Hello friends, my name is Tony and today I am going to tell you the sex story of my rented tenant girl!

Friends, my age is 21 years old and Raquel is the name of the girl whose age is 22 years!

So Raquel lived with her sister and grandmother on our rent! Grandmother was older, so she was hearing less and could not walk!

The other sister was not special in looks and she was about to get married! I didn’t talk much to my tenants but I saw Raquel for the first time at her sister’s wedding!

On seeing him, my heart said that I will definitely fuck this tenancy!

She was wearing a red outfit in which that cool sexy word seemed to fall short!

It was beautiful, had thick cheeks, the boobs were too big and the ass was perfect! I talked to her a lot that day and she also got involved in the talk!

I was a bit thin in appearance and did not understand how she got impressed by me, maybe I was the landlord, that’s why the money!

Then in a few days, the number was exchanged, there was talk a little openly!

One day I jokingly said that should I kiss you? But she became serious and started saying that grandmother is sitting, if you have courage, then show it in front of grandmother!

I came down to her room and started talking with grandmother and Raquel was sitting next to me!

Her grandmother’s eyes were weak and she was not even wearing glasses, at that time I kissed Raquel’s lips as soon as her grandmother lost her sight!

She was stunned and started looking at me, I kissed her again! She kept looking at me and I left.

Then there was talk in the message, I said and showed it! She said man, you are very fast, you really did it in front of grandmother and she did not even know!

Then there was no talk for the next two days, then her message came on the third day that where are you, man? Then I told you that I was busy with some work!

Then I said what happened, are you missing me? She started laughing and said yes man, I will meet you on this pretext to give kisses!

I went downstairs, there was no one in her room. Sister was married and grandmother was sitting outside, sitting in the sunlight!

I don’t understand why I called in private I went inside and she was taking something out of the cupboard!

I lifted her in the lap from behind, she cried, then I told her they don’t scream, I am!

She says omg, I was scared then I kissed her on the cheek! She says wow, this is what I missed man!

Then I took her to the wall and started kissing her lips and she started sucking my lips.

There was no one I was having fun with and I pressed her boobs lightly but she didn’t refuse!

I was just scared and I started pressing her boobs! Leaving her kiss, she would take hiss and I would suck her lips back!

Slowly I put my hand inside her top, she was wearing a bra, then I lifted the bra up and started rubbing her nipple!

She went crazy and started biting my lips then I took her boobs out of the tops!

what cool round boobs she had brown nipples enjoy sucking!

I once went out of the room and looked at no one and Grandma was scorching hot and Granddaughter was about to kiss inside!

Then I opened her shorts, she started saying no, please, I said after a while and kissed her lips and she got on again!

I quickly unbuttoned the lower and she wasn’t even wearing panties!

Seeing the light hairy pussy, my cock became hard and I made her a Doggystyle and put the cock from behind!

I had already placed my hand on her face so that the sound of shouting would not go out! What a hot pussy she had fun with, it was hot and lightly wet!

The cool fuck started going on and I kept on kissing her lips every now and then! One of her nipples was out and one was inside and I was pressing both the boobs!

It has been about 10 minutes, I was afraid that no one would come and I started fucking very quickly! She says, again and again, slows down, it hurts, pleases!

Then I said it’s going to happen for a while and all my stuff went out in her pussy!

Ahh it’s fun, man found peace, she said she enjoyed it too!

Whenever we got time, we would fuck and I have given cock in her mouth sometimes!

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