Who Me …a Wizard IX

Fang was very up set he kept reaching his hand or paw to feel of what was no longer there. He was silently screaming “My nuts … he cut off my Nuts..” Fang decided he would get revenge he decided he was no longer the Familiar of the Green….. The Green was his enemy. Cut off my balls will he.

The three guards that had been caught in the backwash of the spell directed at Fang were starting to come around. All were nauseated and their heads hurt. They were completely oblivious to the fact a miniature red dragon was observing them. Slinky passed her sight back to the Black Wizard Lil Al was pleased and said, ‘Go ahead but only stun them.’

The invisibility spell was reactivated , Slinky drifted down and nipped each guard, They remained in the same position. They entrance way to the castle was ajar. Slinky moved inside.

Harper drifted over the wall and scanned the court yard as she moved around the castle. All in all she found and stunned 7 guards. Aden’s Owl lit on the castle wall. Harper sat down beside her and reported the courtyard is clear.

Lil Al the Black the Western Wizard cast a spell and the Draw bridge lowered and he walked into the Courtyard of the Vaunted and dangerous Green Wizard. Ciel rushed past and set up outside of the Guards quarters. Cherg and Twil did the same at the other two Guard barracks. Rowrf followed along with Al filling the clipboard with everything that went on. Barf led the way

Slinky had explored most of the passageways and eliminated all but two. One of them she was sure went to bedrooms. So the other must be the dungeon it smelled rank and unclean.

The Black followed Slinky’s lead ‘Slinky lets check the dungeon first then we will check the Living quarters.’


Ambrose walked out of his Daughters room assuring her he would bring her back. He heard a noise down the Passageway to the dungeon… It sounded like the clashing of teeth an claws against metal. He stepped around the corner in time to see Barf fling a guard to the floor. Even Better there stood the Black wizard. With no one around him except the werewolf. Ambrose cast a spell that froze them both and unfortunately the two guards as well. Slinky, still invisible had moved on ahead. The spell only caught her tail and hindquarters but caused her to crash to the floor.

Ambrose thought before I do away with him… I will use him to bring back Marona. He altered the spell and commanded Al to walk to Marona’s room. Just before they arrived an Owl lit an morphed into Princess Aden. Ambroses mouth watered at her beauty and he zapped her too. His Thinking I will get to her later.he had her follow Al in to Maronas’ room. He gave Al instructions, Al crawled upon Maronas bed and instincts took over he leaned over and his mouth encountered Maronas pussy. He began to lick and suck he used his lips to nibble on her clit. Her body moved slightly.

Ambrose was getting impatient and had Al move up and enter his Daughter. Al sunk all the way into this barely fucked pussy. He began to move in and out of her . Her body began to respond and her hands slowly made their way on to his back . Her hips were rising to meet Al’s downward thrust.

Ambrose dropped his pants and began stroking his little dick He looked over and saw Aden laying on the floor legs partially spread. He moved toward her, he bent at the waist and grabbed her leg and spread them fully. He positioned himself to enter her

Aiiiiiiiiiii Ambrose screamed aiiiiiiiiiiiii and screamed again……

Slinky was trying to work out the paralyzing effect of the spell out of her hindquarters while she drug her self toward where she had last seen Al. Ahead of her she saw a Civet Cat slinking the same way. It entered the door as she regained movement… But to late she heard a blood curdling scream she rushed in and burst out laughing.

Things happened simultaneously, Ambrose screams, Aden awakes, Al is freed from the spell makes two more strokes and Bathes Maronas womb with baby making sperm and Marona wakes up to a full feeling and has the best climax of her life and Slinky burst out laughing.

The catlyst to Ambroses was the needle sharp teeth of Fang the disgruntled and ball-less Civit Cat that had sunk those teeth in to Ambrose’s balls as he had bent over,

Al raised up off Marona and she tried to pull him back down saying please again please. Her whole attitude on life had changed.


I raised up off of Marona not realizing how I came to be in her . I knew I had planned it hoping to free Ramona back in my world. I turned and saw Ambrose the Green on the floor suffering from pain and agony with the Civet cat maintaining its grip on the Green’s Balls. I noticed the stitches in the cats ball sack I understood a little. Slinky was still laughing and Aden had joined her. I will admit I got a bit of a chuckle out of it my self. I tried some healing magic, I removed The Green’s balls and hooked them up in the cats ball sac.

Fang felt the reconnection to his precious balls and released Ambrose. I quickly blanketed him into a spell that completely isolated him from the world. We left the room and headed for the Dungeon. Marona followed along behind me holding on to my robe.

