groaned in pleasure. It had been years since his wife had sucked his dick and he had definitely missed it. Rebecca seemed to enjoy it, eagerly devouring his cock, humming as his girthy shaft filled her mouth. The sensation was extraordinary and almost pushed Mike over the edge of pleasure, but he managed to hold out. When she had come over, Rebecca had told Mike that her birth control had finally kicked in, which meant he could finally fulfill his fantasy of filling her tight, teen cunt with his cum. Not that pulling out and cumming on her tits or back wasn’t sexy as fuck, but cumming inside a girl was another level of amazing.

Not wanting to lose control, he grabbed her hair and pulled her off of his cock. “What’s wrong”, she asked quickly, looking up at him with worry in her eyes. “Am I not doing it right?” “You’re doing amazing”, Mike said and she smiled brightly, as if his praise meant the world to her. “But you almost made me orgasm and, right now, there’s somewhere else I want that to happen.”

She smirked and leaned back against his bed, spreading her legs. “You mean here”, she asked, spreading her wet pussy lips, exposing the glistening, pink flesh inside. “Exactly”, Mike said as he stared at her perfect twat with a lustful hunger. “So, get on the bed and present that sexy ass of yours.” Rebecca squealed with delight and hopped onto his bed, getting onto her hands and knees.

Mike moaned as he grabbed her young, firm ass cheeks and squeezed, which elicited a squeal of pleasure from the girl. Then he grabbed his rock hard cock and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. Rebecca moaned and began to whimper as he teased her, occasionally rubbing his dickhead against her excited clit. “Please”, she begged, looking over her shoulder at him, “fuck me.”

Mike obliged, thrusting forward as hard as he could and burying his dick deep inside her. Rebecca moaned loudly as Mike’s dick filled her cunt, his entire length sliding inside her. Even though she had fucked him several times over the last few weeks, she still couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have her pussy stuffed so full. She had always wanted her best friend’s dad and now he was pounding her from behind. It felt like heaven, to say the very least. And the best part was that, this time he wouldn’t have to pull out. She had heard from several of her friends how good it felt to have a pussy full of cum and now she was going to experience it. The thought of it sent her over the edge of orgasm as Mike slammed his shaft deep inside her.

Mike groaned as he felt Rebecca’s cunt spasming around his thick cock. There wasn’t a better feeling in the world than a tight, young pussy orgasming on your dick. And this time, unlike the other times he had fucked her, he didn’t have to hold back and control himself. Instead, he sped up his thrusts, hammering into Rebecca’s twat faster and faster as his own orgasm built to its peak. Finally, he felt the pressure burst within him and he let loose a primal growl.

He held the young girl’s waist as his dick twitched and cum spurted out, straight into her pussy. He sent ropes of hot, sticky cum into her womb, painting the walls of her cunt with his seed. Rebecca cried out in ecstasy as she felt him filling her with his jizz. The intense pleasure she felt was better than anything her friends had described.

After several moments, Mike slid his softening cock out of Rebecca’s messy twat. She turned around, riding the endorphin high of her recent orgasm, and eagerly began sucking and licking his cock until it was completely clean. “That was amazing”, Mike said and grabbed the girl by her dark hair, pulling her up and kissing her passionately. “It definitely was”, Rebecca said as she broke the kiss after several seconds. “But your wife will be back soon. I better get out of here.” She crawled off of the bed and began dressing, Mike’s eyes never leaving her sexy body. “But I’ll see you later, at Alexis’ party.”


Mike was just getting out of the shower when his wife, Emma, and Alexis got home. “Hi honey”, Emma said as she entered the bedroom and saw Mike in a towel. She gave him a questioning look. “Why did you take a shower in the middle of the afternoon”, she asked and Mike shrugged. “I decided to go for a jog and ended up getting all sweaty.” The truth was, he’d been afraid that Emma would be able to smell Rebecca on him, but he definitely wasn’t going to admit that.

