Life Redone (Part 7A of 10)

[Had to re-post to fix something. I would appreciate negative votes coming with an explanation of what they didn’t like. Please don’t troll. Thanks for reading!] For the first time during this experience, I actually had more girls in mind than trips back remaining. That meant it was time to stop jumping back into the … Read more

Subjects 0 – CH 4

————————————————————————————- STATUS REPORT: Further research into Diane’s family shows that she has a daughter and a son, both of consenting age. Diane looks surprisingly young to have kids this old. I am recommending her family as further test subjects. END STATUS REPORT. ————————————————————————————- Adam cursed silently as he left his English class. Miss Shelly had … Read more

Saving Daisy

25 comments «12345» Anonymous readerReport  2015-03-16 18:32:56 nazi for life it will be a short life himy frank Anonymous readerReport  2015-03-03 18:26:37 Awesome story only u should of told everyone how Billyjoe made her into his lite fuck toy slut from the time she was 6 just like her mother wanted her to be if … Read more

Bait and Switch Retype – Ch 03-04_(0)

Friend’s note: I must apologize for not being clearer before. The man you all knew as Dark_Brother, is dead. I wish I could say that he died valiantly in a blaze of glory, but that is only partially true. A cowardly IED (roadside bomb) exploded outside our vehicle. I’m, sorry, this is hard to type, … Read more

A guy and his….? 16 Servant

Tankena and Sheeka were both watching the metal truck burn a wicked smile on their lips, though Sheeka hadn’t wanted to do it she knew better than to disobey. For a moment neither noticed Rashala as she fired a blast of her own at them, barely striking Tankena’s arm he cursed he’d forgotten about the … Read more

It Started On Skull Island – Chapter 4

It Started On Skull Island – Chapter 4 Lucy woke to the sound of what she thought was an alarm clock, which didn’t quite make sense. She was on summer vacation to start with, and didn’t remember setting her clock. Groggily trying to focus, she also couldn’t think of anywhere she had to be. So … Read more