Hello my friends my name is Alex and I am 26 years old. Today I am going to tell you the story of teacher sex story!

Friends, I am a resident of new york, I work far from home. So when I used to get time in between work, I used to come home to stay!

It is a month ago that I got a teacher’s request for marriage! I talked to her and I found her characterless, so I reject her in a good manner!

Her name was Natasha and she was from the same place. She was okay in appearance and after talking to her the rest came to know that she is looking for money!

So for the sake of the relationship, I explained that it will not happen! But I told her no in such a way that she didn’t mind and she still used to talk to me!

So while talking it happened that every night we started talking!

Slowly we started talking like that, have I ever had sex, she didn’t speak and she asked you? I said I didn’t get a chance till today!

I was lying, I was fucking somewhere and as far as it seems, she was lying too!

She used to tell me to get the dress, then I told her what will I get in return?

So she said what do you want? So I used to laugh and she would say I know what you want! Then I ask what should you tell? So she would say that I will not speak, man!

It was clear that she wanted a dress and I wanted a pussy!

So one day I made a plan to meet her and she was ready to come but she said that she will not stop!

I said that means where she will eat and drink and will come home, I said okay!

So we met a little far away from where her house was near and mine was far away! At 11 o’clock we went shopping and it was around 1 o’clock she took two dresses and then we ate!

Near one o’clock, she asked where are you now? So I said if you are tired, then let’s go to her house, then she said no, no, everyone is there!

So I said, now in so much fatigue I can not go back home, tell me! She said look, go to a hotel nearby then!

I went mad with happiness from inside, I said, let’s take a room nearby and come to the room! I know that I have made her shopping, only then she agreed or else she would not go!

There we both slept on a bed, then I slowly put my hand on her waist, she didn’t say anything!

I put her top up and put my hand on her stomach, she didn’t say anything, she was awake, she had her back to me!

I put my hand inside the bra and touched her nipples, my cock stood up! Then I slowly rubbing my hand inside the bra and love the sexy boobs!

She had amazing boobs, I enjoyed him and then my hand went through her stomach towards the lower!

I opened the button and lowered both her shorts along with her panties!

What a fat ass was, it was fun by touching it!

Then I turned her on my side and she was smiling, I also started laughing and both of them started shying!

I asked her shall I not? She said, if I refuse now, then we will start dying without doing it.

I climbed on top of her and saw that the pussy was completely clean, which means that she had come to fuck today!

I put the cock directly in the pussy and removed the top clothes!

Awesome fat boobs started shaking as soon as I fucked and I started sucking them! I kissed her lips and she was stroking my back, we have had fun!

After a while I told her to do it from behind anal sex, so she started refusing that it hurts a lot!

So I said how do you know it hurts? She said man, I have heard that it hurts a lot!

So I said pain is not fun, see that in the end she agreed and I spit and made her a mare(doggystyele)!

Slowly kept the cock and started putting it inside anal, it was hurting, so I gave a blow and she started shouting that please get out, it is hurting!

I didn’t agree, just caressing her, kissing, stroking her pussy, and pressing her boobs! I didn’t start assfucking until it hurts!

Then her pain went away and I started fucking the ass, what was the fun of the ass, friends!

The ass was tight, so after a while, all my cum went out in her ass and we lay naked for a while!

Then put on clothes and went home and now whenever she had to take a dress from me, we would definitely fuck!

So this was my story about teachers’ ass-fucking!

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