“Well, thanks for getting cleaned up before Alexis’ friends start arriving for the party”, Emma said as she set her purse down on the dresser and left the bedroom. Mike quickly got dressed and headed downstairs, passing his daughter’s bedroom on the way. “Daddy, look at the dress I got”, Alexis said, bouncing out of her room and holding up the dress. It didn’t look like it would come anywhere near her knees and it would leave plenty of cleavage in clear view; however, Mike knew that his daughter was an adult now and he had to loosen up on how he let her dress.

“I’m sure you’ll look very beautiful in it”, he said and she smiled and then kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, daddy”, she said before returning to her room and closing her door. Mike shook his head, grinning, as he continued walking toward the living room. He couldn’t believe how quickly his little girl was growing up. But the evidence of it couldn’t be denied.

Gone was the young girl she had been, replaced by a quickly maturing young woman. She now stood at just over five feet tall and had a body that he had caught his friends staring at more than once, not that he could blame them. She couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds and had perky A cup tits that constantly poked against the tight shirts she liked to wear. Her stomach, which was often on display, was flat and firm and her ass looked as if it was just begging to be spanked, often barely covered in the shorts she liked to wear.

Mike shook his head once more, trying to get rid of those thoughts. He knew he shouldn’t look at his daughter that way and he did his best to see her only as his daughter. It helped that he could fuck her best friend, so that his imagination was filled with images of Rebecca, rather than Alexis. Still, Mike would feel better once his daughter was off to college and he wasn’t tempted to imagine what she looked like without any clothing on.


Hours later, Mike’s house was filled with teenagers, most of whom he didn’t know. He and his wife were there to chaperone, so things didn’t get too wild, but he still found several broken dishes throughout the course of the party. Not that Mike was complaining, although he normally would have been with so many people in his house.

Instead, he was focusing on the good part about hosting a birthday party for his eighteen year old daughter. Several girls from her class were there and they all looked sexy as hell. More than one skirt barely concealed a teenage ass and Mike caught several glimpses of panties as the girls danced to the loud music. There was also plenty of cleavage on display, particularly from a girl named Reagan. Mike remembered that Alexis had had some issues with Reagan over the past year, but he wasn’t complaining that she was there. Her tank top barely held back her large breasts and, from the clearly visible view of her nipples and areola, it was plain that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Mike’s dick was staying constantly hard as he watched the young women enjoying being able to show off their sexy, youthful bodies. He was so entranced that he didn’t notice the time passing until, as the clock approached midnight, people began to leave. As teenagers filed out of his house, he looked around for Emma, so they could start cleaning up the mess. Not finding his wife, Mike checked his phone and saw a missed text from her, from more than two hours ago.

“I’m starting to get a headache, so I’m going to take a sleep aid. I’ll see you in the morning.” Mike sighed in frustration as he put his phone away. “Great, that means I’ll have to clean everything up by myself”, he thought. He waited until the last of the guests had left, then turned to Alexis and Rebecca. “Anyone want to help me clean up”, he asked, a small laugh escaping his lips.

“Sorry, daddy”, Alexis said, leaning up and kissing his cheek. “I’ve got to get changed out of this dress.” “I’ll help, mister Williams”, Rebecca said. “It’s not like I have pajamas to wear anyway.” “Becca”, Alexis said, laughing and slapping her friend’s arm. “My dad doesn’t need to hear that.” Rebecca just laughed and grabbed some of the dishes and headed into the kitchen, while Alexis headed upstairs. Mike grabbed his own armload of cups and plates and then followed Rebecca.

No sooner had he set the dishes in the sink than Rebecca grabbed his dick from behind, pressing her body against his. “What are you doing”, he asked and she giggled. “I thought it was obvious. Where’s your wife?” “She went to bed awhile ago. She was starting to get a headache from all the noise”, Mike said as he turned to face the young girl. “Good”, Rebecca said as she lowered herself into a squatting position and began to unbutton his pants. “Then she won’t hear us.”

