Friends, the name of today’s story is Everyone should get such a sister-in-law and this story is of mine and my sister-in-law!

My name is Sid and I am 22 years old, I am fine with height and appearance.

My sister-in-law’s name is Ros. Age is 28 years, beautiful in appearance, the body is fully tight. Boobs big waist curvy and ass bubbly!

Now coming straight to the story, my mother, father, brother-in-law, and I, 5 of us live in the same house!

I am a diligent boy whose whole life has been spent getting good marks!

Sex is a far-fetched thing, till today i don’t have any girlfriend, in the cycle of studies, I used to stay away from girls!

I look so young for my age, I haven’t got my beard yet!

Everyone thinks me to be a read and a sincere and I used to think so too until that night came!

Friends, I used to stay away from girls, I used to stay away from porn websites, understand this, knowing that unknowingly someone must have shown me a photo of a girl without clothes!

I have not even seen anything more than this, not at all in real life!

So outside, I will stay away from girls, when there is such a beautiful sister-in-law in the house, how can i get her away!

This story is from a few years ago, at that time the age was less!

Everyone considered me a small child in the house, loved me very much!

Sister-in-law also used to hug me for good numbers and good work and sometimes kissing on the cheek saying how cute!

I used to get terrified by all this, but if I spoke something, she would have understood that his mind is full of dirt!

One day when we were all going to the wedding, everyone was changing clothes, the brother said, come soon with my tie from my sister-in-law!

I ran away and entered the sister-in-law’s room, although she was wearing an outfit the hooks of the dress were not closed!

More than half of her boobs were outside as white as milk!

Seeing all this, I was stunned and my face was red!

Sister-in-law didn’t care because I was a child to all of them!

But I try a lot and forgot this I forgot all that but such things used to happen again and again!

Once there was no one at home, sister-in-law had taken her clothes inside the bathroom but forgot her jeans remained outside!

When I came home, my sister-in-law asked who is there? I said sister-in-law I am Sid!

Sister-in-law said, have you seen outside my jeans?

I said yes, sister-in-law said bring me, catch me, I said, then sister-in-law opened the door slightly to pick it up from the door!

A little outside came out and said, bring me, my attention was on her sexy wet face, on her sexy wet shoulder!

When the jeans were handed over to them, the jeans fell, the sister-in-law immediately caught it, meanwhile, one leg of the sister-in-law was seen outside the door!

She stood holding the jeans and said thank you when she stood up, I saw her bare blonde thighs and lightly hairy pussy!

And she ducking the door started changing clothes!

This scene was not going through my mind, so under compulsion, I had to masturbate on my sister-in-law’s name so that all that would not remain in my mind!

I had to do this twice because she was not going through my mind, her wet body, wet blonde thighs, and that light pussy hair!

One day there was some rift between brother and sister-in-law, then the brother came into another room in anger.

The house was small, there were two rooms, I was all of us in the other room, so brother said, there will be no place here!

You went and slept in my sister-in-law’s room and I am sleeping here!

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