When we entered the dungeon Slinky rushed to the cage holding streek (her brother) Rowrf and Barf rushed to the cage of Sheba. Ciel had caught up and headed for the Streek as well he was her brother on the Elf side. Harper morphed and went to Tobar, her father’s Cage. Linda the white Wizard Knelt at the cage of the yellow wizard and said I missed you Grandpa. The messenger rat crawled out of the hole in the wall and Morphed in to a Goblin Male and took Roli into his arms.

I backed off and turned toward the Queen. Aden was there with a big smile proud of what we had done. I started with the Queen’s Cage . It took me five spells to find the key to counter the Greens spell Then it was simple. Linda had gone through Ambrose’s quarters and retrieved the wands of the wizards.

The Brown Crow landed in the courtyard and morphed into the Brown Wizard… He walked into the dungeon “once all are freed we have a quorum of Wizards and a trial can be held.

All the captives first wish was to clean up. And was very pleased when I made a shower for each one of them. The big problem was they didn’t wish to leave the pleasant feel of the water cascading down on them
They was pleased when I told them I would teach them the spell.

The next day we all gathered in Ambrose’s meeting room. The Queen being the Queen presided over the Wizards Trial. Ambrose, Fang and Marona were on trial.

Ambrose was chained with magical chains which did not allow him to move or speak. Marona on the other hand was free to move around. She was proud of her new body… while she had been asleep for weeks her chubbiness had dwindled and a very pretty girl had emerged

The Trial

The Queen Began by reading off the charges for each one of them. Rowrf was acting Court Clerk.

“Fang, Step Forward.” Rowrf read all the charges which were mainly for abetting and assisting The Green Wizard… “How do you plead.”

Fang morphed just long enough to plead guilty and explain why he had turned on the Green.. The Queen consulted all the wizards. Linda suggested they remove his ability to Morph. They discussed it and agreed it was a fitting punishment. It was done It was a spell that required four consenting wizards. Fang morphed into the civet cat persona and was touched by four wands. Fang opened his eyes and looked around he was many miles from the land of Goshen and in the woods.

Rowrf called, “Marona , step forward, Same Charge abetting and assisting the Green wizard with crimes against the Queen and Wizards. How do you Plead.

Marona Plead , “ Guilty I think.”

Again the Queen consulted the Wizards. They were torn about her involvement. The Black was consulted for deeper understanding. “ I feel that she was led astray more so by her father rather than the wizard. I feel she has potential and her mind should be cleared but not her Talent, She should be the Brown’s apprentice. Only two Wizards were required for this punishment.

The Brown and Black touched her with their wands and the decree was read . She disappeared and opened her eyes something was licking her pussy and she was looking at another pussy descending toward her mouth a voice spoke. “ Hi we are Puss and Cher welcome to the abode of the Brown.”

Marona thought, “I’m Going to like it here.” She pulled the pussy to her mouth.

Rowrf called, “Ambrose Green you are accused of kidnapping, Rape and misuse of magic causing many deaths. How do you plead.” He was allowed to speak with restraints that no magic spell could be cast.

Ambrose ranted and raved and swore we could do nothing to him for he was Ambrose the great.finally Anil the Blue had heard enough and she swished her wand and although his mouth was still moving not a sound was heard.

The Queen and all the wizards were ready to consult when Crump and Sheba demanded to be heard. They both had the same complaint … the humiliation of the Rape by the Green. Even though he had already lost his balls they wanted to cut off his penis.

The consult went on for hours and finally we all agreed. All wands were placed on his body

Ambrose Green would be stripped of his ability to do magic.
Ambrose Green would be stripped of the memory of ever doing magic.
Ambrose Green would be stripped of all memory and Knowledge
Ambrose Green would be no more. He disappeared…..

A sad looking halfling opened his eyes to a world of white he did not understand why the world was white. He did not know what snow was. His next thought who am I, why am I cold.

The guards were released from their barracks and informed they should leave that this Castle was going to be destroyed no stone would be left.
Until we were ready to depart we would stay here and had each taken rooms.

After the evening meal I was summoned to the Queens Quarters. I knocked on her door and was bade to enter.

Wow she was only covered by a thin whispy veil like material. It looked sexier than if she had been naked. She smiled at me and said, “I have heard from others including my daughter that you have something under your robe the likes that is no often seen in Goshen.” My face had turned red before I could speak she step near an lifted my robe she didn’t seem to happy that I was wearing my shorts.

