Talk to her romantically and slowly take off all her clothes.

I kissed her lips she kissed mine!

After that she turn on, I started sucking her milk!

She was biting her lips I understand now she needs a fuck I put her on the bed and put a cock in her pussy!

As soon as I put the cock in, her hiss got up, she was turning my hand on her bareback towards me!

Her body was soft, I was getting a different feeling today!

I grabbed her soft and giddy ass tightly and gave a hard kiss!

Then I had a fuck and we still did not stop, she was kissing my lips and I also understood that she wants to do it one more time!

Otherwise, she will go to the bathroom and finger and I will not let that happen!

I kissed her and sucked her boobs until I got up again!

As soon as I stood up, I started licking her pussy again and this time I started fucking hard!

Because after the first fall, the second time it falls late!

She kept on screaming, came, came, ooh, go on doing it, please don’t stop, go on ah ah ah!

I kept doing it and after about 15 minutes my cun fell in the whole pussy!

After that, I fell asleep and started falling asleep and in the middle of the night, my wife’s hand started caressing me again!

I thought of acting for asleep but I remembered that the wife should not go on masturbating, that’s why I also started caressing her!

I thought she was just caressing after some time she started caressing my cock!

Now there was no way, I also started giving the finger in her pussy!

After some time she climbed on top of me and put the cock in her pussy!

She started jumping on my cock and I also kept kissing her and this time we kissed for 30 minutes then I had to cum!

Till now I started getting good sleep and she slept naked on top of me!

The next morning, the wife’s pussy was hungry again, she again started caressing my cock, so I did around and fuck!

It went on like this for a few days, then she calmed down a bit, but now one thing has become good, I would fuck her whenever she wanted and she would love it all the time!

If she had slept in the morning, I would have put a cock in her pussy, if she was cooking, she would have made her naked from behind and then fuck in the kitchen!

If she was taking a shower, I would knock on the bathroom door as soon as she opened it, I would enter the bathroom and give a fuck there too!

So, friends, this was the story of Meri Hawas Ki Bukhi Biwi Ki Jordi Chudai I Hope you liked it a lot!

Thank you stay safe at home and have fun!

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