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This is the story of my friend who got inspired by our website story and coax his angry wife!

My friend’s name is Randy, he is a little angry man like all the other men who come out on struggling families!

In the race for work and money, Randy went so far that he had left his wife behind!

Although all of us men do all this for our family only but knowingly unknowingly ignore the family itself!

We go home with money, but love is needed to run the family, which Randy was unable to give!

Randy’s running after money, shouting at his wife and smoking cigarette in the life of tension had become a daily routine!

Randy realized this when Randy went with his wife to get a picture together, which he had to submit in the office!

All the couples in the office were bringing their couple’s photo and the one who got the best picture got the prize!

So Randy thought that this is the right way to earn money and as soon as he came home, he took his wife to get her photos taken for office!

While getting the photo taken, the photographer was explaining enough to Randy’s wife Mandy that “sister-in-law smiled a little” and after a lot of effort, she got four or five photos taken in different styles!

Randy was happy just praying that his photo would be good and for this, he paid more money to the photo person to make a good photo!

The photo was to be submitted in the office after a week, it was only a week but the photo guy called Randy for the photo after two days!

Randy took the photo and sat down on the way, opened the envelope of the photo, and took out the photo!

Look at the photo well, first, he saw his photo, the smiled guy then he liked it, then he was disappointed after seeing the picture of his wife!

He started looking at all the photos in turn and found that his wife’s photo was not good at all, he went back to the photo person and told him that the photo was not good!

The photo guy explained that the sister-in-law has barely smiled in these pictures and I can’t do anything about it!

Hearing this, he felt bad and got angry with his wife, that because of her the photo became useless!

He was going towards home to scold his wife in anger, so on the way I ie Daniel, his friend, the author of the previous story, I bumped into him!

I asked the reason for his anger, brother, Randy told me the whole reason for his anger and said, tell me what should I do now for my wife!

I explained to him and calmly called him to his house, gave Randy a cold drink, and asked his sister-in-law, it is clear from the picture that he is not happy!

Randy said that I am earning so much money, yet she is not happy, she would have been happy at least two times and got the photo taken!

I showed Randy a photograph taken with my wife and kept her photo together too!

Randy was surprised, one way we were two couples who were happy, there was a smile on the face, on the other and, Randy who was forcefully standing with his wife with a smile!

He understood that what is the reason, but why is it so, he asked me!

I told him that you are running the house with money but with money, you can’t buy happiness!

Money is our basic need and same love is necessary for us, how much time do you spend with your wife?

Now, look at this picture of how your wife is smiling forcefully for you!

You are responsible for this condition, Randy!

Then I asked him what he was going to do after went home, then he told that he went to scold his wife!

I said then you were going to make the same mistake, the real reason is something else and you take out all the anger on the poor person!

Randy started crying and he asked me ways to persuade his wife, then I told him when was the last time he had sex!

He said don’t remember I started laughing and I told him that I and my wife do it every day!

Take out the tension of work outside of the house!

He asked what should I do now? I suggested gifting her an outfit but what had to be done after that was written in my story!

My Story is Sex in a moving bus between Mountains

I asked Randy to read that story and said, try and everything will be fine!

Randy went home with an outfit and extinguished all the lights in the house, he lit lots of candles in the house!

He called his wife, Wife was a little nervous because this had never happened before!

The wife asked what is all this Randy hugged the wife, after hugging her for a long time, Randy apologized to her and both started crying!

Randy asked Mandy to come wearing an outfit as a gift!

When Mandy came in front of Randy wearing that hot dress, Randy lost control, he grabbed his wife and started kissing her lips!

Mandy was happy to see all this and started giving her full support to her husband.

Mandy and Randy were sucking each other’s lips as if they had been hungry for love for ages!

Randy picked up Mandy’s outfit and started kissing Mandy’s fair thighs.

Mandy was also enjoying it a lot, he turns up to her

Mandy slowly started taking off her top, Randy seeing her started lifting all her clothes.

Randy took his wife to the gallery outside and made her stand under the roof lattice (made on the roof for the kitchen smoke)!

Randy could not fuck her wife on the roof, so he removed the plastic sheet of the roof that he had placed on the lattice!

Then he came downstairs and after stripping her wife completely naked himself too!

He started kissing her lips and in a daze, he stood under the lattice where it was raining.

The rain was getting them wet completely and both of them were tasting love from each other’s lips by drinking rainwater

The story of the wife being naked in the rain – read 1

I was on top of that we were looking into each other’s eyes!

She had a smile on her face, she was ready to fuck!

She stunned me and herself came up to me and started laughing!

Downstairs she moves towards my cock and holding it in her hand, she goes straight inside the mouth!

She sucked my wet cock like a thirsty woman in the desert sucking water out of a wet thing!

It was clearly visible on both the sides of her cheeks that she was sucking so hard!

She used to suck in the best way and after that, she started sucking my balls too!

The way she was looking at me while sucking the cock, it seemed as if the hungry lioness was watching her prey!

After sucking my cock well, she caught my cock and put it in her pussy, and sat on top of me!

After penetrating the cock in her pussy, the feeling that comes ahaha is fun!

She slowly started jumping on my cock and the fuck started!

For some time she was enjoying raising her ass, then she put both her hands on my chest and started slamming her pussy hard on the cock!

I was so desperate to see this wild look of her, she clenched her teeth and she was looking at me!

Like a wild lioness, she was jumping on my cock and kissing me!

Lightning was pounding, the rain started to intensify and I also started putting cocks in his pussy fast!

She was screaming ah ah louder and louder ah ah and I began to fuck her faster and she also started jumping on cocks harder!

The excitement was very high and both my hands were pressing on her boobs and after a while, my semen came out with a sharp edge!

Tired of both of us lay bare in the rain for some time, after that we went and cleaned ourselves and slept for a while!

So friends, if in your city there is the rainy season, so have romantic sex with your loved ones and those who are single, read this story, shake your dick and have fun!

Hope you liked the story!

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