She said that you also make our video, this will be equal, but do not tell anything to anyone!

Shelly was in a bra and the other two uncle’s girls took off the bra too!

Their boobs were also cool but I didn’t like them both, I scolded them to wear clothes and all this should not happen again!

Both of them left, but Shelly was standing in a bra, with a sad face!

I asked her what happened to you, she started crying that brother, forgive me, I consider you good!

I had to be good in your eyes and today I have become bad, you can give whatever punishment you want!

I explained to her and asked to put on clothes, she was crying, so she asked me to sleep in my room cause she was crying and if she go back to her room everyone will know the matter especially her parents!

She was scared alone so she slept on the bed with me!

I hugged her so that she would be silent and after a while, she calmed down!

Then I told her, don’t be in the midst of these two, now whatever happens, just come and tell the truth!

She said I will tell you everything next time!

I said, I will also tell you the truth, what Truth? Shelly ask

I said that day I had not slept and listened to all of you and the other day when you were talking about me, I still listened to the whole thing!

She was surprised that brother, how bad are you, she was talking about me, you were listening!

I said ok I am bad and you all were making my nude video in the bathroom and saying that my cock is very fat, is that good?

We both started laughing, she was a little shy!

So I said did you also see my video?

Shelly: yes saw it!

I said what did you see?

Shelly: Everything!

The room was dark. We were so close to each other that each other’s breath was touching each other’s faces!

Did I say everything?

She said looked full naked!

I said is what you were saying true?

Shelly: Is it true, I do not understand!

I said that it is very big and fat!

Shelly remained silent for a while, then took a deep breath and said yes it is big!

I said and they were talking about you is that true?

She said yes they are true too!

I said is it really big or is it full of air?

She started laughing, she said that the air is not full!

We both remained silent and took a deep breath and I dared to say that can I touch and see?

Read what happen in next part

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