This story is from a few years ago, but I guess I finally have to share it now that how I fuck my tenant.

It’s Sex Story of Tenant Sorry for some grammatical mistakes.

At that time I lived with my girlfriend until she left me and moved out.

She was my first relationship and the only person I had sex with.

After she left I felt very lonely because we didn’t stay in our house for long and I didn’t get many new friends.

So I got the idea that if anyone needs a place to sleep then check my house and can stay on rent.

In my opinion, it was a good solution, the person would be my rental and I would have some company.

The next day, Cherry (not her real name) asked me if she could stay at my house for rent for a few nights.

Of course, I said yes to him and gave him the room cheaply.

She was only one year older than me and had come to my house for a few days’ stay.

She had a boyfriend so I didn’t think any further!

When she came in the evening I was in a good mood because we had become very good friends.

After dinner, I asked Cherry if she had some dirty laundry because I had to use the washing machine anyway!

She was happy about the offer and handed her underwear directly to me.

A little surprised, I told her that she could put her panties in the washing machine herself because I wanted to be polite in front of her. She laughed seeing me!

It was evening and I got a little lusty with every glass of wine. She came into my room and told me,

she told me she agreed to an open relationship with her boyfriend during the trip.

Also, I had to imagine her in her underwear ( which she gave me laundry to do).

That was what was going through my mind the whole time.

She told me about her one nightstand during the last few months and I quickly realized that she is sexually open-minded and enjoys her life.

So we sat together on the couch and I finally had to make the first move because I was too full inside.

I put my hand on his leg and slowly moved my hand on his thighs.

She stopped me at first and told me to put my hand down but I saw in his face that she didn’t really mean it.

Slowly I caressed his leg till it becomes warm. I looked into his eyes and his expression told me: Kiss me!

So I did and kissed her for a long time and the next minute my hands were all over her body, enjoying her medium breasts and her nice fat-sized ass by hand.

I took off her shirt and right after that his pants, so she was only wearing underwear.

She cuddled up to me and I led her into the bedroom, where I gently threw her on the bed.

Now everything happened very quickly, she took off my clothes and I pull off her underwear.

Her body was hot as fuck and I was so excited as you can imagine.

Eventually, it will be the only other girl I will have sex with. ( Read More Story Like This at Literotica )

Now both of us were naked and my hand went straight to his pussy.

Damn it was wet! I started to caress her vagina by the fingers, after a few minutes she pushed me on the bed and go down with a grin.

Slowly she took my cock in her mouth and looked deeply into my eyes and started sucking it.

I didn’t stay long, so I pulled my cock and laid her down, where I entered the cock in the pussy.

She moans a little and tells me to fuck her, which charged me even more.

I started fucking her badly.

She squeezes her hot legs and I started to kiss her while my other hand was on her boobs.

The other hand grabbed her throat. I was in heaven and my little friend my cock was in full swing.

After a few minutes in the missionary position, I told him to kneel down so that I could put him in the doggie.

She did and after a few taps on his ass with a cock I started banging him from behind!

I was turned on by the fact that she really had a boyfriend and I am fucking her girlfriend.

She really liked my performance and seemed to be enjoying it.

I groaned louder and louder, as I penetrated deeper and deeper into her pussy.

In the end, I took my cock out of it and took off the condom. “Suck my cock” – I told him and I won’t have to wait long.

She looked at me and smile, I pulled her hair back and put my cock in his mouth.

I didn’t feel relieved until I put all my cum in cherry’s mouth. She swallowed up all my cum in a nutshell. Such a nice girl She was a little surprised and laughed and said: “It was too creamy”.

Now we’d fuck whenever we got the time, and we’ve tried all likely sex positions!

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