Mike groaned as Rebecca freed his cock and ran her tongue over the head, sending bolts of pleasure throughout his body. “What if Alexis catches us”, he asked and Rebecca looked up at him with a coy smile. “She’ll take a little while to change clothes. Besides, isn’t part of the fun knowing that we might get caught?” As Rebecca’s mouth sank back onto his cock, Mike didn’t say anything. As much as it might turn Rebecca on to take risks, he knew he would be in a world of trouble if his daughter caught him in this position. She would tell his wife and then he would lose everything.

Moments later, footsteps could be heard on the stairs, so Rebecca pulled her head off of his dick and buttoned his pants. “Maybe we can continue this after she falls asleep”, she whispered, kissing him before heading into the living room to join Alexis.

“Wanna watch a movie with us, daddy”, Alexis asked as she reached the foot of the stairs and stepped into the kitchen. Mike’s eyes bulged when he saw what his daughter was wearing. A skimpy tank top that showed off her midriff and didn’t hide her perky nipples and, on her bottom, a tiny thong that barely concealed her pussy and did nothing to hide her ass. “Do you like my new pajamas, daddy”, she asked, a smile on her face. Mike couldn’t do anything but nod as his erection strained against his pants.

Alexis giggled as she turned around and went into the living room. Mike knew that he should just go to bed, that following his daughter was dangerous, but his brain wasn’t in charge any longer. Taking a deep breath, he went into the living room and sat down on the sofa, just as the movie started on the TV. Both girls were laying on the floor on their stomachs, giving Mike a perfect view of their asses.

His eyes darted back and forth, unable to decide which he wanted to look at more. Rebecca’s ass was slightly bigger, yet he knew it and had enjoyed it before. Alexis had a smaller butt and it was taboo, belonging to his own daughter. He mentally groaned as he watched the two girls, trying to keep from moaning audibly.

After about ten minutes, Rebecca looked back at him and winked, then got to her knees, crawled over to the couch, and knelt in front of him. “Alexis looks very sexy, doesn’t she”, Rebecca whispered and Mike gulped, knowing she had caught him staring at his own daughter. “It’s alright”, Rebecca continued. “I think it’s hot that you want her. As a matter of fact, why don’t you just imagine it’s her doing this?”

As she whispered, Rebecca again unbuttoned his pants and freed his stiff cock. He tried, pathetically, to stop her, but he couldn’t give very much resistance without alerting Alexis to what was happening. Finally, he decided to just let it happen and then, when he had cum, maybe Rebecca would calm down. He stopped fighting and leaned back as Rebecca began to stroke his shaft while she ran her tongue over his dickhead.

Despite his confused desires, Mike followed Rebecca’s advice and imagined that it was Alexis, his own daughter, on her knees in front of him. He pictured her small hands stroking his thick shaft, imagined her mouth sinking deeper over his pole. Without realizing it, Mike closed his eyes and gave into the fantasy.

He felt Rebecca hesitate, then begin to lick his balls, before running her tongue up his shaft. She started sucking on his dickhead while she fondled his balls, then lowered her mouth. She slowly took his meat in, tickling his shaft with her tongue, something she hadn’t done before. It was, by far, her best blowjob yet and, after all of the building excitement he had felt all night, he knew he wouldn’t last long.

He opened his eyes and looked down to warn Rebecca that he was about to cum, but, to his utter surprise, he found Alexis with her mouth wrapped around his cock. Rebecca was laying on the floor next to Alexis, fingering her wet cunt. Mike looked down at his daughter in shock. “What are you doing”, he demanded and she pulled her mouth off of his cock, replacing it with her hand.

“I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time, daddy”, she said. “I want to please you and to feel you filling me up. And, when Rebecca told me that you’d started fucking her, I knew I had to take my shot if I ever wanted it to happen.” “You told Alexis”, Mike said accusingly, glaring at Rebecca, who never stopped sliding two fingers in and out of her twat. “Of course I did”, she retorted. “I’ve known that she wanted you for a long time, so I figured I could at least help her with her plan. I shouldn’t be the only one who gets to enjoy your dick.”

