Hello friends, welcome to today’s hot story named fuck my maternal uncle’s daughter!

My name is Adam I am 24 years old, I am fair and good-looking!

I have had sex with a woman till now, that too more than 200 times!

People would be surprised but she stayed on my rent for 5 years and after a year and a half from the beginning, our affair started!

Well, I will tell this story in the next part, now I will tell you my maternal sister’s sex story!

Friends, my maternal sister’s name is Shelly and she is 23 years old!

She is a bit savage in looking, her figure is 34, 24, 34!

This story started when we all went to another city, my uncle and aunt already lived in the city!

He had two daughters, very spoiled means used to abuse, all this!

So we all met but all the girls were there and I could not get along much with the girls in the beginning!

The girls already knew each other so started chatting, I slept quietly because I was tired!

Then Shelly and my aunt’s girls came to my room, they said, “Dude, there is someone in every room where to change clothes?”

In the other two rooms, all the guests would probably be sitting and the bathroom was full!

So she called me Adam, about 3 times, although I kept my eyes closed because I was tired and wanted her to go somewhere else and change!

After some time the sound of the door closing came, I was about to get up to see whether they went or not!

Before I woke up, I heard a voice in my ears. My aunt’s girl was teasing Shelly!

She was saying – “You tits become so big, what do you do with them”!

Then Shelly said slowly, Adam will listen!

Uncle’s girls – “He is sleeping, deep sleeping, what will he know”!

She was changing clothes inside and was looking at me again and again that’s why I could not open my eyes to see her!

Shelly said you spy a lot, last time I was taking a bath, even then you saw me naked!

Auntie’s Girl: So what happened? I am lucky that I have found the room to which the bathroom window is attached!

Yes, you read it right, actually, the bathroom was built later, but that’s why there is a curtain on the window of the room!

Anyway, no one went to that room except uncle’s girls!

Then after changing clothes, she left and give me a boner too!

Shelly had thick lips and was shy too but she was very nice!

I did not talk much in the beginning, my talk started after a small scandal!

Actually, my uncle’s girls had planned that when I am bathing, they will see me through the window!

I had no idea about this because everyone was sitting on top!

I went to the room before taking a shower, there was no one there and the latch was on!

When I went to take a bath in the bathroom, even when I looked inside from the window, no one was seen!

I took off the clothes and on the same day, I was bathing completely naked without any clothes!

When I came out after taking a bath, out of the three, only Shelly had a shyness on her face!

I found something strange, I thought I would listen to them secretly!

She started talking about me that how big a dick of a brother is full fat is right!

Shelly said, how are you talking, he is our brother!

Uncle’s girl: You are feeling very sad, awww but he has a big dick! Then she started laughing unreasonably!

Shelly: Hey man, he’s a good boy, that’s why I’m speaking!

Uncle’s girl: Good boy, that’s why you liked him or he has fat cock, that’s why you liked it!

Shelly: Oh man, I am going if you talk like this!

Uncle’s girl grabbed her hand and did not let go and said that neither of the three of us had sex!

Actually, the size of my penis is not that big, it is only a little bigger than 6 inches and fat is fine too!

Then she started laughing, I was standing outside listening to everyone, I wanted to go inside and scold everyone!

But it was not Shelly’s fault that all this happened because of uncle’s girls!

I left from there and I decided to talk to them today so that teach them a lesson!

I was eating all the food at night, so joked something and while doing this, everyone started laughing, playing and talking!

Slowly we opened up quite a bit and started getting up to sleep together!

One day uncle’s girls made all that plan again and this time made my video!

I caught them red-handed while watching that video and said now I should go to your father and show them this video?

Everyone got scared and started refusing, Shelly was also nervous, so I said that everyone should meet me in my room at night!

Everyone had dinner and everyone was silent as they were about to wait!

Everyone slept at night, we children used to sleep late, so everyone came to my room in the middle of the night to say sorry!

I scolded them and said, think your punishment, you yourself are 5 minutes!

They closed the room and everyone took off their clothes, I said what are you doing?

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