She reached in and grabbed a hand full. I pulled down my shorts and my dick jumped up and she grabbed it with both hands and began pulling me toward the bed. She lay back on the bed and I dove between her legs and planted a kiss on her nether lips. She jumped and said, “Its been months, hurry”

I slipped my tongue into her small pussy and twirled it as deep as I could reach, She had already begun to moan I sucked in her button and her butt began to bounce I slid my hand up to her pussy and inserted a finger and moved it back and forth then added a second finger while still sucking on her clitoris. Woo it was like riding a bucking bronc. Her butt began to jerk back and forth as she released a shot of her tasty nectar. I continued to work on her clit while adding a third finger in her pussy. She screamed and begged, in me please in me, put it in me. I moved up her body under the shimmering fabric. Until I came to two very well rounded breast with large aureoles and about 1/2” nipples. I sucked them in one at a time . I would suck one and play with the other. I was enjoying my self when I felt her hand sliding between our bodies until she could grip my cock. She began trying to pull me closer so she could feed my cock in to her waiting pussy. I moved on up in self defense. She directed my cockhead in to her waiting hole. When I felt it enter I drove forward and twisted my body at the same time . She began to sound off. O O OOOh deeper, faster, do meeee OOOh. Her legs shot straight out with a very strong climax that wet me heavily. I drove forward as deep as I could reach and began stroking and twisting and holding on. She was bouncing all over the bed. She was moaning and screaming and I continued to stroke I pulled out till only the head was inside her. Before I could hesitate her hips slammed upward and sucked all my cock back inside. It was more like a wrestling match than lovemaking. Her legs wrapped around me again and she lifted off the bed and was hanging on to me. I drove into her and we crashed back onto the bed. Her head reared back and she screamed again and her nectar gushed out. I slammed into her at groaned as I released my load into her waiting womb. We kept the wrestling match going for a few minutes. Then her body just relaxed and her arms and legs spread out on the bed . I lifted up then rolled to lay beside her.

She told me she had been dreaming about me since the first day she had been told about my cock size. I told her I hope she wasn’t disappointed. I don’t think she heard me, she was already asleep. I dressed and left the room.

I started down the hall to my room. I barely got past the first door when it opened and a small rough hand reached out and pulled me inside. My robe came up and a pair of lips encased my cock and my robe draped back down covering the person gracing me with a blowjob. Who ever it was they were good and quickly brought me to the edge and I burst into her mouth she sucked it all down . Her head came out from under the robe. “Hey bub ever screwed a Dwarf”, she morphed and the tiger roared she morphed back. “Hows about a Tiger,” I kind of liked it when Green had me morphing back and forth. She stood on a foot stool and leaned over. Hmmm she did have a cute butt I guess it didn’t make any difference that she had broader shoulders than I did.. Her pussy looked inviting. I raised my robe and stepped forward and entered her. Just as I reached bottom she morphed. to the tiger the change in tightness was amazing it was almost impossible to move backwards then she morphed back and the looser feel was back . She continued to Morph back and forth. I didn’t have to move at all her morphing kept the proper movement…Just enough. Then she morphed into the tiger and began to move backwards and forward then she roared and sprayed me . I let loose and filled her tiger womb not knowing a little changeling would soon emerge in about 3 and a half months. She thanked me and curled up on the floor.

I walked on the other side of the hallway as I neared the next door I ran past. I finally reached my room. I stripped and crawled in bed after cleaning up. An hour before dawn my door opened. I was expecting Sheba but I was Wrong… “Hello Anil.”

She looked at me and smiled, “ I just wanted to say thanks for the rescue. I imagine you are expecting me to want to have sex with you. That is true but…. not now. I want you fresh and ready to go all night just warning you.”

And out the door she went. I fell back to sleep. Two hours later I woke with dog hair tickling my stomach and thighs, Then it was gone. I opened my eyes and found Sheba with my cock buried in her pussy and she was morphing back and forth the way Crump did. Sheba was facing me and she noticed I was awake. She said, “you were asleep so I started without you.”

I was quickly catching up[ this was great except her tits kept disappearing from my hands . She began dragging her pussy back and forth over my groin. I was nearing my limit I was ready to explode. She shifted again and was in dog form when we both reached our climax. Sheba howled She was milking me so tight I howled along with her. We lay there talking and she explained the differences in changelings. She was already pregnant by Ambrose but because of your strength half of the litter will carry your genes. I laughed and told her to be sure and keep the Runt of the litter.

The next day the group was gathered around me I had solved the spell that made it a breeze to go back and forth between earth and Goshen. I was going home. After all the hugs and kisses. I backed off and tried the spell.

I opened my eyes and threw back my head and moaned I was shooting my load. I looked down and it was Ramona. She pulled me down and kissed me and thanked me for making love to her. We agreed the next time Artie wasn’t walking with me we would get together again.

A week later a new girl joined our Class. I was looking down when she was introduced. The teacher called her name “Anil Blue.” My head snapped up and was met by two piercing blue eyes and a large smile. She sat down in a empty seat across from me. She said hi will you show me around.. I smiled back at her and said I sure would.


a friend in need
Lip to Lip

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