Mike couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he stood up, shaking his head. “No, I can’t do this. You’re my daughter”, he said, although Alexis was giving him her best pouty face. “That hasn’t stopped you from staring at me in my shorts and tank tops”, Alexis said as she  crawled over to her father. “Want to know a secret? I wear those clothes for you, because you’re the only man I want. I’ve even saved myself for you, because I want you to have all of me.”

Mike looked at her in astonishment, unable to comprehend what he was hearing. If what Alexis was saying was the truth, it means that she wanted him at least as much as he wanted her. Something inside him finally broke and he made a decision, consequences be damned. “Get naked for daddy, baby girl. Then you can suck on my dick some more.” Alexis practically squealed with delight as she sprung to her feet, Mike dropping back onto the sofa at the same time.

He watched as she peeled her tank top off, revealing her A cup titties. He knew that some men might say they were too small, but she looked perfect to him. Her breasts were perky, her nipples already erect. Then she turned away from him and bent in half, slowly pulling her thong down. Between the gap in her legs, Mike could see the slit that was his daughter’s virgin pussy. Even from here, he could see that she was dripping wet.

Alexis turned and walked over to her father before dropping to her knees and grasping his cock once more. This time, Mike didn’t close his eyes, not wanting to miss even a second of what was happening. He moaned as his daughter took his dickhead in her mouth once more. She stroked his shaft while she tickled the head with her tongue, then began taking his dick into her mouth.

Again, she teased his shaft with her tongue as it sank deeper into her mouth, driving Mike crazy with pleasure. She took him all the way to the base, then slid her mouth back up his shaft, stopping just before his dickhead popped out of her lips. She went faster after this, bobbing her head up and down on his cock and pushing him to the point of orgasm. When Mike could hold back no longer, he grabbed Alexis’ hair and shoved her head down on his cock, burying the tip in her throat.

Then he groaned loudly as he exploded, pumping spurt after spurt of his cum straight into his daughter’s belly. Alexis moaned as she felt her daddy’s dick twitching in her mouth; the feeling of his jizz sliding down her throat feeling her with warmth. When he finally finished, Mike slid his dick out of his daughter’s mouth, surprised that he was still fully erect. “Sorry I forced your head down at the end”, he murmured, but Alexis just shook her head.

“Don’t be, daddy”, she said, giggling as she looked up at him. “I liked it when you were rough with me.” “That’s good to know”, Mike said, filing the knowledge away for later use. “For now, get up here on daddy’s lap.” Alexis didn’t hesitate to obey, immediately jumping to her feet and straddling him. He could feel the warmth of her pussy on his dick, her entrance less than an inch from his cock.

Suddenly he felt a tongue on his dick and he looked down to see Rebecca licking him clean. He smiled at her, then turned back to his daughter. Putting a hand on the back of her head, he kissed her deeply. This wasn’t a kiss between a father and a daughter, but a kiss that you can only share with someone who enflames every passion you have. The kiss was filled with lust and need and desire for his daughter. And Alexis returned the kiss, showing her daddy just how much she wanted him, how much she wanted to be his and belong only to him.

Mike finally had to break the kiss and pull back, taking in several breaths as he looked at his young daughter on his lap. Then he lowered his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth. Alexis immediately let out a loud moan as he encircled her nipple with his tongue, teasing her areola, before giving the nipple a swift flick. Then he began sucking on her small tit, biting gently but firmly on her pert nipple.

Alexis cried out in pleasure and Mike thought that he had never heard such a sexy sound come from a woman before. He repeated the process on her other breast, driving his daughter crazy with his mouth. She began to grind on his lap, her pussy making the briefest contact with his dickhead. He wanted nothing more than to grab her petite waist and slam her down on his dick, but he didn’t want to rush this and take the chance on ruining what was very possibly the best thing that had ever happened to him.

However, his worries turned out to be fruitless as, within moments, Alexis reached between her legs and grabbed his hard cock, holding it firmly, the head at the very entrance of her sex. With a loud moan, she slowly began to sink down onto her daddy’s cock. She could feel her virgin twat spreading and stretching to make room for the girthy rod that was now impaling it. She let out a noise that was a mixture of pleasure and pain as she felt her daddy’s dick break her hymen.

