Hello friends how are you all, hope you all are doing well. Today’s story is about My Hot Sister-in-Law and Her Sexy Sister.

So let’s start this story.

My name is Mike and I am 26 years old.

I live with my brother and sister-in-law. All three of us live with love in the house.

And there is even deeper love between the mother and sister-in-law. My brother is the manager of the hotel. whenever there was a party in brother’s hotel then he did not come at home for 2 days.

And even if he used to come at home, he had reached home at 1 or 2 o’clock in the night. So till that time my sister-in-law and I used to live together.

We used to talk very well and we got along very well with each other.

In a few days, sister-in-law ( Rachel ) had called her sister ( millie ) to stay at home for a few days.

I went to the station to pick up my sister-in-law’s sister. I always liked my sister-in-law’s sister.

And I was talking to her after my brother’s marriage. There was talk of sex between the two of us. We could not meet just because of his distance.

It was the sister-in-law who gave us the opportunity to mine. Sister-in-law’s sister came to the house for about a month.

So we had the whole month. For the first 2-3 days, her sister went out to talk amongst themselves.

We used to go out for a walk on the terrace after having dinner together. Sister-in-law’s sister and I used to talk with each other in a corner.

Many times sister-in-law used to interrupt us by coming in between. What is cooking between you two?

So I used to tell my sister-in-law that these are the talks between us, what will you do after listening.

So sister-in-law said that both of us are fine today. Till yesterday my sister was not here, so you would not have come out of sister-in-law’s love.

I have not told you the name of my sister-in-law’s bond yet, forgive me for that.

Sister-in-law’s sister’s name is Rachel. She is a very beautiful and fair girl.

Her figure is 36 -28 -36. Rachel’s cheek and her nipples are pink.

I feel like my brother sucks it. The figure of sister-in-law is also absolutely murderous.

Millie’s figure is one step ahead, and I really want to bang her badly.

I consider my brother’s luck very good that he has got such a good girl.

I used to tease my sister-in-law. One day I messaged Millie during the night and asked her to come to my room.

Sister-in-law was sitting with Millie, sister-in-law had read my message but did not react.

After a while, when Millie saw my message, she told her sister-in-law that now she sleeps.

Sister-in-law had understood that she would do something today. Sister-in-law also started acting of sleeping.

After some time when Millie got up and came to my room. Sister-in-law also got up. Sister-in-law was lying in her room for some time.

After 10 minutes when sister-in-law came to see my room, sister-in-law had seen me and Millie kissing.

Sister-in-law was watching us standing outside. She was waiting for us to start and she interrupted us in the middle.

I saw sister-in-law standing outside the room but I ignored even seeing it. While kissing, Millie started taking off my clothes.

I was also being told to stop. I too quickly took off Millie’s clothes and started kissing her. When both of us were lying on the bed, we were clinging to each other.

Sister-in-law was waiting for this for so long. Sister-in-law came disrespecting and shouting said what are you two doing. Millie was scared but I was not scared.

I saw that while both of us were kissing, the sister-in-law was also caressing her pussy while standing outside the room. I stood up and kissed my sister-in-law.

Now the sister-in-law wanted to have fun with us. Sister-in-law also started kissing me. Millie was surprised to see both of us.

I took off my sister-in-law’s clothes and made her sit on the bed with Millie and started kissing sister-in-law.

Millie started sucking my cock, the sister-in-law was kissing my lips and the sister-in-law grab my dick and suck it with great pleasure.

While sucking for a while, I had thrown my cumin in Millie’s mouth, Millie swallows it. I came after washing the cock and saw that both sister-in-law and Millie were sitting naked waiting for me.

Seeing both of them naked, I got a boner again. I tell both to be in a position of doggy style, the sister-in-law lay down normal and made Millie on top of the sister-in-law.

First, lubricate the sister-in-law’s pussy and put my cock in the sister-in-law’s pussy. Sister-in-law’s pussy was tight.

Sister-in-law and Millie were kissing each other and I was inserting my cock in the pussy of sister-in-law and sometimes Millie.

As soon as I put my cock in Millie’s pussy, she screamed. She was in pain, but the fun was coming equally.

My hard dick was pouring out inside the pussy of sister-in-law and Millie.

I removed Komal from the above sister-in-law and then I started fucking her pussy by lying on her sister-in-law.

I made my sister-in-law a Doggystyle over Millie. Both sisters-in-law and Millie’s are in the doggy-style positions. Then I would sometimes give cock in the ass hole of sister-in-law and sometimes give Millie’s in the ass.

I was enjoying it very much after fucking like this for a while. I made my sister-in-law stand up and put Millie on the bed.

I put Millie’s legs on my shoulder and inserted the cock in her pussy with full force. I put my legs down and put Millie upside down and climbed on her.

Putting her hands on both the butts, opened her pussy. For some time, I fingered Millie’s pussy and then spit and lubricated it and started fucking by inserting the cock.

The sister-in-law also started licking her pussy on the bed and behind I was engaged in tearing Millie’s pussy.

We were having a lot of fun. Sister-in-law never had so much fun with my brother as much as we did with both of us.

Now I was tired so I lay straight on the bed and my cock was not tired yet.

First, my sister-in-law rides my cock up nice up down what was she enjoying, after that, it was Millie’s turn, now Millie also started enjoying the cock for some time.

I was about to leave too, I made my sister-in-law and Millie sit on their knees and one by one both of them got cocks.

As soon as my cum was about to come out, I removed all my cum over the mouth of sister-in-law and Millie. So, friends, this was the sexy story of sister-in-law and her sister.

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