To read this story in its entirety, you must first read this part, everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 1 only then will enjoy the story!

I came to my sister-in-law’s room, sister-in-law felt that I was brother, so she said, turn off the light!

I slept quietly with the lights off, I had a mild fever, so I was sleeping with a sheet full-body also covering my face!

Sister-in-law woke up at night and lit the light, I do not know what she was doing, I could not see because I slept on my face with a sheet!

Sister-in-law also hit a tont, who takes a sheet in such heat!

I didn’t say anything, just fell asleep, it was morning around 6 o’clock
I woke up because my sister-in-law had taken all the sheets from me!

I go for a pee and came lightly back to the room and was going to sleep with the latch on!

The light had come in the room since morning and then suddenly what I see!

Sister-in-law was completely naked, her bareback and chubby ass was clearly visible to me!

My eyes were torn as I saw this for the first time!

I didn’t understand what was happening, the whole body was shivering,
the heartbeat increased, in my first time maybe this is what happened to me!

I couldn’t help but I was nervous but I had an excuse to sleep with him in that room that my brother had sent!

There was panic too, but with courage, I went up to him and carefully looked at her ass!

Look at his bare waist, but I could not fill my life, so I gently kissed him on her back!

When she shook a little, I panicked and started acting like sleeping!

After 10 minutes I opened my eyes, she was turning towards me, she had a sheet on her boobs and pussy!

I tried to move that sheet, but what if she wake up?, so I got scared!

I slowly got up and switch lowered the cooler and turn off the fan so that the heat would rise and she would throw the sheet!

After a while the same thing happened, she threw the sheet and slept straight!

By now there was full light in the room, I looked at my sister-in-law completely naked!

It was the first time I was seeing someone naked so close, it was such a beautiful appearance!

There was not a single hair on the pussy, the boobs were big and standing, and the ass I saw wow!

Saw the girl naked for the first time, saw all the body parts of a girl!

Then it felt like someone woke up in the house and they would knock on the door to wake up the sister-in-law for morning work!

I quickly picked up the sheet and fell asleep!

That was the mother at the door and after a while, the sister-in-law got up and got dressed, and went out!

Now my sister-in-law will get to know that she slept with me and but she will not know I see her completely naked.

Nothing was understood in the midst of all this panic!

It was morning, everyone had their bath, I also went to take a bath,
after a while I came out after taking a bath and saw that brother was talking about something!

Brother was saying that you were fighting even yesterday, that’s why did not sleep with you,

Sister-in-law said that your ghost had come in the night!

Brother started laughing and said he was Sid, not me!

will the sister-in-law tell her brother about her naked sleep with me?

Brother said yes, sister-in-law said, should have told, right!

Brother did not say, why to tell, anyway, the child has a fever, he must have slept quietly!

Sister-in-law said yes, he had gone to sleep with the poor sheet on his mouth and did not even say to turn off the cooler!

Brother said yes, he has started taking more tension about studies, that’s why fever came!

Sister-in-law said that she is worried, he does not even have a girlfriend, everyone has a GF at this age!

outside me hearing everything and I was happy to hear all this, come on I survived and became happy!

Part 3 of this story is ” Everyone should get such a sister-in-law – 3 “

Everyone should get such a sister-in-law - 1
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