Mike felt it as well, when he obliterated his daughter’s purity. A small trickle of blood leaked out around his dick, but this provided extra lubrication and soon, Alexis was resting on his lap with his entire seven inches buried inside her. “How do you feel, baby girl”, he asked and she smiled and kissed him. “It hurts a little, daddy. But I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything.” “Just take it slow and don’t rush”, Mike said and Alexis nodded.

She began to slowly lift herself up, her pussy gripping his shaft like a second skin, before sliding back down. The feeling was better than anything Mike had ever experienced. He had been with virgins before, but perhaps it was the fact that it was his daughter, the seed of his own loins, that made this so amazing. She rode him like this for nearly ten minutes, just sliding up and down his rigid cock at a slow, measured pace.

Then he saw something like a fire in his daughter’s eyes, a fire that was begging to be fueled until it was a raging inferno. “Daddy”, she said, her voice husky with lust and desire, “I want you to fuck me, really fuck me.” “With pleasure”, Mike said and he stood up, sliding his cock out of his daughter. He turned and tossed her petite form onto the sofa, Alexis scrambling to get onto her hands and knees. Rebecca grabbed her best friend and kissed her deeply. “It’s going to feel amazing”, she whispered to Alexis, her pussy dripping as she watched Mike get on his knees behind his daughter.

Mike knelt on the sofa behind Alexis, placed his cock at the entrance to her soaking wet hole, grabbed her small waist, and thrust forward. Alexis cried out as her pussy erupted in orgasm, her back arching as her cunt spasmed and her juices began to flow. Mike savored the feeling for several moments, then began to quickly pound his daughter’s cunt. He hammered his dick in and out of her spasming hole, his balls slapping against her clit.

The feeling of her daddy savagely pounding her, combined with the knowledge that she was finally getting what she had always wanted, drove Alexis crazy. No sooner had her last orgasm ended than another began, this one even more powerful than the last. Her pussy felt like it was going to explode with all of energy surging through her, as her daddy’s dick drilled deep into her womb.

Mike hammered his daughter’s twat for what felt like hours, lost in the haze of lust for the nubile beauty of his offspring. He could feel his orgasm building, but he didn’t want to pull out. He longed to fill her with his seed, but he had to make sure it was safe. “Baby, are you on the pill”, he asked, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to face him. “No, daddy”, she said, breathlessly. “I want you to breed me. I want to have your baby.”

Her words destroyed any inhibitions Mike had and he intensified his thrusts, going faster and harder than before. As he pushed past the edge of pleasure, he let out a howl, a primal noise that let the universe know that he had claimed his daughter as his own. He slammed deep inside her and exploded, flooding her womb with his seed. Both father and daughter orgasmed as he sent his cum spurting deep inside her, planting the new seeds of life in her belly.

As his dick finally began to deflate, Mike slid out of his daughter’s well used cunt and sat back on the couch. He sighed blissfully as she crawled onto his lap and he wrapped his arms around her. In that moment, Mike knew that he had all he had ever wanted.


Less than a month after the fateful sleepover, Mike’s wife left him. Someone had sent Emma pictures of Mike fucking Rebecca and she immediately moved out. The divorce took only took six months, because Mike gave Emma most of what she wanted. He didn’t fight her for the house, since his best friend was in real estate and he could quickly find something else.

The only moment of contention was when, despite her mother’s vociferous protests, Alexis decided to live with her father. But she was an adult and her mother couldn’t force Alexis to stay with her. Which was a good thing, because Alexis’ belly was starting to show signs of the daughter that was growing inside her.

For now, Mike was renting a small apartment in the city and Alexis slept with his every night. He couldn’t have been happier when, after several months of fucking his daughter, she had showed him the positive pregnancy test. “You’re going to be a daddy again”, she giggled and kissed him. “I only hope she takes after her mommy”, he said as he slapped his daughter’s ass. “I’m sure she will”, Alexis said, grabbing her daddy’s dick. “Especially with the big package her daddy has. After all, what girl doesn’t want to be her daddy’s baby girl?”

The end.

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