Adventures of Miracle Steve 3

The rest of Steve’s week was spent studying, since he now had too much time on his hands, he studied. Of course that wasn’t all he did, the yacht naturally had a well equipped gym and Steve had a daily jog on the treadmill and he even started weight training with Kevin. Kevin used to … Read more

The Fiery Doctor Part 4 reboot(1)

Emily had by now completely broken down and was sobbing uncontrollably. In fact, she had never cried this hard before. She now understood Mark completely and knew what she had to do. She stood up, turned around, and her jaw dropped. Chapter 1 Standing there, in the distance, were both Mark and Katelynn. “Mark! What … Read more

In The Beginning: chapter one

Preamble: Most of the Mike Claymore mysteries were written in the 1999 to 2004 period during a depressing period in my life. The writing period was culminated by a tragic loss that left me disinterested in ever writing again. I have attempted to write in that old familiar style but my life has changed to … Read more

A guy and his…? 18 Grand daughter

Both Gen and Rashala screamed out in orgasm, both were panting awash in sweat from cumming so hard. Jake got up a moment later feeling shaky on his legs, he said it before what a way to go! Looking around Jake expected to see another Jinn brought forth from the mist, looking questioningly back at … Read more