How are you my dear friends my name is Otis, age 27 years, and today I am going to present my wife’s sex story in front of you guys.

Friends, I had sex many times in my life, but I had the most fun with my wife.

Till now everyone I’ve had sex with didn’t seem to have that one thing!

Like I am enjoying myself and they are not enjoying it, they did not have that hunger for sex!

There was a lot of hunger for sex inside my wife, even more than me.

In the morning, whether you are sleeping, washing clothes, taking bath, or cooking,

If I came from behind to open her shorts and put a cock in her pussy, she always liked it.

She was always ready to have sex with me whether it was day or night!

We have tried Doggy Style, Missionary Style, 69 Style, Cowgirl Style Many of these sex positions to make ourselves satisfy.

Well now I come straight to the story, how did I all come to know that my wife is hungry for sex.

Actually, I had tremendous sex during the honeymoon on the wedding night.

But at that time I could not understand why she is tolerating and kissing me again and again!

I thought maybe she just loves me, but now I understand that she is not satisfied! She caressed me for a long time at night, and I fell asleep!

Had done it twice with her then she didn’t know when she went to the toilet and came out after half an hour!

She used to do this when we had sex and used to sit in the toilet for half an hour!

I didn’t understand why she do this?

Just one day I followed him she didn’t even close the gate anyway we both were at home and it was nighttime!

I saw that the finger was being inserted in the pussy and her shorts were coming down till the knees!

Her eyes were closed as she was thinking of something and was fingering at the thought of something sexy!

I quietly left from there without disturbing her.

The whole night I kept thinking about this for how many days my wife is not being satisfied with me.

At first, I thought if I would fuck her somewhere in the night, what would she think of me?

But now it was not so, now I understood that she is not getting satisfied because I am feeling ashamed.

And now I will not be ashamed of what she will think of me.

Now I had to see how far she could fuck.

So I waited for the next night as soon as it was night (read next part….)

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