Lose my virginity by Senior Madam 2

So I acted like I just broke the door and she said what are you doing?

I said are you okay? She said I am fine, why are you so nervous and red?

I said you weren’t picking up the call that’s why I broke the door and she accepted my lie!

She said oh no problem man, come inside she made me sit in the cabin and asked what was the work, tell me!

I gave him the project and said my project is complete!

She was surprised and said didn’t you go to the party?

I said I didn’t like it, so she saw the project which was awesome!

She became happy and she asked me, tell me if you do not party, then how do you have fun in your life!

I say nothing, she started laughing and said, have some fun, don’t take life too seriously!

She asked is your girlfriend?

I said no!

She said, “you want to be single whole life?”

I said yes I am single but I don’t want to be single!

She said then you will be a virgin?

I said yes!

She said that I cannot believe that in today’s time there be someone like this!

I said I do not like to have sex in the name of love, that’s why I’m single!

I want sex if someone does it with pleasure, it is better to do it by seduction!

She said okay, agreed you are a virgin!

She asked what are you doing this weekend, I said sleeping is my plan!

She said do you really waste Sundays by sleeping!

I said yes ma’am, so she said if I have some work, you have to walk with me on Sunday!

I said okay after saying so much I left from there!

This was the day when I had come in her sight!

Now we Notice and talking to each other every day!

Sunday came, we sat in her luxury car she was very rich!

She took me to an expensive restaurant, we sat there, she asked which coffee I said, any!

I don’t know why she used to smile at everything about me!

She asked me why have you come wearing this formal dress?

I said the client is going to come, maybe someone to meet us?

She replied with a laugh that no client is going to come, I just brought you to visit!

I said, really?

She said yes

I said I am also a fool who came in the formal dress!

She said never mind then we had coffee and she was watching me the whole time!

At night she took me to the club, she asked me to have a drink, I did!

It’s been a long night, maybe this will be the first Sunday I’ve enjoyed in years!

Her house was nearby and mine was far away so she asked me to stay at her house for the night but I refused her!

But she did not agree, then I go to her house, both of us were very happy!

We were in her bedroom and her house was huge and beautiful!

I told her that you give me some dresses so that I can wear them and sleep comfortably!

She took mine and her clothes out of her closet!

She said it’s lower, wear it and I’ll change too!

I said ok and then she turned and took off her clothes in front of me!

Her big ass was in front of me I was stunned I had no idea what was happening!

She looked back and said what? Change your clothes I said yes yes sorry sorry!

Then we changed clothes and I was going to sleep on the couch so she says hey where are you going?

I said to sleep on the sofa, she said to sleep on the bed because there is so much space there.

She said Sleeping with me won’t break virginity and she started laughing!

I said no no it is not like that but then I agreed, now we both lie down together!

I remember well she is wearing a nightdress, nothing inside her!

I feel very strange, I was thinking that SHE IS WEARING NO BRA NO PANTY!

then suddenly she said she sleeps without clothes or else she can’t sleep!

I didn’t understand what she wanted, I said so I can sleep on the couch!

She started laughing and said you love the big sofa!

I said no, you are not able to be comfortable, that’s why!

So she said that I am not able to be or you are not able to because you have not slept with any girl before!

I said you are also right, after talking for a while, she said, Oh yes, I am not able to sleep in clothes!

I didn’t say anything, she stood up, took off her clothes and slept with a sheet naked!

I was also on the same sheet, my cock was standing and my intention was deteriorating, I did not understand what to do!

She sat up for a while, said how tough are you, I am lying naked with you and you are sitting quietly!

I say what?

She said I want to have sex with you!

I said really, she said then which girl will invite you to her house and sleep with you without clothes!

I said ok so she kissed my lips and threw the sheet!

I could see her completely naked, her complexion was light brown, she was looking absolutely sexy!

While kissing, she took off my lower and started sucking my cock!

I was having a lot of fun for the first time a girl was sucking my dick!

I was looking at her so kind, beautiful girl that the whole office wanted to bang her and that girl is sucking my cock I could not believe it!

I got a hard boner, she took out the condom from the drawer, I asked when did she take it, she said on the way!

I said good, she put the condom on my cock and moistened her hand with the tongue, and put it on her pussy!

Then I was under her, she climbed on top of me and started going up and down on my cock!

I was feeling heaven and now I know why the world is mad for this!

Her boobs were shaking, cool big boobs, I took them in my hand and started pressing!

Touched her bareback and pressed her wide ass, it was a different pleasure to touch her body!

After a while, I had pain and she said, “Happy you are no longer a virgin, I pop your cherry!”

I happily kissed her lips and suck her boobs and we both were having fun!

After that, we did round 2 meaning one more time, but this time we do it in a doggy position and had sex so that I could feel her ass!

very pleasurable sex for fair time than all my cum out. We sleep naked that night.

Now it’s been 2 months and we fuck a lot, at the beginning of the story I said –

“Sometimes it seems that there is no fun in life, but then suddenly the waves of happiness come!” now you can understand these lines.

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